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Chapter 1286 Cheap ideas

The winter holiday of the Spring Festival soon passed. Guan Yufei, the guy who was addicted to the production equipment and missed the train, did not go home at the end, and the New Year with Chen Guo, Ye Xiu and Su Mu Orange. Due to the existence of this guy, Chen Guo was not aware of the festive atmosphere of the New Year’s dinner.

Guan Yufei does not open his mouth to eat, and he has an opening. Three sentences are not separated from the Bank. They are all related to equipment production. Don’t look at Xingxin, now I have a set of pastor’s clothes, but in fact, the overall development of silver, Yuxing’s heritage is undoubtedly still relatively backward. This topic is really a bit heavy. Especially when Guan Yufei ran directly to his technical department, took a stack of information, and gave Ye Xiu some material resources that are lacking now, this dinner suddenly became very heavy.

There is a accumulation of online games in the past one and a half years before Ye Xiu, and with the rich experience of Guan Yufei, Xingxin has already taken a lot of detours in the development of silver. In addition to the upgrade of the thousand umbrellas, the development supplies for other equipment are extremely low. Otherwise, it is impossible to develop so many silvers on the basis of the new team of Xingxin.

But after half a season, the accumulation has been left. Some low-end materials are still good. The guild department led by Wu Chen has now completely gone to the formal, the divisions, and then to the realm of the gods, the energy sources continue to accumulate materials. The output of the replica material is quite stable.

However, the rare materials produced by the wild maps are not so easy to face the competition between the major guilds. Wu Chen, obviously, did not have the ability to make a profit in the **** winds and winds. Besides, today’s Xingxin has already had a foundation. It is not the same as Ye Xiu’s single-handedness and fear of wearing shoes. Balance, this thing is also to be exquisite now.

Xingxin is more favorable now, that is, the enthusiasm of the guild is very high.

As a new team, the newly formed fan groups, after harvesting such outstanding results, fans spontaneously serve the guild, and the enthusiasm of the team has never been higher. This is everyone’s hard work. Let Xingxin maintain a relatively strong competitiveness.

However, the rare materials produced by the wild maps are produced in different copies, so many times a week, plus the rush to get the robbed, and the rush to get the problem of the required materials, in the end still seems to be stretched.

After all, Xingxin is a new team, and the material demand is much larger than other teams.

Looking at the materials handed over by Geng Fei, Ye Xiu also knows that he wants to be in this season. It is impossible to fully arm each character of Xingxin like a cold hand. Next, there must be a plan, and there are trade-offs to take care of each role.

Among them, the thousand-machine umbrella is really a big bag. As soon as the demand for the material itself is very embarrassing, come again. It is a research product, and the material loss is quite amazing. After reading the loss in the process of studying the thousands of aircraft umbrellas, Ye Xiu’s heartbeat was accelerated. If it is not necessary to make a thousand umbrellas, how many pieces of silver can these materials help Xing Xindo?

“Thousands of Umbrellas…” Ye Xiu is a bit embarrassed. Because Guan Yufei wants to jump directly to the 80th level of the umbrella, it adds more variables and variables to the research of this equipment, which means loss. More critically, the loss will continue.

“Do you want to give up temporarily?” Ye Xiu’s heart could not help but give birth to such a thought, but… now give up, the loss before this is equal to white waste, and the study of the thousand aircraft umbrella has already reached a point where it is difficult to ride a tiger. But even then, you can’t rush down like this, and if you bite your teeth, you have to cut it!

Ye Xiu took a deep breath. Let yourself be sober and rational. Guan Yufei did not seem to think so much at all. Seeing that Ye Xiu was in the material of the sweeping umbrella, he was a little bit dancing: “It will soon become. There is only one part left. After this material is approved, I believe there is no problem.”

“This component can be fine-tuned in a single way?” Ye Xiu once again heartbeat, can not be a single fine-tuning, which is very different. If not, then this situation can be very disgusting. Under the condition of one body and one body, the material of one component is wrong, the whole equipment is unsuccessful, and all materials will be scrapped and come back from the beginning. But if you can single-tune and replace only the part, the material loss is obviously controlled a lot.

“Can’t…” The result is a very disappointing answer.

Ye Xiu sighed deeply, and the next step of the thousand-machine umbrella, but all made with 75 rare materials, the total loss of scrap, Xingxin can no longer afford. These materials are used in other equipment, and the overall strength of Xingxin is even greater. Looking at the materials of other types of equipment, Ye Xiu has made up his mind, thousands of umbrellas, for the time being!

The result has not waited for him to say this determination, but Guan Yufei has continued: “Only local fine-tuning can be carried out, and the loss is probably three materials.”

“…” Ye Xiu’s just-decisive determination suddenly collapsed. The loss of three 75-level rare materials, although very painful, is completely acceptable compared to the overall loss of a thousand umbrellas!

“Come on!” The mood of the equipment was immediately tidy up and encouraged.

“When the thousand-machine umbrella is finished, other equipment is also pushing to push to the 80th level.” Guan Yufei said with enthusiasm, his love seems to have spread from studying the thousand-machine umbrella to how it will All equipment is spawned to level 80 in the current level environment.

“This… the material burden is too big!” said Ye Xiu.

“I will sort out the list as soon as possible.” Guan Yufei said.

“Don’t be busy.” Ye Xiu hurriedly said, “Let’s go step by step according to the progress we have discussed before!”

“All the 80-level equipment, it is not a sense of it!” Chen Guo called at this time.

“Calm!” Ye Xiu cried, he did not expect to kill Cheng Jinjin at this time. Don’t know what concept is level 80? I don’t know if Xingxin can’t afford this kind of high-end development at the moment? In this case, it is too irrational to guide Guan Yufei’s work enthusiasm to the other side. Ye Xiu pays attention to Chen Guo’s wine glass. Does the proprietress drink too much?

“The basic attribute of the 70-level silver package is equivalent to the 75-level orange dress; the 75-level silver dress is the 80-level orange dress; then, in reverse, the 80-level orange dress is not equivalent to the 75-level silver dress? Can you find a way to upgrade the ready-made 75-level oranges and make them 80-level equipment? Isn’t that equivalent to 75-level silver? Although it is not 80-level silver, it can fully arm 75-level silver. Then, it is very powerful at this stage!” Chen Guo said.

The room suddenly calmed down, Ye Xiu looked at the eyes and flew, Guan Yufei looked at the eye repair, two people have begun to look down, Su Mu orange, then looked at Chen Guo in a strange way. Although she is not particularly researching on production equipment, she is far-sighted and far-reaching, and she is more aware of the value of her unexpected idea than Chen Guo himself.

“This idea, although a bit cheap, but in terms of cost performance, may be really the most powerful idea.” Guan Yufei said.

“Cheap!” Chen Guo always pays attention to negative vocabulary.

“Your idea is not to do some cheap equipment to camouflage high-end?” Ye Xiu said.

“How did you say it… is it so ugly?” Chen Guo could not find a rebuttal argument and could only be depressed.

“Is the orange directly modified under the modifier? This research has been going on, but I am afraid that no one is completely sensible so far. What the equipment modifier can do is to disassemble the equipment into parts, but these The parameters of the final composition of the components, as well as the formulas, are too many to be understood at all. It is completely unclear whether or not many of the components removed from the oranges are made of raw materials. Attributes and levels, for now, only game company updates can be done.” Guan Yufei said.

“Orange is just an example of her. We don’t actually use the oranges that come with the system, but use the equipment editor to make oranges.” Ye Xiu said.

“Equipment editor made oranges…” Guan Yufei frowned.

“Then I will upgrade to level 80.” Ye Xiu said.

“This idea is like the exam, everyone else is trying to test 100 points, we easily test a 90 points, but then did an additional question that no one else will, so it is also 100 points.” Su Mu Orange is an analogy.

“Of course, in the long run, it is still the best to test 110 points, or a solid 100 points. But in a short time, this is the fastest and most effective way to improve the results.” Ye Xiu said.

“Try it!” Guan Yufei finally nodded. Ye Xiu is happy, because he knows this guy, in essence, the team’s performance, cost-effective, thrifty and the like, he is not very cold, can really make him passionate, interested, just to make the equipment itself. Therefore, the thousand-machine umbrella is a very interesting thing. It is also very interesting to make the 80-level silver dress. It is also ok to make a set of the highest intelligence, the highest crit priest. Interested, passionate things, it is more invested, more efficient, and better. At this time, the equipment editor does not do silver, but has to do orange, this novel idea seems to be a bit impressed.

Of course, everything that comes out of the equipment editor is a silver font, which is “silver” from this point of view.

However, if you do not pursue the highest attributes that can be achieved in silver, but only pursue the attributes equivalent to orange, the materials used will undoubtedly reduce many standards. The only embarrassing thing now is that the silver is not going to be done well, but it is deliberately doing something worse. This… I’m afraid that there is really no idea about Guan Fei.

Holding chopsticks in my hand, hanging over the dish, Guan Yufei, I have begun to think…


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