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Chapter 126 What do you want to do?

What do you want to do in Chapter 126?

The car is still optimistic.

Seeing the front of the car in the hands of Wang Jiexi is preparing to use the body when landing, Jianguang is a touch. Jun Moxiao, who was flying out when he was blocking, actually did not forget to draw a knife, the knife was smeared, the knife in front of the car did not say, and it was at the critical moment of the operation, the result failed, the character ate After the knife, the bones rolled up on the ground.

This is more than a loss, this is already being beaten a bit.

Even Wang Jiexi himself, at this time, some helplessly shook his head slightly and sighed: “The 29th level wants to break people, it really is a little hard!” The front account rating of the car is higher than Jun Mo, but the skill It is also the pattern of 25.

I said that I wouldn’t take care of the other characters. When I got up, I turned and flew out. In front of the front of the car, it seems that this is almost directly on the ground riding a broom. However, the requirement of the magician scholar to ride the broom is that it must be jumped up in the air to operate. It can be seen how fast and fast Wang Jiexi’s operation is, and the jump is over when the front of the car is not noticed.

The flight speed is faster than the movement, and the cold smoke and the steamed buns are a step behind. However, on the route where the front of the car flew out, Tian Qi and Yue Zhongmian both went up and welcomed.

These two characters are not enough to see in the eyes of Wang Jiexi. At this time, he has no intention of entanglement, and he is too lazy to move. Directly one operation, the front bumper of the car slanted from the heads of the two men. Tian Qi and Yue Zhongmian two punches, one knife, and finally they all hit an empty space. Then they passed, and the front of the car had already slipped farther.

The two were very helpless and didn’t chase. After coming back, Tian Qi was very sorry to scream: “Master brother…”

“Nothing.” Ye Xiu did not say anything, he instructed the two to go to that position to intercept, but with the skills of these two people, it is too difficult to stop this person, even the operation of Tang soft buns invasion is now People are playing around.

The copy wants to see the level of a person, which is limited by the difficulty of the copy itself. In contrast, pk is a technology that highlights one’s own. Even if there are more than 20 levels of skills, you can also see a person’s consciousness and operation from the aspects of position, judgment, and timing of attack. How many levels you have, you can try out your opponent’s depth.

“Is that the guy?” The level of this magical scholar is already a first-class professional. It is impossible to be the president of the ten-party guild of the front of the car. Looking at the figure of the front of the car, Ye Xiu secretly thought about it.

After Wang Jiexi operated the front of the car and ran away, he immediately got up and returned the computer to the real car. The front of the car looked at the god, hoping to hear a conclusion, but Wang Jiexi did not say a word.

In front of the car, he was stunned. He was watching Wang Jiexi’s incompetence and then he was stunned. I wonder if the gods would be extremely upset at this time.

“Where is the signature?” Wang Jiexi suddenly opened his mouth.

“Ah?” A glimpse of the front of the car, suddenly reacted, and quickly pulled out from his arms to pick up the surrounding notebook. On the cover of the notebook is a magical Taoist scholar sitting on the broom, next to the four signature characters: Wang does not stay.

After Wang Jiexi took over, he smiled and waited for the front of the car to pick up the pen and pick it up: “Is the signing page up?”

“Well, OK…” The car was busy.

Wang Jiexi has skillfully signed the brush a few times and handed it back to the car: “Go, goodbye.”

“Ah… Great God…” The front of the car couldn’t help but stop Wang Jiexi. “This…” He pointed to the screen, but wanted to know the conclusion of Wang Jiexi after a try.

“The cold smoke soft buns invasion operation is good, but it is still a newcomer, lack of consciousness and experience; that Jun Mo laughs… The scattered people can’t try the depth for a while, you also saw that he is suppressing me, not that I suppress him. I want to try him, but I am afraid that he is coming out of him.” Wang Jiexi said.

“He knows who you are?” The front of the car felt incredible.

“Oh, maybe, look at his eyesight, but at least I know that it is not you.” Wang Jiexi said, waved his hand to the front of the car.

What are these monsters in the end! When the front of the car was sitting back to the seat, it was not coming back. After a moment of reaction, I quickly ran my car and ran far. This even the Jessie God admits to being suppressed. This is a simple laugh, but it is not enough to see it!

However, how should this person face it in the future?

The psyllium suddenly remembered this problem, and then Wang Jiexi went back without a shadow. Depressed in front of the car, actually forgot to ask this question.

“What happened to that person?” On the side of the bones, Tang soft buns invaded and wanted to chase it. In the end, they were all stopped by Ye Xiu. Tang Rou asked very depressedly.

“Is that the president of Zhongcaotang?” Tian Qi said.

“The role is… but people may not be.” Ye Xiu said.

“Who is that?” asked in the middle of the month.

“Speaking out to scare you, maybe Wang Jiexi may not be able to say.” Ye Xiu said.

“My mother is still Huang Shaotian!” Yue Zhongmian did not believe this kind of ghost.

“Who is Wang Jiexi?” Tang said.

“You don’t know this?” Tian Qi and Yue Zhongmian are almost identical.

“Why do you know? What constellation is he?” asked the buns.

“Constellation?” Tian Qi and the mid-term sleep in the middle of the night really seriously thought about this problem, this star big name, the constellation is really marked in the information.

“Wang Jiexi is one of the top masters of glory. The profession is the magician scholar you just saw. There is a nickname called the magician. There are many such titles in the glory. What is the fighting god, the sword saint, the gun king, the martial arts, but Most of them are given to the character, but the nickname of Wang Jiexi’s ‘Magician’ is not for the character, but for him.” Ye Xiu said.

“Why?” Tang said.

“Because this is mainly to describe the technical play of this person. This person’s play is very different and often unexpected. If it is not him, then the role is another appearance, completely impossible to be a magician.” Ye Xiu said.

“So, then he should be easy to recognize?” Tang Rou said.

“Well, so that guy is very likely just now.” Ye Xiu said.

“The more you say, the more you really take it.”

“Wang Jiexi is a micro grass club. This Chinese cottage is a grassy background. Wang Jiexi wants to use their role should be very easy.” Ye Xiu deepened the inference from this level.

“Then he ran this messy? Want to fight why not go to the arena!” The buns invade expressed indignation.

“Maybe you see that your technology is excellent, can’t wait to compare with you?” Ye Xiu said.

“Yes? That person still has a bit of eyesight.” The buns invaded.

“Rely!” Tian Qi and the moon in the middle of the sleep. If it is a general person, it can be a joke, maybe it is a shameless show. But this buns invade, it seems that it is really true that people do not know what to say.

“Zhongcaotang… It seems that many people in this guild are the names of Chinese herbal medicines.” Tang Rou said here, the guild of Zhongcaotang is indeed quite eye-catching because of this great feature.

“Yes, the role of their clubs is all Chinese medicine names, so the characters such as the core of the guild are mostly such a role.” Ye Xiu said and then headed to Tiantian: “Tian Qi, you are the Chinese Cottage.” from?”

“I am not ah…” Tian Qi was depressed, but he often encountered this misunderstanding. “I originally wanted to call Tian Jiu. I don’t know how the ghost made me feel like a man shaking it. It took a long time to react.” (This is a The true story, an author originally wanted to use Tian Jiu, and he did not make it into Tiantian. The classmate who applied for the dragon set Tian Jiu claimed the Tian Qi himself. Tian Qi is Tian Jiu.)

A few people continued to practice while talking, but they didn’t take it seriously.

Tang soft buns invade the novices do not understand it, and Tian Qi and Yue Zhongmian both returned to the taste but they were secretly surprised. It was just the front of the car! The president of the three guilds in the tenth district of the church, this has to be changed, usually, the president of the Chinese cottage, personally attacked, must die. But now? Follow the master brother, what are the clouds of the three major guilds! There is no pressure at all!

“It’s Wang Jiexi…” Ye Xiu was still thinking about it at this moment. He didn’t say anything, but he was quite sure that the man was Wang Jiexi. As Tang Rou said, this is really a very styled player, and the labeling is serious.

“What do you guys want to do?” Ye Xiu is already concerned about this next issue.

On the side of Zhongcaotang, after Jessie’s **** left, the front of the car was still reminiscent of it, and from time to time he took out the signature notebook to observe it. From time to time, I am so happy, I can’t put it down.

“President of the president.” At this moment, there is news.

“What?” The front of the car replied.

“The boss calls you, q.” The member said that this boss is the president of the Chinese Cottage, sitting in the Tiannan Star of the realm of God.

“The oldest boss?” The front of the car looked for the past.

“How many more are your wealthy vacancies?” asked Tiannanxing.

“Ten come, what happened?” answered the car. This so-called empty number is not an empty number in the sense that there is no equipment and no money. The empty number here refers to the role of not knowing the master, by looking for a substitute, or by the guild to work together. These characters don’t add to the guild, and they don’t use the Chinese herbal medicine’s obvious name in the pastoral style. They may eventually get out of the undercover, and may also be used to engage in activities that are not convenient for exposing the identity of the guild. Not only in the cottage, most of the major guilds will raise some of these roles, some people used to call the slogan, and some called the empty number, depending on the habit.

“Get five out! Ghost swordsman, sharpshooter, battle mage, assassin, magician scholar, can these five occupations get together?” Tiannanxing asked.

“Let’s take a look! What do you use?” The psyllium does not fully remember what role the character is.

“There is a big **** on the top,” said Tiannanxing.

The car was shocked. This… Is it that Jessie God had just suffered a loss in Jun Moxiao’s hand, is this going to team up to retaliate? Not at all?

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