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Chapter 224 False intelligence

Chapter 224, False Intelligence

The wild map boss of the first-line canyon is undoubtedly the strongest on this map. At this time, he wore a black gown, and a shoulder knife with a large sword length wandered around the canyon.

“Boss!” The buns invaded the voice of the mouth. For an old gamer, the word boss is of course very fascinating.

“Retreat back.” Ye Xiu suddenly cried.

The two did not understand what they wanted, but they still retreated backwards obediently.

“Follow the individual.” Ye Xiu’s Jun Moxiao also retired and hidden behind the mountain wall.

“What person?” Tang said.

“Boss has been seen, it is estimated that someone will soon kill.” Ye Xiu answered Tang Rou while looking at the map on the table. The intrusion of the buns around Jun Moxiao is a kind of roll forward, followed by a bone and a back roll.

“What do you do with buns?” Ye Xiu asked while looking at the map.

“Detection.” The buns invaded.

“What do you see?” Ye Xiu asked.

“The knife is so long.” The buns invaded.

“Very good… You have to pay attention to it for a while. The weapon of this boss is the attack distance of the big sword, the attack speed of the knife.” Ye Xiu said.

“Oh? We want to kill?” Tang Rou said.

“of course.”

“Already someone has come,” Tang said.

“Grab the boss! I like it.” The buns invaded and said awkwardly, and there was a voice of saliva.

“Not good?” Tang Rou was a little embarrassed.

“It is a domineering man.” Ye Xiu said.

“Not yet?” Tang Rou immediately changed his mouth.

“Now can’t go up.” Ye Xiu said.


“How long do we remember the witch who killed us?” Ye Xiu said.

“Three and a half hours…” Tang Rou certainly did not forget, but what happened in the past few days. (Reminder: Don’t put real time into the novel, although we may have been a month, but the novel is only a few days)

“So, we are killing now, it is impossible to kill before the arrival of the domineering man.” Ye Xiu said.


“The buns have said that they want to grab.” Ye Xiu said.

“Ha ha ha ha ha…”

“Small buns.” Ye Xiu quickly reminded.

The buns invaded the sound, but Tang Rou also let her cold smoke come over and explore the head: “But we only have three people.”

“The other person will not be too much.” Ye Xiu said.


“Because the domineering people are now almost together with other guilds, the good things like the wild bosses do not want to be alarmed to other guilds, so they can use not many people, and the scale of the action is small, so There are not many people who will kill this boss.” Ye Xiu said.

“In case there are many?”

“Then we had to send a message in the world, so that a lot more, a lot.” Ye Xiu said.

“Hahaha, boss, you are too bad.” Buns invaded.

“It’s tactics.” Ye Xiu corrected him.

The three people sneaked behind the mountain wall, and from time to time they lifted their heads and looked out. The player who is domineering is still carefully and fascinated behind the rocky people. Obviously he didn’t want to be too far away, but he was afraid of entering the hatred of the Rocky Waves.

The name of this rocky singer is nowhere to be a savage person. As long as it is refreshed, it will not be as small as other bosses, but will walk deeply through the entire first-line canyon.

“This guy doesn’t know how long he has been staring at the boss. He has never met anyone, so lucky.” Ye Xiu said.

“He met.” The buns invaded.

“If someone meets, someone has come to grab it.” Ye Xiu said.

“Boss, we are also people…” said the buns.

Ye Xiu is speechless. How do you explain this? Simply shut up!

“Have we been hiding here?” Tang said.

“Here. I have seen the map. If the other party comes from the entrance, it is impossible to appear in our position. It should almost hit the boss. But if the boss goes too far, there seems to be nothing for us to use. The terrain, it is a bit difficult! These guys, can you hurry up!” Ye Xiu said. Less than killing bosses, people who are preparing for bosses are in a hurry.

The Tang soft buns invasion became quite silent at this time. Although these two people are quite technically set, they are still all slags in these aspects.

The buns invade only lie on the ground, play his wretched specialties, and get out of the house to look at it from time to time.

“It really goes farther and farther.” The buns invaded.

“Is there a possibility that the boss suddenly turned around?” Tang said.

“This… I have not studied it deeply.” Ye Xiu said. In fact, he will be watching the Raiders of the Rocks. After a quick turn over, I found that this was not mentioned in the Raiders. Obviously, no one thinks this is a subject worth studying.

“Let’s go back? Can there be a better place at the intersection?” Tang said.

“There is nowhere over there.” Ye Xiu told Tianrou with great regret.

“What kind of terrain do we need?” Tang said.

“It needs to be close enough, so we can hit the boss when we show up.” Ye Xiu said.

“Why?” Tang said.

“This is the rule in the game. If we take the shot, it is definitely impossible to grab the ownership of the boss, so we must hit the boss and kill them all when the shot is taken. At this time, the ownership of the boss will be By default, we are under the same team with the hate relationship with the boss. Otherwise, even if one of their teams is alive and not out of combat, we will kill the boss, and the boss will not be ours. Understand?” Ye Xiu explained.

“Oh…the meaning is that we need to be able to get close to the battle, and it’s more important to be able to solve them all successfully than to play bosses,” Tang said.

“Yes. So you see, the boss is going more and more there. There is absolutely nothing to hide in the middle. If the battle is played there, no matter how perfect the timing is, we will be out of the way. They will also find out immediately. And we still have a long distance to rush over. At this time, they have too many treatments, and I will not explain them to you. In short, we are very Hard to grab the boss.” Ye Xiu said.

“What should I do?” Tang Rou was also anxious, and Han Yan softly grabbed the previous probe: “It really goes farther and farther.”

“Come on now! Grab it and lead to a place where no one is going to kill?” Tang Rou proposed.

“There will be no such place.” Ye Xiu said, “The big deal is that, as I said before, let the world know about the things of the boss. You think there will be no one in this leveling area.” local?”

“Oh…” Ye Xiu suddenly snorted again. “This method looks good. It can’t be tried.”

“any solution?”

“First look at the people who are domineering when they will come.” Ye Xiu said, “Slow down.”

“Come here!” The buns invaded suddenly shouted.

“The head is back to the buns.” Ye Xiu immediately called. He knows that the other party must come oncoming. Although the distance is already quite far away, half of the head may not be conspicuous, but if the other person has a lot of eyes, he is really seen!

The buns invaded the head and it was very fast, and it flashed back immediately.

“How many people are there?”

“Five.” Buns invaded.

“Just five?” Ye Xiu accident. The wild map boss, actually came five people to kill, this courage is out of his expectations, he thought that at least ten people.

“It’s five, I’m not mistaken.” The buns invaded.

“Okay, I know.” Ye Xiu nodded.

“What is your solution?” Tang said. At this point, the boss is obviously not in the position of the so-called “the fastest approach to the battle.”

“Attention to the world.” After Ye Xiu’s words were finished, the World Channel immediately had a message.

Jun Moxiao: First-line canyons 2441, 3212 found hidden bosses, come on! ! !


Although the world news sent by a player in the district is often annihilated in an instant, the name of Jun Moxiao is too shiny. At this moment, many people cursed the name in their hearts. Suddenly in the world, I immediately attracted countless eyes, and the news that Jun Moxiao sent out was to let countless people immediately scream.

However, the “reliance” that is spoken from the mouth of the night, and the “reliance” of other guilds and masters, is quite different.

“Hide the boss!” The entrance to the first-line canyon is already awesome, and some people can’t wait to enter the canyon to go to this place.

“How do you do it?” The night of the cold pool is a message immediately given to the guy staring at the boss.

“Boss is not there…” The guy staring at the boss replied quickly.

A night at the cold pool.

“Wait!” Chen Yehui suddenly yelled, but at this time a voice was full of people, and his voice was basically ignored by a circle.

But it is enough to have the attention of this circle, because here is the guy who can get ideas from the Seven Guilds.

“So smart to let him meet the hidden boss, or to say, tune the tiger away from the mountain?” Chen Yehui said quietly.

The domineering male figure and the Jiawang dynasty are absolute deadly enemies. The night cold lake is very annoying to Chen Yehui, which does not require any special reason. I am a tyrant, you are a vassal, this is enough.

But at this moment, the night of the cold pool, I found Comrade Chen Yehui really very cute. His idea is really too much.

At present, the night is cold, the first concern is the wild map boss, and the second is Jun Moxiao. He doesn’t want to let everyone go to the boss because of this fake intelligence and destroy their chances of stealing the boss.

However, Chen Yehui’s idea may be able to convince these people at the moment, but more people? Those who are not in the group at the copy of the door, those who have already finished copying the 30th level, those who are full of wild vision bosses can be everywhere! Jun Mo laughs this time, after all, will still attract a lot of people?

This guy, sincerely release the fake news and want to take it away! At night, the cold pool is extremely resentful. You have this trick, you don’t have to use it late, now we really find the boss you use, for you.

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