The King’s Avatar

Chapter 1244 Lucky, sorry

The first thousand two hundred and forty-four chapters are lucky, unfortunate

Liu Wei, the professional player of the fifth season of the Glory Professional League, was in the year when the Jiashi Dynasty was overthrown. He came to the Jiashi team.

It’s just that the championship has been ended. No one thinks that the Jiashi will decline. There will always be a victory in the professional field. This time, the next win will be. The combination of newcomer Su Mu Orange and Ye Qiu, who joined in the fourth season of Jiashi, is amazing. At that time, people are still optimistic about Jiashi, and think that Jiashi will soon be back.

Liu Wei, also with such awkwardness, became a member of the Jiashi team. But everyone including him did not expect that from this season, Kass did not even enter the finals.

Weeds, blue rain, one after another fresh champions emerged, one after another became an all-star, but what about Liu Wei?

In the league, it is a giant team. The vice captain failed to be selected for the All-Star. Counting it up, it seems to be just Liu Shi of his Jiashi.

This makes Liu Wei very embarrassed, but what about him? The Jiashi team already has a leaf-loaded Ye Qiu, and then, there is another outstanding beauty player Su Mu Orange, they form the best partner, and even have a variety of couples rumors, around them Others can only be a supporting role, and the vice captain is no exception.

Liu Wei didn’t want to be a supporting role, watching the rookies who started professional players in the league, Zhou Zeyi, Wu Yuce, Fang Rui, all of them became all-star. The All-Star is a symbol of popularity, but it must also be based on strength. In the competitive circle, where is the popularity of strength?

Liu Wei does not have such popularity, but he believes that he has such strength. However, the brilliance of his predecessors is too dazzling. The creator of the three consecutive championships, looking at the league, who is not short three? When he first entered Jiashi, Liu Wei was proud to join such a dazzling giant. After that, he found that this dazzling light was really unsightly. He didn’t want to be shrouded in such a light, he also wanted to shine. .

But… it’s hard!

If you actively express your own words, you will be separated from the team; you can limit yourself to the team’s play, and you can’t overwhelm the best partner.

This team structure is to highlight the two of them and cover up the light of others! Liu Wei was anxiously thinking, arbitrarily neglecting any team, the most prominent of course is the core of the team, if other people can easily overshadow the existence of the core players, it has long been corresponding Status.

If you want to add a play, you have to brush out the sense of existence first, but Liu Wei can’t brush his sense of existence, but he thinks that he is not enough for his own drama. This is really a bit of an end. There is such a thought in my heart, then any very normal arrangement, in his eyes, always conspiracy theory.

Liu Wei didn’t want to let his “light” annihilate. He looked for an opportunity. In the end, Ye Xiu’s departure from the team could not be completely said to be his success, but at least, this is the result he is willing to see.

The moment he was looking forward to was finally coming, but then, Jiashi was out.

This result is actually somewhat remote from Liu Wei’s expectations. However, Jiashi is not a Jiashi, but he is still full of enthusiasm, and even invited the Thunder’s all-star player Xiao Shiqin.

Ye Xiu’s departure, Sun Xiang’s replenishment, made up only the operator of a leafy autumn, but Ye Xiu was not only in Jiashi, but he was one of the four tactical masters. When Xiao Shiqin joined, people could see the enthusiasm of the Jiashi giants. However, the hidden deep consciousness was rarely discovered.

Sun Xiang is not the successor of Ye Xiu.

Sun Xiang Jia Xiao Shiqin, this is.

Two people, the top one, the intention of this, Jiashi really does not disclose.

So after such an addition, Liu Wei discovered that he was ruthlessly abandoned. He only then knew that for Jiashi, he was always a supporting role. Ye Xiu left, Jiashi wants to find someone to take over, and to eliminate all hidden dangers, even from a long time ago. But what about him?

Exchange transfer, you go to the Thunder.

Liu Wei received only such a phone call.

Yes, phone notification, what is the lack of attention? Compared to sending him, Jiashi was busy welcoming Xiao Shiqin at that time! His departure.

Liu Wei left with hate. He thought about how to completely expose Jiashi, who was uncomfortable with Ye Xiu, and wanted to chase him away, but he was afraid that he would use it for the enemy, and thus he would make a good calculation. However, he did not dare. Speaking of it, Ye Xiu retired, there are all kinds of rumors in the circle, many of which are close to the truth, but the source of the information is only the speculative reasoning of the onlookers. How much wind and waves can it set off? These casual A-cats and dogs are a few words, at most, add some entertainment to the public.

However, Liu Wei is different. If he exposes it, he will definitely be directly taken by the media. However, his future may be very dangerous. In this circle, these professional teams, who have no inconvenience in the outside world, but such a warrior self-exposed fighters may be loved by the media and the public, but where can the team dare to use?

Liu Wei does not want to break the net, he is still good to show his light! This kind of thing needs to be exposed, and I will wait until I retire.

Liu Wei buried the hate first, and he hated Ye Xiu’s backhand and reported it to him. Abandoning his Jiashi team, it was actually destroyed by the grassroots team that Ye Xiu set up, and it was completely disbanded.

Life is really… ridiculous…

At that moment, Liu Wei really had such a flaw. He did nothing, and the nasty people and the nasty team smashed themselves together and killed you. What kind of air transportation is this?

Liu Wei was feeling that at the time, but he, who was so lucky, seemed to have not been selected for his long-awaited All-Star lineup that year.

It is too bad for the team.

Liu Wei thought helplessly.

Thunder’s performance in the season, he is actually quite good, the team’s performance is OK, but, after all, did not enter the playoffs, it means that Liu Wei, still far less than Xiao Shiqin. So in that league, the Thunder went up and down, and they were missing their former captain Xiao Shiqin. This atmosphere made Liu Wei really disgusting. The light of a person who is no longer has covered him. This thunder is even worse than Jiashi!

Liu Wei did not want to stay in the Thunder, but hated the atmosphere inside the team. Directly rejected the request that the Thunder team wanted him to leave. In the end, he freely transferred to the roaring team. This team, it seems that it is not too easy to think of it. Liu Wei began to analyze it. The result was very fast. The contradiction broke out in the team of the whistling team, and the vice captain Fang Rui left the team.

Liu Wei is in the upper position.

On the strength, he is not bad; on the qualifications, he also has five years in the circle; on the experience, the vice captain, the captain, he has done it; the only flaw is that the first come, the foundation is relatively shallow, but, whistling There are no perfect candidates, and Liu Wei’s first three advantages are enough to highlight him.

Liu Wei did not live up to expectations. He did a good job. On the court, everyone saw his role in the whistling. The most cost-effective transfer in summer fell on his head, and he was always in the 24th All-Star appearance. This time, he finally stepped in and ushered in the spring he had been expecting. Coincidentally, his total votes are ranked 17th in the voting list, and this is precisely the ranking of Fang Rui last year. Liu Wei is whistling, and it is also the position of Fang Rui.

Fang Rui regrets that he has not been selected for the All-Stars in the end. The transformation is not easy for the players to have strength and popularity damage. However, Fang Rui’s achievements are well-received. After the initial running-in stage, he relied on the three-axe eating stage. He has already integrated his own good doorway into the qigong master profession, one after another, constantly The development of the land is enhanced.

As a result, not selected for the All-Star?

“The players of qigong masters don’t understand love!” Fang Rui said angrily.

As for whether it is true anger or false anger, everyone really can’t see it. This does not seem like a famous guy who would pay special attention to the All-Star. If you are awkward, you have to bear the prejudice of the world, and you are destined to get a little less love. However, this kind of anti-customer is the main one, and those who do not know how to appreciate the awkward flow are not familiar with love, but also rare and rare.

At the moment when the new year’s bell rings, the voting channel of the All-Stars is closed. There is no extra points for the game, and the plain vote is really not too big. The ups and downs of the rankings, there are not many people care about this time, the main concern of everyone is that there is no replacement in the end.

Yes, there are still.

In the last 23, 24 seats, there has been an alternation, but when the channel is finally closed, the two names that are squeezed in are Zou Yuan and Yang Cong.

Yang Cong, with years of loyalty and diligence, finally occupied an all-star seat, Zou Yuan, the player who should not enter the All-Stars this time, this time, when he has a real silhouette And finally got people’s care, he finally got a seat. This time, it is the true embodiment of his value. Finally, it is no longer relying on fans’ attachment to the role. The doubt is the result of being mad with someone.

At this time, the names of these rankings in 25 and 26 can only make people feel sorry. If they can enter, no one will doubt that they have such qualifications.

Zhang Jiale, the second season of the professional league player, except for the first season of retiring in the eighth season, was not selected for the first time.

Liu Xiaobei, this is his second time, only one step away from the All-Star.

Lin Jingyan, Fang Rui, the former criminal combination, they are not a combination, nor a teammate, but they stand together outside the circle.

And Tian Sen, sweeping the ground to burn the last glory of the former god-level character, he finally failed to hold, he, what kind of mood?

The All-Star Weekend is coming.


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