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Chapter 1219 Jun Moxiao's nemesis

On December 6th, the 14th round of the 10th season of the Glory Professional League was ushered in. Xing Xin sat at home to meet the Void team that came to challenge.

This is a dialogue before a direct competitor. In the twelfth round, for this reason, the live broadcast of the TV selected Xingxin and Yanyu, but this time, the live broadcast of the TV finally chose this round of roaring against the Thunder. It is said that during the discussion session inside the e-sports channel, the explanation of Pan Lin actively showed opposition to the game of Xingxin, and said that the guest Li Yibo also thought so.

The reason is very high-sounding, but the de facto reason, although Pan Lin did not say, everyone is a “I understand” look. It’s not that I’m afraid to explain that Xingxin’s game is wrong and I’m being beaten!

But then again, the Thunder team’s tactics are as high as they are! Just like the complex and versatile tactics of the round that forced the meaning of Yu Wenzhou, can this pair of partners see it in the game? At least after the post-match interview, the experienced glory reporters did not notice this, until Yu Wenzhou’s helpless comments, let them get a hint, this interview was confirmed by Xiao Shiqin.

The level of explanation needs to be improved…

There is always a face-breaking event, and the channel is also very embarrassing. Now, there are really no better candidates. After all, when this commentary and guests are not just saying that they can do it, they have to be suitable for doing this, and they can say good games very rhythmically. Zhou Zezhen and Huang Shaotian are not low in tactical literacy, absolutely higher than the current two, but. Can the two of them come to be the commentator and the guests? Can you?

Suitable is the best.

At present, Pan Lin and Li Yibo are already the best interpretation partners.

So this time the game against the void, Xing Xin began in the absence of live broadcast.

The Void team is still the core of the double ghost partner. A newcomer appeared last season, and the exorcist player Gaijiejie is more stable this season. It has become the most reliable force around the two ghosts. In addition to the void, it is necessary to step up the promotion of the role of the master of the exorcist.

The Void team was particularly excited when hearing about the changes in the characters of the Royal Wind Team and the staff of the Technical Development Department. The Royal Winds. Although the strength has been stabilized in the middle, but their technology development department is undoubtedly the leading level for the creation of exorcism. Although sweeping the incense has not entered the All-Stars so far this season, it is mainly dragged down by the team’s performance and performance. Only the role attribute data. Sweeping the incense is still the king of deserved exorcism.

The emptiness of the void will directly wipe the income of the incense, but it is also very good to have two technical personnel with experience in this area.

As a result, when the void was shot again, he was stunned to learn that the two technicians had already gone to Xingxin and one went to the righteousness. The slow-paced void missed the long-awaited reinforcement and burst into tears. Only rely on the technical team of their own to continue to study the equipment production of the exorcist.

The character’s strength is a bit weaker, but the player Gaijiejie has not complained, which is rare in today’s most impetuous newcomers. Gaijiejie has a mature and stable age.

In the first game of the individual match, the veil sent out the second-year newcomer in their team. His record in this season’s individual game is also quite remarkable. 12 times played, 10 wins and 2 losses.

If it weren’t for the epic record of Ye Xiu’s 12-game winning streak in 13 games, Gaijiejie is like the player with the highest winning percentage in the single challenge field so far. Now, the heads-up match and the second-strongest have collided, and the game was full of topicality from the beginning. In contrast. The thunder of the live TV broadcast was whistling, and the opening was really dull and dull. The Thunder team did not have a lot of points in the single-player event.

“Predecessors please advise.” Gai Caijie, a steady newcomer, will not forget the courtesy.

“Well, see who can modify the winning percentage of each other.” Ye Xiu replied, it is known that he is also very concerned about this second-year newcomer. At least know that the other party is the only strong man in his personal game.

Countdown to the game, load.

Xingxin’s home game, Ye Xiu selected map, style is still. The roles of the two sides do not stop, and the direct map center finds each other and starts playing.

Jun Mo laughed with long-range firepower, took the lead in launching an attack, and the cover of Qing Jie was evaded. With a wave of arms, the trenches flew out.

It’s just an ordinary soul, no added paper, the meaning of the temptation is very obvious, the cover is not worthy of the name of stability, and did not rush to take the initiative in the beginning, although in the current consensus I think that the exorcist will be a nemesis of a singer, but what happens when the emperor encounters Xingxin? Tian Sen was anxious to let the sweeping incense to complete a nemesis mission. As a result, the game was finally stunned by Xingxin 9.1. In the individual match, the two did not meet each other. In the team match, it was like the first one to send away the incense to burn the incense.

The nemesis is theoretically established, but it really needs to mention the theory of action into reality. The exorcist’s restraint on Jun Moxiao, Gaijie Jie believes that Ye Xiu knows better than anyone else, he can’t do anything without defense. A nemesis that has been blatantly shouted out, before the opponent, must be prepared to deal with an opponent who will play the spirit of twelve points.

The sorcerer Jun Mo laughed out of the sacred soul is also lightly avoided, but Gaijie Jie is immediately a soul-throat operation, and the trenches flew back, and the attack was against Jun Mo. Jun Mo laughed and was cut into a fog.

Shadow splitting!

The real body has already sent a number of standing figures forward, and the cold light followed a touch, and it has already been flashed to the front.

The sacred spirits flew out of the trenches. At this time, there are no weapons in their hands. The operations of attacking and parry can’t be done, but the exorcist is not a profession that must have weapons to display skills. Cheng, with a trace of ice, the green drive and jumped to the side and smiled toward Jun Mo.

The ice-cold, freezing effect of the ice-based skills, certainly can not be ignored, rushed very fierce and even laughed and had to shrink.

The ice mark of the untargeted object disappeared in the air, but the green drive has been shot again, and a new paper is pinched again.


After the ice is over, it is the fire. The middle did not leave nothing in the air, the rhythm connection is extremely accurate.


No, it will crash into the trenches that are flying back, and Ye Xiubi does not suddenly have this. Flashing to the left seems to be a logical player, but… look at the right hand of the green drive, I am afraid that as long as I let it go, the right hand will immediately take another rune. This will be pushed to the middle.

So in the end, Ye Xiu players went on!

Crashing and stabbing!

Jun Mo laughed and used the skills of this mad sword system and rushed forward. The attack of the flames. Unlike the cold ice, there is a state that cannot be ignored. If you eat it hard, you can still bear it. It’s obviously not ready for Ge Jiejie’s hard touch on Ye Xiuhui. Jun Mo smiled and hit a hit, and the blue drive continued to rush forward, and pulled the distance between the pull and the back of the battle, and then turned to the right.


Jun Mo laughs is affixed to the flame, and the flames of the body are flames, which is the continuous damage in time.

The trenches flew back to the hands of the Green Drive. What Ye Xiu got was nothing but a collision and a hit with no flames. However, it is better than nothing.

Heaven strikes!

Thousands of umbrellas changed and picked out.

Gai was so excited that he had moved, but it still didn’t change much. The trench that had just flown back was pulled back to the front and held the hit. Then the first hand was launched, and it was sent by a piece of paper. This time, it was a drop.

Jun Mo laughed and jumped off, and the blue drive knocked down the trenches. The blue light on the ground floated, and when it was lifted up, it was lifted into the air.


In the air, Jun Mo smiled and quickly adjusted his body shape. He was an anti-tank gun against the Green Drive. Qing Chong is about to come up with additional attacks, and the result is forced to be so forced. Jun Moxiao has borrowed from the back seat and has thrown away a handgun.

Ups and downs, the two of them immediately hand in hand, and no one has eaten a big loss, no one is taking advantage of it. It’s unusual to change, and it’s rare to see Ye Jun’s Jun Mo laughter. But now, many people have higher expectations for Gaijie.

The exorcist claimed to be Jun Mo Xiao Xing, because of the newly updated 75-level skills, but the cover is still useless.

Do you want to wait for more mature opportunities?

Everything can be understood by everyone, but there is no patience with Gaijie, that is, I hope to see the green drive quickly.

It’s easy to stand up and talk without a backache. Sloppy shots, can not achieve the effect, can only be a waste of skills, in the next skill cooling loss of the existence of the deterrent. Now, Gaijiejie can clearly feel that Ye Xiu really has scruples about this skill. Some operations are obviously with this kind of caution. The power of the nemesis is actually already revealed! It’s not just that the big tricks are used to make the other side play a role.

“I have patience!” Even Ye Xiu couldn’t help feeling.

“I am looking for an opportunity.” Gaijiejie does not seem to resist the conversation in the game.

“There will be no.” Ye Xiu said.

“No one can be sure about this.” Gaijiejie said.

When he said this, the blue drive was swept from the top, while the other hand was ready to pinch a piece of paper. Without the cover, it is expected that this situation, Ye Xiu did not dare to use the attack and parry this very simple and easy response, Jun Mo laughed back.


The trenches that swept down were suddenly thrown out at this time, and the distance that Jun Mo laughed and jumped suddenly seemed to be insufficient.

However, Ye Xiu, who opened a little distance, seems to be a bit relieved at this time. The thousand-machine umbrella picks up and parses it up. The result is that the weapon is about to collide. Ye Xiu sees the left hand of Qing’s drive and shoots quickly. Got a battle.

not good!

Ye Xiuxin knows the second, but the change is too late, and the thousand-machine umbrella collided with the trenches. A string of paper-like energy quickly came forward from the warrior handle, from the junction of the two weapons, to the thousand On the umbrella, when it suddenly blooms, it flashes a word.

Exorcist 75-level big move: ban.

Effect: The target equipment attached to the ban is not available within 1 minute.

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