The King’s Avatar

Chapter 1228 Soldiers

Li Xun’s shock can no longer be described in words, but when it comes to it, Xingxin has hidden people here, and the whole world is afraid that the six people on the field will not know it. It was the void player sitting on the side of the field. I also saw the move of Xingxin from the perspective of God with the audience. It is impossible for them to send the information to the field. They can only turn around like ants on the hot pot. .

And what about the audience?

Without Li Xun’s surprise, some of them just looked forward to it. They looked forward to the Void team rushing to the front and found the scenes they didn’t expect, and now they finally waited.

This is the climax of the script!

When Li Xun’s wildfire fires through the watchtower and meets the four people there, Xing Xin waits, the whole scene is boiling.

Li Xun only took a look and suddenly knew what was going on. Because the four characters waiting here are Jun Moxiao, Hai Wuliang, Han Xingfu, and Baozi invasion.

Yes, there is no hind leg without treatment. When Xingxin came up with speed, it wasn’t the only Mu Mu orange wind of Su Mu Orange, but everyone. Will the little hand that dragged the hind legs cool? I am afraid that it will be replaced directly with the buns when I first started the opening… The opening refresh area has always been a part-time substitution area.

One pick four?

Li Xun is definitely not so naive, but what can he do now? All the way to speed up is to use all the power, those skills that can speed up all of this time cooling, he can not escape, but can not beat, but also have to report the situation here to the team.


As soon as possible, Li Xun chose the most concise and succinct way to alert his teammates, and the four characters of Xingxin were also rushing at this time.

In the middle? Also use him to prompt? The other few people in the void were not too far away from Li Xun’s ghost lights, and immediately saw the four people who threw them out. Everyone was in a daze.

Ghost lights and fireflies have been surrounded for almost a moment, and the Void team has already been at an absolute disadvantage.

How could this be?

Li Xuan is not a player known for his tactical level, but he likes to take risks, so this time, he quickly sniffed the difference between the two teams.

The difference is in the word “risk”!

In the beginning of the void, they can also send their gunners Yang Lanxuan to grab the spot, but they did not do this because they did not dare to take the risk. They were afraid that Yang Yuxuan would be suppressed by Su Mu Orange, to expand the face and let the team At a disadvantage.

But what about Xingxin? They simply abandoned the treatment, the whole team quickly rushed to grab the point, and played a precise time difference. Under the circumstance that the Void team did not notice, the whole team was killed, but only Su Mu Orange’s Mu Yu orange wind smashed up and grabbed the point. . Xingxin is a step in the game. If the void is not so eager to take down the rain and orange wind, continue to maintain the team’s complete advancement, even if there is a high rain and orange wind, but there is no treatment, this disadvantage may not be a high level of policy can be filled. With the short-term connection, the gunner can stop the unreasonable killing.

Unfortunately, the void did not do this.

They didn’t dare to take risks, but they didn’t take a steady step. When they saw Su Mu Orange grabbed a high point, they immediately regarded this as an opportunity to decide the outcome. They suddenly started to advance at full speed, and even made it in the middle. Treatment replaces the heroic behavior of the exit.

However, after this risk has been stabilized, it is still a lot worse than letting go of Xingxin’s start.

The ghost lights were immediately surrounded by fireflies, and the other people in the void immediately saw the situation.

How to do?


Li Xuan made a word on the channel of the team.

No way, at this time they can’t help, four hits, and Li Xun himself is afraid that he can’t get out of it, and suddenly it will become a five-fifth situation. Although there is a five-to-five situation after the sixth person in the void, but with one more person backing, Xingxin can take the initiative in a tough posture on the court. Some means of forcing the void to exchange will make the void very passive.

So at this time, Li Xuan did not choose to retreat, but to call everyone speed, after all, they were not opened by the ghost lights, plus the ghost swordsman’s ghost array, Li Xuan felt that it should be able to quickly give Li Xun a free space. .

Ice soul!

Li Xuan’s role, glory, the first wave of ghosts and sorrows in the hands of the silver Wu four-wheeled day dance has ice, fire, dark three attributes to strengthen, the beautiful ice crystals shaken out of the moment almost wiped out the ghost swordsman The darkness of the profession. The speed of casting is very fast, and the ice is almost like a moment.

Just, almost like an instant, means that it is not an instant. The enchantment became a moment of condensing, and Li Xuan saw a grenade falling into his own eyes.

The grenade blew open, and the ghosts and sorrows shunned, but the ice rim was still not released. Li Xuan looked up from the perspective and saw the long hair and the horns of the rain and orange wind on the guardrail.

It’s not a nemesis! Li Xuan sighs, but…

A figure, almost in the moment of the grenade explosion, smeared from the smashing of the mountains and ghosts, the knives turned up in the hands, the same flow of ice crystals, but not so dazzling when the four rounds of sky dance release.

No way, the ghostly engraved Yinwu, Hongliantian dance is the strengthening of fire attributes, plus his ice array is not high, in the red lotus sky dance demon red knife, the flow of ice crystal is not so conspicuous . And compared to the screaming of the mountains, the ghost sings are also somewhat slow, but at this time, the ghosts and gods that have been called out by the Red Lotus knives have been sent out. This ice rim has been displayed, surrounded by ghost lights. In a circle, the enchantment is already condensing.

With the cooperation of the double ghosts, who can be more skilled than the empty ghosts? No matter the other’s consciousness, habits, and roles, both of them are familiar with the extent to which they can’t go further. Their cooperation has no need for verbal communication.

The first ghost of the ghosts of the mountain is just a cover; the real release is actually the ghost of the ice. In an instant, the two of the void completed an extremely wonderful cooperation.

Within the scope of the ice array, can the people of Xingxin still not retreat?

Ghostly engraved ice arrays are even less powerful, and the effect is weaker, but the impact is not negligible.

However, Xingxin really did not retreat.

At the time, Fang Rui’s sea was infinite, and his arms were swaying. The hood was instantly formed. This ice rim was actually blocked out of the scope of the hood. Two opponents who played in the ring game, the team match up and directly on the skills.

The ice gas constantly slammed into the hood, but the power of the ice-encrusted ice is really limited. Obviously it is impossible to break through the sea’s infinite hood. This is the first time to rescue the skills of the ghost lights and fireflies. It’s down.

Missed a chance, the beggars of the beggars will be hurt by one point. Li Xuan’s screaming on the mountain will be thrown away again. As a result, the roar of the shells came from the top of the head. The fire was fully open and the two ghost swords came to them.

The two had a tacit understanding of the left and right, and did not pay attention to the rain and orange wind, and continued to rush to the surrounding. The talented drive of Gaijiejie has already waved out the trenches. Leiguang has been implicated from the sky and has been implicated on the trenches.

This blow, the hood can no longer be blocked, the weapon of the sacred soul is judged to be extremely strong, not just any attack can be parried, but can block his skills, the soul itself is naturally to be included Inside!

In the encirclement of the array, Jun Moxiao’s thousand-machine umbrella also flew out and flew straight into the trenches.

The two moves collided, it can be clearly seen that Jun Moxiao’s sacred soul is still weaker. After all, it is not a professional exorcist, but this collision also makes the Qing’s drive not reach the expected location. Although not completely intercepted, it was also helped by Xingxin to avoid this attack.

After the collision, the thousand-machine umbrella has been recalled by Junmo Laughing Soul without any stoppage. The next second has already been beaten on the brain of the ghostly firefly. Following a throwing, the ghost lights were thrown out, but the void had not come and was happy. Seeing that Xing Xin had already moved to the side earlier. Ghost lights and fireflies have not come and landed, have been invaded by a steamed buns and directly caught in the air.

On the side of Xingxin, there is a fire, and there is also a place to take the fire. So turn around the guard building, let the empty gunners dumbfounded. Yang Yuxuan is preparing a satellite ray to directly bomb the pile of people. The opponent has no vision. The result is that the operation of the satellite ray has not been stopped, and the release of the satellite ray has been completed. Chasing the ghosts of the past. The rainy orange wind on the guardian’s floor is staring at him playing satellite rays, and a laser cannon shoots him personally.

Ghost engraved and crossed the mountain and weeping a crossover position. At the same time, the ghosts that had cooled down flashed out, the character was swept at a high speed, and there was a shadow behind him, but Xingxin suddenly killed a carbine at this time.

Fighting the mountains and rivers!

Tang Rou’s cold smoke leaped high and he shot directly.

Who would dare to fight this trick? The two ghost swords had to retreat. The cold smoke is not in love, and the big move forced the two to return immediately. Hey, Jun Mo smiled out and picked up her power at the right time. A bullet vented and swept away.

Void headache!

Full of thought that with the characteristics of the control of their ghost swordsman, they can quickly help Li Xun get out of trouble, which is thought to be forced to be shot. As a result, people did not save, but they themselves fell into the same place. In this area, there is no treatment in a short time. But what about Xingxin? Now I have hit 14 rounds. Jun Moxiao suddenly shakes the thousand umbrellas and several treatment skills are already seen. I will not ignore this anymore.


Just shouting “rescue”, in a blink of an eye, it is also shouting “retire”. It can’t be said that Li Xuan’s attitude is not determined. It is really changing the situation. Seeing that the rescue has not succeeded, I am afraid that the whole team will have trouble, and I have to act decisively and sell first. Xing Xin is a human head, retaining the fire of ** to reinvigorate.

When they thought, they gave up in the void, but Xingxin did not appreciate it at all. Perceived the intent of the void, and actually set off the ghost lights and fired back.


The more I write, the more difficult it is, and I finally finished it! Perseverance!

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