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Chapter 1247 Not finished

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Ye Xiu and Guo Shao both talked all the way, and soon Guo Shao had already reached the position of his own team.

Ye Xiu’s eyes swept over, and he saw He Ming, Shen Jian, and Wang Ze. These three former players of the Jiashi, can also be said that the old part of Ye Xiu sat together at this time. On the left, I seriously chatted with my teammates on the left. On the right, I chatted with my teammates on the right. I sat in the middle of the room and had no chat. So I lowered my head. Anyway, I didn’t see Ye Xiu staying next to their seats. And Guo Shao.

“The next time I have the opportunity to teach the older generation.” Guo Shao reluctantly bid farewell to Ye Xiu.

“Let’s talk about it. Go to rest, I’m going back.” Ye corrected, and suddenly there was a call in his ear.

Ye Xiu?

Is calling me?

Who is calling me?

“It seems that the seniors can’t rest!” Guo Shao said.

Ye Xiu turned back, and the stage was hosted by him and Guo Shao, and he was looking at him. His face was a gloating effort to cover up.

“It’s so envious! I really want to go to the front to challenge the seniors again.” Guo Shao said very awkwardly.

“Don’t.” Ye Xiu quickly waved his hand, and the host on the stage was repeating what he had just said.

Yes, yes, another challenged the rookie to play, and the player he was trying to challenge was awkward.

“Ye Xiu Da Shen is working hard, please come back to the court!” said the host.

Helpless Ye Xiu, had to return to the original road.

These three challenges, but for Ye Xiu, are a little familiar players.

Wenke North.

The literary team of the Yiwu team.

The Yiwu team joined the league last season. Lou Guanning, the five of them, is a sophomore in this season and continues to have the qualification to challenge the rookie challenge. Lou Guanning challenged Yu Feng last season, and this time, Wenke North jumped out to participate, and his last name was actually Ye Xiu.

“Is it interesting? The tricks have not been played.” After Ye Xiu returned to the stage, the first sentence was said to Wenke North.

“Ah… officially, haven’t you played?” Wenke North said.

“What is this official occasion!” said Ye Xiu.

“Cough!” The host coughed hard. The All-Star Weekend is really not a formal occasion, but Ye Xiu Da Shen, you should not use such a sloppy tone! Of course, you are tired of this occasion, but it is not easy for rookies to show their faces in such attention.

“Hehehe, listen to the words of the literary north, we have already known the reasons for his challenge.” Hosted efforts in this scene.

“Please enlighten the seniors.” Wenke North said.

“Are you teaching you less?” Ye Xiu smiled. The occupation of Wenke North is a battle mage, and several of the Yiwu team. To talk about the teaching, Wenke North is the one who is the most educated.

“It’s not too much!” Wenke North looks like a sable.

“Come on, come on!” Ye Xiu was helpless and could only fight.

After a while…

“Let’s practice now!” Ye Xiu said to Wenke North.

“Hey…” Wenkebei sighed, and he lost too badly. How is the gap with the Great God always so big?

The two then stepped down together. As a result, Ye Xiu had already heard his name being called again once.

“Ah!” Wenke North was surprised, this is the fourth time? Looking back at God, Ye Xiu did not seem to hear, and still continued to leave.

“Great God!” Wenke North quickly caught up to remind Ye Xiu.

“Shut up! Go away!” Ye Xiu said, his feet kept going.

Wenke North is crying and laughing. Can you pretend that you can’t hear this kind of thing? However, Ye Xiu has done this, and in the shouting of increasing the volume over and over again, the faster and faster.

Just shouting is no longer possible, the host had to take out the action, at the speed of 100 meters, and immediately caught up with Ye Xiu, pulling his arm.

“Quickly let go, what is this!” Ye Xiu angered.

“Great God, the fourth rookie is still challenging you.” The host was pitiful, but he had already laughed in his stomach. Of course, he knows that Ye Xiu is unknowingly pretending. naive! The idea of ​​hosting is similar to the literary north.

“You honestly and I said.” Ye Xiu stared at the host. “Is this a specific arrangement and then playing with me?”

“How come!” the host said quickly. “You still don’t know? This is a random selection. So many rookies are willing to challenge you, you can see your position in their minds!”

“Do you think I will believe it?” Ye Xiu said.

“Cough!” The host coughed again. The rookie challenge, as the host said, is a random selection of talented players to participate in, but how are these rookies selected? The All-Star Weekend is a lively event, so it will deliberately create some lively scenes that everyone likes and hears when possible.

All the rookie players challenged Ye Xiu, is this coincidence? Ye Xiucai did not believe that he seriously doubted that this was the alliance’s hands and feet, that is, to gather such a scene of his turn. The most powerful evidence is that they have signed up for the Rookie Challenge, and they have not been selected. The official reply is that there are more applicants this year. The first-year rookie will give the opportunity to give the last chance to the second grade. Rookie.

This reason seems to be very sincere, but now Ye Xiu has already finished playing three people. Except for Wenke North, the first two are not all first-year rookies? Looking at it again, it will be like a deliberate arrangement for Xingxin’s rookie. After all, Xingxin’s players are most likely to disrupt this scene.

“It’s really a coincidence, Ye Xiu Da Shen, you try to cooperate!” The commentary is still swearing, but obviously he also knows that it is not so easy to really deceive this experienced god, “try to cooperate” It is also a kind of persuasion.

“Okay…” Ye Xiu nodded helplessly, presided over the ecstasy on the sneer, but then listened to Ye Xiu: “Then I will be serious, don’t take the big bully newcomer, give me a The personal account is coming up.”

The host suddenly vomited blood, and the great decisiveness will not compromise easily. It has already begun to fight back. For example, this is a martyrdom! Who doesn’t know, Jun Mo laughs that this scattered person is all on the thousand-machine umbrella, and the core of this weapon is not in its attributes, but in its transformable characteristics. Thousands of umbrellas are unique, and Jun Mo laughs uniquely. San people? Jun Mo Xiao is not a casual person in the traditional sense. This unique role, even the Alliance, has no way to provide a vest.

“Great God! If you use the vest, this rookie can’t really appreciate your style!” The host persuaded.

“Isn’t the vests all provided by the game company? Thousands of umbrellas let them copy them first, and I took them away.” Ye Xiu said.

“Ah, hahaha, the **** is really humorous, but this is coming, is it too late?” said the host.

“Isn’t it prepared in advance? This work is too in place.” Ye Xiu criticized.

“I didn’t expect so many people to challenge you beforehand!” The host was also shameless. Ye Xiulian could say it “I took it away,” and he was not far behind.

This can be regarded as a block of Ye Xiu, and then look at the rookie coming up, pitiful and overwhelmed, Ye Xiu sighed and walked toward the game.

“Thank you for your advice.”

“keep it up.”

A few minutes later, after the game was over, the rookie walked down with satisfaction and found that Ye Xiu Da Shen did not move this time. He stood on the stage and looked at the host.

“Cough, Ye Xiu Da Shen does not go off to rest?” said the heart of the heart.

“Less come, I will see if you have finished.” Ye Xiu said.

“This is not what we said!” Hosted a helpless face, and then announced that the next one to play the challenge, the Void team’s second-year rookie, cover talent.

Guy Caijie came on the scene, and Ye Xiu kept watching him. This is already the fifth place, but Gai Caijie, the young man who has a great second-year rookie, has not let his will move. When he was inquiring, he did not hesitate to say himself. The player to challenge: “Yesu.”

The host did not say anything, but also made a look of helpless expression, looking at Ye Xiu, the smile was hidden in the stomach.

“It’s really not finished, I can let it go!” said Ye Xiu.

“Where can you!” the host laughed.

“Go!” Ye Xiu said nothing, went to the game. Gai Jiejie did not say much, and on the way to the game, he began to mobilize his emotions. Although this is only the All-Star Weekend show, he is very serious, he does not want to lose. Ye Xiu’s heads-up winning streak this season, Gaijie is one of the ones who have been stepped on, but in the first battle, Gaijiejie thinks he still has some chances, if some details can be handled better, if some problems Think more carefully.

Thousands of umbrellas, this time can not always deliberately bring two?

Guy Caijie thought so, the battle of two thousand aircraft umbrellas is obviously a ban on the exorcist. No need to take it.

Even if you carry it, don’t worry too much.

The ban is a kind of suppression, which is used to constantly stress the leaves and transform his technique. The ban is not used, perhaps better than the effect.

Gaijiejie sorted out all the information and information he had received from the last time, and took a deep breath, moved his fingers and loaded the characters.

“Well, the next game is the fifth game of the Rookie Challenge. It is a challenge initiated by the newcomers to the Xingxin Ye Xiu. These two have met in the 14th round of the league. Gaijiejie wants to borrow this. A chance to wash the last defeat? Well, the game is starting now, the two characters appear on the map two points, this map is…”


The host was stunned, and the audience was stunned. After a quiet silence, the buzzing sounds, although they began to give a sizzle from Ye Xiu’s debut, but this time, it is undoubtedly the loudest.

Because the game is over, it takes only one second.

The traces left, only Ye Xiu beat a “gg” in the public channel.

Ye Xiu, actually put water! (To be continued.

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