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Chapter 216 Not killing

Chapter 216, killing does not say

“Before this time?” Several people asked their respective characters to follow up with Jun Moxiao while asking.

“Yes, I started to write this at 12 o’clock. Now it should be finished almost three times, it is time to leave.” Ye Xiu said.

“Can we…”

“Let’s send them.” Ye Xiu laughed.

Speaking of this, Su Mu Orange and Qiao Yifan have basically understood the intention of Ye Xiu. Although both of them are professional players who have been away from the online game for many years. However, if every professional player does not come into contact with the glory of online games, like this game, how can he enter the professional circle? Therefore, for the online game, many doorways are also clear.

Buns invasion, although there are game experience, but people are more white, obviously can not think so much, at this time continue to wonder and ask: “Who is it?”

“People who are not polite to us.” Ye Xiu said.

“Would you like to send it?” Tang Rou also immediately understood that before Ye Xiu had analyzed this situation: although the other side has done their best to chase them, but they will always have elite teams to continue to level. Ye Xiu said that the three copies ended at this time. The target is not already obvious?

“But… do you know who to deal with?” Su Mu Orange asked.

“I have inquired.” Ye Xiu said.

“inquire about?”

“Yes, there are a lot of presidents on my buddy list.” Ye Xiu said.

The guild players who played the squad did not show the name of the guild, and they could see that they could hide it. However, this idea is innocent after all. Although Ye Xiu has no background in the game, it has just been the target of the major guilds. The president of the guild in the list of friends is almost all. So he remembered the names of the players during the battle. It was a simple and rude message to the presidents of these guilds, asking about the guild background of each player on the list.

Ye Xiu is clearly aware of the competitive relationship between the guilds. Even if it is now in cooperation, it is only temporary. There may be many mutual use pressures in the process of cooperation. For example, in the case of Kong Zhilin, four players were deliberately used as abandonment to lure Ye Xiu and Huang Shaotian. Ye Xiu doubted that they were trapped.

Such a limited trust relationship, even if some guilds did not sell the other party’s intentions, but the player id of their own guild is also listed, but there is no guarantee that others will sell themselves. In this way, simply selling others, they can not afford to be cheap, but they can not afford to suffer alone.

There can be a lot of mentality in the middle. In short, Ye Xiu believes that he can get what he needs through this hand. As a result, the guilds showed great enthusiasm and actively participated in the reply. However, the answer may be slightly biased. It can be seen that some of the guilds intend to cover up their own people. It is a pity that the minority obeys the majority, and these wrong answers are easily removed by Ye Xiu.

Seven guilds.

A total of seven guilds were shown in the list provided by Ye Xiu. He is not sure if this is all, but at least, they already have a lot of goals.

“Where is it here?” Jun Moxiao’s footsteps stopped. After the four characters came up, Su Mu Orange asked on behalf of everyone.

“There is only one unique entrance and exit in the first-line canyon. It is best if it can be kept there. But I think at this time, their main pursuits are probably already in that place. We have to retreat to the next level.” Rehabilitation.

“here is?”

“50 copies of the first-line canyon, from these 50 entrances and exit the first-line canyon, there will be 32 entrance players will pass through here, 6 entrances may pass, it is already the most probable intersection.” Rehabilitation.

“Know it so detailed!” Everyone was amazed.

“Well, I just had a map of the first-line canyon in Baidu.” Ye Xiu said.


“Come a group of people.” Tangrou suddenly cried. I heard that it is pk, and it is very likely that the scale is not small. This girl is already very angry.

“Smoke rain floor…not.” Ye Xiu said.

The five men were not exposed at this time, crouching in a bunker in the corner of the corner, secretly watching the passing players at this intersection.

“A new team, reincarnation guild, isn’t it?” A team of players in the Yanyu Building have not gone clean, followed by a team of five people, Tang Rou immediately asked.

“Up!” Ye Xiu made a sound, and five people jumped out of the bunker. The players of the reincarnation guild were just on the road, and did not pay attention to the left and right, where to know that five people were killed in the oblique side.

“Only five people, is it necessary to sneak attack?” Tang Rou found that the other five people stupidly walked over, and did not realize that the five people here were approaching in a bad manner.

“You can say a little louder for them to hear.” Ye Xiu said.

Tang Rou did not do this after all. This girl is very particular. It is not her style to speak loudly.

Ye Xiu is the fastest. The hand knocking on the keyboard is another shadow, and Jun Mo laughs and flashes to the back of five people. The five people still don’t know. Jun Moxiao’s hand-held umbrella jumped into a sickle shape and belonged to the weapon type of the sacred grade. Immediately, a wave of blue light appeared on the ground, and the five people who were running were found to be wrong. When they turned back in surprise, the blue light had already risen, and the ascending sky rolled the five people together.

Su Mu Orange’s wind combed Mu Mu immediately raised the handgun, and it was a cannonball and a machine gun. The five people who were all floating up could not be stabilized and were beaten to the east. Qiao Yifan’s one-inch ash has already been rushed forward, and the knife has been slashed, and an ice skating has been released. When the five players fell, the two directly frozen into ice, eliminating the troubles of being subjected to ***.

Tang Rou’s cold smoke soft buns invasion is also a left and right kill. Tang Rou continued to take the spear and burst into the head. In contrast, the buns invasion seemed a bit unprofessional and went to bully the ice.

The three players who were *** were not bad, and they all succeeded in *** and did not fall directly to the ground. Just after getting up and facing the battle, it was the attack of three people who couldn’t stand Tang Rou.

The cold smoked soft-handed red moon spears are like a red light, which is what ordinary players can see. Coupled with Ye Xiu’s Jun Moxiao, this more terrible guy is on the side, the three are really very small. When the two ice blocks were just released from the frozen state, they had already fallen one side.

Ye Xiu, Su Mu Orange, Qiao Yifan. People can be professional qualities, and they know how to cherish opportunities.

The two out of the ice are not good. A direct intrusion into a lock throat by the buns, and then immediately by the professional masters to grasp the defense under the lock throat state of arrogance, became the second person on the field. Another ice man had already wanted to open the sneak at this time. As a result, he ran out of the way and was smashed into the head by the cold-smooth red moon spear. He was immediately provoked like a sorrowful sorrow, and then he was like a mop. Directly tossed the other two brothers.

Everything happened very briefly.

The five smokers in front of the building heard the movement behind them and rushed to look at it. It was not a pk but a kill. The five elite masters of the reincarnation of the guild, even the unyielding unyielding of the npc mobs were not shown to be beaten. I saw that the hearts of the five players in Yanyulou were picked up, but the result was that they could only count them one by one.

“Jun Mo laughs…” One person quietly said.

“Where did you run out of it…” One person still wonders!

“Let’s go.” The third person reminded the brothers not to watch the excitement. At most, their level and the reincarnation guild are between the two. At this time, the situation is very dangerous and dangerous, and it is good to quit.

A few people turned back and watched from time to time while running wild. The five players of the reincarnation guild soon became all corpses, but Jun Mo laughed that the five of them seemed to have no intention of chasing them. The five people all gave a slight breath.

“Not for us!” said one person. It seems that there is no such thing as this, and the five people have started to watch the lively thoughts. And seeing Jun Mo laugh at them in the fight against other guilds, the five even a little itchy ***…


When the lonely drink received the news, the five people were already dead back to the empty city. The battle started very quickly and ended faster. No one can afford to cry for help during the battle. It is only after the death that the bad news is directly conveyed to the president.

“Rely!” Lonely drink can not help but roar the export, the role he led, even his own role, can be sacrificed. These are already ready to take out and spend time with Jun Moxiao, and the level must be delayed. But the five people who have just hanged up can be different. This is the account role that will be used to attack various copies in the future and seize all kinds of first kills. The result was that Jun Moxiao killed a group, which was 10% less experienced than other guilds. How can a lonely drink not be anxious?

“What’s wrong?” This roar is to attract people around.

“Oh… it’s burnt by the cigarette butt.”

Damn, this loss can’t be eaten by us! This is the feeling of the lonely drink at this time and the previous night of the cold pool is exactly the same, and I firmly hope that Jun Mo laughs that a team of people can treat each guild fairly and fairly, but can’t just let a certain family suffer so much! So if you attacked, you won’t say it.

In the first-line canyon, Ye Xiu has already hit the second team.

“Hundreds of flowers, on!” said Ye Xiu. This time there was nothing to attack. Ye Xiu, who turned the five people who had finished the reincarnation, turned directly into the team.

“The team over there, broken the void! Yes.” And there is a team of people who come and go before and after Baihua Valley. Ye Xiuyi is also one of the seven guilds who pursued them.

“Two teams! This time is a bit interesting.” Tang Rou looked out of the way, as if the toy that feared the hand would run away, and quickly rushed to fight.

“Attention to the control field, don’t let it run away!” Ye Xiu called.

“Don’t worry about the boss, give it to me.” The buns invaded and rushed forward, throwing a sand to face, and five people escaping from the perspective.

“Bun invade!!” The buns invaded directly took their name as a slogan and invaded the enemy.

“Buns you are really vivid.” Ye Xiu praised.

“Ha ha ha ha…” The buns of the buns invaded and resounded in the canyon.

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