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Chapter 1251 Blood dodgeball

do as promised? Say it is good to release water, you have to release water?

There was no accident on the scene, but Song Qiying’s look was subtle at this time. His reaction was very quick, and his eyes turned around. He looked at the players in the stage and looked at Xingxin. .

To talk about it, Xingxin seems to have one of the biggest jokes ever.

Tang Luxe of Xingxin, after failing to achieve a vow of three choices, but did not keep his promise to withdraw from glory!

However, Ye Xiu said that he wants to do it, but it is said that it is good to release water, it is necessary to release water… It is not too beautiful to release water, even if it is in the All-Star Game, more is not exhausted. Full force, rare Ye Xiu is so obvious, so open, even “gg” is out.

When it comes to doing it, it is a matter of releasing water. Is it true that Ye Xiu’s words are ironic?

In addition to Song Qiying, it seems that there is not much to enter immediately. So I think about Tang Rou. The hatred of the fans on the scene is very solid. At this point, the Rookie Challenge is all over, they are concentrating on the firepower “Farewell” Ye Xiu. The opening of the first star of the All-Star Weekend, how to look like it is specifically for the fans of the map. First, I commemorated the ten years of wind and rain of their captain, Han Wenqing, and let the tyrants sneak a tear, and then they became the most hated player of the tyrant, Ye Xiu. They lined up to challenge.

Although Ye Xiu made an unprecedented situation like “gg” and “one pick two”, it must be said that the first encounter of this All-Star Weekend is still full of excitement.

The All-Star Weekend will not arrange a serious press conference. The reporters stationed by the major media have special reporter seats. But those who can get in touch directly with the team players in the field, but only the cooperative media units. For example, the e-sports channel responsible for television broadcasting, such as the most authoritative e-sports house. However, they are mostly on the court. When there is a suitable time, they will go to the players to talk a few words. A serious visit is definitely not to be seen on this occasion, and it has not come in touch with this mold.

What about this? Of course, the reporters are collecting a lot of opinions from the players of the teams. They have a view on Han Wenqing in the past ten years, and they have the idea of ​​being named by the rookie team and even “gg”.

Of course, the content will not be too serious. The things on the All-Star game are all a picture. Even if it is “gg” or “discharge”, it is really necessary to have this thing to be true. That is the brain. To be honest, for reporters, they are more welcoming those accidents that Ye Xiu made. The rookie challenge scene of respecting the old and loving the young, they are already tired of writing.

After the performance of some of the performances arranged by the organizers, the first flaw of the All-Star Weekend was completely over. A pair of dead enemies, Han Wenqing and Ye Xiu became the two protagonists of this day. Han Wenqing’s ten years insisted on the classic touch, and Ye Xiu’s acceptance of seven rookie challenges left a farce.

Some older glory players, can not help but recall, were challenged by the rookie queue, this treatment, in fact, a long time ago Ye Xiu has already had, it seems that seven rookies are also coming.

It was only at that time that Ye Xiu was sincerely playing seven games with the rookies, which is as unremarkable as this one.

Ginger is old and spicy. This kind of thing has only been shown in the face of Ye Xiu.

“I really have your…” The event ended, the professional player’s exit channel, and many players familiar with Ye Xiu came to vomit.

In these piles, Chen Guo really feels dazzling, and once these are high, but now, it is crowded and crowded around her, everyone is very ordinary, just look at it, completely imagine not How are those characters who are under these enthusiasm in glory.

Li Xun, who likes the squad of the emptiness team, is complaining about his toothache problem to Tiansen of the Huangfeng team. Tian Sen seems to have given him a call and seems to be recommending a dentist.

The captain of the smoke and rain team, the female middle-class hero Chu Yunxiu, is advocating to Xinshi that the hot and sour rice noodles of the snack street that he recommended last time are not good at all.

“Too sour!” Chu Yunxiu said with a slap in the face, as if the taste is still there.

“You have adjusted your vinegar!” Zhang Xinjie said sincerely.

“How much should I adjust?” asked Chu Yunxiu.

“Twenty-seven spoons, use the plastic spoon in his place.” Zhang Xinjie said.

Spoon? Is there a spoon for vinegar? Still seven tenths?

Chu Yunxiu’s teeth stunned again, directly abandoning Zhang Xinjie, and came over to find Su Mu Orange, who had a good relationship, to speak.

Guo Shao of the Magical Team and Song Qiying of the Battalion Team, these two young young people do not know how to get together. Among the many predecessors, the two entered a very low-key whisper, but his eyes flashed from time to time to Xingxin, and paused in Ye Xiu for a while. It seems that the two are studying how to overthrow Ye Xiu.

Chen Guo found that the topic can still be centered on glory, mostly these rookies. The old players talked about it, it was a very popular thing.

Yang Cong of Sanxie and Wang Jiexi of Weicao talked about the recent housing market.

Jiang Botao and Xu Bin chatted about European football.

Tang Hao is complaining to Zou Yuan about the anger of the city. He was in the Hundred Flowers team, and the city of K is also his hometown. After the transfer, he went to the city where the whistling team was. It has been two years since it seems to be too much for the new city.

The topic is so ordinary, so that Chen Guo really feels it, these are all a group of real, living creatures.

Long passages, the players did not rest, went straight out of the field, and then naturally said goodbye, each boarded their respective team vehicles, headed to their respective hotels. Some of the players who lived in the same hotel suddenly started to chase the car and continued the topic that had not been talked about before.

Compared with the previous match in the game, the players really have to be a lot easier, and Chen Guo can clearly feel it.

All-star weekend, it’s really a good event! Chen Guo, who is in it, smiles and thinks.

The All-Star Weekend soon ushered in a second encounter. Compared with the first one, the content of the second one is more fulfilling, and it has certain interaction with the scene. It will draw some live audiences and players on the field to participate in the activities.

The first thing to do is to use the glory character to carry out some interesting confrontation. These annual all-star weekends are specially set by the glory game player, and often introduce glory online games to enrich the content of the game.

What is this fun confrontation? There has been a notice in the publicity of the All-Star Weekend. The first thing to do is to avoid the ball!

It is said that it is a dodgeball, but in fact it is not strictly in accordance with the system of avoiding the ball. From the content revealed in the propaganda, this is probably more like a sandbag game played by the people.

The rule is that the team participating in the event will enter the game three times, and then the two teams will each play a round and then watch the time to complete the game to decide the outcome. The event is prepared to organize eight detachments, five of which are professional teams, and the other three are composed of audiences drawn from the scene.

The players of the five professional teams quickly gathered on the court. The public saw them, reincarnation, thunder, micro grass, magic, and the entry of the Xingxin team.

The five teams are more knowledgeable. The reincarnation is a leading team that rides the dust. The Thunder has an excellent team that is unexpectedly unexpected. The micro-grass are invincible in the competition, Xingxin and magic, two new alliances. The team, however, has an unexpected play. This is obviously a team with five points of concern.

It’s just the players sent by the five teams.

Reincarnation, is the vice captain Jiang Botao with assassin player Wu Qi and swordsman Du Ming.

Thunder, captain Xiao Shiqin personally took the battle with the elemental wizard Dai Daiqi and the sharpshooter Lu Yining from the Yanyu team.

The micro-grass team is Gao Yingjie, Liu Xiaobe and Zhou Huabai.

Magical team, Shen Jian, Guo Shao, and Jia Xing, a battle mage player.

As for Xingxin, it is Wei Wei, Bao Zi, and … has not appeared in the league so far, the first show gave the fun of the All-Stars – Luo Ji.

For the first time in the face of such a big stage, Luo Ji obviously has some fears. Even if she knows that this is just a game, she is still uneasy. She does not know where to stand on the court.

“Stay calm, there is a boss, I am here!” Baozi patted his chest and said to Luo.

There are companions around, and it really makes Luo Ji’s nervousness go away. Luo Ji is the first time to think that there are buns around, very good.

There are not many players at the All-Star level who participate in the event. This is also a deliberately low-key arrangement. It also gives other professional players a chance to participate in joy. Secondly, it also keeps the All-Star show at the highest level to the last-ever All-Star Game.

The five teams took the stage, and then they took the audience. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, nine consecutive lucky viewers were drawn. Everyone came up and asked some of the teams you support, which player you like. For a class of problems, it took a lot of time to complete the tossing. Fortunately, there was no soy sauce audience who did not understand Glory completely.

The next nine lucky viewers were randomly divided into three groups, and the scene began to randomly arrange opponents.

Even the gameplay that has never appeared in glory, but the professional players have the foundation and the foundation, it is difficult to be defeated by ordinary players, and the team with the lucky audience, the victory has been determined. However, there are more than one professional team, and with such a random arrangement, there may not be three professional teams to draw the lucky audience.

Sure enough, in the end, two lucky audience teams were drawn together, and the micro-grass pumped out the remaining lucky audience team, and the other four occupations collided.

“Oh, the winning streak of the reincarnation, seeing it is coming up.” Under the hosted visit, Xing Xin’s Wei Wei, looking at the drawn opponent, said with confidence.

Xingxin opponent, reincarnation team.

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