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Chapter 230 Earlier today

The second hundred and thirty chapter is earlier today

System Announcement: Players are laughing, cold and soft, and the buns invade to kill the rocky people.

The world screams: rely on!

The major guilds scream: rely on!

Although it is not the first kill, but the map boss itself is extremely valuable, there is no honor of the first kill, and it can not stop everyone’s envy and hate. (Map boss is a wild map boss, it is different words, in fact, a meaning. Recently, some people often ask, explain here)

In the horror of the world channel, there are also many players who have a very graceful expression of “congratulations” words or expressions.

Jiang Youyuan was in the Air City, but he also saw the announcement of this system and could see the news of the world. Jiang You really wants to vomit blood, so I want to think about it… He also saw the depth of Jun Moxiao.

Sending boss coordinates, causing world attention, forced Jiang to tour them to blame the direction that Jun Mo laughed. However, the players swarmed and did not find the boss, of course, there will be opinions on Jun Mo. Ever since, for more than an hour, players who have failed to find bosses have frequently questioned Jun Moxiao in the world. If this is a joke, then tossing so many people, no one will feel funny, and the reputation of Jun Moxiao is really bad at that moment.

However, a system announcement has washed everything into a cloud.

Look! The boss is indeed there, Jun Mo laughed and found it, and it was killed. It’s just that you didn’t find it yourself.

The voice of doubt is a lot smaller.

Although there are still many people who suspect that Jun Mo smiled and made a false coordinate to adjust the tiger away from the mountain, this kind of thinking is not the mainstream.

The boss that was found in the undetected situation, also deliberately sent a message to mobilize the players? Even if the pointed position is contrary to the boss location, but the player who mobilizes the whole picture is active, which one is more likely to be exposed, isn’t it obvious? People of insight reject this possibility.

Jiang You, the night cold pool… They know the reason for this, but unfortunately they can’t say it. Now the boss is really gone, and it was hard for them to take away after more than an hour of hard work. The table is not enough to express the resentment of Jiang You’s heart at this time.

“Be sure to take Jun Mo Xiao!” Jiang You beat the keyboard with great strength and gave the indication of the night.

After all, the night cold pool did not experience the boss being robbed. At this time, although disappointed, it was still far behind the mood of Jiang You. This feeling is like a game of decisive victory. The last minute was reversibly reversed by the opponent, and at the same time the gap between the audience and the players on the field.

“Sure!” But the night was still firmly determined by his decision.

When the boss died, the Seven Guilds quickly united.

Without the possibility of robbing the boss, Jun Mo Xiao became a public honor public boss, and everyone began to prepare to kill together.

“The wind combs the smoke and the one inch of gray?”

“Hang up?”

“going offline……”


The major guilds have Jun Moxiao, the main stare at this person, but not too much to search for other members of the team. At this point, I saw only three people on the announcement. The other two were missing. It was possible that they died and left the team. I was thinking about letting the players in the Air City face the attention. As a result, the two people were not online, which was a surprise.

But as long as there is a smile, it is enough to vent. At this time, the leaders of the seven guilds mainly mobilized the scouts at the entrances of the replicas. Together with the place where the 100-member corps was in front of all directions, the first place was to lock the position of Jun Moxiao, lest the guys get out of the maze again.

Close to each other, in all directions, *** every intersection, this time, unless Jun Mo laughs and flies, jump out of the first line of the canyon, otherwise…

“Rely!!” The night cold pool suddenly screamed.

“How?” the other six leaders asked quickly.

“Jun Mo laughed off the line…” The night is cold and depressed! He just opened his friend’s bar and glanced at it. As a result, Jun Moxiao’s name was actually grayed out. I quickly tried it with a search. It was already offline, cold smoke and soft, buns invaded… all offline.

“Yeah!!” Seven major guild players were mad after learning the news.

Hard work almost all night, but what have you done? They just chased the figure of Jun Moxiao and others and flew around the world to find a place to look.

Junmo laughs at them?

The group destroyed 32 of them.

Brushed twice.

Kill five guild elite teams.

Kill the map boss rock of the waves of people.

Everyone is scratching the wall, and the domineering figure is the blood of the wall roots while scratching the wall. The 32 people who died in the regiment had them; the five elite teams that were destroyed, they accounted for two; the slain of the Rocky Waves, who was killed, was robbing them and robbing them of their elite team. So, the elite team that dominated the game suffered three losses.

But now, people are not online. Who are you looking for? What else in the online game is more invincible than the offline? Online and offline, two worlds, this downline is almost a clean and clean.

Some people have suggested that people stay in the place where Jun Mo laughed off the line and took turns to guard for 24 hours. As a result, they were asked coldly: “Where is the line where Jun Mo laughs?”

Yes! Where is the line?

The encirclement of the Seven Congregations has not yet been completed, and they are only *** the road to kill the coordinates provided by the domineering heroes before killing the boss. Then, after this, who knows if Jun Mo laughs, where did they move to the next line? Since they know the exposure, will they stay at the original coordinates?

At present, the location of the seven guilds is the coordinate area of ​​hundreds of vertical and horizontal. I don’t know when Jun Mo laughs down the line, and I don’t know how big he will be in the region. The maze terrain surrounded by the twists and turns of the first-line canyon, such a large coordinate area, wants to monitor for 24 hours, the manpower is simply not enough.

The seven major guilds, guarding the mouth of the canyon, and keeping the copy entrance, no less than two hundred people at this time, the role together in the first line of the canyon…

Xingxin Internet cafe.

Tang Roo took the tea cup and left the computer to make a slip. I saw the leaf correction smoking in the front desk and it looked quite good.

Ye Xiu’s mood will certainly be good. After the fall of the rock, the Austrian scorpion actually burst out of amber spar, which is exactly what he needs. I couldn’t think of killing it so much. This thing, Ye Xiu estimates that the entire tenth district is also this one, and it will not produce much in one year. The things on the map boss have always been precious and rare.

This material has already satisfied Ye Xiu. In addition to this, the Rocks of the Rocks also lost Ziwu, two pieces in blue, and two breaths of rock.

Ziwu is a 30-level two-tailed sword. It belongs to the assassin’s dark night. The assassin, ninja, thief, and warlock are all in this department. Ye Xiu’s small team is not a character in this department. This two-tailed sword can’t be used, only the gold coins can be exchanged on the market.

The two blue suits are also professional suits, and there is no need for them to be armed with Ye Xiu.

As for the breath of two rocks, this is the type of material that will be used to make jewelry. Although the explosion rate is much higher than that of amber spar, it is only produced in the rocky people of Ao, and naturally the output is extremely limited. Ye Xiu does not need this to upgrade the thousand-machine umbrella, but such rare materials are naturally good for the occasional needs.

“Is the two materials that are lost useful?” Tang Rou asked after coming over.

“Well, amber spar is very useful to me! The breath of the rock can be kept first. If we can’t use it later, it is ok to sell the money for equipment.” Ye Xiu said.


“It’s too early today! You can rest early. It’s less than six o’clock.” Ye Xiu stood up in the smoke station and stood up and said.

“That’s me… you have to sit until seven.” Tang soft patted the front desk.

“Oh… forgot.” Ye Xiu quickly sat back again. This is really when I am playing a game. I forgot that I was working night shifts and playing games by the way.

“Then I will go first.”


After Tang Roi greeted him, he returned to the second floor with a cup of tea. When I came to the front of the room, I saw that the door was faint, and there was light in the faint.

“Is the fruit so early?” Tang Rou wondered and pushed the door in. As a result, he saw that the TV was on, and it was less than six o’clock in the morning. He did not know what the program was, and it made the room flicker. Looking at it again, Chen Guo was asleep on the sofa and was shrinking into a cold look.

Tangrou smiled a bit, and took a picture of Chen Guo: “Fruits, get up, go back to the house to sleep!”

“Yeah? Is it dawn?” Chen Guo heard the voice of Tang Rou, suddenly turned up and looked around, but the house was still dark except for the TV. Chen Guo looked at the time confused: “How can it be less than six?”

“Oh…” Suddenly, the game ended very early, and the reason was very long. Tangrou couldn’t find a place to talk about.

“You ended so early today? Have you eaten?” Chen Guo asked.


“Let’s eat something and sleep again. I have a look at what’s in the refrigerator.” Chen Guo climbed up from the sofa. The suites in their Internet cafes have no kitchen, and they never fire. However, there are still a lot of reserves in the refrigerator.

“No, you go back to the house and go to sleep!” Tang said.

“Well… I am hungry.” Chen Guo said, still looking for it in the refrigerator.

Chen Guo flipped something. Hot milk, cut bread, wipe the jam, Tang Rou also came up to help.

Make two pieces of bread and jam, one person, and Chen Guo bites and asks casually: “How about playing at night?”

“Oh, it’s very lively!” Tang Rou said to Chen Guo while eating.

Chen Guo listened quietly, laughing and marveling.

“Hurry up and upgrade, I am waiting for you in the field of God, and I went to sleep.” After listening to the finished food, Chen Guo went back to the bedroom.

Tang is soft and stunned. She suddenly thought that Chen Guo had long hoped to play her with her. She had never joined, but she never felt alienated from Chen Guo. Although Chen Guo often took her to see the game, she told her about the glory. However, when she was watching TV or doing something else in the room every night, Chen Guo was more than her.

But during this time, how many times has Chen Guo been alone in the night, and he was alone in the sofa and then turned off the TV and returned to the bedroom?

When Chen Guo was keen on the game, she never left her cold. But myself…

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