The King’s Avatar

Chapter 1238 In the way of his own

The first thousand two hundred and thirty-eighth chapters

The two melee occupations of the Thunder were pressed at this moment, and Xiao Shiqin was even staring at the eyes. However, the Thunder’s offensive did not weaken, and Xiao Shiqin did not neglect the command.

Xing Xin may just be deceiving, to turn their attention and reduce the pressure. This possibility, Xiao Shiqin is considered. Therefore, even if it is crushed with wind and ghosts, it is not just as simple as finding Jun Mo, they maintain the aggressiveness of Xingxin’s role. Xingxin did not reduce the pressure, but because of the quiet disappearance of Jun Moxiao, it needed to increase the pressure with four enemies.

Appear it!

Xiao Shiqin thought in his heart, this situation, Ye Xiu can not always play like this.

“2 o’clock.” Thunder channel, Dai Yuqi suddenly screamed, saying that he would cast a spell over there.

“Don’t distract attention, give it to me!” Xiao Shiqin immediately called. He was afraid of this situation. Everyone shifted their attention too much to the words of Ye Xiu, who was easy to create. Yet? Seeing that Dai Yuqi’s voice has turned around at that moment, he will sing to this side. Xiao Shiqin really admires Ye Xiu.

It is only a small means, but it can cause great trouble to the Thunder’s tactical execution. Ye Xiu really understands the psychology and reaction of the players. At this time, anyone who suddenly found Jun Mo laughs, I am afraid that will attack the first time, so that the Thunder’s tactical rhythm can be chaotic.

“But it is a pity that Ye Xiu’s opponent is Xiao Shiqin.” Seeing Xiao Shiqin’s instructions in the team channel, Li Yibo said with a smile. Jun Moxiao’s move, of course, these people with God’s perspective are far more clear than Xiao Shiqin. He is also the same idea as Xiao Shiqin, but after seeing Xiao Shiqin completely see through and beware, Li Yibo I am too lazy to admire Ye Xiu.

“Well…” Pan Lin also echoed aside, his mind has begun to shake, this game, it seems that Xingxin really can’t! Do you want to start singing hymns for the Thunder?

Pan Lin is still hesitating, and the situation on the field has changed.

Jun Mo, who was exposed to his body, suddenly began to move. Dai Yuqi’s attack on him was stopped by Xiao Shiqin, but he even rushed to Dai Daiqi at this time.

“Don’t panic, it’s mechanical tracking.” Xiao Shiqin called.

“Haha, I was seen through.” Li Yibo laughed. “Mechanical tracking and the size of the characters are very different. The traces brought by the movement are naturally different. Many people may not be able to tell, but Xiao Shiqin is a mechanical expert. !”

The small means, once again useless, Ye Xiu seems very helpless, Jun Mo laughter finally rushed out, but it is back to Zhang Jiaxing’s pastor.

Wei Wei save Zhao?

Xiao Shiqin smiled, this possibility, I have long thought about it!

Fang Xuecai’s assassin ghost turned to an arc flash and cut away in the direction of Jun Moxiao’s movement. No such thing happened. I really didn’t think that after the incident, I suddenly found out that the Thunder’s team was constantly attacking. Under the circumstance, the response between them is still very good. The tactical execution of this team is really accurate like a mechanical one.

Zhang Jiaxing will not do anything, look at the trajectory of Jun Mo Xiao Chong, a sacred fire quietly picked up, under the grass.

Will it be in the meeting?

Zhang Jiaxing is not sure. He is too familiar with this opponent. He knows its terrible. This kind of small means will not be useful.

Before he could finish it, he released the position of the sacred fire, and a white flame suddenly flashed.


Fang Xuecai’s heart was ecstatic, and Fang Xuecai refused to miss the opportunity to seal the skills. The ghosts only ran and sprinted, and they immediately rushed to the heart.

this is?

Fang Xuecai stunned, and a green-skinned Goblin waved a big stick and knocked at him. The state of excitement, at first glance, is eating whipped, otherwise how could it run so fast?

This is a trap!

“It’s Goblin!” Fang Xuecai quickly sent out the news, and this kind of minimum small summoning beast will be put in his eyes, and he will be slaughtered cleanly.


Xiao Shiqin was shocked. It’s not Wei Wei Zhao, this is…

Xiao Shiqin, who just understood it, saw the grass tremble again. This time, Ye Xiu no longer hides the shape of Jun Moxiao. Because there are no people around him who can stop him.

Shovel, charge, impact, arc flash…

Continuous, the low-level skills of each occupation with movement are displayed by Jun Moxiao. Depending on the movement effect brought by these skills, Jun Moxiao’s movement speed in an instant can not be compared with the assassin, not to mention the professional judo as far as the assassin. ?

Cheng Tai’s broken wind can’t stop, and seeing Jun Mo laughs rushed to his target.

“Captain Xiao, have a good time?”

Jun Mo laughs, shot, dragon tooth!

After learning that the move was Goblin, Xiao Shiqin immediately realized that he was the target that Ye Xiu really wanted to target. He was already prepared, but Jun Mo laughed too fast, so that Xiao Shiqin could regret it. : Jun Moxiao can rely on skills to move so quickly, it should not be on that Goblin.


The creatures smashed toward the side, avoiding the attack of the dragon tooth, and the hand was thrown out from the mechanical box, and a magnetic field coil was smashed to the ground.


The magnetic field coil has not come and the magnetic force of it has been released. Junmo’s spear has been poked and directly blasted. The spear followed a jump, and it flashed again to the eyes of the dead.

The operation of the spear is the most skilled, accurate and sharpest of Ye Xiu. The career of the battle mage in the past is not white.

Xiao Shiqin can only let the creatures die, but now Junmo laughs, but it is not a simple war mage. The distance that the spear can’t attack… The thousand-machine umbrella becomes a gun form, and the anti-tank shells come!


The fire of the explosion engulfed the whole body, but at this time Xiao Shiqin actually sent a message on the channel: “Don’t care for me, keep the rhythm.”

The Thunder players who were waiting to be rescued were all caught, but they immediately realized the captain’s intentions. Ye Xiu’s attack on Xiao Shiqin is also the link he tried to break the current situation. If the Thunder players flocked to save, Xingxin’s trapped situation would be solved, and even this thought that a wave of counterattacks would not be possible. To put it bluntly, it can be regarded as a change in the “bo” tactics. The Thunder players have high tactical literacy and will understand it in an instant.

“Keep the rhythm, properly respond.” There are people in the Thunder who speak, is Fang Xuecai, Xiao Shiqin’s teammates in the Thunder for many years, the deputy captain of the Thunder team. He knew that Xiao Shiqin was afraid that he did not have much energy to carry out the command, so he added a tactical plan.

Can not gather the strength of the whole team to save, but can not help, maintain the rhythm, appropriate strategy, this style of play, is to want to incorporate Jun Mo laughter and biological destruction into the overall tactical rhythm, it is exactly “bo” Reasonable hacking of tactics.

But… Xiao Shiqin’s role in the Thunder is not just a battle core. He is still a commander, especially in this game. He needs his high-density command to adjust the tactics and attack rhythm, forcing Xingxin. The short board An Wenyi. But at this time, in Ye Xiu’s scattered people, Jun Moxiao can instantly explode the sudden rain-like offensive of countless strong hands…

“How? Is there any time to type?” Ye Xiu even asked for it.

The audience was silent, and everyone did not know how to express their feelings at the moment.

Xiao Shiqin… Is this being retribution?

When fighting against the blue rain, the bully of the Wenshu state was not enough to cope with the changing scenes. The team was deliberately commanded to change the combat command and eventually defeated the blue rain.

At this time, Ye Xiu, this glory textbook is a good lesson for the blue rain team after the game, and there is no way for Xiao Shiqin’s tossing method.

Of course not, the method is very simple, to return to the teeth, and to rule the person with his own way!

In order to make a complicated change, Xiao Shiqin also needs to rely on a large number of commanders. His hand speed is no problem, but when he encounters such a storm-like attack…

“Will you still command?”

Ye Xiu’s question is the most difficult choice that Xiao Shiqin will face at this time.

The players of the Thunder team also quickly felt that they lacked a large number of dispatchers and commanders of Xiao Shiqin. Their attack quality dropped sharply. Xingxin’s short board An Wenyi seemed to be able to support it. After all, he also followed Xingxin’s challenge and played nearly half of the season’s Xingxin main players. He did not neglect any practice on weekdays, perhaps limited talent, but after a year and a half of growth, he is not a mediocrity.

Thunder’s tactics were broken!

The audience finally reacted at this time, and the applause cheered. When An Wenyi could support the situation, Xingxin’s rebound finally came. On the quality of the players, Xingxin was better than Thunder, which was recognized by many people before the game.

“You must save the captain!” Dai Yuqi said in the channel.

Others are also entangled, but they want to wait for the instructions of Xiao Shiqin, a “salvation” word, finally can still be played! In the process of entanglement with Ye Xiu, Xiao Shiqin occasionally took the time to send a little command.

Is it still to be commanded? It is the problem that Xiao Shiqin faced.

Save or not? It is the choice that Thunder players need to make.

However, Ye Xiu, however, seems to know that the Thunder is facing a difficult choice at this time, the offensive is fully open, and Jun Moxiao’s offensive is so fierce that people feel that there is a slight negligence in the death of the human being.

Is it even the case that there is no space for playing a word? The Thunder players were scared.

“Dai, support!” Finally, Fang Xuecai couldn’t help it, instructing Dai Qiqi to give attack support, even if it was empty, let Xiao Shiqin make a command and set the next direction!

“Understand!” Dai Yiqi’s awkward voice turned.

The audience saw everything in their eyes, Xiao Shiqin was suppressed, Dai Daiqi also had to help the past, this… This is the scene that often appears when the team of the giants with top players is in the game.

This Ye Xiu, when others have stars, he and others play tactics; when others play tactics, do you play stars with people?


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