The King’s Avatar

Chapter 1301 Winning expectations


Du Ming, recovered his status, and with his exuberant mood today, his performance was super-level. But what about Tang Rou? She just works hard as always. At any moment, no opponent, she will not relax.

The one-and-three vows that bet with the media have passed, but in the heart of Tang Rou, the goal of picking three can still be achieved!

Although she is now appearing as a guardian general, there have been no scenes where three opponents have been thrown in front of her to complete her. However, Tang Rou has been accomplishing such a goal and is struggling with such a gesture. With.

Du Ming suddenly jumped from super-level mistakes to super-level play. This span of too large performance did hit Tang Rou by surprise. But her mentality is not ups and downs.

Victory, do your best.

She will only be like this at any time. Whether the opponent is weak or strong, regardless of the opponent’s mistakes or phenomenal performance.

Du Ming will also insert a teaser, and will think that Tang Rou should face up to his standard, but Tang Rou has no such thoughts.

Beat him down! All she thinks is this. If Du Ming knows that the attitude of the goddess to him is so pure, I probably don’t know how to be hurt for a long time.

Fortunately, he did not know, he can be obsessed with his super-level performance so that the goddess has been impressive to him. But when he said, “The game is just beginning now,” Tang Rou has not just begun. When Du Ming thought about this new starting point and prepared to win the rhythm, Tang Rou continued the rhythm. She cherished all the time to launch the attack.

Du Ming thought that there was no serious problem in playing the string in this case. In the end, he still underestimated the psychology of Tang Rou’s victory. In the end, he still underestimated Tangrou’s heart to the game.

She didn’t mean to have a verbal communication with Du Ming. Du Ming thought that there was no problem, but he immediately lost his chance.

Tang Rou. Once again, I got the initiative of the attack, and the cold smoke and softly swayed the magical vindictiveness and sprinted toward the gate of victory.

Du Ming did not expect that he was crushed in the wind so quickly, although this time his state is very stable, the defense is doing quite well, but Tang Rou’s offensive is closer than before…

This struggling appearance is exactly the same as it was then…

Du Ming’s thoughts began to fly again. Fly to the All-Star Weekend two years ago, home of their reincarnation, a beautiful novice player. Fortunately, I got the chance to challenge him. Fan Ming Du Ming, do not want to be so ferocious to a beautiful girl, did not expect the beautiful girl to be very ferocious to him, he will kill him when he came up…

Du Ming was anxious, and quickly ignored the rules and challenged. He won, so the sister counter-challenge, and the sister won again! Du Ming was so angry at that time, that anxious, desperately challenged the challenge and challenge… until the Ye Xiu Da Shen was brought in and killed him.

At that time, Du Ming was really hateful! I hate that rookie newcomer makes him hurt. But now… Now when I think back to the past, how can I have a sweet heart?

that time. What if Ye Xiu Da Shen does not come in and fights like that? Du Ming also remembered the story.


A muffled sound, a magical vindictive collection of silver frost hooked on the chest. His defense was broken!


Du Ming realized that his attention was not concentrated. In the face of this kind of thing, emotions are really difficult to control themselves! Du Ming hurriedly tried to save, but it was already late. Tang Rou’s momentum has never been allowed, and a wave of combos has been smashed. Even with the previous strong attack, it became a complete offensive. The silver frost hooks in the murderous bombardment. Life has disappeared steadily…

“Next time, I will never lose!!” Du Ming called.

“Also called… It’s a shame to throw home!” The reincarnation players are already crying and laughing. Du Ming’s performance is really unsatisfactory. Fortunately, there is still a great advantage in reincarnation. If this is a decisive game? If this is an important game that is related to the championship? This impetuous performance will be the burial of the team’s efforts.

Du Ming came back from the end, and the reincarnation players put away the appearance of jokes in the game, and looked at him seriously.

Du Ming lowered his head. Of course he knew where his problems were. He was actually in control, but in the end, he somehow went away.

“I…” Du Ming wants to review it, but this kind of child’s affair is shy to speak.

“You can’t play, the attention is too concentrated.” Jiang Botao said.

“Yes.” Du Ming nodded and could not refute.

“The captain is very angry, saying that you don’t respect the game. When the team is working hard for victory, you are distracted by other things. If this is the final of the championship, if you are distracted, you will eventually lose the score. , lost the champion, what do you want to do?” Wu Qi said.

Du Ming looked up in surprise: “The captain will say so much?”

“Yes, the captain is so angry that he has gotten more words.” Wu Qi said.

Du Ming rolled his eyes, this is a nonsense. However, the words are nonsense, but the truth is not. What if I have been ruined for three consecutive championships? Du Ming thought of this and suddenly became afraid. Really… not too bad. Du Ming looked up and watched the game still playing in the game. 70% of his performance in this game was rubbish.

“As a person, I know it’s hard, but you have to learn to handle this kind of thing. No matter what, it can’t affect your status on the court,” said Fang Minghua, a reincarned pastor. Most of the e-sports players are young, and there are a lot of them under the age of 20, and there are very few married people. Fang Minghua, who is reincarnation, is one of the few married men in the circle.

“I will…” Du Ming nodded.

On the field, the final stage of the competition will begin soon. The reincarnation captain Zhou Zeyi has entered the competition, and the game will soon enter the countdown.

“Just this victory is really cheap…” Xing Xin is also talking about the game that just ended. Fang Rui expressed his views.

“Well, the state of the reincarnation is very unstable.” Ye Xiu said.

“Duo Ming is not the one that won the two games by Xiao Tang two years ago on the All-Star Weekend? It is estimated that Xiao Tang will not be calm today, hahaha!” Chen Guo laughed.

“Probably!” Ye Xiu nodded, Du Ming was engaged in secret love, and Xing Xinzhong, who had no contact with him, certainly did not know.

“This game…” Chen Guo looked at the field. The progress bar loaded by both roles does not know what to say.

Although Tang Roo won, but Du Ming also had a very good super-level outbreak, and the defense after the stable state was also done quite well, causing a certain consumption of Tang Rou. The life of Han Yanrou at this time, just half of it, 50%, is to face the first person of glory, Zhou Zezhen.

“Can you win?” Chen Guo felt her heartbeat. If this game can be won, Tang Rou will become a hero? 50% of the lives beat Zhou Zezhen, even if Xingxin powder doesn’t like her anymore, she will certainly talk about it. After all, this is also the glory of Xingxin. This goes on, slowly. Everyone who changes the Tangrou general will always like her again.

Chen Guo had an expectation in her heart, and she also noticed the reaction of the phenomenon audience. They are not as careless as Tang Rouge just played. 50% of life solves Du Ming, although it is not enough to help everyone build up confidence, but it also makes everyone faintly expect. Because this player on the field is not like them. Seeing that I have to face two players, including Zhou Zemin, will lose their fighting spirit.

She didn’t have it at all, she was fighting, working hard, she knocked down one. There is no doubt that she will work hard and even work harder to knock down the next one. Zhou Zezhen, the first person of glory, let a lot of players face him without a fight and then vented three points. For the loss to Zhou Zezhen, they are probably considered to be an unexpected thing.

But in Tangrou. Everyone can’t see the slightest feeling. She is obviously just a rookie, she lost here, even those who are black can not use this as a fault. However, she herself seems to be unable to forgive her failure. At the beginning of the game, she rushed to the victory door with no compromise.

The first fire is a shot through the clouds.

Remote occupations play close combat, and they will take the lead in any case. The first thing that the two sides want to entangle is the distance between the two sides. The melee must be forced, and the remote must be maintained. This is the contradiction between these two roles. In the early days, it may be that the melee will be played remotely, but if you get a chance in the melee, you can get a chance to get back to the advantage.

Rush, rush forward! The cold smoke is soft in the rain of bullets. The sharpshooter is a professional who has practiced shooting to the peak. Compared with the other three professions in the same department, he does not have rich weapons and props like those three occupations. He is focused on guns and bullets. His skills are mostly made up of various shooting methods.

The rapid shooting, scattering, left and right opening bows, and the front and back of the gunners have the most shooting methods and shooting actions. The guns and rains they produced are the real bullets. There aren’t too many explosions and smog, and there are only one bullet after another.

Got it before!

Cold smoke is probably the most powerful bullet in the league. It seems to be so difficult to get closer to each other.

The life of a gun through the cloud is intact, and the cold and smoke is always falling, and it keeps falling. But it seems that she is like the advantage of the field, because the life and death distance that determines the outcome is shortening, shortening bit by bit, her life is not in vain.

dash forward! Explode him!

Gradually, everybody’s heart has such a voice. At this moment, they have forgotten who the opponent is at that end, forgetting to lose the mind to that person for granted.

“Chong ah!!!” In the stadium, suddenly burst into a shout, cold and smoke, and finally finished the life and death distance, life still has 17%, she rushed to the front of a shot in the clouds.

“Blow him!!” Xingxin fans have forgotten their previous coldness to Tang Rou, they are arrogant.

Although there are not many lives in the cold smoke, but the melee is playing remotely, if you are really close to the body, sometimes you can decide the outcome once and for all. The fighting methods of the two sides are too strange, and the strength and weakness at different distances are too great.



A shot through the clouds is still shooting, even if the cold smoke and soft has been close to him, but the use of the sharpshooter’s physical attack, a shot through the cloud, so it is a fight with the cold smoke.

Gun body surgery…

This is not set by the game system, but it is entirely the player’s own invented style of play, the very high-end style of play, the sharpshooter in the online game, can play only the body skills, gun body surgery, it is only professional hands It is possible to control how to play. Because of the great difficulty, it is really difficult to get a strong wind with this style of play and pure melee occupation. It is probably that the sharpshooter does not have the power to fight like many remote occupations.

Now, it is Zhou Zezhen who is applying the gun body. Legs, knees, elbows, and bullets… and the spears of the cold smoked hands were strangled together.

It can be seen that even Zhou Zemin, after using the gun body, can not suppress Tang Rou. After all, the position of the profession is here, the gun body technique is very subtle, very fast, very clever, but in the end it is still lack of melee professional, the brave, it is ingenious, can not resist the bravery of melee.

He may be able to make good damage, but the ability to control the opponent is too weak, which is the shortcoming of the gun body.

However, the life gap between the two roles is too great.

When the cold smoke rushes to the melee, the life is 17%; one shot through the cloud, 100%.

And Zhou Zezhen’s gun body technique is indeed more superb. One shot through the cloud, the gun king, the equipment is of course much stronger than the cold smoke.

Therefore, even if Zhou Zezhen’s gun body technique can’t suppress Tang Rou’s cold smoke and softness, but only by the exchange on the output, everyone knows that the victory of this game belongs to Zhou Zezhen.

In the end, it is true.

Already hit the body, Zhou Zezhen is using the gun body and Tang soft hard, Tang Rou can only be hard with him. At this point, she has a second choice.

In the end, the cold smoke fell down, and the tiny expectation finally did not become a reality.

However, this time it has not become a reality, the next time? What will happen next time?

A shot of the life of the cloud, there are 75%.

After the melee bombing, the 17% of the life of the cold smoke was finally defeated by a shot of 25%.

If the cold smoke is full, is it coming up? 100% of life, after paying 33% to complete the close. 67% of life, how much can you beat your opponent?

98.5%! Close to 100%! If this cold smoke is full, the distance is only 1.5%, maybe she did it?

Of course, if it is 100% to 100%, Zhou Zeyi probably won’t always use the gun body to spell out the results, probably will find opportunities to pull the distance. But no matter what, the answer to this arithmetic now makes people see hope.

Hopefully, there is expectation.

For Tang Rou, I can expect that she may defeat Zhou Zemin!

In the ring game, Xingxin lost, but when Tang Rou came off, she heard the long-lost applause and gave her applause.

Tangrou smiled.

She can endure any cold reception and she will go on like this.

But there is support and encouragement, and after all, it is still a happy thing.

“It’s amazing!” Du Ming praised the change in the atmosphere of the audience. Then I saw all the teammates staring at him.

“The gun body blasts the battle mage, it’s amazing! Captain I am your brain powder!!” Du Ming is coming down from the stage of Zhou Ze.


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