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Chapter 122 Helping Liu Wei

Chapter 126, Liu Wei, who helped

The copy of this burial land ended. After Huang Shaotian turned over the record of the Jia Dynasty, he immediately said affirmatively: “Well, this way, this record should be able to increase by about 30 seconds.”

“However, their record is definitely to be played with your style of play. Isn’t this original for you? How can they do it?” Huang Shaotian said.

Huang Shaotian is a very thoughtful person. He has always been known for his amazing judgment and ability to capture and seize opportunities in the glory professional circle. Breaking the trick is his strength. Spending straw is something he often loves to do, a typical opportunist.

This is particularly evident in team battles. He may feel weak on the court as if he is disappearing, maybe you will feel that his state is very bad, but as soon as there is an opportunity, he will immediately create a murder. Cold-blooded, ruthless, true killer.

If you only look at this technical style, this should be a cold and cool character. But Huang Shaotian played very badly because he was still awkward. His combat performance can be without a sense of existence, but the super high hand speed and swearing problems make him always the brightest star in the information chat box.

The broadcast of Huang Shaotian’s game is the most relaxed for the host. When there is no word to say, I can read this person’s brush screen. I don’t know how many experts and masters have pointed out that if this person can get rid of a lot of time and spirit. It would be even more terrible to waste the words on the screen, but this person still has the style. For this person, the league even modified a game setting: people who died in the group battle are forbidden to send messages again.

If the dead do not need to have any more operations, let this person concentrate on brushing the screen… This rule is out, the whole league is applauded.

At this moment, Huang Shaotian was aware that the record of the Jia Dynasty was very abnormal. This point, the Tang soft buns invasion without judgment is not aware of it. Su Mu Orange, who is also a professional, did not realize it. At this time, listening to Huang Shaotian, I thought it was a bit wrong: “Yes, how come?”

“The hate sword is Liu Wei.” Ye Xiu said.

“Ah?” Su Mu orange.

“What is the hate sword?” asked Huang Shaotian.

“Who is Liu Wei?” asked the buns to invade.

The cold smoke is soft and it is hiding on one side, not coming over. Tang Rou saw early that the wind and smoked Mu and Ye Xiu were not ordinary friends, and this new crevice seems to be the same. They didn’t understand what they were talking about. Tang Rou didn’t know that it was not convenient to listen, so he politely avoided it.

“The hate sword learned the game from us, and then helped the Jia Dynasty people to brush out the records on the current list.” Ye Xiuxian explained the buns invasion.

“Hey, he’s quite eager to learn!” The buns invaded and sighed, and after three seconds cleared up the relationship: “I rely on, this guy is a spy.”

Everyone is speechless.

“I want to marry him!!” The buns invaded the statement.

“Low-key, private chat is good.” Ye Xiu said.

“Oh… alright!” The buns invaded the original preparations to brush the world. After listening to the big gods, they changed their privacy and sent a bunch of messages to the online hate line. The words that can be despised are despised.

Ye Xiu was here to explain to Huang Shaotian: “Liu Wei opened a small number and has been following this copy with us for the past few days.”

“You saw it early?” Su Mu Orange asked.

“Yes!” said Ye Xiu.

“Is that still carrying him?” Su Mu Orange asked.

“Professional master! This kind of helper sent it to the door, why should I refuse it!” Ye Xiu said.

“It’s so mean!!” Huang Shaotian said, “You dragged people here to brush up with you and made a mess. The game you saw today? The guy is like an idiot. I think he is fighting the team. As a place to bury the bones? Su Sister, have you opened the assembly to fight him?”

“I didn’t drag him, he was actively following, I just wanted what he wanted.” Ye Xiu said.

“Then this kid deliberately stays with you when you brush, and then another team to go all out to brush. You are very confident! So sure to exceed his record so sure?” Huang Shaotian said.

“Is this not you?”

“How do you know…” Huang Shaotian said half of it and stopped himself.

“Oh, the league schedule was fully drafted when it was started half a year ago. How can I not know if you will come over today?” Ye Xiu said.

“Rely, I actually decided to ask me to fight!” Huang Shaotian said.

“In fact, if you come or not, it is not the point. You can come to the game wherever you are!” said Ye Xiu.

“But…” Su Mu Orange hesitated. “In this copy, Shaotian and Liu Wei are actually similar. Although you can cooperate with the corpse, you can use the volley gun to send the boss in, but… The time is limited!”

“It was almost the same, but after Liu Wei helped us make a record, it was different.” Ye Xiu said.

“Where is it different?”

“There is a bloodsucking lightsaber!” said Ye Xiu.

“Rely, this is the focus of looking for me!” Huang Shaotian burst into tears, it will be found here, the real intention is to play the power of the orange. A piece of orange Wu means the improvement of the output, and the effect is more significant when the whole copy is enlarged. Together with the two people working together to complete the volley gun, the record is not broken.

“I sympathize with Liu Wei, I don’t want to help you.” Huang Shaotian said, suddenly received a guild invitation, Huang Shaotian looked at the Lanxi Pavilion, he was shocked, he certainly knows that this is their club in the game. How can the guild that is fostered suddenly invite yourself? Is your identity exposed? But then, the inviting person is a monarch.

“Look, the record is actually helping you brush, who are you looking for?” Ye Xiu said.

“Don’t reveal my identity?”

“Of course not.” Ye Xiu just asked for an invitation to join the Blue River and was ready to pull in the flow of Huang Shaotian.

“Well, now officially open the record, all serious.” Ye Xiu announced.

“I just said that I didn’t help him brush it?” Huang Shaotian asked Su Mu Orange.

“Say it? I didn’t hear it, you fainted!” Su Mu Orange said.

“Rely, you two!” Huang Shaotian helpless.

“Formally brush, fight for one time.” Ye Xiu gathered five people, into the book.

Officially opened, although Huang Shaotian continued to squat all the way, his play was impeccable. After a copy of the copy, Ye Xiuzhen couldn’t bear it: “Do you want to sing the buns? Sing it!”

“Yes? Then I will sing a constellation to everyone!!” After the buns invaded, they immediately sang with their voices.

Suddenly in the copy, the song, the scream of the dead creatures smashed into a piece, unprecedentedly lively.

“Do you have to be like this?” The two girls couldn’t stand it anymore.

“To die, everyone will die together.” Ye Xiu was faint.

Vibrant and noisy, unrestrained play.

The invasion of Huang Shaotian and the buns is a wonderful thing in this respect, so there is no influence on the use of one heart and two. Even at the Zombie Pele, one sang a song, and one spoke, and also sent the zombie Pele into the pit at one time.

The last third played until the final boss crashed down. The two girls shouted “I am going to pour water”, and one shouted “I went to the toilet” and disappeared like a flight, faster than the system announcement.

System Announcement: Congratulations to Lanxi Pavilion players Jun Moxiao, wind combing smoke, cold smoke, soft bun, invading, drifting wood to break the copy of the buried bones clearance record, score 16 minutes 24 seconds 67.

With an improvement of about 32 seconds, Huang Shaotian’s judgment is not wrong. The records of the Jiawang Dynasty are also very limited. It is quite difficult to increase the time by 30 seconds.

“32 seconds…32 seconds…” Liu Wei, who had never left in the seat, didn’t even look at the bunch of messages from the buns. He kept watching the system news and clearly told himself that he couldn’t help himself. Their records have not been broken, but they are still waiting here.

He finally waited, 32 seconds of improvement, Liu Wei can not imagine how this is done.

Flowing wood? Who is this again?

From the hate sword at this time is still in the guild of Lanxi Pavilion, he quickly rummaged through the list of the guild and found the raft. Level 27, Swordsman.

To surpass their achievements, this person’s level must not be low. However, since this land is a brand new style of play, if it is a character like the cold smoke or the bun invasion, it takes a long time to practice. This person immediately broke the record when he joined the night. Is Ye Qiu early prepared to practice in secret, or is it that this person is a master of professional level, so he can quickly master the style of play?

From a time perspective, this should be the second brush after 12 o’clock. With their 32-second increase, even if they made a mistake several times in the Zombie Bailey, it was enough to brush off the record of the Jia Dynasty. But the first time did not, indicating that the first time was very slow, it was tempting, and it was learning.

Just once, I have already mastered the style of play. This kind of quality is definitely a professional player!

Professional players…Swordsman…and think of the game tonight… Huang Shaotian.

Liu Wei almost did not vomit blood!

Anyone will believe it? In the copy of this buried bone, there will be Ye Qiu and Huang Shaotian. Is this **** still copying the copy? You are playing the All-Star Game! !

However, even if Huang Shaotian, 32 seconds of improvement is not enough, right? Although this is a super-top cow, but the land is buried, and there is a limit to the performance of the cow, this limit can be achieved for professional players. Is there any hidden play? It shouldn’t be! I have not seen anything that can be strengthened!

Liu Yu soul did not keep the house, only felt troubled in the heart, went out of the room and wanted to go out, and he bumped into Su Mu Orange in the corridor.

“Hey!” Su Mu Orange and Liu Wei greeted each other kindly, this is unprecedented. For those who drove Ye Qiu, Su Mu Orange never gave a good face, and there was no such thing as a virtual and a snake.

“Thank you for your help!” Su Mu orange smiled and floated.

Help… What do you mean? What help, what am I helping! ! Liu Wei’s face was white, and the fists were gripped and the bones were bursting out.

“You… stand up.” Liu Wei screamed.

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