The King’s Avatar

Chapter 135 20000000

The first hundred and thirty-five chapters 20 million

1500 dollars!

Although Ye Xiu’s heart was also a hop when he heard this number, his strong psychological quality still made his eyebrows move. However, he is familiar with the professional circle, of course, knowing what this price code means in the glory circle.

In fact, the development of the glory professional circle is relatively short, and in the transfer trading market, there are still fewer money transactions. Each club is more inclined to exchange directly.

The player changes the player.

Role change role.

Or the player changes roles.

The player’s character is packaged for a great player or character.

There are many different methods, anyway, as long as the two sides feel that they are not losing money, how to change how to change. As for the money-making players or role transfer, it is also the emergence of clubs in recent years that the development of the club has become more and more prosperous. This is also because more people realize that the market in this, whether it is investing in shares or signing an advertising agreement, will bring more and more benefits to the club, and the means of saving money will gradually prosper.

At present, the glory circle, the first player to transfer to the price is Sun Xiang, who joined Jiashi in the winter transfer period of this season with a price of 7 million. As for the role transfer, there have only been some minor incidents. God-level characters, which were originally passed down from the club, did not move, and would not be sold easily. It was there in the early days, but it was that the early team bosses could not continue to operate, and finally they were forced to disband and sell the characters. This is another early stage, and it is a big sale of jumping off the building. The price that is made out is not mentioned.

Nowadays, the professional circle is stable, and the role of a god-level character will not be a weak team. Such a team does not say that it can’t go on business. It is a miracle that the achievements such as Jiashi are out of the game.

The transaction has not happened, but it does not prevent people from gossip about the value of each character.

At present, in the autumn of a leaf, the most fighting role of this body is still the first role of glory in many people’s minds. Everyone generally feels that you are not worth more than ten million in this role. I really am sorry for the halo of people.

In addition, there are a few of the famous champions, such as the King of Fighters, and so on, but none of them are the top players in glory.

However, the valuation is valued. If there is a transaction, everyone will negotiate separately. The final transfer price may not be the price that conforms to the law of the market. This is still clear to everyone. Anyway, everyone’s gossip is also a picture, but these prices, To a certain extent, it reflects the status of each character in the minds of players.

1500 dollars! The cognition in the glory circle is that all god-level characters can pick one at a time, and the other party has to find money.

Does Ye Xiu bring the skill points of the reincarnation, is the value more than a god-level character?

How to measure this, in fact, is what the reincarnation guild will discuss in the evening yesterday. 15 million, and today the reincarnation manager has seen the final result of the test, discussing the price tag proposed after last night’s discussion.

He spoke up, and then he saw how Ye Xiu answered.

Ye Xiu? The look is not moving, and the number is being measured in my heart.

There is nothing to test this transaction, but the identity of Ye Xiu’s professional god, after having a value, is a bit of a measure of value.

What are the skills that can be strengthened by increasing the skill points of all the characters in the team? What are the benefits on the field?

If the team has a big god-level character on the court, what changes can be made and what kind of improvement can be made?

Considering the gains from the championship, the reputation of the big **** character is a concern! The value of these things is measured by Ye Xiu, but the improvement of the strength on the field, Ye Xiu is an absolute expert.

Only by considering this, Ye Xiu feels that the price of 15 million is not suitable.

So Ye Xiu nodded, and the reincarnation manager just breathed a sigh of relief, but he heard Ye Xiu said: “15 million, isn’t it buyout?”

When the reincarnation manager just relaxed and wanted to drink tea, he spit it back into the cup, and almost vomited blood into it.

“What a joke!” This is a bit of an anxious reincarnation manager.

I still want to go up again and you will say it! This price you actually said is not a buyout, this is a lion’s mouth.

“I think, if you buy out, it’s still almost.” Ye Xiu said not slowly.

The reincarnation manager realized that he was a little out of his mind. After calming down, he put the cup that had been spit on the side: “What do you say?”

“30 million!” said Ye Xiu.

If this is not too familiar, the reincarnation manager really wants to go up and give this guy a foot.

The meeting they held last night last night was actually a complete accounting of the possible benefits of the transaction. Taking into account all aspects, possible risks, etc., 30 million may appear in the absolute guarantee.

What is the absolute guarantee?

For example, this thing is taken, 100% league champion, that 30 million, can.

Such a guarantee is certainly impossible, so 30 million is impossible.

“Ye Shen, come, let’s take a good look.” The reincarnation manager said that he was determined to give Ye Xiu a clear indication of what the 30 million words should be, making the lion’s mouthful guy feel embarrassed.

As a result, Ye Xiu didn’t even think about listening to him, but he regretted it: “How, can’t you?”

“Of course not!” The reincarnation ideal does not want to, “this thing is taken, it is not that we will be able to win the championship! Again, although the data is real, but the probability of this thing who can make it clear? In case we The reincarnation came home, the task was cleared, and a skill book was not obtained. If so, don’t say 15 million, and give you 150,000 that is also a loss!!”

“If you say such a suffocating thing, are you undercover?” Ye Xiu said.

“I just made an analogy…” The reincarnation manager was crying and laughing. “The example is a bit extreme. Then the normal situation is completely data. That is the result we saw together before. Even if it is the result, what will happen to the team?” The improvement, Ye Shen, you can see it at a glance. This kind of promotion, how much investment will we have when we convert into a character trade? If you don’t know much about the current market, I can give you a calculation. Take it…”

“Okay, you don’t forget. I admit that 30 million is a joke.” Ye Xiu said that the reincarnation manager had just breathed a sigh of relief, but did not want Ye Xiu to continue to say: “But you have to admit, 15 million It’s also a bit of a joke.”

“How about 15 million is a joke!” The reincarnation manager was anxious. “I will give you a calculation.”

“How do you always want to count it? Did you count this all night last night?” Ye Xiu said.

A reincarnation manager. Not to mention, they really counted this one night…

“We are obviously very lucid people in the industry. If you really want to be someone who is wrong, do you think that 15 million is really reliable?” Ye Xiu said.

“How come it is not reliable?” The reincarnation manager hurried.

“22 million!” said Ye Xiu.

“How?” The reincarnation manager glimpsed.

“30 million is a joke, 15 million is also. Then each half, it should be 22.5 million, I am more generous, let you 500,000, 22 million!” Ye Xiu said.

“Twenty-two million is reliable?” said the reincarnation manager.

“Do you think it is not reliable?” Ye Xiu said.

“Not at all reliable!” said the reincarnation manager.

“Let’s find someone to evaluate it?” Ye Xiu said.

“Looking for someone to evaluate?”

“For example, there is a blue rain, a little grass, or something.” Ye Xiu said.

“…” The reincarnation manager was a little panicked, but he was so annoyed that he was so annoyed that he had to argue with two words: “There are teams in each team. Maybe their team role is clear, then you Taking things away is simply worthless!”

“Isn’t it worth it? Are you laughing? Just to ensure that other teams don’t get the strength of this thing, it can’t be worthless. If you go, it’s also a way to buy a break. In any case, buy out. You only have the benefits, there is no harm. Take your reincarnation, do you need skill points? No, all you need is an advantage. If you want an advantage, buyout is imperative. For this, naturally, you need to have more Ye, said.

“More than 22 million.” The reincarnation manager said.

“What do you think?” Ye Xiu asked.

“18 million.” The reincarnation manager finally loosened the price of 15 million.

“21 million!” said Ye Xiu.

“Is this interesting?” The reincarnation manager was crying and laughing.咱This is a big deal. Don’t make a bargain like a grocery shopping.咱 加 咱 加 加 加 加 加 加 加 加 加 加 加 加 加 加 加 加 加 加 加 加 加There is no reason, who will give millions more to you for no reason?

“Okay, okay, 20 million, I know that you can accept this price.” Ye Xiu said.

“20 million…” The reincarnation manager was slightly depressed.

In fact, 20 million is exactly the amount that they have measured, but when no one comes up, they will show their cards. Of course, the reincarnation is to deliberately underreport some and say 15 million. For the negotiations, the reincarnation manager was quite confident. Because he thinks that Ye Xiu will only know the strength of the skill points, and all the other benefits that may result from the improvement of strength, not to mention Ye Xiu’s, that is, he is not a casual manager. It’s clear.

So he felt that if he had to calculate with Ye Xiu, it would be easy for him to receive 15 million yuan at a very reasonable price. If you don’t add a million or two million, you should be able to deal with it.

I know that Ye Xiu didn’t listen to him at all, just biting 15 million in one bite. I will take 30 million to intimidate, and then take other teams to ask for help. The reincarnation manager is not a waste wood. He can see that Ye Xiu should not be too clear about how much value he should have in the end. This guy is instinctively thinking that 15 million is definitely less, so he is instinctively looking for reasons. Raise the price, and the courage is also big, not afraid of people laughing, up to the price of crit, 15 million as 15, directly by 2.

The reincarnation manager burst into tears! He felt that he was losing on this, he was reserved, and he was kind enough… Why didn’t he come up and shamelessly shrink him out of 5 million?

“20 million … about 20 million…” The reincarnation manager finally nodded.


Said that 15 million will be 15 million, this swollen can be the style of our protagonist! The third is over, the business is over, go home tomorrow, run the team!

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