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Chapter 1292 The level is too high and it is a flaw

“It’s too messy!” I saw a buns sighing here, as if the teacher had taught the students a tone of voice. Then, the buns invaded and directly greeted the Yunshan chaos.

Swivel folding foot!

Yunshan leaps in a chaotic flight, and it seems that a flying foot has stepped on the buns. But everyone knows that Judo is playing a variety of techniques. This revolving foot, it is not terrible to be poked on this foot. It is terrible that it is a frustration after the target in the footpick. It is a grab judgment, and the target can be directly folded to the ground.

Buns also seem to know that this trick is very powerful, did not use the skills and its hard touch, rushed to the momentum, and then flashed aside.

Lu Boyuan died to stare at the displacement of the buns invasion, but if you think that the magnitude is not big, this revolving foot will be able to hook the target. Which one wants the buns to invade this flash is even three steps, and Yunshan chaos is so long, this slap is flashed thoroughly. However, Lu Boyuan still controlled the Yunshan chaos in the air and folded his legs. Although he did not have any targets, his body was immediately in the air.


The buns invaded the bricks of the hand, pre-judging the mistakes, and wiped the past from the Yunshan chaos.

“Hey! There are two sons!” The buns praised the opponent. The buns invaded at this time and stepped forward. They were to attack when Yunshan was in the chaos, and a mountain slammed into it.

Lu Boyuan saw clearly, silently, the character was about to land, the buccal invading arm was about to hit him for a moment, and Yunshan suddenly raised his legs and then he was twisted to the bun’s invading arm. .

Empty strangulation!

Yunshan chased the body half-empty and twisted, legs and force. The arm that invaded the buns, and suddenly turned him to the ground.

This grabbing technique. It turned out to be the effect of the pick-and-roll technique played by Lu Boyuan. The arm that can be attacked by the mountain tiger can be smashed, this eyesight, this precise operation is quite remarkable.

The fans of the reincarnation of the scene suddenly boiled, although only a skill was hit, but this performance is really wonderful.

However, the attack is not over yet.

Yunshan smashed the arm of the buns to invade his belt, but did not directly smash him to the ground. In the middle of the cloud mountain chaos has been loose legs, grab the first step. Stepping forward, one hand poked out and directly tore the buns that were still spinning in the air.

Look on your head!

Another grasping technique was displayed, and the buns invasion was taken by Yunshan chaos and the horse was directly smashed toward the ground. The loud rumbling of the rumble, only listening to the sound knows how heavy this fall is. However, it is still not finished.

On the ground!

One hand just broke the buns and fell to the ground. The other hand has already sneaked out, and did not give the buns an intrusion to evade the empty space. It has already caught it and raised it. The buns have been thrown back into the air.

Yunshan chaos followed the high jump, this time with both hands to take the buns in the air to invade. Then: the air slam dunk!

Unbeatable strength, the buccal invasion was thrown from the sky. The power of this big move is even more extraordinary. The buns invade directly on the ground and smashed out the pit. It looks like the lumbar spine has broken.

A short and powerful judo combo. The life of the buns invaded was taken away by one-fifth. At this time, it was less than ten seconds since the two characters met, and Lu Boyuan’s shot was highly efficient. It’s amazing. The reincarnation powder on the scene is completely crazy. Xingxin’s supporters could not help but sweat the buns.

Lu Boyuan did not immerse himself in this wave of attacks. Yunshan slammed into the sky and slammed into the basket, and immediately rushed into the buns.


The buns invade leaped from a bullet in the pit, and the homeopathic shot was taken out by a brick. The shot was also awkward. However, after the season, the buns’ love for the skill of the bricks, often without any reasonableness and irrationality, has become a distinctive label. The professional players will be there again and again, and then planted under his inexplicable bricks.

Yunshan chased the body slightly, and he had already escaped the brick and continued to approach.

Sand, poison needle, gasoline bottle…

At this time, the buns looked like they were flustered, and they took these flying props skills out. Unscrupulous offensive, where is rare to live in Lu Boyuan, Yunshan chaos continues to be firm and approaching.


See also brick!

After several skill rounds, the bricks were cooled and immediately unfolded by the buns without hesitation.

Lu Boyuan is crying and laughing, is this guy stupid by himself? Is this all messy things?

“Bao Rongxing is all messed up?” In the live broadcast, Pan Lin said with a stunned voice. This brain’s skills are littered, and there is no such thing as powerlessness in seeing the slightest technical and resistance to littering. The weak people who were forced into the mirror in this scene movie often made it out. But here is the glory professional league, and it is said that there is no weak in the professional circle. This messy performance is really unsightly!

Li Yibo was also deeply impressed, but he resisted without opening. This package Rongxing is said to be the most unexpected player. It is not good to make a assertion. If you look at it, maybe this is what he is mad at, and then he will start to rise again immediately.

Li Yibo was so thinking, Lu Boyuan on the field did not dare to carelessly. They also studied the game video of the buns, except that they did not touch the rules of the bricks. This kind of opponent has no way to prepare lessons beforehand and can only play on the spot. Focus! Focus is very important, because this guy will make a moth. Sometimes it is very bright, sometimes it is very lacking. If you don’t concentrate on it, you may be able to get around. There are quite a few players who have been on the rookie so far. And after the loss is a stomach, the reporter can complain about the rhythm of three days and three nights.

Lu Boyuan did not want to overturn the ship in the gutter, so even if he saw that the buns had been ruined, he still did not take it lightly. Yunshan chaos once again forced the buns to invade, and Lu Boyuan did not radically. The operation of Yunshan was a low-level throwing, and it turned out to be a new round of attacks with a bit of temptation.

Lu Boyuan died in the action of the invasion of the buns, and the Yunshan chaos had already grabbed his hands and grabbed them. As a result, I saw that the buns invaded suddenly fell down, and the right knee was lifted, and the left foot was slammed.

Strong knee attack!

Lu Bo’s brain flashed this skill name instantly, and it’s faster to throw it and this strong knee attack, and it’s clear in the blink of an eye.

A strong knee attack will be faster, but it can be remedied by operation. The shape of the Yunshan chaos is also sinking at this time, but both hands are looking up. This is to prepare to avoid the strong knee attack and then use the throw to throw the opponent off the air. Lu Boyuan once again showed his precise judgment, but this time, the Yunshan chaos was just empty, and there was no imaginary strong knee attack.

All the audience, this moment will be more real.

The buns invaded, but the right knee was lifted, and the left foot was slammed, but he did not fly out. This blow was not a strong knee attack, but an ordinary knee attack. But the problem is the attack distance of the knee attack. This shot is too early. The Yunshan chaos has not yet been grabbed. It is equal to the air.

This is also the case. The buns invaded their own knees and did not hit the target. However, without hitting the target, it seems to have the effect of hitting a cow across the mountain. Just in front of the buns, the two-step cloud mountain chaos seemed to be hit by this knee. The body sank and bent, and the arms were lifted up, posing a seemingly surrendered frame.

Everyone was dumbfounded, only for this strange moment.

And Lu Boyuan’s unsatisfactory strong knee attack jumped from above, knowing that it’s not a second, and he’s busy again and again, when he’s in a mess!

A very crisp sound, like the sound of broken bones, is clearly introduced into everyone’s ears. After the buns invaded, an empty knee attack, suddenly came a strong knee attack. The shape of the Yunshan chaos still sinks there, just to adjust back, this powerful knee attack, quasi-standard land in the face of Yunshan chaos.

This sounds crisp, and everyone hears the cold in my heart, as if I can feel the pain of this blow. Yunshan was upside down and Lv Poyuan was busy with the operation. As a result, the buns invaded this powerful knee attack and flew very short. After crashing through the Yunshan chaos, it fell to the ground, and returned to the direct overlord and even boxing, and the overthrow of the Yunshan chaos was a mess.

Lu Boyuan’s heart is so depressed!

Focus, focus, I have been so focused, and the result is still in the way. At that time, it was not a strong knee attack, then it was a knee attack. At that time, a knee attack was inexplicable, non-aggressive, and defensive. If Yunshan chaos did not avoid it, he continued to move forward and properly seized him. But the problem is that Lu Boyuan’s brain did not have any brain cells at the moment. I thought it was a knee attack. Is this a trap to lure myself into being a fool?

When the buns were invaded and slammed, Lu Bo couldn’t help but think about it. If this is a trap, it is really bold enough. This is the level of their own high enough, and then can react in an instant, if not for themselves, casually online games to pull a normal player, Lu Boyuan believes that the result must be the buns invasion was thrown to the ground.

Cooperating with your own level is too high and it is still a flaw?

This situation makes Lu Boyuan really unacceptable.

Overlord’s boxing was also finished at this time, and the buns invaded and jumped. Lu Boyuan returned to the gods, and quickly operated Yunshan to roll up. As soon as the angle of view was lifted up, he saw the buns invading his knees and lifting them.

Strong knee attack!

Lv Boyuan quickly went to the Yunshan chaos and flashed. As a result, the buns invaded and did not fly, and it was an empty knee attack. Lu Boyuan remembered this, the powerful knee attack has just been used, this is not a low-level skill, cooling is not so fast.

“You are nervous!!!” Lu Boyuan can’t be calm, so far away, there is also a knee attack, except for the nerves, there is no explanation. As a result, I just quit, and the buns invaded and raised my hand.

“It’s a brick, is it new?” Lu Boyuan called, while operating Yunshan chaos. He is actually not a person who likes to say too much in the game, but in front of this opponent, Lu Boyuan feels that he is not venting a few words, really wants to die.


Oh, it’s still the best early morning codeword…

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