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Chapter 158 Sure enough, I am good at stealing

Chapter 158 is really good at stealing

Chen Yehui’s intentions are clear, but Ye Xiu’s aggressiveness is clearer, and he completely understands Chen’s intentions. This is the core of the gathering of the other side. The shock wave spread out, and the reaction was a little late to escape. This has not yet been formed into a formation, and it has already been smashed by this blow.

Heaven strikes, falls flowers!

Jun Mo laughed with one hand and one weapon in his hand. The form of the spear made the two skills of the War Mage, and the four sides of the spine collapsed.

He kicked a kick with the leg lift. Thousands of aircraft retracted into a gun form, and the bullets spurted out. This man rushed out of the blood, but Ye Xiu showed the bbq in a straight line. This kind of usage is very fast. When people are just floating, they will be shot and fired. In principle, they are the same as the magician scholars flying at the ultra low altitude.

The player flies out and hits several people all the way. It doesn’t fly far, but it is turned over.

Under the command of Chen Yehui, it was already messed up by Ye Xiu’s three attacks. Tang soft buns invade two at this time is also a split attack, one left and one right, the attack is very fast, just for a while, although people did not die a few, but still standing there is not much.

The loess was rolled over, and 24 beatings led by Chen Yehui, one in battle, 13 in the ground, and 10 people were also confused. Jun Moxiao three people are standing on their backs, each standing in a circle with arms and arms, the overwhelming momentum is always there.

Thousands of stayed, and stayed completely.

Did the six people be redundant? Only these three people have already suppressed the offensive of the other 24 people.

Qian Cheng and the other party have had experience in dealing with each other. Although he died very quickly, it also shows that the strength and cooperation of the other party are not weak, but how come the three people are like paper paste? After less than a minute, what is surrounded does not exist anymore. One by one, turning around and looking for the direction, looking for the right direction, but dare not move…

This… it’s so cool!

Thousands of envy.

He has always been solitary, so that the enemy can not collapse, and his picture standing proudly is simply the lens he often imagined. Now, fantasy has become a reality. Although the other party has three people, this is indeed the realm he has been yearning for.

At this moment, the other party’s role is clearly still moving, but Qian Cheng feels like the time is still standing still. Because in his eyes, the guys who are active are just backgrounds, neglected, and he sees only three figures in the middle of the circle.

“The gunman opened fire!!!”

“The magic road confuses their sight!!”

“What are the swordsmen doing, keep your position!!!”

“Summon your idiot! Go to the position and call again, rely on!! It is interrupted again! Go to hell!!”

Chen Yehui screamed and screamed for deployment, but it was useless and completely useless.

The gunner’s bullets and shells flew, but in the end it looked like the background music of this battle, adding a little atmosphere to everyone, there is no substantive ***, the rhythm of the other side is far more than their shooting rhythm fast.

Do you want to rely on a fast flight to confuse the other person’s sight? This has just passed through the other side of the line of sight, it has been photographed like a fly, pressed to the ground is a sea flat.

Swordsman keeps the position? The swordsman is very awkward! Where should I be in my own position? How unconsciously it seems to be an outsider, getting farther and farther from the battle?

As for summoning… bitter! The summoner is a person who needs to summon various pets to help him fight. It is all about releasing the skills. After so long, the pets that have just been recruited in advance have not been replenished. No matter where you run, when you release the reading, there will be a bullet flying to interrupt his skills.

The poor summoner had only one feeling at this time: this bullet was his most faithful summoned beast, and as soon as he summoned, he immediately rushed to kiss him.

Qian Cheng was already watching the blood, and shouted to Tian Qi and Yue Zhong in the side: “We are also on!”

“What are you doing up?” Tian Qi asked.

“War!” said Qian Cheng.

“Don’t you get in the way?” Tian Qi said.

“What is in the way!” The mid-term sleep suddenly broke out at this time. Although it has been frequently mixed with Jun Mo laughter recently, his early accumulation of grievances has not yet been resolved! Jun Mo laughed and did not add his friends now.

“Up!” In the middle of the month, the sword was rushed up, and Qian Cheng did not hesitate to wave the spear.

The other party was being beaten by Jun Moxiao three people. Suddenly I saw a newcomer joining the battle group. It was a panic, but after a few fights, someone immediately surprised me: “Oh, these two are good!! ”

“Is it true?!” The crowd was pleasantly surprised. Many people rushed over to the two. Junmo laughed three people were ignored by them intentionally or unintentionally.

Chen Yehui, Qiancheng, and Yuezhongmian became a family at this time, and they died together.

Of course, the family will feel the same pressure. Chen Yehui was immediately stared by Ye Xiu and the three of them stared at him. Qian Cheng and Yue Zhongmian became the prey of bullying in the eyes of everyone.

The reaction of both sides is so consistent: they can only run. Chen Yehui turned to the left, Qiancheng, Yuezhong sleep to the right, and the legs retreated.

Tian Qi quickly stood by and hoped that everyone would treat him as a background.

“Hey, there is one more!!” The result was not fulfilled. When the other party whistled, they counted Tianqi together.

Tian Qi burst into tears and had to flee with the moon. The original battle that was very serious seemed to be a farce. Ye Xiu is also speechless, looking at the rushing thousand sighs: “This goods are really good at grabbing blame…”

Fortunately, not so strong people are not all, or some people continue to entangle with Ye Xiu. It is a pity that at this time they will only appear to be weak and unable to compete with Ye Xiu and the three of them. Chen Yehui ran away and saw that the three men did not come to chase. They quickly greeted the commander loudly. However, the previous people were useless for a long time, and half of them lost their positions. His command was even more dispensable.

Fall down and fall down.

Someone is falling down.

The sound of tearing in the canyon seems to be decreasing little by little. Every time a person falls, the noise will be reduced by a few points.

“No!” Tang Rou said.

Can’t she? The other party heard this surprise. Is it bloodless or blue?

“How?” Ye Xiu asked.

“It’s too weak,” Tang said.

Everyone burst into tears, it turns out that they can’t do it…

“Even if it is weak, we must be serious, this is respect for the opponent!” The buns invaded and said, a brick shot on one’s face, directly smashed and dried.

“Say well, buns.” Ye Xiu said.

“Yes!” The buns invaded and continued to bully people everywhere.

Thousands of three were being bullied at this time, and they were chased by the other side. Finally, I didn’t die, but I was still embarrassed to chase after the other side. Their boss Chen Yehui has been roaring and roaring behind them, and it is not good to hear this when he is old. But when the people are ready to turn back, they find that they are no longer in trouble. Over there, their close comrades have been almost picked up by Jun Moxiao, and the three have taken the initiative to find them in trouble.

Thousands of three look at one, also played back to the carbine, in the face of Jun Mo laughed three foxes and tigers.

The half-members are really unable to stand up, die dead, escape, and Chen Yehui, who took the lead, even knew them. Before Qiancheng was hanged by them once, there were still private enemies to report, and the dead chasing. Chen Yehui is also the only one who does not return to the ground, and the same career, the speed of movement is similar. However, Chen Yehui is obviously also a bit tricky in moving the ***, and gradually began to open the distance.

Thousands of founding moments also thought of the way that Jun Mo laughed with the switching movements they had done before, and quickly asked: “How should I run?”

Did not answer, thousands of around to see, there is no one! At this point, he actually caught up with him.

Thousands of establishments have stopped.

“Well, I can’t catch up anyway…” Qian Cheng said, and quickly turned around and ran back, but the canyon could not find the figure of Jun Moxiao and others. The battle just did not happen. The canyon has completely calmed down.

“People? Where are you going to chase?” Qiancheng groaned, he did not have a friend of the other party, and could not ask, in the canyon, he turned around and found it for half an hour without seeing it. Finally, When I returned to the origin, I suddenly saw a flash of light shining outside the copy, and five people were sent out.

Thousands of idis and five ids, spit out blood. It’s awesome to laugh at five people. After the five guys finished fighting, they decided to go to the underground copy, and they didn’t even say hello. I still have somewhere to fight for battles. As a result, the animals have even finished a copy.

“Hey!” Qian Cheng was just about to go up. As a result, he saw five people entering the copy again.

“Rely on!!” Thousands of tears flowed.


Thousands of turns turned away from the first line of canyons.

Compared to Qiancheng, the more depressing thing at this time is of course Chen Yehui. Secretly paying attention to Jun Moxiao for a long time, carefully laid out this ambush layout, the result is that even one thousandth of the victory of the dawn did not look. From the first second of the opening, it was completely led by the other side, until now he fled.

On the plain outside the first-line canyon, Chen Yehui glanced at his companion. After the message was unified, 24 people, plus only 6 of them eventually came to life. All others were killed.

Experience, money, durability, and even equipment… These losses can be tolerated by Chen Yehui, but the grievances in my heart are really uncomfortable.

It is like a student who carefully reviews his homework and prepares for the exam. He masters the four mixed operations and is eager to go to the examination room. The result is a look. Mud horse! The test is a calculus of higher mathematics, and the gap is too much!

At this time, Chen Yehui is entangled with this deep sense of powerlessness. Professional players, it is too impractical to want to make trouble by this kind of battle.

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