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Chapter 200 Grappler

The second hundred chapter pkpkpkpkpk

Empty knowledge forest. Ye Xiu told everyone to meet the place. At this time, he was also rushing to the side of Jun Moxiao, but the chase after Jun Moxiao had not completely got rid of it.

Although you can use the technique of switching the movement method to keep a distance from the pursuit, this method can not completely get rid of the clean. Want to escape the vision of the pursuit of soldiers, it is bound to require a wide range of movement, it must go through the leveling area, those places are full of players of the Grand Council, can not escape their eyes.

If this method is effective, Su Mu Orange and Qiao Yifan will not be so hard. This skill will of course also. In fact, this is how to make the most of the skills of endurance, which is the basic skill that every professional player needs to master.

Su Mu Orange and Qiao Yifan are useless, precisely because it is useless to know. At the moment, I want to get rid of such a crowd of people, and I don’t know where a certain player is the eyeliner of the other party. I can only use the eyesight of the chase to make a fuss.

Su Mu Orange and Qiao Yifan did this.

The buns invasion was also done with the help of Dawn.

Ye Xiu, the pursuit of this is also the way of thinking.

It’s just that this road is running, but it’s a tragic attack.


As soon as it was zero, Huang Shaotian’s drifting wood actually went online, and began to harass Ye Xiu to go to the arena with him.

“Busy!” Ye Xiu decisively replied.

“You can’t play a copy later!!” Huang Shaotian said.

“Do you know how much I want to make a copy?”

“Is there you early? Are you there? Are you there?” Huang Shaotian replied.

“Hey, today is not… tomorrow!” Ye Xiuyi thought, today I went to see the light of the dawn of the Raiders, the day and night did not always have, 11:30 before going online.

“What are you talking about!”


“Speak and count!”


“Okay!” Huang Shaotian said that this sentence is finally quiet.

The great gods are all amazing speeds, and Ye Xiu chats while letting Jun Mo laugh continue to run wild, and the speed is not delayed.

But quietly ran for a few minutes, and suddenly there was news. Remembering Su Mu Orange’s situation of each of them, Ye Xiu could not turn a blind eye to the news, the result turned a look, it is Huang Shaotian’s flowing wood: “pkpkpkpkpkppk!!!!!”

Didn’t wait for Ye Xiu to reply, the new message followed below: “‘Tomorrow’ has arrived.” This sentence is followed by an arrogant expression.

Ye Xiuyi saw the time of this news, 0:01:08, speechless.

“Hurry up and hurry up, say good ‘Tomorrow’, now it’s it.” Huang Shaotian’s news continues.

“You come to know the forest.” Ye Xiu replied.

“Where to go there?” Huang Shaotian asked.

“Hey, come and know.”

The empty forest was quiet, Huang Shaotian’s drifting wood came over here, and turned around in a circle. Only the players who saw the two missions left after the completion of the mission, but they did not see Jun Moxiao.

“I am here, where are you?” Huang Shaotian news in the past.


“Run this to dry up?” Huang Shaotian asked.


“Rely! I mean to use the size.” Huang Shaotian shouted.

“Not the arena, it is the real wild pk.” Ye Xiu replied.

“You are four levels higher than me! Are you so embarrassed?” Huang Shaotian replied.

“I am afraid that you are embarrassed.” Ye Xiu said.

“What am I embarrassed?”

“What are you doing?”

“Why am I sorry?”

“You can do it well.”

“Hey, what are you talking about!!” This news has just been finished. Huang Shaotian’s drifting wood has been worn out of the woods and walked to the side. I saw the front of the monarchie slowly and slowly, and it was their occupation. The player’s usual endurance skills, rushed toward him.

Huang Shaotian let the flowing wood greet him, and he was about to say something, but immediately saw the dust rising from the back of Jun Mo.

To be honest, such a scene Huang Shaotian has not seen it for a long time. In the professional competition, at most, the team competition of five to five, where can afford such a big dust. Such a huge team must be seen in online games.

“You are a noisy?” Jun Mo laughed and went forward, Huang Shaotian quickly went up and asked.

“You don’t want pk, go to the hero!” said Ye Xiu.

“What a joke, what is your identity, bully the average player!” Huang Shaotian shouted.

“You are not saying that there is nothing embarrassing?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Rely, I am not talking about this.” Huang Shaotian depressed. He used the “tomorrow” to set the person once, and the result was immediately reversed to “sorry” to give him a set.

“Hey, people are really a lot. What have you done?” Huang Shaotian is also watching the chasing soldiers getting closer and closer, and there are twenty or thirty people who say less. In order to chase a person to make such a big show, it is rare to see.

“Brush the copy of the record.” Ye Xiu said.

Huang Shaotian took a brief sigh, and then immediately understood how to get back, laughing: “That! Let you arrogate again, let you no longer face, what identity do you, and the new area players grab a copy of the record, you are so funny!”

“Is there any embarrassment? I am also a player now, and it is necessary to grab the record.” Ye Xiu said faintly, “It is you! I have never seen such a big battle for many years! Are you afraid of it?”

“Cut, how can I do it with the average player, I have to keep a distance with you.” Huang Shaotian said, really let his streamer and Jun Mo laughed for a while, and a large number of player characters rolled into the dust and finally rushed into This forest.

“There are people!!” Many people immediately noticed the flow of Huang Shaotian.

In this team that chased Jun Moxiao, there is also a president-level character. Lonely drink, the president of the ten-party president of the reincarnation guild will be alone. The last time I slammed Jun Mo Xiao failed, especially by the other party using ctrl+c and ctrl+v to send, so that he was fully unhappy with Jun Moxiao in public and private. He is a relatively active participant in the association. In particular, after hearing the news that Jun Mo laughed the team players everywhere, he did not choose the principle of proximity, but instead took the special chase to kill Jun Mo. I have to say that the ingredients of this personal grievance are still relatively large.

The players screamed because of the appearance of the driftwood, but the players who watched the reincarnation were more calm. They have the president, the backbone of the heart is here, waiting for the president to take the idea.

“Flower wood…” Lonely drink looked at the id of this character, chanted a bit, and suddenly felt a little familiar.

“It was the one that brushed the bones with Jun Moxiao!” Suddenly someone called out in the crowd.

“Oh…” Everyone is stunned, and some have opened the copy list to check it out.

“It’s a gentleman’s laugh, don’t hesitate.” The solitary drink was decisively ordered. Other players can’t listen to him or listen to him. In short, he reincarnates the players of the guild. When he listens to the president, he immediately rushes without hesitation. This person has taken the lead, and others are also rushing. It’s good to say that the 30-year-old has actually rushed toward Huang Shaotian’s flowing wood.

“Rely, what?” Huang Shaotian was shocked, how could he so sneer at the hatred, and screamed, and quickly let the drift wood drilled into the empty woods.

“Don’t let go of both!” shouted at the lonely drink.

The subordinates do not have to listen to instructions, and other guild players also have partial responses. A bunch of people slammed into two groups, some chased the flow of Huang Shaotian, and some rushed toward Jun Mo.

Ye Xiu’s reaction was as good as Huang Shaotian’s, and he immediately let Jun Moxiao return to the woods. Liumu ran to his side not far away. At this time, he was already aware of what was going on. He dared not to swear, and the words of the glory began to flash, and he kept blaming it. Ye Xiu did not seem to hear it completely.

The two did not have any communication, and they ran somewhere and suddenly dispersed. At the beginning, the two of them were not far away, and the players who had been chased were already in a group. At this time, they saw the two scattered. The lonely drink did not hesitate to chase after the subordinates of the monarch. This is also to help other players make a reminder: here someone chased, then go there! Then the rest of the players are rushing toward the drifting wood.

I was running, and then one person said: “Wait.”

No one waits, everyone continues to chase. This person also had to run while he continued: “I just searched the gangmu, only level 27! What do we chase him at level 27?”

As soon as everyone heard it, the player stopped the role, because the reason is absolutely true.

At the 27th level, it is still the level of the bones of the bones. Now the displaced places have been conquered. Who will remember the early copy?

This is the case in the game. The more the later development, the lighter the weight of the previous copy. For example, the record of the copy of the Frost Forest, when everyone is 20 to the level, the record on the list, everyone will feel that this team is very good, this guild is good.

However, this “very good” impression will not always be maintained automatically. It needs to continue to be named in the record battle, and it will be named in the current highest-end copy record. Because the highest level of copy, is the object of attention for many players. Even the players who have just entered the game, just the players in the 20th level, the fierce competition they see in their eyes is not the frosty forest they are brushing, but the highest-end canyon in the moment.

This level, several times in the first-line canyon copy record competition, even if it is not the owner of the record, it is more valuable than rewriting the copy of the Frost Forest. And the final record is the strongest symbol.

All the old players understand this truth. The action advocated by Chen Yehui is also based on this principle. They don’t need to completely kill what these people are doing, just *** their development and slow down their upgrade speed.

In the case of distance, the copy of the front copy is naturally the competition of the Grand Council. Wait until the level of Jun Mo laughs up, and then rewrite this copy record. The Grand Council, or all the ten-zone players are more concerned about the next level of copy.

As long as such a level difference is formed, Jun Mo laughs strength and is tyrannical, because the impact of the copy record on the guild is also reduced a lot.

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