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Chapter 141 First abuse and then abused

Chapter 141, the first abuse and then abused

“Oh? You want materials to make silver, but also train new people, ambition is not small?” Wang Jiexi said.

“So if you want to get a more championship, you have to grasp the opportunity.” Ye Xiu said.

The micro-grass players listened to the dialogue between the two great gods, and they were all hesitant. Is this Ye Qiu’s attempt to return to the professional league? The question is, how many days has this person just retired? Going back so quickly, is there any point?

“Let’s say, what materials are needed.” Wang Jiexi asked.

A bunch of fast text flashed out, obviously it was impossible to make a good job in an instant.

“Are you really ready?” Wang Jiexi looked at these materials, basically the output of this stage of 25-30, there are copies of hidden bosses, there are wild bosses, and some things that seem to have little value. . However, the character of Wang Jiexi is also a little knowledgeable about the equipment editing system. In particular, the technology department of their Micro Grass Club is currently second to none in the league. After the Jiashi Dynasty, the micro-grass team won two championships. It cannot be said that there is no reason for this.

The materials of these self-made weapons are so placed in front of themselves so much that they are not afraid to expose the way in which their weapons are made. Be aware that homemade equipment has always been quite confidential.

Is it that we can’t see through it, or what is wrong with it? Wang Jiexi secretly sneaked a bit, but did not say anything. Immediately contacted the president of the Zhongcaotang, and said his own needs.

The psyllium is actually outside the arena at this time!

This guy has been watching the fun in the dark from beginning to end. Because he didn’t dare to approach, he just watched from afar, so no one found it. The result came to the arena here, but I didn’t know which room these people had entered. In desperation, I was ready to leave. Who wanted to suddenly receive the news of the flames.

Jessie God! ! Of course, the psyllium knows that this character is a magician scholar. This is either a fall or a black leaf. There is always one in the two who will be Wang Jiexi.

The car squad looked at the list that was sent, and quickly ran a guild’s warehouse and brought out all that could be. Then I contacted the flames and learned the room of the arena and hurriedly sent things over.

All kinds of materials are taken in several times. Obviously, Wang Jiexi knows that this is a bet, but their winning rate is very low, which is no different from Bai Chuan. This has to change the front of the car to be the master, certainly will not agree to such a request, at least to adjust the odds. However, in the eyes of Wang Jiexi, these very low-level materials are nothing, and they are all worthy of training for the team members.

With the material, Liu Xiaobi accepted the bet and the character finally entered the one-on-one match.

“Yeah, very soon! It is a champion team!” said Ye Xiu.

“Do not talk nonsense!” Liu Xiao, at this time, the fighting spirit is high, knowing that the other party is the big **** Ye Qiu, naturally there will be no reservations. Known in the professional league, the speed of the hand is full of power, and the sword is on the court.

The video recording function in the arena is quite different from that in the wild. It does not require the player’s perspective, but is recorded by the system’s God’s perspective. When you play back, you can switch between the main angle of view, the angle of view, the far corner, and the angle of the corner. It is obviously more conducive to research. At this time, Wang Jiexi, these spectators, immediately entered the God’s perspective after the game was opened, and they could control themselves.

Liu Xiaowu shot and attacked, seemingly impatient, in fact, the rules are not chaotic. Because knowing that the opponent’s scattered people are complicated, even these professional players will be invincible. Liu Xiaobe is so violent, I hope that with a series of attacks, the opponent will have nothing to do, or have no time to think about what kind of tricks.

Wang Jiexi also looked down and secretly nodded. After all, it is the main player, Liu Xiao is already quite mature in the mentality, and the play is handled very well. In contrast, Xiao Yun has participated in nearly half of the game this season, but still seems impetuous.

However, if you want to win, it is still a little difficult.

Wang Jiexi’s heart has just flashed such a thought, and Jun Moxiao has begun to counterattack in the picture.

Liu Xiao’s swordsman’s stormy Jianguang light has disappeared in an instant, and then began to perform in various ways such as spear guns and swords. Liu Xiao’s swordsman’s knife and knife were defeated, but they were still working hard to find a victory.

“Very good!” Wang Jiexi knocked out two words and expressed his encouragement to Liu Xiao. What he wants to see is this, although he is not defeated.

After a while, Liu Xiaobei was still defeated, and the bet system was automatically placed in the package of Jun Moxiao.

“Thank you.” Ye Xiu also typed it.

“I am coming!!” Liang Fang jumped out and tried to play.

“Go through the first.” Ye Xiu took him out of the room.

Tang Roo also received the news and went out to build a room. This time, other people simply did not go onlookers, and there is nothing to watch the battle of the newcomer Mage Master.

After a while, Liang Fang and Tang Rou both returned, and Tang Rou naturally lost without suspense. Liang Fang took the material on the court and both sides opened. Soon Liang Fang had a sense of familiarity. It felt like he was in the game with the cold smoke, but now it is the role of the tone, he became the struggling role…

Liang Fang was a wild and **** person. This time, he even stimulated his blood, and frequently used some games that were both defeated. But this is not a loss of calm, Liang Fangfang swordsman’s profession can afford this style of play. Because the swordsman will learn a skill “awaken bloody” after changing his position. A savage swordsman with this passive skill will increase his power attribute when he reaches 50% or less, and the less the blood, the higher the increase. That is to say, the lower the life of the swordsman, the higher the attack power, so that if you lose both sides in the later stage, you will always lose your opponent.

Liang Fang is so fiercely beaten, Ye Xiu seems to be not very easy to deal with, and has been forced to fight the desperate times. Both sides’ lives have declined. Although Liang Fang’s savage swordsman has fallen more, but he thinks he has the damage subsidy after his life decline, Liang Fang is more and more confident.

Liang Fang pays attention to the life of Jun Moxiao, from half to one third, to one quarter, and then to one fifth. Although he has lost more on his side, his attack power is rising.

“Come on! It’s fast!!” Liang Fang couldn’t stop counting each other’s lives. Finally, when it was low to a certain extent, Liang Fang’s look changed.

He was surprised to find that he could not fight! !

Seeing that you can fight twice more, you can be knocked down by him, but the problem is that when he fights once, he will fall down one step at a time.

“How could it be so bad!!” Liang Fang fell angrily with a mouse.

“Working hard, you have left.” Then Liang Fang heard the other person say.

This guy! ! !

It turned out that it was not bad luck. However, the other party has already clearly understood the results of the two sides after the fight, so it is very laborious to stand that and Liang Fang fight. This kind of judgment Liang Fang did not want to do it, and he could not do it. He does not know the attributes of the other party. If it is just a normal weapon, it may be possible to infer from the damage it has suffered, but the problem is that this guy’s weapon is ever-changing, different forms have different attacking ability, and the skills of the scattered character are so mixed, 120 skills who know What level did he add to each? It is really impossible to estimate. As a result, Liang Fang, who hopes to gamble on a gamble, eventually lost in the other party’s precise calculations.

“Well, the next one.” Liang Fang lost the game and left the court. Ye Xiu screamed and greeted.

The people who played this time were very conscious and went out and singled out with Tang Rou. After a while, the two flipped, and then he came up to find Ye Xiu to fight.

So the members of the micro-grass team began to repeat a process, first go to the cold smoke soft that rookie abuse, and then here to be like a rookie was abused by the leaves.

The material was lost once and for all, and the front of the car was just a stunned look. At this point he could not care about the materials. Anyway, the people of the team have to go, he has a confession. What surprised him now is that the team has 11 people. At this time, 6 people have lost in the hands of Jun Moxiao. How can this guy be so terrible?

What makes Wang Jiexi more gratified is that although they are losing in a row, the atmosphere of the team is extremely good. In addition to the players in the game, other people don’t wear headphones at this time, while watching the game, while discussing with each other’s players, everyone is trying to find a way to overcome Jun Moxiao, listen to other people’s opinions, find their own shortcomings. . Every player who plays next will get a lot of reminders from teammates.

It is a pity that despite the fact that the JS team from the main force to the waiting, but still lost a clean, no more tips, did not let them see any victory.

Eleven people, ten people have lost at this time, only Wang Jiexi did not go out. Of course, such a losing streak will be unhappy, but the psychological shadow that Wang Jiexi once worried about does not appear to appear. Everyone is very rational and confronts the outcome.

“Wang Da eyes, don’t you try it?” At this time, Jun Moxiao sent a message and greeted him.

Micro grass team sweating.

Wang Dayan… This is indeed a nickname that their captain has had. Wang Jiexi’s eyes are different in size, but unlike ordinary people, he is not a squat on his eyes. But one eye is normal and the other eye looks big.

So when he first entered the league, this natural alienation gave him the nickname “Wang Dayan”, which is not so good. At that time, he was still a rookie, and the old birds were basically called him. But now, Wang Jiexi is the captain of the micro-grass team. The seniors in the team have already retired and cleaned. He is the oldest. This nickname has not been called for a long time.

This leaf autumn, this leaf autumn…

The micro-grass players thought about it, but thinking about it, suddenly there was no temper. The nickname of the captain, they are not allowed, but as a predecessor, they really use this nickname to call their captain. In this league, are there more people than Ye Qiu’s predecessors?

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