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Chapter 1302 Xing Xin Pastor


The ring game was finally concluded with the victory of the reincarnation. In the heads-up match, the two sides eventually became 3 to 2. In any case, it is impossible to have a score of 10 to 0. This makes fans on both sides unable to find a slogan for a while. They have always shouted 10 to 0 most smoothly.

Reincarnation as a follow-up to the followers, after the downfall, morale should be more exciting, their fans are much more active than the end of the individual game. Xingxin here? The finals did not take a little disappointment, but Tang Rou’s final performance exceeded their psychological expectations, lost 2 points, but did not see decadence. And Xingxin’s players, the mentality is not as simple as the fan audience, they can feel the pressure of the reincarnation of the team.

The break between the heads-up match and the team match is longer, and the two teams are surrounded by each other to discuss the team match. The rest period of the rule is to allow the team to return to the preparation room to rest, but usually the team will be too troublesome, no team will rush back to the preparation room at this time.

“The heads-up match, the two sides have each other’s wins and losses, the final direction of this game is really not predictable, Li guide you think?” During the break, the TV broadcast in the interstitial advertising, you can only rely on commentary and Jiashi two People chat to kill time.

“Yes, it is very difficult to predict.” Li Yibo seriously agrees with this judgment. “The reincarnation lineup may still appear stronger on paper, but Xingxin has a home advantage.”

“Where do you think the key to winning and losing is?” Pan Lin asked.

Li Yibo is suffering. He just doesn’t want to make such accurate predictions, but he also knows that if he avoids all such problems, his guest will be worthless. So at the end of the day, even if he was hesitant, he had to harden his head.

“Hey. I think… I will still be on the treatment. Xingxin’s treatment is a short board. This is no secret. There have been many teams that have focused on it before, but so far, this is precisely done. It is the 301st team. We can also see that even if Xingxin’s level of treatment is not top, but when he is missing, Xingxin’s team can’t work normally, and the same will lose the game. I think the main point of reincarnation will still focus on Xingxin’s treatment.”

“Do they also let the assassin go for a blow?” Pan Lin said.

“Maybe…” Li Yibo groaned. “A hit will kill, a strong attack, or a tactical squeeze like a Thunder. I think it’s possible to see how the reincarnation is chosen.”

“Haha, by contrast, I am better off the other scenes. How do you arrange their pastors for the reincarnation? Many of the tactical arrangements they have made around this short board are very interesting,” said Panlin.

“Oh.” Li Yibo smiled. “It is obviously a very obvious loophole in the lineup, but Xingxin has never tried to fill it. With their current achievements, it is not difficult to find a pastor player in this winter transfer window. But Xingxin looks There is no such thing, sometimes I am thinking, Pastor Xingxin. It seems to us to be a loophole, but in Xingxin’s design, perhaps. He is a trap that will count the trap.”

“Ah!” Pan Lin was a little shocked by Li Yibo’s analysis. “Your view is quite brilliant!”

“There is such a loophole. Xingxin is equal to predicting the opponent’s attack direction. Then there is Ye Xiu, a veteran and tactical guy. What kind of play will be used by those teams, perhaps as long as they are prepared.” Li Yibo said.

“That is too reasonable!” Pan Lin was amazed. On one side, I am not used to this rhythm. This Li Yibo has not been so boldly discussing the tactical play of other teams.

“So this, how will they design to reflect the reincarnation? Like you, I am also very curious.” Li Yibo finished, and he took a deep breath. He is also a bachelor, or he does not say it. When he talks about it, he speaks thoroughly. Pan Lin, who is on the side, has already fully agreed with his view and began to discuss and exchange deeper discussions with him.

The two men took a half break in the form of a talk show, and finally they talked about the two players starting to play in the team.

Xing Xin: Ye Xiu, Fang Rui, Su Mu Orange, Qiao Yifan, An Wenming, the sixth person Tang Rou.

Reincarnation: Zhou Zezhen, Jiang Botao, Sun Xiang, Lu Boyuan, Fang Minghua, sixth person Wu Qi.

The lineup was exposed and the two immediately began commenting on the lineup.

“Lee guidance, I found that the two teams actually have a common ground today.” Pan Lin said.


“These two teams, in fact, did not make any targeted adjustments based on their opponents. Their current lineup is the most used lineup in the league.” Pan Lin said.

“Well, the mentality of the two teams is relatively calm. There is no such emphasis on the game as the public opinion is hot, just as one of the 38 rounds of the game.” Li Yibo said.

“Yes, but the game is going very well.”

“The players play well and naturally they can play high quality games.” Li Yibo said.

After a few words, the two teams on the field went to the ceremony and each entered the competition. The team competition is about to begin, and the holographic projection begins to show the two teams in the upcoming game. The visiting team is in front, the home team is behind, and one side is playing at the same time, alternating, and the electronic screen changes the data introduction of each character.

When the autumn of the reincarnation and the rainy orange wind of Xingxin stood together on the field, the atmosphere at the scene suddenly became a little different. Many of the glory powders that came to the Xiaoshan venue were supporters of the past. One autumn, the rain and the orange wind, these two characters stand side by side for six years, carrying them too much. Nowadays, they stand together again, but they are no longer the best combination, but an opponent. This feeling is quite tearing for Jiashi powder, which is used to fighting side by side. At this moment, the applause from the scene. There are some cognacs.

Fortunately, the role introduction will not be too long. After these two, two more roles were played, and then the two teams were treated.

Reincarnation, laughter songs; Xing Xin, small hands cold.

“Hey?” The little hand was cold and just projected on the field, and some people suddenly saw it wrong.

“Is this a little hand cold?” Someone said with amazement, this equipment shape is very different from the cold hand they watched for half a season!

Interpretation of Pan Lin, and guest Li Yibo also immediately discovered this situation.

“The little hand is cold and seems to have replaced the equipment.” Pan Lin said.

Li Yibo nodded and went to see the data on the electronic screen. At first glance, he took a breath of air.

“1810 points of intelligence?” Li Yibo blinked hard, yes, he did not read, the small hand cold attribute, intelligence, 1810.

“1810?” Pan Lin heard the data and suddenly became dumbfounded. He does this work, and of course he has to have considerable glory knowledge reserves. Of all the attributes of a professional character, he certainly can’t remember it all, but with some limit data, he is backwards.

“Isn’t it? The map of Zhang Xinjie’s stone does not turn, the intelligence is only 1570!” Pan Lin somewhat suspected that Li Yibo was wrong, and quickly went to pay attention to the cold hand data. Yes, the intellectual property is indeed 1810.

At this time, Li Yibo had already noticed the other.

“Full silver!” Li Yibo continued to **** cold. At the same time, there was a bit of bitterness in my heart. Damn, I was finally beaten by Xingxin! This just said that they did not pay attention to intensive treatment, deliberately released a loophole to create a trap, but in a blink of an eye, people did not change pastor players, but people have carried out a summit to improve the role of the pastor. The intellectual property goes straight to the glory of the first priest 240 points, will this be a bit too much!

Li Yibo was a little distracted at this time, but Pan Lin continued to look at it, but found some.

“This is around… Is it not quite right? Li guide?” Pan Lin called.

Li Yibo returned to God and quickly looked again.

“Hey…this…” Li Yibo’s basic level is still very solid. It is inevitable that the final distribution of the small hand will be cold.

“The ultimate pile of intelligence, no wonder the intelligence is so high.” Li Yibo said.

“Now… is there anyone else to do this?” Pan Lin wondered.

“No.” Li Yibo shook his head affirmatively. The professional role is to be balanced with the player’s greatest strength. Like this kind of limit heap intelligence, online games can be more. These priests have a powerful healing power and can reduce the difficulty of copying in battles such as copies. However, the professional league is a pure pvp field. It is good to have a strong therapeutic ability, but it also needs to consider other abilities of treatment. The upgrade attribute given by the system, that everyone is the same, no one will be more or less than anyone else. So the final character is surrounded by equipment. The attributes possessed by the equipment are limited, so there is a trade-off. Intelligence is a priority attribute, but it does not mean that all resources are infinitely improved.

But the small hands in front of me are cold, but they just do it.

Look at it again, crit…

“This… this is exactly a pve standing priest!” Li Yibo could not help but shout.

“The ice resistance and the dark resistance pile up very high.” Pan Lin said.

“I value the anti-control, but his spiritual attributes are also general, there is no special heap.” Li Yibo said. Pastor occupation, the first growth attribute is actually the spirit, followed by intelligence.

“Intelligence, crit, is the ultimate strengthening of these two attributes … alone in the treatment of quantitative theory, this is probably the first priest of glory.” Li Yibo said.

“No…” Just finished, Li Yibo suddenly vetoed himself. “It should be said that the treatment of a single skill is absolutely the first priest of glory, but his speed of interpretation is relatively general, considering the speed of reading. Skills cooling and other factors, how the treatment performance will be in time, it is really hard to say without calculation.”

“Xing Xin got such a pastor, what do you want to do?” Pan Lin said in amazement. At this time, the roles of the two pastors have been replaced, and the role of the sixth team of the two teams is displayed on the field.


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