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Chapter 221 Strong control field

Chapter 221 Powerful Control Field

It is of course a buns to invade the love of Jiang You. In the case of the melee of the tenth district of the Baihua Valley, in the case of a close-fitting melee, the enemy is not able to compete with the level of the buccal invasion. Although the buns invade will not take the initiative to help Su Mu Orange create a dead end like Ye Xiu. However, with Su Mu Orange’s professional level, he will also capture the opportunity, but not as high as Ye Xiu.

Poor back light bullets, there is no helper at this time. The two teammates who were still in the air were attacked by Ye Xiu’s Jun Mo, and they have been falling into the human flesh. Seeing that the president was invaded by the buns, it was powerless. I want to rush back to the rescue a few times, but Jun Mo laughs that the **** scattered people have too many skills in the occupations, and they can always give them back.

The back light bullets fell, and Jiang You’s love was sent to the fun, and the buns invaded and shouted. This is of course not a coincidence, it is Su Mu Orange who specifically gave him a bomb.

In fact, to say the level, Jiangyou this senior old game is still stronger than the buns invasion. When I just threw it and even the angle of view was not adjusted, I was invaded by a steamed buns and then lost my sight.

This elemental mage was put on the body and the result was worse than the ammunitionist. Jiang You is also considered to be experienced. When he saw the blindness, he should display a lightning aura. This skill is super fast and can be cast an electric aura. Jiang You wanted to use this skill to make the buns invade a little scruples. As a result, he saw his life slamming down.

Jiang You is still blind and he does not know the situation. The outsiders can see clearly. Elemental Master Thunderbolt Aura is used, but the rogue is not a rogue, does not care about this damage, so it is to fight. Although Jiang You was blind, he still wanted the character to stand up. As a result, he got up and was beaten by a rogue and followed. When the love is in the end of the state of blindness, the lock throat that has been invaded by the buns is stuck.

For a time, the professional team’s sense of cooperation has come again.

Su Mu Orange anti-tank gun laser guns all came over, Jun Mo laughed there were six opponents around, but also to send a congratulatory gift.


Jiang You’s heart is very clear, he is an elemental mage! Cloth armor defense, life is weak, in such a situation can not really support how long. What is your pastor?

Jiang You turned his eyes and looked at it. I really wanted to be smashed by the rogue.

Their pastor rolled over there again!

Round dance sticks, throwing throws, back throws, splits, bbq… No professional will have so many crawling skills at this level of level 30, even if judo is the main way to grab attacks. The judo profession is even late, but it will not be able to use the crawling because of the long cooling of the middle and high-level skills. But Jun Mo laughs? All of them are low-level skills, all of which are short-cooling. When this is used up, the cooling is already good, so he sees that he is constantly using these skills to confuse the six players.

This dizzy turn is not a description, it is really dizzy.

In addition to the game settings, the crawling class has a subjective influence on the player is the continuous confusion in the perspective. The six people are so embarrassed now that they are largely affected by this. Frequently being crawled, being dumped, and being unaware of where to fall, let them spend a lot of judgment and *** on adjusting the perspective. Their rhythm has become very slow. When it’s easy to find a clear direction, Jun Mo’s claws have once again reached.

“Rely on…” This is the last sentence left by Jiang You. He watched another brother wrestle on the ground by Jun Moxiao. And his life is finally exhausted at this time. The moment he fell to the ground, in the gray picture, he saw Jun Moxiao throwing a person over, is a pastor among his teammates. The buns invaded and jumped up and punched the priest. As for whether or not to say anything, Jiang You could not hear it.

“Where have you been!!” Jiang You was angrily angry at the empty city when he was resurrected. Wrong! At this time he was very wrong. In the online game, he is also a big man who has been in the past for several years. He is so hated in the new district, how can this breathe go down.

“It’s coming! How are you doing.”

“Hang up!” Jiang traveled back and made a raging expression. However, this alone does not express the anger in his heart at this time.

“Ah…” I don’t know what to say about the night, and the president has already expressed anger on his behalf.

“Do you have any arrangements? That place is a junction, don’t let them run away.” Jiang You said.

“Well, every copy has our people. If you come, all directions should be controlled.” Nights said.

“Should be ???” Jiang Youyi’s words.

“There is no time to study the map again…” said the night.

“The speed point.” Jiang You is very bored in the city. In the next battle, he couldn’t do anything. At this time, there must be nothing in the past. I really want to know the situation of the other four people, but I also know that the four guys have no time to reply to the news.

The four players who are domineering are still barely supporting, but the three who are breaking through the void are finally unable to fight. Tang Rou Jia Qiao Yifan, is enough to eat them. Plus Su Mu Orange is often just the right supplement. The three men and one after the other eventually became corpses.

Tang Qiao did not hesitate, and immediately joined the battle circle of Ye Xiu. Ye Xiu is currently an enemy five, it seems that five people are very bullied, but in fact, in order to control the field, Ye Xiu also had to give up many opportunities to kill opponents, he is basically here and five people continue to consume.

Grasping the opportunity to pick up one or two of them, Ye Xiu has this ability. But it is very likely that someone can take the control out of the plane. Ye Xiu did not want someone to escape, and did not want someone to intervene in the other two sides of the battle, especially the buns invade the side, so it has always been the pursuit of control. At this time, Tang soft, Qiao Yifan and two finally released their hands to support, and immediately killed the attack, and the opponent in front of him was a set of combos.

These five people are accustomed to being thrown away by this monarchie and can’t find the north. Suddenly this guy is holding a person and starting to die. Everyone is puzzled. Especially when I was flat, I was wondering: How did you suddenly offend him? Get me to death?

“Hurry up!” Ye Xiu shouted.

Immediately after Joe Yifan came over, a knife array was released. Ye Xiu has been in control of the field, although this skill has no chance to display.

Tang Rou’s cold smoke is also a hit when he enters the country. The entire offensive of Su Mu Orange also began to concentrate on this side. The buns invade the side only to deal with a priest, the same is the cloth armor defense, and this only pastor who works with the team is definitely a treatment-based aid. Such an opponent, the buns invasion does not need any help.

With the strong participation of three people, the two players in Baihua Valley fell first. The last three are already masters of domineering heroes, and they are the top masters of domineering heroes.

Of course, they and Ye Xiu are incomparable, but they have a strong battle with the Tang soft buns. Unfortunately, it is not Tang Rou or the buns invading and they are singled out. From the beginning to the end, they have not had the chance to single out with his peers. They are faced with the top gods in the professional circle, and their confidence has been destroyed.

This level of Ye Xiu’s Jun Mo laughs, even the champion team’s micro-grass professional players are being bullied, they are completely out of one level. There are Ye Xiu sitting here in the town control field, Tang Rou and so on can also play without hesitation, the next is almost no battle, just look at the battlefield.

“Someone is coming!” Tang Rou was killing, but suddenly screamed.

Ye Xiu can’t help but sigh. They can’t fight like this indefinitely, and if you don’t say anything, it’s not enough! If not all three are professional-level, Tang soft and buns have already learned the rhythm of the endurance battle. They may have long lost their mana.

In addition to the inability to continue fighting, the slow-moving rush that the other party will soon arrive is also taken care of by Ye Xiu. It takes a long time from the first-line canyon to get here. He is very clear that he refused to let one person control the field before, precisely because he has judged that these times are enough for them to kill these people.

But now, there are copies of the team coming over…

Ye Xiu turned his perspective and found that people who came over this time may not be an obstacle.

“Hey, what about the copy?” Ye Xiu took the initiative and the team that came over greeted him. When the team passed by, the characters’ steps were slowed down. At this time, the five people in front of the computer showed almost the same strange look.

“Cough… killing 呐…” The other party responded, and the person speaking was the Blue River. The team players who came here are the people of Lanxi Pavilion. The boat, the thunder and the light, the cloud return, these players who have dealt with the team very early have been in the team.

“Yes!” Ye Xiu answered and spoke with one spear.

The perspective of the five people of the Blue River is accompanied by the person flying and falling, silently silent, without the meaning of going to war, but there seems to be no intention to go.

“Blue Bridge, you have nothing to do! Just a few copies of the record competition will make you afraid? You are so embarrassed?” I never thought that there were people who broke out a bunch of shouts. Of course, these people do not have the skills of Huang Shaotian to type text bubbles during the battle, but it is still possible to use the mouth gun.

It will be called the Blue River Blue Bridge, and it is undoubtedly the person who knows in the field of God. Is it difficult for this person to be a master of domineering? The blue river smashed, and once again, the sharpshooter, the swordsman, the boxer… Blue River didn’t hear who called it, but when I saw these three professions, I already guessed that these three were not The *** person behind the characters in the ten districts who know each other is suddenly, and Blue River feels that his mood is quite good.

“Cough, my birthday today, I have to go early, take a step first, everyone has fun.” Blue River said, did not come up to help, but did not look around, and the boat they walked like a passerby .

“Blue River, you have no interest…” Domineering the males here, I do not know which one is still scorning.

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