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Chapter 196 Temporary cooperation

Chapter 196 Provisional Cooperation

These people are all members of the Grand Council. It can be seen from the level. It’s just that so many characters are definitely not available to a guild. How many guilds are in the process? One, two, three, or more, or even all?

No matter how many leaves are repaired, it will not be too unexpected. Of course, he also understands the current situation of the major guilds. The copy record was strongly occupied by him, and the development of the major guilds in the 10th district was very restrained. These big guilds can’t win him, and my heart is definitely not good. Those who are accustomed to arrogance, how can it be so easy to succumb to compromise?

Whether in terms of mood or interest. In the case of a copy against the hope of not seeing, choose to directly eradicate this disrupted situation, this choice is normal.

“Don’t go out of the main city, we are now being stared.” Ye Xiu first sent a message to Tang Rou. Only this girl is a pure newcomer, and may not have experienced the killing and killing in the game.

“Where are you?” Then he asked Su Mu Orange and Joe Yifan.

“Still in the land of displacement.” Su Mu Orange said.

“The other party may not be just these people, and there may be follow-up support. Some low-level players will become eyeliners even if they don’t participate in the battle. Go to places where there are no players. Then we will find opportunities to meet again.” Road.

“Well, feel free to contact the location.” Su Mu Orange replied.

“Where are you buns?” The buns invaded this side, and Ye Xiu decided that it was the best to handle the hand.

“The empty suburbs, the village of Had.” The buns invaded back.

“Oh? Not bad! I ran there.” Ye Xiu praised it. The buns invade this guy, although the glory is white, and the game is still quite old. At this time, I have taken the lead in stealing such a small area.

Harder Village is one of the small villages on the outskirts of the Space City. It is a little task npc, and the player will run here when he is doing the task. In addition to this, there is no leveling blame here, and there is no good scenery. No one will go here leisurely.

To get out of the way, this area is naturally preferred. Otherwise, whether it is a leveling area such as a displaced place, or a safe area such as an empty city, the players of the major guilds are everywhere, as long as the guild confesses, it is always possible to participate in the battle to spread the news. Do not live whereabouts.

“Well, here is near.” The answer to the buns invasion made Ye Xiu realize that he still thought about the invasion of the buns.

“Don’t you get rid of them?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Under observation.” Buns invaded.

“Be careful.” Ye Xiu said while watching Xu Moxiao’s perspective and looking behind him.

A bunch of 33 players have not given up, especially in the back. Here, the terrain is a horse, and it is impossible to cover up his own path. Ye Xiu also needs to find a place like Had Village where the buns invade, and this is the direction he is heading.

“What’s the matter?” A voice, but not from the game, Ye Xiu turned his head and looked at it. Tang Rou was looking at him outside the front desk.

“It should be the people of the major guilds. We have taken so many copies of the records. They are very concerned about this matter.” Ye Xiuyan said briefly.

“If you can’t get the record, do you use this method?” Tang Rou is very disgusting.

“Who makes us too strong?” Ye Xiu said with a smile.

“What do you do now?” Tang said.

“You go to the official website to see the guild of the gods in the field. The top 20 may be our current opponents. Write down their guild names and pay attention to them when they encounter them in the game. Turn more and turn, try to go where there are no players, pay attention to whether there are other characters to follow. Wait for the weak state to recover, find opportunities to mix out of the city, I will come close to you.” Ye Xiu said.

“Okay.” Tang Rou went to the point.

Displaced land.

Here is the leveling area. After discovering the wind and the smoke and the insult of a inch of gray, there are quite a few players involved in the pursuit. Some are the 33-level elites who are ready to brush the copy of the place, and some are just ordinary first- and second-line characters. Although they were not asked by the guild, they knew that after the action, they actively participated spontaneously.

A dilapidated empty house, the wind combed the smoke and the two-inch gray two characters daring into it. The players chasing them behind them don’t seem to be small, and there seems to be a tendency to change. As Ye Xiu said, it is not easy to get out of their environment.

The two characters entering the house, the wind combs the smoke and runs to the left window and looks at the appearance. One inch of gray is rushed to the rear window.

“There is no one here.” Qiao Yifan cried.

“Out.” Su Mu Orange *** vertical role ran, the two characters jumped up, all over, and drilled out from the broken back window. Don’t underestimate such an action, instead of playing it as an ordinary player, you may not be able to succeed this time. Most of the time you will hit a head and hang it on the window.

There are really no players behind the house. The two of them are blocked by the broken sight at this time, and they are stepping forward. Lightly jumped over a wall of earth, landed on the ground, and slammed the wall roots all the way.

“This side.” Qiao Yifan carefully watched the situation around him, playing his excellent overall situation and carrying the road ahead.

“There are few people who are less strange.” But he is not confident enough, but he still explained to Su Mu Orange why he judged this way.

“Well, let’s go!” Su Mu Orange said, changing her for a change can only be the way.

The earth wall is not too long. Although this hidden action will make the other party temporarily lose direction, but it must be exposed next time, only hope that this time and the other side opened more distance.

The earth wall was near, and the two characters rushed out one after the other. They all turned back and looked at it. The chasing soldiers were scattered around the empty house at this time. Obviously, they lost their direction after they found no trace of the two people in the house. They were searching around, and a small number of people were facing the earth wall that they had just drilled. Come.

When the two were exposed, the other party naturally immediately turned around and chased them. The wind combed the smoke and raised an anti-tank gun and blew it toward the people who were approaching. However, the distance is quite far away, and several characters are scattered in the past, which has not played much role. Of course, Su Mu Orange will not stop and entangle with them, continue to sway the wind and smoke.

“Mu sister, in the front four rooms, how about the two-way drill?” Qiao Yifan said. The wind combs Mu Mu is Su Mu Orange. He is quite suspicious, but he dare not confirm and dare not ask. He admits that his age should be relatively small. Listening to the names of these people, they are all known as brothers and sisters: Baozi, Mu, Sister, and his most respected predecessors.

“The one on my right.” Su Mu Orange said.

“Then I am on the left.”

The two men said that they had gone aside and they all went into the broken house.

“Hidden into the house again!!” The chasing soldiers behind him were screaming in disgust.

The large and small broken houses in this place are almost the same, and they are all incomplete. Some have windows, and some simply break the wall into a large piece. The door is definitely not the only way to get in and out. This went into the door, jumped out of the window, and the line of sight was blocked by the house for a while. Their pursuit has been messed up several times because of this way. At this time, when you look at the two-person drill house, the egg hurts badly. As a result, the two of them are getting more and more energetic.

“Distribute, expand the horizon!” one called.

The result was flat, and the players who heard him screaming were only a few.

“Distribute!” The man groaned.

A few more moves, but the vast majority remain indifferent.

“Do you have to use it all? If someone disperses it, it will do.” Someone laughed.

“Seeing how to say hello, how slow it is! It is not very good to find the first time.”

Some players around listened, and it seems to be a bit reasonable, so many people are scattered.

Obviously, this group does not have a unified command.

The guild is prepared to use force to clean up a group of people, and this matter has been known beforehand. However, the pursuit operation at this time was also temporarily organized after the discovery of the people in the team of Jun Moxiao at 12 o’clock. The masters of each guild are the targets of the nearest pursuit, so the place of displacement is the most staff. It’s just a leveling area! Leveling, preparing for the next copy, are all here!

This temporary team, of course, is not a unified command. And even if there is such a heart, there are obstacles in its implementation.

The cooperation initiated by the Jiawang dynasty does not require the unity of the guilds, but I hope that everyone can work hard. First look for the domineering male figure, just because the domineering male figure is the most burning eyebrows. They urgently need to seize the copy of the first-line canyon to prove the ability of the guild, and naturally rush to come up with a suitable solution for Jun Moxiao.

Therefore, although these two families have always been inconsistent, Chen Yehui believes that at this time, the grasp of the domineering male figure is very large.

However, cooperation is not facilitated by a few words. Domineering male figure here, regardless of the president Jiang You or the president of the ten districts, the night of the cold pool, there are doubts about the Jia Dynasty.

Jun Moxiao is the common disaster of all their guilds. It’s not a fake, but at this time they are domineering the key to the burning of their brows. How do you think other guilds should watch their excitement first? It should be the Jia Dynasty.

As a result, it was really unbelievable that the Jiawang Dynasty took the initiative to unite them and solve their urgent needs. I think that the Jia Dynasty is of ulterior motives.

So in the falsehood of mutual temptation, the two sides tossed for more than three hours. In the meantime, Chen Yehui was invited to participate in some other guilds. Jiang You and the night cold pool gradually dispelled doubts.

In the end, the total number of guilds participating in the campaign against the army of Jun Moxiao was seven, and naturally they were very ambitious about the copy records. Everyone is a competitor, but at the moment, it may be possible to temporarily join hands to eliminate the public scourge of Jun Moxiao.

What makes Chen Yehui more unexpected is that Lanxi Court has categorically rejected his temporary cooperation proposal.

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