The King’s Avatar

Chapter 1279 Not focused enough

Liu Wei’s eyes are very twitching. Even the old audience of some Jiashi teams at the scene have a sense of sight at this moment.

Ye Xiu and Liu Wei, the teammates of the past team have already fought each other, but their dialogue on the public channel is as similar as when they were in the Jiashi team.

Liu Wei will never forget the icy and disgusting Ye Xiu praised for his kindness.

It’s a good way to boost morale for teammates. This is a way to boost morale. Liu Wei thinks this way, but Ye Xiu thinks his praise is more than that.

Praise, that is, encouragement, will there be too many people in this kind of thing? What’s more, I don’t mean it at all, but I have never left a word for praise, but what is left?

But even so, Ye Xiu still said that he is not focused enough.

Yes, not enough attention, this is what Ye Xiu has always pointed out. From the time he became a member of the Jiashi team, he became the vice captain of Jiashi.

“Is this work done, is it not good to play a role?”

In this case, Liu Wei came to see it. I haven’t made any mistakes in knocking these words. What do you want me to do?

Liu Wei immediately violently, and no one is more fierce than everyone else. He is a person who can control his emotions. However, there are always some unbearable scales in everyone’s heart. Ye Xiu’s words can be regarded as a puncture of Liu Wei’s many years of scars. In the past, he could only have emotions in the dark, but now he can finally take action on the frontal battlefield to speak. He just wants to tell Ye Xiu: It’s not the key to making a role!

Ground crack wave sword!

The dark, no-small sword was swept out, and the merchants in front of him were directly swept away, and they cleared a path for themselves, and they rushed on these wrecks.

Tang Sanshou and the ghosts were suspicious, and the two characters with the strongest whistle rushed from the wreckage behind the darkness.

Once, they were called criminal combinations, but now, the name is probably about to become history. In the partner rankings of the best combination of the league, the two roles that have been fighting for many years are not even listed at all. The so-called partner is not just the same team in the same team, otherwise, the best combination is not the team of five people to go to the election.

The partner, the league has not given any clear definition, but for several years of evaluation, the so-called partner is usually the most tacit understanding of the core members of a team, the cooperation between them is more conspicuous Highlight some.

Today’s whistling, Tang San playing core is still outstanding, still outstanding, but the status of ghosts and doubts in the team is gradually weak. Rogues and thieves are no longer the axis of operation of the whistling team. At this time, standing next to Tang Sanshou, which one is the biggest helper?

Flame wave sword!

There is no such thing as a dark sword, and all the obstacles in front of you are directly eliminated. In the continuous move, the dark and unmoving movement slowed down, and Tang San hit more than his side, stepping on the fire wave of the flame wave sword and rushing.

Very beautiful cover.

No matter who has to admit it.

The shot of the flame wave sword is quite perfect with the movement impact of Tang Sanda, and the wrapping of the flame makes Tang Sanda equal to the temporary surname and possesses a protective layer. At this time, it is bound to hurt him personally. Will be attacked by the flame wave sword first.

However, if it is remote, it’s booming!

Three guns rang, Su Mu Orange’s Mu Yu orange wind came out again and entangled.

When the firearm of the previous hot missile was thrown, the whistling people have roughly judged her position, but the distance is remote, obviously not suitable as an attack breakthrough, so everyone continues to bite Jun Moxiao. For Su Mu Orange will continue to harass and obstruct, and a few whistling can be said to have foresight. When the sound of the cannon sounded, the staff of Zhao Yuzhe’s glare had already been pointed out, and an ice wall instantly stood on the side of the flame wave sword.

The ice and the fire complement each other, and the Tang Dynasty hits the assault to complete the all-round cover. The anti-tank shot from the rainy orange wind is bombarded on the ice wall. The damage of this low-level skill can’t directly crush the ice wall. After the orange is out of the skill, the charge of Tang San is already completed.

Together with the fire wave of the flame wave sword, Tang San rushed to the front of Jun Mo smile, this is the attack distance that rogue can control.


Tang San waved and shot.

Jun Mo laughs is also unambiguous, and the umbrella is blocked.

Shield blind warfare!

Jun Mo laughs now to open a thousand umbrellas, everyone will think of this subconsciously. The umbrella of the thousand aircraft umbrella is really a big foul. The shield blind warfare method does not cover up its own attacks. It is possible to hide the individual behind it.

At this time, Tang Hao certainly saw that there was no one around Jun Moxiao, but he did not dare to be so hard and positive, to move horizontally, to pull the angle, and the space of the frontal rush was left to Liu Wei.

Liu Wei is also very able to comprehend the intention, and he will kill it in a few steps in the evening, just facing the umbrella shield that Jun Mo laughs up. If he does not say anything, an ice-making wave sword will attack the umbrella shield. He can maintain a medium distance, so he is not worried about what Ye Xiu does after the umbrella.

Lin Feng’s ghosts are suspicious. At this time, the sneak state has been opened, and the sap is gone after the step. Even a fighting thief does not mean that the thieves will be completely abandoned.

What about Zhao Yuzhe? At this point, I have already spotted a cargo box, and I am doing a glimpse of the light to the top of the jump, the condescending, the vision is more open, and the scope of the attack can be even larger.

As a result, he just jumped halfway, and his vision was just wide open. After seeing a pile of cargo sacks at the end, a ghost swordsman, the knife in his hand was already full of the power of the demon.

“Be careful, there are ghosts!” Zhao Yuzhe yelled and shook the light and blew through the thunder.

But at this time, Joe Yifan’s singer of gray sings was finished, and the ice enchantment instantly fell, leaving Jun Moxiao in protection. The three characters on the whistling rush, the two are already in the ice range.

Tang Zhen’s reaction rate, Tang San hit a strong knee attack and jumped out of the ice array, Lin Feng was stunned, his ghosts were suspicious and the sneak movement was slow, the ice array came out, and it was frozen and immediately became frozen. A big ice cube.

An inch of gray release ice array succeeded, but it was too late to evade lightning from the dawn.

In the thunder and lightning, when the damage was caused, it was also given to the whistling people to indicate the location of this ghost. Zhao Yuzhe was preparing to make up the attack, but there was already a gunfire. Su Mu Orange’s Mu Yu Orange wind has also been robbed. A high point began to interrupt his attack.

In the team game, you hold me down, I hold you down, so there is very little chance of completing a set of combos as a single shot in a single event. Zhao Yuzhe apparently has been unable to continue to kill an inch of ash, and the gunners are also more disadvantageous to the bombing element mage, his skills are to sing, but the gunners do not have to!

The twilight-changing offensive was interrupted, but Tang’s Tang Sanshou had already rushed toward the one-inch gray hiding place. Liu Wei’s darknesslessness continues to sweep away the attack from Jun Moxiao.

From the point of view of position, in fact, there is no darkness in the distance, and the Tang is playing farther. However, at this time, Jun Mo laughed under the cover of the ice squad. Although there was a medium-distance attack method, but the restriction could not be close to the body, the restraint was still insufficient. It was not a professional middle distance combat expert. So Tang Yi asked for a distance, to attack an inch of gray, and temporarily left Jun Moxiao to Liu Wei.

The ghosts and gods are frozen, and Tang San hits and hides an inch of ash. The light is replaced by the rain and orange wind, and Wang Moxiao, who is not far from the front, looks at Liu’s sudden flash of a little unpredictable feeling. . He smelled a prelude to the coming storm!

Thousands of umbrellas… slightly sinking.

Are you coming?

Liu Yan’s eyes widened. Regardless of the attack of Jun Moxiao, a wave of swords has been swept away, but immediately followed by a blood arrow that has flown from the dark neck without a sky. The cockroach was picked up and then thrown into the ice rim.

Throwing, grabbing skills, can not use the body to prevent falling to the ground. The darkness fell into the ice, and was instantly reduced. The angle of view was raised again, and I saw the smile that appeared behind him.

Shadow split surgery?

Liu Wei has realized this at this time, but if it is a shadow split, it needs to be sealed. Jun Moxiao has just held the thousand aircraft umbrella in front of him, how to make the seal action?

Only a doubt, Liu Yi immediately thought of the slightest sinking of the thousand-machine umbrella in the moment.

This is not the action of the seal, but Jun Moxiao temporarily released the thousand-machine umbrella at that moment, and quickly finished the thousand-machine umbrella in the hands after finishing the printing… I can figure this out immediately after the event, Liu Wei Ye Xiu was quite capable, and Ye Xiu immediately praised him: “The ability to read the game is very good, but you can’t always focus on the game 100%. What you care about is too much… …”

These are the clichés!

Liu Wei is annoyed, but at this time he is in a crisis, he really has no effort to knock words and Ye Xiu screams. The spirit of the Swordsman is obviously stronger than the thieves, so his darkness has entered the ice, but he has only been slowed down. He has not been frozen to death as soon as he is suspicious. He also wants to hurry to go out. However, in this sneak peek, do you have this opportunity?

As a result, Jun Mo laughed suddenly turned his head.

Liu Yiyi.


He realized that the pastor, their pastor! When they came up to launch an assault, they were squatted by Xingxin’s ambush here, and the West’s sticks distracted each of them. Pastors, they completely forgot to protect their pastors.

But… others?

Liu Wei has another look. The more spiritual person of Yong Yongbin, this should also be not far behind them. How can I not see the figure at this time?

Hidden? This guy is really a ghost!

Liu Wei felt that this whistling, is not a team of masters of the wandering stream, the style actually affects everyone. In addition to these players who are close to the exchange of blood. Yan Yongbin, although only a pastor player, obviously has a wretched wind. However, the wretched master who influenced everyone to whisper to everyone, at this time in the Xingxin array! Fang Rui? Is the sea infinite?

Liu Wei suddenly found out that this person had never appeared before he started to spit out the trash.


Just thinking, in the team channel of the whistling, they have already jumped out of their pastor’s help signal…

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