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Chapter 226 Waiting for the end of the strong

Chapter 226 is waiting for the end of the strong

“When do we start?” Seeing the opponent is in front of you, Tang Roo is very eager to wait.

“It’s still early.” Ye Xiu was very calm. “The firepower of six of them, at least one and a half hours, everyone can watch a movie, look at the Raiders.”

“Then I will pour a water.” Tang Rou said, cold smoke and soft have not seen the movement. I don’t want to hold the cup from Ye Xiu’s side. I saw that Ye Xiu’s legs were swaying and smoking, very pleasant. It seems that the hard bench in the front desk is the most comfortable and enjoyable seat in the world.

Tang Roo did not say hello, added water back to the seat, put on the headphones, and then heard the leaf correction and buns invasion to discuss the battle outside the canyon, pushing people directly into the canyon to death is a very happy thing.

“Yes, it’s very enjoyable, about ten years ago…”

“A decade ago? You are too exaggerated at the boss?” The buns invaded and interrupted.

“Really, absolutely ten years.” Ye Xiu said.

“How long does it take for the tenth district to open? Less than a month!” said the buns.

Ye Xiu spit blood: “Who said it is the tenth district, this is the story that happened in the first district.”

“Oh, you tell me about it…” The buns are no longer in chaos. Tang Roo did not interject, listening to Ye Xiu telling the battle next to the first-line canyon ten years ago.

At that time, glory was just opened, and in the new world, a large number of players flocked to feel the novelty of the game. Everyone grabs bosses, grabs equipment, and grabs materials… Ye Xiu and his friends are involved in the dispute in such confusion.

“What about the game, there is no right or wrong, anyway, it is a battle.” Ye Xiu said very disapprovingly.

“But at the time we only had two people, the other party was a whole guild. The chasing was going to blast the good things that we had killed on the boss at the time. It was going to kill, even if it could technically kill them, but the mana anyway. It was also unable to support the end of the scene. So when we ran and ran, the guys were also chasing after us, and we also ran to this side inadvertently. Then, with the inspiration, we began to use various kinds of repelling and blowing. Means, put those guys under the canyon. This is a lot of sorrows, a falling palm is flying three, and falling is directly equal to spike. But in fact, some professions are not dying, like gunmen, flying with guns You can avoid being killed. But that’s okay, it’s so high here, it’s going to fall, you can’t jump and you can’t jump, you can only go around the road.” Ye Xiu said.

“Then we finally pushed people down?” The buns invaded and excited. “How many people have you pushed?”

“At the time, I couldn’t take care of this. The people of the entire guild were almost finished! The rest of them couldn’t run, and they jumped.” Ye Xiu said.

“Really fake?” The buns invaded and did not believe.

“Well… In fact, it didn’t take long before the game started, and there weren’t many people in the entire guild.” Ye Xiu said.

“How many people?” The buns invaded and asked.

“More than 20 people?” Ye Xiu recalled.

“Rely on…” The buns invaded and despised, and it was so exaggerated. It turned out to be a small scene of more than 20 people.

“Haha.” Ye Xiu just smiled, but did not forget the business, took a look at the head, domineering the guys who are really cautious, still continue to go to the boss.

“It’s good to follow them slowly.” Ye Xiu said.

The three of them were in this way, and they were commanded by Ye Xiu, and the opportunity to change the hidden place was never exposed. In this way, it has been followed for more than an hour. Domineering male figures will bring the boss really deep enough, and no player has found this side. Many people in the world are calling Jun Momo, but Ye Xiu does not agree at all. However, the guild brothers at the entrance to the first-line canyon thought that Jun Moxiao and others would take the opportunity to slip away from the first-line canyon. The whole **** was on alert for more than an hour, and the figure was not seen half.

“Jun Mo laughed at the murder of us and I didn’t dare to come.” In the end, everyone can only comfort themselves so much, as if they won a victory.

Jun Moxiao, who was named, waited for a crucial moment.

“Okay, it’s almost finished, life and mana are full? How about equipment, is it okay to be durable?” Ye Xiu asked Tang soft buns to invade.

“Yes.” The two sang together.

“Good.” Ye Xiu said. The three of them were hiding behind a small earthen bag, and the number of times they laughed and raised their heads increased significantly. Ye Xiu was careful to observe the situation outside the battle.

The battle has indeed entered a fever. The wave of the Boss Rocks is a red blood state, and it is making a big splash. Jiang You shouted a few people, but he also responded calmly, but at this time they no longer continue to take the boss to the depths, obviously ready to solve here.

“Sure enough, it’s all vests…” Jiang You’s loud commander Ye Xiu also mostly listened to his ears. The name he called was not in line with the id of these characters. When he heard it, he knew that he was wearing a vest in battle. By listening to the name and watching the role, Ye Xiu clearly distinguishes everyone, and also sees that it is their command to love and join in the fun.

“The cooperation is very skillful, decisive is enough strength to win the boss.” Ye Xiu commented.

“When are we going to do it?” Tang Rou frequently asked.

“Don’t worry, when both sides are at the end of the strong, we take it in one fell swoop, remember, kill the boss after killing first. The target of the attack is now agreed. We will number them so that we can command without knowing them. Our intention. They have a total of six people, we will be numbered from one to six. The elemental mage loves to join in the fun is No. 1, Swordsman No. 2, Sharpshooter No. 3, Boxing No. 4, Pastor No. 5, Mad Swordsman No. 6, Don’t remember to mix it up, I sent it out in the news.” Ye Xiu said.


“Okay, wait for me to instruct.” Ye Xiu said to continue watching the battle. At this time, I couldn’t help but think of Huang Shaotian. If that guy is there, what I have to do at this time is the strength of the guy. Grasp the opportunity, one hit will kill!

Flame impact!

Outside the mound, Jiang You’s love is a magical skill, and the high-rise flame pillars will be filled with the rocky people. However, at this time, the rocky people of the Rocks are already in a state of red blood. This is the flame that can make the target float and hit the sky without seeing the floating effect.

The Rocky Waves Ao’s backhand sword, a large sword circle halo flashed, the attack range is 270 degrees. But the skills used are nothing but the most common knives of the swordsman. In his hands, he almost collapsed into a circle.

Jiang You and others naturally have precautions. The three stations are in the 90 degree range that the sword circle does not touch. The two long-range strikers who love to join in the fun and sharpshooters are just outside the attack distance. The frontal resistance is the swordsman in the team. An extremely accurate block of parry has made this sword.

But blocking is only to resolve some damage, not all damage. The skills of the map boss are hard to eat, even if it is blocked, it is quite uncomfortable. However, the priest in the team has already responded with a white light, and the swordsman is full of energy, and his hand is also a knife, and he will take a **** flower from the rock. The rocky singer of the rock screamed and slammed in front of the ground with a sword, but it was the skill of the savage swordsman.

A muffled sound, after the crack of the ground, the waves of the people around the rock have a dozen gravel like a fountain. The player’s slashing swordsman’s cracks have no such exaggerated and sharp effect. Obviously this is the enhanced version of the boss’s hand, and it has evolved after the red blood state.

“Look at this skill.” Ye Xiu quickly greeted the Tang soft buns invasion.

“The skill of the rocky singer is very fast, it is very difficult to break the trick. The position of the smashed gravel is random, and it is very fast and difficult to guard against. But… in the moment of spurting, if it is at the foot of the character There will be a prominent process. The process is very small, but if you are careful, the rise of the horizontal line of the perspective can make us aware of him. If the reaction is fast enough, the attack can be avoided. Look, just that The boxer is hiding.”

Ye Xiu’s martial arts, the top-ranking team of domineering heroes are some of the wolves that have been hit by this skill. Ye Xiu said this kind of hiding, they also know. It’s just that this kind of *** success is definitely organic, even if Ye Xiu can’t say that he can do it every time.

Six people on the field, four people in the attack range, three people were caught in the gravel fountain. In the end, only the boxer really had to jump off the gravel fountain in this way, the other two swordsmen, a mad swordsman. The mad swordsman is the player who found the boss. This is not a big master. It is undisputedly sprayed. The swordsman also made a tumbling movement, only a little slower, and the tumbling was directly sprayed into the stretching movement by the gravel fountain.

But for such a situation, the masters who are obviously domineering are not panicked and have been psychologically prepared. The two long-range attackers continued to grab the output. The priest stepped up to respond to the swordsman. The boxing sneaked away from the gravel fountain and immediately ran back to a punch. He followed the back of a judo and successfully took the rocky scorpion to the ground. Give everyone the time to stabilize. It is obvious from this round that the savage swordsman who found the boss is out of coordination because the level is not at the same level as the other five.

“Come on, not much!” Jiang You shouted. The swordsman had already volleyed in the volcano when the rock smasher started to shake the ground wave. The earthquake wave just disappeared. He just slipped into a silver light, and the opportunity was just right. The Rock’s Waves is a slap in the middle of the Olympics, but it is impossible to knock down the crawling skills of the unsuccessful fall. The Rocky Waves Ao’s backhand is a sword, and the Swordsman is a blocker, and then the knife is pulled. fight back.

Obviously, this guy’s means of attack is very routine. However, routines are the most effective means of pve.

Jiang You’s heart is very excited, and the boss is finally going to win. The wild map boss, no matter how many levels are very valuable, so even his master of the field of God will be excited.

“Come back!” Jiang You shouted. Others apparently also found victory in sight, and morale was high. On the output heap, the swordsman came forward to steal hatred. After the attack, the rocky people of the rock rushed back, and the swordsman was a precise block.

At the same time, I saw three people suddenly flew out from a small earth bag next to them.

“Chenyan No. 2, Baozi No. 5!!” Ye Xiu yelled.

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