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Chapter 1232 Round 15

The reports and comments of the parties after the end of the fourteenth round of competitions soon appeared in a day or two. For example, the event of kicking a mineral water bottle after the Tang dynasty was captured, but it did not become a headline.

Losing is also the protagonist, Tang Hao has not yet had such a position. On the front page, it is undoubtedly the ode to those winners.

Xing Xin’s fifth 10-0, Thunder’s team record, of course, the same 10 to 0 reincarnation will never be forgotten. Overall, 14 rounds, 123 points lead, 24 points ahead of the second team, this is definitely an abnormal grade, this strength, destined to be the real protagonist of this season, although there are some rushing However, in the most prominent position on the front page of the e-sports weekly newspaper, it is the 10-0 of the reincarnation, Xingxin, and has to stand one stop. Even the Thunder team’s team record is a bit less than the reincarnation.

The reincarnation team, the 14-round team game is a complete victory, and the Thunder lost in the ninth round of the Royal Wind team, the team’s victory is missing for such a burst, people are very sigh.

The front page gave the leader enough respect, but in the internal version of the detailed report comments, Xingxin and Thunder’s content still occupies more content. After all, the reincarnation of this round of opponents is just righteousness. In the eyes of everyone, the game is not shocking. Is there anything too much to say? However, Xingxin and Thunder are different. One wins the void and one reverses the roar. How high is the content of this game?

After discussing the performance of the two teams in this round, everyone is concerned about what time they will be strong.

Looking at the next round, Xingxin challenged the light-defying team, and the Thunder was the home game.

Xingxin’s strength has not been questioned any more. With the current ranking of 16, the 46-point light ruling team is right, the victory has been regarded as a matter of stability, people are concerned about whether Xingxin can make another 10 Than 0. The Thunder’s home game against the rain, the smoke and rain team’s recent ups and downs, the innovative style of play is questioned. Now, in the case of the Thunder, which has been extremely good in the team competition, the expectations of the smoke and rain have been put low.

In fact, more people’s eyes have passed the fifteenth round, because in the sixteenth round, Xingxin and Thunder, the two most unexpected teams this season will have a direct dialogue at Xingxin’s home.

Fifteen rounds of competition have passed quickly!

Many people are holding such thoughts.

It’s just that the days have to go through the day, and the game is of course a round. Fifteen rounds are impossible to skip in the blink of an eye, on the evening of December 13. The fifteenth round of the game started on time, and the TV station chose to broadcast live in this round. It was a game of Baihua’s home game against the void.

In the end, the Hundred Flowers team defeated the Void team with a score of 6 to 4. The two teams did not change their rankings in the standings. Eighth and ninth, though they are neighbors. But this is the difference between heaven and earth.

In the same round of the game, the final surprise is that the Blue Rain team lost 4-6 to the He Wu team. In the single-player situation, the team game was unexpectedly missed. This missed, the second blue rain team in the standings slipped to the fifth place. Under the blue rain, it is the Xingxin team that has moved forward one after another.

Xingxin eventually won the ninth in the away game, and people especially regretted that there was no more than 10-0. Coincidentally, the reincarnation team’s current round is, for example, finally fixed at 9 to 1, and their opponent is the 301 team.

Both the tyrants and the micro-grass have defeated the opponents who are not strong, 8-2, and another unexpected game. It was the whistling team. After the last round was reversed by the Thunder, the round was defeated again. They were defeated by the Royal Winds team at 7-3 at home.

This time, Don Juan did not play any mineral water bottle again, and he did not appear as a captain after the game press conference. This shows how dissatisfied he is in the recent rounds of whistling.

Whistling, it has already experienced a three-game losing streak, ranking all the way down, and now ranks seventh. Even Xing Xin has exceeded 5 points.

But to be objective. The two rounds of whistling face the flowers, the Thunder, and the Huangfeng. They all have certain strength and can even be called a strong team. In the case of a team game that can determine the 5 points, Wu Xiao scored 3 points, 4 points, and 3 points in each of the three rounds. For example, the ratio of 8 to 2, 7 to 3, it seems that the difference is very large, but because the team game can determine the 5 points of the fate, these two differences, in fact, the highest probability of occurrence in the game.

In the 8 to 2 match, the team match fell to the other side, which became 3 to 7; the same 7 to 3 game, the team game turned backwards and then became 2 to 8.

The disparity score is actually determined by the system of the glory game. It is not a concept to be 7 to 3 and 8 to 2 with football.

The three rounds of whistling and losing are such scores. It can be said that their strength is still based. However, there have been some doubts in the three consecutive rounds, but in comparison, the response of the whistling team is already large enough. When the two-game losing streak, Captain Tang Wei could not accept it, and lost three straight, even the press conference did not bother to pay attention.

“I think, even losing three rounds, it should stop here…” The captain did not come, and Wu Xiao, the vice captain of the whistle, said at a press conference.

Yes, Liu Wei.

Once the vice-captain of Jiashi, after being transferred to the Thunder, he served as the captain of the Thunder. After the free transfer to the whistling team in the summer, he gradually established his position. After the former vice captain Fang Rui left, Fang Hao was appointed as the vice captain.

After all, Liu Wei has strength and certain qualifications. He has served as a vice captain and a captain. He has experience in this area. In the whistling team, he can be a good helper around Tang Hao.

For example, now Tang Yan is angry and can’t come to the press conference. Liu Wei seems to be very accustomed to talk on the table, as if the captain really never existed.

Everyone started to be a bit surprised by his temperament, but he thought about it again. Oh, this kind of thing, Liu Wei is of course very used. Because as early as in Jiashi, Jiashi captain Ye Xiu never took part in a press conference. He was always the vice captain who responded to the media in the absence of the captain. The press conference was put on the pigeons by the captain. Liu Wei was in a hundred battles. Can he not take it easy?

Skillfully responding to the media, and firmly demonstrating that the next round of whistling will win. The reporters turned over the schedule and the next round of whistling at home. Originally, the scores of these three rounds may not be able to explain how weak the whistling is. In the next round, as long as there is no problem with the mentality, it is not a problem to win the righteousness against the whistling. But now, the captain of the whistling, the core of the whistling, the following Tang Yan, seems to be a bit frustrated by the current setbacks!

“I don’t worry at all.” Liu Wei continued to calmly say, “The captain is more eager to win than anyone, so he is more ashamed of defeat than anyone. As long as he gets to the game, he will still be I am convinced of the person who is not afraid of all pursuit of victory.”

The answer is good!

The whistling news officer on the side was really gratified, and was particularly moved by the appointment of the team’s deputy team. Think about the vice captain who has been whistling for so many years before, Fang Rui… It’s really a guy who doesn’t have four or six! Frequently talking nonsense at a press conference, there is no dignity as a vice captain. Many times, the news officer himself wanted to rush to hit him.

As a news officer, from the perspective of the affairs that he needs to undertake, Wu Xiao really feels that there is a gap of 10,000 light years between Fang Rui and Liu Wei. As for the All-Star or non-All-Stars, is it helpful for this kind of thing? Nothing at all!

Under the response of Liu Wei’s decent, the singularity of the screaming captain Tang Hao’s losing streak finally did not have any special impact. When the conference ended and left, the whistle-blowing press officer picked up the thumb of Liu Wei and went forward to talk with the new vice-captain of the whistling.

The roar of the losing streak is such a scene, and the blue rain team that accidentally missed it?

The Blue Rain team’s performance at the beginning of the season was quite strong. Except for the 7-3 defeat in the away game, whether they were facing the grass, the tyrants, or the whistling, they could laugh at the end.

However, just after the bottom of this stage, the blue rain is a relatively obvious team that ended the honeymoon period. In the eleventh round, 3 to 7 away from the 100-flower team, the 12th round of the home single-player game, 5 to 0 under the beautiful lead, was beaten by the Thunder team 5 to 5, the thirteenth round, away 4 More than 6 was knocked down by the imperial wind, and then to this round, the blue rain in front of the He Wu team will be defeated.

This is the performance of these rounds, the blue rain was originally in the second place in the standings, it can be seen that in the opening stage, the blue rain bite the first round of the list is still very tight. However, in an instant, the gap of 24 points, and then to the end of the fifteenth round, the blue rain simply fell from the second in the standings to the third, slipped to the fifth, and the sixth place Xing Xin only 5 points. 5 points, this is often a round in the glory league.

The unfavorable situation of the blue rain is not only in this field, but in this stage. However, in the end, the Blue Rain team did not appear to have the performance of the bottle-playing disappearance. At the press conference after the game, their captains and their cores still calmly answered the reporter’s questions.

Where is the problem of blue rain?

This is what everyone wants to know.

“I think it’s just that luck is not good.” Yu Yuzhou, the captain of the Blue Rain, said with a smile.

“If you can pick up the character and give us good luck in the playoffs, then I think it is a good thing!” Yu Wenzhou continued.

攒 character…

The reporters are crying and laughing, this is really an unscientific explanation! However, Yu Wenzhou just mentioned the playoffs. Speaking of it, the recent rhythm of Blue Rain can make people feel worried about their playoff seats. However, people did not deliberately emphasize the inevitability, just so casually brought out the playoffs lightly, as if it should be as simple as eating.

This is also a very strong self-confidence!


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