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Chapter 219 Pvp is more scary

The twenty-nineteenth chapter pvp is more terrible

At night, the cold pool received a coordinate message from the president and immediately made a glimpse.

The team of other families, he can look forward to being killed by Jun Moxiao. But I can’t think of their domineering glory so badly that they have been destroyed, and they are still meeting them again. At this time, the night of the cold pool, really want to sing a song “Why is it always hurt me” to express the mood at the moment.

However, the president sent the coordinates together, and the intention is naturally clear. There is no time in the night, and there is no time to feel any luck. The important thing at the moment is to hurry to the rescue and see if you can get rid of Jun Moxiao. Of course, this can’t be just a person in the guild, it is bound to mobilize the power of the masses. At night, Hantan was preparing to speak. Suddenly he heard that someone had called him: “Jun Mo laughs, coordinates 2873, 3398.”

This person shouted, and on the other hand, it was also a text bubble to call out the coordinates for everyone to see, easy to master. At night, I saw the people in Baihuagu, and this coordinate is similar to that sent by Jiang You.

At night, the cold pool was slightly stunned, but it was also known that their president could not reach the Baihua Valley. Obviously, the people in Baihua Valley at that location also met Jun Moxiao.

“Yes, over there, we are going!” another person called. But only listening to the sound is not good to distinguish who is, everyone is not very familiar. However, at first glance, it is no longer necessary to mobilize yourself. The night will not stop talking any more, but just inform them that they are ready to go and actively cooperate.

At present, these three teams are fighting with Ye Xiu. Unlike the squad of the previous night and the reincarnation guild, the battle came suddenly, and it was settled in a flash. When the news came again, the whole team was already paralyzed, and naturally it was not saved. So the night of the cold pool and the lonely drink are only silently silent, waiting for other guilds is also a tragedy.

As a result, at night, the cold pool itself is tragedy, but helplessly can only participate. But I don’t think so. He had been looking forward to Jun Moxiao and others to die before, but after his own elite team was eliminated, Jun Moxiao’s position in his heart was postponed. He hopes that the elite teams of other guilds will also be destroyed, and then let Junmo laugh to death. At this time, several of them suddenly had to move, and he had already guessed a few points in his heart, but he did not actively grind: “What happened?”

This guy is eager to sit down and talk to him for an hour and a half.

“Jun Mo laughed.” The night Hantan simply answered. He had doubts about the thoughts of the lonely drink, so at this moment, he understood the behavior of the lonely drink. So I don’t want to say anything more. After I drop such a sentence, I will go to Zhang Luo.

Jun Mo laughed.

This reason is enough. Everyone else is moving, and it doesn’t make sense to drink them one by one. The solitary drink only had to command the guild players to leave. The elite members of the seven guilds that blocked the entrance to the first-line canyon were divided into two groups to investigate the 50 copies of the entrance, but they were barely 100. But Jun Mo laughed over there but the area was five people, and it was completely enough.

However, these so-called “elites” are actually relatively speaking. In the new district, where the new people are everywhere, they are elites. If placed in the old district, they are just some veterans. The real elites are actually those who are currently brushing the copy. The pitiful domineering and the reincarnation guild have each hanged a team, but it is also in jeopardy to break through the void and the Baihua Valley, if not the team of Jiang You arrived.

Jiang You, the president of this guild, can be regarded as the top level among ordinary players. After the flame bomb that was hit by Jun Momo was borrowed by Ye Xiu, he sneaked a sentence but did not lose his calm. Rolling a snowball to the left, and slanting to the right, it was a flame bomb.

Only a moment later, Jiang You’s love has been attacked by three people, and the *** has done a lot of weightlifting. It seems that there is a gentleman’s calmness. Pvp is the place to experience the strength of a person.

These two spells, the frosty snowballs rolled into the buns, and the flame bombs were shot at one inch of the ash.

“Bun beware.” Ye Xiu quickly screamed. The buns invaded and played with the backlights, and Jiang Xue’s frosty snowball was good enough for him to prepare for him. As for Joe Yifan, Ye Xiu feels that he will not remind himself.

When the expert takes a shot, he knows if there is any.

In the clear way of casting the three thoughts of Jiang You, Ye Xiu has already determined that this person is the unbelievable guy who brushed the copy with them that day. And such a master, and then went to the tenth district in obscurity, Ye Xiu is also very understandable. A line of canyons! Domineering, but urgently need to use this copy to bring back the face.

Jiang You’s love has come together to come up with three cool spell attacks. Su Mu Orange immediately included him in his attack target. The wind-comb smoked Muti crane gun was a sweeping shot, and the bullets poured out toward Jiang You and the five of them. The flying bullets look really sharp, but here is the game, the player is not killed in a bullet. The damage of the Green Machine Gun is also a straight bullet that will hit the most. After Su Mu Orange shakes the gun, the flying bullets naturally divide the damage.

The use of the Green Machine Gun is not a damage, but a bullet to delay the impact of the opponent. In the case of a newcomer who doesn’t know much, it is estimated that the scare is scared. However, Jiang’s five senior veterans on their side are not intimidated by this. They know very well that they are standing still at this time. It’s no big deal that these bullets are stained with a few. What is more annoying is actually the interruption and short-term rigidity caused by the bullet hit.

Five people and one time are also all supernatural powers. The love that loves to run loves to use the tumbling love to use professional skills. In short, each means is forced to advance in the rain of the wind and smoke.

This team is different!

The professional level of Ye Xiu, Su Mu Orange, and Qiao Yifan immediately saw it at a glance.

One of the five sharpshooters, who had already evaded the bullet, had already fired a shot. Su Mu Orange’s wind combs the smoke and can’t be evaded in the Green machine gun. This gungun pistol method is also not bad. Instead, it is a chance to hit a revolver of a revolver toward the wind and smoke.

Su Mu Orange was helpless. He could only cancel the skill to avoid the bullets, and turned back to be an anti-tank shelling. The guy also jumped off and continued to shoot, and the two started to shoot.

Ye Xiu’s eyes were not right. Tianshen provoked an opponent nearby and directly slammed the team with Jiang Huayou. In the past, Ye Xiu emphasized the control field and did not want any opponent to run away. However, at this time, this team is obviously a strong support, and the situation is unfavorable. Ye Xiu took the initiative and sent the opponent out as a shell. He wanted to use this to disrupt the opponent’s position and take the trouble.

One was thrown away by the palm of the hand, and the other was exerted by Jun Moxiao, a judo skill “throwing”, and the waist was also taken away. Before the backlight, the gods were attacked by the buns and succeeded. At this time, the general situation was down, and Ye Xiu would not bother. After the two human shells were thrown out, they immediately fell into a shadow of the five masters.

The five-person standing position is in a state of coordination with the offensive and defensive. Because the two people’s meat cannons were slightly messed up. Ye Xiu took this opportunity and flashed directly to the flaws that appeared after they left.

“There is a daring!!” One of the five players is a hero who feels that Jun Moxiao dares to be trapped in their five-man array. After the exit was praised, rushing forward to lift the leg was a kick.

The front kick is a skill of the boxing master and has a few knockback effects. Out of recruits and recruits are only in the shadow of a flash, a fairly quick skill.

However, Ye Xiu was not too home to go home. When the mouse mentioned it, Jun Mo laughed at the dragon of a war mage and went straight back.

The boxer only feels that his former kick is sure to succeed. Unexpectedly, the white light just flashed, and the spear in the hands of Jun Moxiao steadily mentioned himself.

The spear has short legs. The boxing squad’s front kick was worse than Jun Mo’s smile. The spear seemed to have to wear him. The boxer’s heart was shocked, as if such a scene should not be strange.

At this time, he would send himself to the spear, and quickly canceled the skill and wanted to back off, not thinking that this dragon tooth came so fast. Still in the back jump, he was directly pulled out of a stiff, followed by a white light flash, he has been picked up in the air by a hit.

*** Do it fast, and the attack speed of the spear is also fast!

The boxer had suffered a big loss, but in an instant he also saw the problem. Ye Xiu’s ***, the 5 attack speed of the thousand-machine umbrella spear form, these two extremely unusual fast, let him get up and just lost.

The round dance stick will hold the boxing master from the air, and Jun Mo laughs and jumps vigorously, turning it into a human shell. Two players who greeted the siege had to jump back and avoid. As a result, the boxing martial artist had just been thrown to the ground. Jun Mo laughed and took up the spear. It was a blast of three cannons. Three guns came out of the gunfire and attacked the two.

Such a close distance, the ballistics actually missed such a large angle, the amplitude and speed of this shaking gun exceeded the imagination of two people, two shells, neither of them escaped, and the face was blooming.

Jun Mo laughed and turned around, throwing a hand thunder into the air.

“Rely!” In the air, there is a swordsman flying to prepare for the silver sneak attack. Who knows that this Jun Mo laughs like a long eye behind. The swordsman waved a sword in the air and wanted to hit the thunder. However, such a *** is a professional player who is not sure that the sword will not fail. The swordsman buddy unfortunately failed, the grenade was hugged by him, and a burst of fireworks burst into bloom. The swordsman fell like an angel with wings folded, and the face first landed.

Very tragic, the swordsman wants to use the roll to come forward to accept the ***, but I do not know if the mood is affected, *** made a mistake. The roll did not roll well, and the face was directly plugged on the ground.

The top five masters of domineering heroes, Jun Mo laughed in a battle of five, and instantly hit four people. Jiang You was stunned. Jun Mo laughs pvp, it is more terrible than his pve! At this moment, he was super lucky that he sent a message to the night.

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