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Chapter 234 Two traps

Chapter 234 Two traps

Jun Moxiao was rushed into the air by the love of the enthusiasm of the flames, and the priest apparently had plans. The sacred fire actually points to this floating position, and Jun Mo’s move is already seen by these guys.

There is nothing wrong with this sacred fire leaf repair. Even if Jun Mo laughs, he can still move, but ordinary physical attacks can’t extinguish the sacred fire.

Ye Xiu can only watch Meng Moxiao once again entangled by the sacred fire, and it is a three-second skill seal. Similar to this skill effect is different, you walk three seconds, I walked my three seconds, but did not say that two sacred fires at the same time, so the three plus three equals six seconds of the algorithm.

The skills of the injury class can be superimposed on the fire, and the skills of this control class are connected and continuous, and the stacking is also a waste.

At this time, the sacred fire of the two pastors of Domineering is a good connection. Throughout the process, Jun Moxiao remained silent for 5 to 6 seconds. This state is bound to continue until he falls. The boxers and sharpshooters who had been attacked by him earlier had already rushed over. Even the sharp-shooter, who is a long-range attacker, is ready to play with his body. Obviously his opponent wants to die in this corner.

A few people in Jiang You almost screamed and rushed. But Zhang Xinjie had some disappointment at this time, and he did not see what he wanted to see.

“Why don’t you fly a gun?”

This is Zhang Xinjie’s doubts at this time. At present, the situation of Jun Mo laughs, in exchange for many occupations, it may be a dead end, but the gunner’s words can use the skills of flying guns to delay their landing, to fight for the seal of the sacred fire, and can be adjusted with a flying gun. The next move you need. Jun Mo laughs is not a gunman, but the role of the gunman in the flying gun is no different from the role of the gunman.

The flying gun uses only ordinary attacks. This is a sacred fire that will not be sealed. It can definitely be used at this time.

However, Jun Mo laughed but did not, he fell off after the end of the flames.

Jiang You is already letting his love join in the fun and sing the next spell to this position. The swordsman flew from above and was ready to jump off support. The boxer waved his fist and rushed, and the sharpshooter had a slippery shovel on the ground. He didn’t seem to want Junmo to laugh.

“啪” sounded.

In the screaming of Jiang You’s crowd of people who are excited to vent, it seems so inconspicuous. However, the sharpshooter’s shovel was interrupted by this sound, and he remained halfway on the ground while holding the shovel. From the screen, he could see the right leg he had shoveled out, but at this time he was firmly buckled on the ground by a buckle that was turned upside down.

Thief skills, trap buckle!

The sharpshooter was stunned.

Where is the trap? Jun Mo laughed down? impossible! From the beginning of his appearance, he did not escape the eyes of their team with every move. This place… This place is not only tumbling to hide the bullets that he shot, but in the process of rolling, did the guy actually complete the trap operation?

The traps set in advance, of course, will not be sealed by the sacred fire after the event, before the skill reaches the time, as soon as someone triggers, it will start.

The sharpshooter hadn’t returned to God, and he seemed to scream at the ear. A group of light smoke that looks like sin has been sprayed from the ground and smashed away. Among them, it is a boxing mart that strides on the big step. At this time, it was wrapped in poisonous smoke, and the face quickly floated a layer of cyan.

Another trap skill of a thief: poison cloud trap.

In the process of rolling over and avoiding bullets, Jun Mo laughed, and the traps set were not one, but two. The sharpshooter is unbelievable, but the facts are in front of you. It is impossible to be a boring person who has passed down. They waited for more than two hours at the mouth of the canyon.

So what are the purposes of these two traps?

After all, the sharpshooter is also a master. After this, Zhuge Liang looked at the position of the two traps, and instantly saw the name. Obviously, this is the back road that Jun Moxiao deliberately left behind. It is the case that jumping from the breakout is blocked and has to jump again. Therefore, traps are set at this point for protection.

The fact that the two traps have played a great role. At this time, if there are not these two traps, the sharpshooter’s shovel and boxing martial arts punches have long been laughing on the wall, and he does not want to leave again.

What now? The trap buckle locked the sharpshooter. Although it didn’t hurt, it interrupted the attack and restricted the movement.

That poison cloud trap is a trap based on damage, not a trap to limit movement. However, the moment when the poisonous smoke hurts the enemy, it will cause a small rigidity to the target. The rigidity interrupted the boxing of the boxer and interrupted his fist. It was such a small moment that Jun Mo smiled and their attacks were not there. Jun Mo laughed on the ground and turned to the side. Acceptance, this is a general skill, general skills and ordinary attacks are a system that will not be sealed by the sacred fire.

The blizzard that loves to join in the fun is singing, and the frost and snow are falling down, but the people who are laughing are still there. The on-the-spot tumbling has already left, and the sharpshooter’s eyes are so vocal. He wants to see if Jun Moxiao can still set a trap in the process of rolling, until he suddenly notices the white fire of Junmo’s roaring body. Only then did it react to Jun Moxiao, who was still in the seal state of the sacred fire, and wanted to set trap rules.

Jun Mo laughs from the top, everything happens only between three seconds.

In the first second, the trap between the two, Jun Mo smiled and fell into the operation.

In the second second, Jun Mo smiled and passed by the sharpshooter, and the sharpshooter quickly pulled the gun. The trap button only limits his movement, but does not limit his attack. But they all came to the side, and Ye Xiu would let him hit. Compared with the hand speed, this master is still not enough to see in front of Ye Xiu. Jun Mo laughed his left hand backhand sword and flew out faster than the sharpshooter. The sharpshooter, who was shackled on the ground, was cut down by the sword. Accepted? The foot is still stuck in the trap, and it is still a fart!

The other boxing martial artist has now ended his stench and rushed out of the poisonous smoke. But the face is not diminished, obviously in the poisoned state, falling blood every second. No matter how many boxing martial artists, they rushed toward Jun Mo.

Then at this time, it has reached the third second. When Ye Xiu swept the character state, he knew that the seal effect of the sacred fire had passed, and how could he be afraid of confronting the boxing master? The two characters rushed to each other, and the boxer waved his fists and the boxing style struck; Jun Moxiao was suddenly short and suddenly rushed.

The knife light that is taken up draws an arc, which is the arc of the assassin’s skill. The boxing fist fell into the air, but the body did not fall. The arc flashed by Jun Mo laughed from the waist and brought out a bright blood arrow.

The boxer is eager to turn around, but the operation is really fast, but Ye Xiu, the body just started, seeing the two swords crossed from behind the back to his neck, like a big scissors to cut his head. general.

The double swords are followed by the “咻” retraction, and the blood sprayed by the boxer’s neck is directly a fan, which is sprayed out at a 180-degree angle. Such a heroic blood stab allowed the sharpshooter to look in his eyes, and he felt that he couldn’t say it.

However, the game is a game after all.

The bloodletting that would be so unrestrained is simply because Jun Moxiao is actually carrying a cut throat with a double sword. The damage is still that damage, very heavy, but it is not enough to kill the boxing master directly.

All these changes were beyond the expectations of the people. The swordsman was originally kept at the top to prevent Jun Moxiao from jumping again. He didn’t want people to have this means. As early as the following, two traps were preset to guard the body. It is a great use.

The swordsman jumped and chased at this time, but Jun Mo laughed and ran away. Closer to him is Jiang You’s love to join in the fun, but as an elemental mage, intercepting this kind of heavy life is not good at it.

Jiang You hopes to get Zhang Xinjie’s instructions, but he does not say a word. Just doing this, Jun Mo laughed and ran away. Jiang You’s face was dull and his heart was unwilling, so he just came forward to intercept. The staff put it behind him, but it was a frame with a palm flower, and a palm was pushed over.

This operation is not the strength of Jiang You, and it is also the character of the War Master’s ancestor level. The class door is said to be Jiang You at this time. If Ye Xiu would be bombarded by this one, the decision to retire would be very wise.

Then I saw Jun Mo Xiao light and a change of direction, from Jiang You himself did not fully understand the scope of what kind of falling palms sneaked past. Get up a small jump, the two-tailed sword in his hand turned up, and immediately brought love to the air. It is used as an assassin’s floating skill: jumping knife.

Jun Mo smiles to land one step at a time, and the two-tailed sword raises a glimpse. It looks like it has been pushed a bit, and loves to join in the fun and flies out. After turning the angle of view, the sharpshooter’s foot was taken out of the trap; the boxing poison was not over yet, and the body was bloodstained, red and green, vividly shining; the swordsman jumped from there, the distance There is still a piece of it.

What is the night? Ye Xiu turned the angle of view again and saw that this night was controlled by another person. At this time, he still stood in the original position and did not move, but the angle of view was also looking at him.

Ye Xiu smiled and sent a message to him: “Almost, you can stop me if you almost, and come on next time.”

After the hair was finished, Ye Xiu turned around and left. He didn’t think about continuing to fight with this team. There are high-ranking people in the other side. If you think it is good, the pastor and tactical design make you almost safe. The manipulator of this night is probably Zhang Xinjie of Bazhi.

Fortunately, other people in the same team are not professional players, and their execution is not strong enough. Otherwise, if you only have these two-tailed swords in your hands, and you want to get out of the six professional-level interceptions, it’s really hard to say.

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