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Chapter 131 Cover play

Chapter 133 Covering Play

The buried bones are relatively empty. Throughout the whole picture, tombstones, sarcophagi and dead trees are the three major scenes here.

The four people of Weicao are also worthy of professional players. When they look at their opponents, they immediately start to grab favorable terrain. They are now four people together. If you want to run, you can’t say it.

The four characters each ran in position, each selected position, but the overall situation did not lose.

Ye Xiu looked in his eyes and quickly stopped the buns from invading: “Do not panic.”

“My bricks can’t wait,” said the buns.

“This is a real team battle.” Ye Xiu said, “Have you seen a professional league game?”

Of course, the buns invasion did not, Tian Qi said that there was a nonsense in the middle of the month, and Tang Rou did not say anything. She had seen it once in a while, I don’t know if it was seen or not.

“Remember their position, we broke through one by one.” Ye Xiu said.

“Master brother, you arrange it!” Tian Qi clenched his fist.

“Cross station, buns in front, Tian Qi left, Xiaoyue month in the middle, cold smoke and soft, I stand right. Everyone follows me to keep the whole move, don’t mess.” Ye Xiu said.

In the middle of the month, I am thinking of the term “small moon month”! I don’t have the heart, but he is in the middle. The other is centered on him. The four people have already stood up and down in an instant.

Jun Mo laughed and moved, and the four quickly kept up.

Liu Fei’s fallen angel is now hidden behind a stone sarcophagus. For the long-range striker of the Gunners, the use of cover and opponents is a common skill. However, the use of cover has advantages and disadvantages. While hiding itself, it also hinders his own perspective because of the cover, and cannot fully understand the overall situation.

However, in the team, this defect has been concealed, and players can use the way of mutual information to understand what they can’t see.

The white nights and the gray moons are not remote occupations, but at this time they also find shelters to hide, and the four people interact with each other and the scenes are clear. Professional players still have the appearance of a professional player. This kind of play is a very skillful one.

“The other side of the five-man cross, before the rogue, the boxing left, the swordsman, after the war, Jun Mo laughs right!” White Night Black will tell the opponent’s position to tell everyone.

“The direction of advance is a sail.” Gao Yingjie said.

“Ah…” Joe Yifan was nervous.

“It’s not a guide to their attention!” Zhou said. At this time Xiao Yun was absent, and he temporarily commanded the team.

“ok!” Liu Fei responded, suddenly an operation, the fallen angel tumbling from the sarcophagus flashed out, and the gun was about to shoot.

“砰” a gunshot, the fallen angel’s head pulled out a bunch of blood.

Liu Fei, she did not expect that the first shot would be her. On the hands of the array, Jun Mo smiled in the hands of the umbrella-like thing, the port slowly emerged from the bullets after the smoke.

The attack of the bullet has an effect on the shape of the character. The back pressure of the handgun is the largest, and the impact of the shell is also the strongest; followed by the long gun, the second is the handcuffs.

The gun attack of the Thousands of Umbrellas is a long-gun level. It is not as fast as a revolver or a handcuff, but this impact is stronger.

After the fallen angel was shot in the shape of a bullet, the gun that Liu Fei originally wanted to raid was naturally shot.

However, as a professional player, this adjustment ability is naturally necessary. Liu Fei controls the fallen angel while he is still preparing to shoot.

“砰”, the second sound of the gun, the blood flower is flying out from the fallen angel, the body shape is a fight, her counterattack and shot.

Liu Fei is even more awkward.

The timing of the opponent’s shooting is simply too precise, just stuck in the moment before she made the shooting instruction.

This is going to shoot a little earlier. Liu Fei can have time to adjust his body shape after he has been shot and not let the gun go. If this shot is late, it is natural to say that the bullets of the fallen angels have already flown out. of.

As a result, the other side’s bullets were just twice as soon as the bullets of the fallen angels had just come out, so that Liu Fei would no longer have a chance to adjust.

This precise timing, Liu Fei, as a gunman, knows the difficulties. She always thinks that this is just a theoretical legend, but now she has been attacked twice by this kind of shooting.

The opponent’s five-man cross array has also adjusted the goal of moving forward and rushing towards her direction. In any case, the purpose of attracting the attention of the other party is finally achieved.

Liu Fei did not dare to delay further outside, and rushed to the position and flashed to another shelter to escape.


Two shots in succession, hit the tombstone of the fallen angel, and shot the gravel. It also heard a muffled sound, and there seemed to be something on the tombstone. The sound was never a bullet. Liu Fei was hesitant, but he dared to show his head again.

“Is not right, the angle is not well mastered. It is low.” Ye Xiu is still doing a good job guiding the buns to invade the angle of the brick attack.

“The distance seems to be a little too much?” asked the buns to invade.

“You can jump up and extend the distance of the bricks!” Ye Xiu said.

“Yes!” said the buns invasion.

“咣” sounded, and something directly knocked on the tombstone, the sound was in the ear, the hearing was too real, and Liu Fei was shocked.

“What!!” Liu Fei asked his companion.

“Bricks…” The people who saw it said helplessly.


“He is practicing throwing angles with bricks, and then just hit you behind the tombstone.” Zhou said.

“Let’s practice… practice?” Liu Fei is speechless, what is the situation?

“咣”, it is a brick, and the tombstones are trembled, as if they will be broken at any time.

One brick after another, the density is not too high, after all, this is not a normal attack, this is a skill, there is cooling. The cooling of the brick attack is of course. She certainly knows that it was a good time, but the fourth time has not arrived. Liu Fei let the fallen angel call the sneak probe to look at it. As a result, the head just stretched out halfway and smashed it. The bricks slammed into the forehead and stared at Venus, and they were stunned.

Followed by listening to the “砰砰” gunshot, but also by the Jun Mo Xiao hide two shots, Liu Fei wants to hide and can not hide, fallen angels fainted, half of the brain left outside.

“Is it in the middle? Is it that I am in the middle?”

Apparently five people are already close to her, and Liu Fei even heard the voice of the other party.

“No, it’s her own outcrop, you will be in the middle, or it will drift away.” Ye Xiu said.

“Why is this idiot going out?” asked the buns.

“You have been too tempered, people are waiting for anxious!” Ye Xiu said.

“Hahaha, she fell in love with my bricks.” The buns invaded.

“You look at it!!!” Liu Fei was very angry, the news was too lazy to send, directly squatting.

“Haha, we are here.” The buns invaded and replied, Liu Fei almost didn’t faint. She was not talking to these five people. She was just a moment of eagerness to send a message, although the voice in the game. The players who are far away may not hear, but don’t forget that the four of them are sitting together at this time. Liu Fei’s voice directly penetrates the headphones of the three guys, and the three of them are excited. The result is actually attracted. The buns invade the answer.

“Don’t worry…” Zhou Yibo said in a deep voice, Liu Feiben is the chess piece that draws the attention of the other party. Although it seems to be under a little pressure, the initial purpose is finally achieved, and the five people are looking forward to him. Appeared in the scope.

“Xiaojie is ready.” Zhou Yibai reminded Gao Yingjie.

“Hmm…” Gao Yingjie answered.

Joe Yifan is very lonely. He is also a part of the team, but … there is no such thing as his cooperation, and the tactics are not intentional or unintentional. In short, he is ignored. The gray moon is also hiding behind a tombstone. Looking at this piece of cold tombstone that represents death, Joe Yifan does not know what to do. However, this feeling he is used to.

“I shot!” Zhou Yibai suddenly ordered, his white night black scorpion and Gao Yingjie’s leaves fell from the left and right. Ye Wuwu swayed his sleeves and prepared a “shadow cloak” to bundle five people. Zhou Yibai immediately waited for the cloak of the leaves, and immediately opened the ghosts.

Ghost Swordsman’s career, according to the glory of the career description is to set the enchantment, summoning ghosts and gods to come to help. This type of skill is called a ghost array. Both single and team have a strong auxiliary role. The white-night black scorpion 26-level ghost swordsman can already summon the first ghost **** knife soul. After the soul of the sword appears, all the characters in the enchantment can gain strength and intellectual attributes. Of course, this is limited to the enchantment, and there is no effect if there is a ghost array. If the power of this ghost can be carried with you, the ghost swordsman can really be invincible.

The magician scholars cloaked the cloak and fell to the ground, using this gap to open the ghost array, and then try to kill the opponent in the enchantment, Zhou Yibai’s plan is like this. At this time, I waited for the shadow cloak of the leaves to fall.

Who wants to fall out of the sleeves of the black scorpion, and a sword is coming early. No one can tell who the first two are in the end. With Gao Yingjie’s reaction and operation, he didn’t feel that he would lose to anyone, but this time, it was the opponent’s skill first. Gao Jianjie was surprised when he pulled the sword and the sword light, but he had no choice but to dodge. Even if he eats this skill hard, his shadow cloak can’t be used anymore. He and Zhou Yibai’s plan are so lightly cracked.

The person who is out of the sword is not a gentleman, but he is sleeping in the middle of the month. It’s just this sword, but it’s the tip of Ye Xiu.

When Ye Xiu told him to shoot the sword, he didn’t even see any target at all. This sword is no different from the closed eyes. When the result was halfway through, I saw Ye Wuwu jumped out.

Don’t say Gao Yingjie, that is, when the sword is in the middle of the month, there is no difference between him and him. In the eyes of the moon, this is not cut out by myself. Some people stupidly jumped out and slammed into the sword.

Disadvantages of cover-up play: Even if there is a mutual exchange of views, it is only that everyone alternately investigates and exchanges information to reduce risks, and the understanding of the situation is ultimately worse in terms of immediacy.

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