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Chapter 198 Bottom brother

Chapter 198, brothers at the bottom of the well

Had village outside the city.

The buns invasion was just passing by in the process of getting out. The reason is as he said: because of the near. As a result, such a rare place for the player gave him a chance to get away. In this kind of place, there is no other player’s superficial gaze, everywhere is the corner of the line of sight, the buns invade boldly and chasing the players to play hide and seek.

Had village has a dry, dry mouth. The buns invasion station straightened up and just looked at the ground with a little perspective.

The quiet village of Had was disturbed by the intrusion of the buns. NPC is still quietly taking the pace of their system, but the chaotic footsteps of dozens of players invaded by the buns have sounded in the village, and the voices of mutual communication have also been intermittently introduced into the buns.

The buns invaded and quickly squatted down. If you can, he will definitely adjust the sound of the game to the maximum. However, it is a pity that due to the pursuit of true distance, the sound effect in glory is that there is no adjustment of the volume, which is related to the volume, only the distance between the character and the sound source. In addition to this, there are only two options for turning off and turning on the sound.

The buns in the underground invade, trying to listen to the voice of the outside players.

“Where are you going?”

“Not too far, just in the village.”

“This kid is very embarrassed, running like this, if it is in the leveling area, see how he can hide.”

The footsteps are far away, some are close, and it is obviously searching in the four. The buns invaded and listened to the sound. I was thinking about whether I would get up and take a look. Suddenly, the white light was shining, and soon a character appeared in front of him. Without waiting for the buns to invade, the character has already cried in surprise: “Who are you?”

“Quiet!” The buns invaded and quickly stopped the person from talking.

“It’s a coincidence that such a place can meet people.” This person is completely ignorant of the situation and continues to squat.

The buns invaded and listened to the footsteps getting closer and closer, although I don’t know if I noticed the sound here. The place where he hid was hidden, but he was found to have nowhere to escape. Therefore, the buns invasion is also a long-term plan. Once the footsteps are approaching, you can’t take risks and immediately escape from the well to get out.

At this time, I was preparing to do this, and suddenly I heard the guy in front of me shouting out louder: “Yeah? Buns invade? You are on the copy list, the buns of Jun Moxiao team invaded?”

“Yes, it is me. But I don’t have time to accept your interview now. I am avoiding a mysterious pursuit. Now, I have to rush out!” The buns invaded and said this sentence, suddenly jumped out of the dry well. The sweep around the perspective, and sure enough, someone has come to the dry well. When he saw him coming out, he immediately yelled: “It’s here.”

The buns invade do not stop, and they ran on the ground.

“Hey, wait!” The voice still in the underground screamed, and it was a jump. As a result, the power was not well mastered, but the jump was not high enough. The characters were on the side of the well and they looked at the whole person. Come out, so I went back to it.

The guild players who chased the killers know what this person is coming from, and they greeted in a hurry: “There is still an ambush here.”

“Oops! It won’t be a trap!” Someone wondered, ready to go inside the house, and the players behind the wall stopped and stopped, fearing that there were ambushes hidden inside.

The player who chased the buns invade is far less entangled in Su Mu Orange and Qiao Yifan than in the drifting place, but it is precisely because of this, it just adds unity and harmony. A dozen people here come from two guilds, and they are not the domineering heroes and the venerable enemies like the Jiawang Dynasty.

With such a slap in the face, the buddies in the dry well finally jumped out of their strength. This character is dressed in a cloth armor and holds a wand in his hand, which is obviously a mage character. Jumping out of the well and looking around, I did not care about these killing players, and saw the direction of the buns invading and chasing them.

When the players look at it and run it, it doesn’t seem like an ambush. The fear of fear was greatly reduced, and I quickly chased it up.

The two guilds, each with a command, the distribution of personnel is also a plate with an eye, not a mess. The buns invaded and looked back. The chasing soldiers were in a hurry, and they quickly observed whether there was a wonderful place like the dry well. Looking for it, I heard someone shouting behind him: “Run to the left.”

This sound is like a scorpio. The buns invaded did not study who shouted, and ran to the left without saying anything. There is no special cover on the left, which is an ordinary thatched cottage in the village. The buns invaded this left turn and ran to the back of the hut, which was a temporary departure from the pursuit of the soldiers, so he quickly began to look for a wonderful dry well.

“Jumping in from the window.” At this moment, the voice rang again, and the buns invaded to find the so-called “window”. This accidentally discovered who the person who prompted him was, the brother from the bottom of the well. .

“Brothers are enough!” said the buns invading. They have already seen the open grass window on the thatched cottage. They rushed out and jumped out and they had already drilled out. The brothers in the bottom of the well also rushed in, and also learned to invade the buns inwards, once, hit the window, and fell back; twice, hit the window again, and fell back; three times… the buns invaded suddenly: “What are you doing!” ”

“Jump in,” said the brother of the bottom.

“I really can’t see it.” The buns invaded.

The brothers at the bottom of the well knew that their skills were not enough. The *** could not do so accurately. After three consecutive jumps, they failed to give up and continued to run left.

“Where are you going?” The buns invaded and actually reached out and looked after him.

“The head is going back! Add friends.” The brothers at the bottom of the field ran back and shouted.

The buns invade the retracted head and follow the system prompt: Twilight applies to add you as a friend.

After confirming the application, I received a message from the dawn: “After 8 seconds, I will come out from the door.”

Although the steamed buns invaded, but did not ask for it, one two three four five six seven eight eight seconds, came out from the main entrance of the thatched cottage, is hitting the dawn and passing by the door.

“This side!” Leading the road ahead, the buns invade followed. In the small village of Had, the two men wandered around, and at first they could hear the footsteps and voices that seemed to be around them, but gradually, the sound disappeared, as if returning to the quiet village where only the npc system walked. .

“Beat it?” The buns invaded the thief’s head and looked at the West.

“Quiet!” After clearing the situation, I immediately changed the light to remind the buns to invade.

The biggest advantage of the buns invasion is that everyone’s opinions can be heard, and immediately shut up and not speak out. At this time, the light was facing the buns invading, but the line of sight fell to the bun invading equipment in the hands of the claws. This is the fighting class’s claw weapon.

“Your weapon is not orange?” Twilight suddenly said with some doubts.


“Why not?”


“How come?”

“It’s too expensive, the boss doesn’t buy it.”

The two asked each question, but the words were actually not a meaning. This dawn is naturally the author of the fool’s guide, the 32-level summoner Shuguang. Have a paranoid self-confidence in your judgment. He defined Jun Moxiao as a group of oranges for the luxury team. At this time, they saw that the buns invaded the body without weapons and did not have an orange suit. They refused to deny that they were wrong. The strange logic of his problem, as well as the invasion of the buns, was not noticed, and he still answered honestly.

“Boss? Jun Mo laugh?” Shuguang said.

“Yeah! Do you know?” The buns invaded the surprise.

“I don’t know…” Twilight said, but still entangled in his judgment, why is it not allowed: “How come you don’t have orange?”

“Because there is no money.” The buns invasion is still honestly answering.

“The footsteps are near.” The buns invaded and suddenly heard the sound of footsteps.

“Run from here all the way! You can run back to the main city before they catch up.” Twilight ran out.

“I don’t go back to the main city.” The buns invaded.

“Where are you going?”

“I am going to be with the old assembly for a while.” The buns invaded and said, “Do you want to go back to the main city? That’s right! You can take them away, I will be fine.”

Twilight vomiting blood. Should it be that he should be him? He still does not know what it is like to kill and be chased. Will help the buns to invade, only because this person is a buns invasion, is a member of the replica list team, is the object he has studied, and deducted the role of equipment.

It is said that the land is a luxury orange team. This argument is indeed unreliable. I don’t know if I don’t know.

On the one hand, he firmly believes that his judgment is not wrong. On the one hand, he still hopes to be confirmed. Compared to those idiots, the copy of the buried bones recorded that he spent more time, but unfortunately this conclusion has not been able to fully convince himself. He hopes that he can firmly believe his own judgment, but this time he can never do it.

Even after personally confirming from the buns, I realized that the other party did not have Orange Wu, and Dawn would not give up. Paranoid people tend to be like this. They believe that they are not their own opinions, but they firmly believe that they are always right.

The buns invade the natural tone and let the twilight tune the tiger away from the mountain and let him vomit blood, but even if he spits out, he will not tangled. He turned back to look at the buns to invade, and suddenly he burst into surprise: “Oh, you are now level 31? Change equipment! It used to be 28-level orange martial.”

“No, never used.” The buns invaded.

“How is it possible.” Twilight is tangled with this.

“How come you are not going back to the city! They are getting closer and closer.” But the buns invaded this.

“They are not chasing me, I am anxious.” Shuguang said.

“Hey? What are you running?” The buns invaded strangely.

“…” Twilight is speechless.

“You don’t have to run, I have to run.” The buns invaded and saw no one to tune the tiger away from the mountain. It couldn’t be hidden for a long time, and quickly jumped out and prepared to continue running.

“Hey! I can’t do that there!” When he saw the direction of the buns invading, he called out involuntarily.

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