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Chapter 1177 I am afraid


As soon as the second map was loaded, many people on the scene gave an exclamation.

Because Ye Xiu’s chosen map is actually a battlefield…

In that online game, the two people are quick and easy to find a speedy battle. It can be said that it is a square flat land.

Without any bunker, the area is also very small. The two characters are on the map. The eyes of both sides are already on the opposite side. They each stepped forward and entered the gun system.

“I chose this picture…” Zhang Jiale said in the public channel. The meaning of choosing this picture is clear and clear. It is to directly hit the front, do not hide or hide, of course, did not have to hide.

“Well, are you afraid?” Ye Xiu replied.

I am afraid, I am afraid, let’s be afraid!

Under the line, turn over and over these few sentences, afraid of your sister is afraid! Zhang Jiale was angry, and the splendid ammunition fireworks bloomed in the body in an instant, as if the small universe that suddenly exploded and exploded, was suddenly big and small, and it was still retracted.

Ye Xiu also did not back down, Jun Mo laughed, rushed!

Light and shadow cover the moment, it is occlusion, but also an attack.

Jun Mo laughs into a bubble, the light and shadow attack, it is just a shadow split.

The real body has been cut off after a hundred flowers! Shine shot.

Hundreds of flowers rushed away, while a grenade replied.

Jun Mo laughed and did not retreat, and the thousand-machine umbrella slammed open, and the explosion fire was blocked out of the thousand-machine umbrella.

The umbrella face is turned over and closed, and the fire is broken in the air. The thousand-machine umbrella has changed into a spear form, and the dragon teeth are sick.

Rolling. The flowers are still rolling, and at the same time it is a kind of grenade tribute.

Jun Moxiao still does not retreat, thousands of umbrella spears lifted to the side, sliding steps, a palm shot.

Falling palms!

Slippery escaped the newly thrown grenade, but it was said that the flowers were scattered and the distance between the two rolls. The falling palms are a bit out of reach.

Who wants this time when the cold is protruding, it is actually pulling the knife!

Thousands of umbrellas are upside down, this is the palm-out posture of the falling palm. However, the side of the sword is not the same as the starting position of the sword.

Two skills. A similar posture, because of the two forms of the spear sword of the thousand aircraft umbrella, was completely put together.

This knives are quicker and more sudden.

It is usually guarded against the posture of the sheath that is observed when the knife is pulled, because the posture of the palm is covered by camouflage.

The flowers are in the middle of the knife, and the blood is scattered. Jun Mo laughed and took advantage of the situation to deceive the flowers, and the thousand umbrellas were split into two oriental roots, each holding one. A pair of fists and flowers.

In the close combat, ammunition experts are not very good at it, Zhang Jiale desperately manipulated the flash, finally grasped an empty space, a grenade landing.


The shock wave is released with great pride. Unrivaled thrust.

However, Jun Moxiao completed a step before this.

In one step, it is impossible to escape the shock wave range of the blasting grenade, but in one step, you can change the relative position of yourself and the blast.

One step before, the shock wave of the bursting grenade was in front of Jun Moxiao.

After one step, the shock wave of the blasting grenade was behind Jun Mo.

Range skill damage. In the same way, whether there is a back-striking judgment depends on the other. The blasting grenade does not have a back-hook determination. So, the damage, the effect, is exactly the same.

What is different is that there is no one behind Jun Mo’s smile, but Jun Mo’s face is always full of flowers.

Jun Mo laughed and was pushed by the shock wave. He almost ran into a mess with the flowers, and immediately hit the flowers, so he was flying.

“Your sister…” Zhang Jiale burst into tears, and there is such a shameless personal approach.

The two characters flew intimately together, and the ammunition experts in midair were still not good at personal combat, and Jun Moxiao in the air had begun to work.

When the landing was empty, Jun Moxiao had already sent out several low-level skills. In the end, he did not let the flowers bloom freely. The eagle stepped, the silver light fell, and Jun Moxiao simply stepped on the flowers. It’s not over yet, and then it’s a stepping shot. It’s just a few shots at the head of the flower.

The audience is stupid!

This is their most familiar battle map, which is the way they are most used to fighting. But who can make such a fast pace?

Zhang Jiale began to be able to parry one or two, but after Jun Mo laughed, he was passively messed up. It is easy to throw out a blasting grenade that wants to push Jun Moxiao far away. As a result, it is used by Jun Moxiao, pushing it closer to the hustle and bustle.

Next, the continuous low-level skills change of the scattered people is really dizzying. The audience has not been able to count on the skills. It depends on the change of the Kakaka, and it feels like a visual feast.

Attacks, attacks, and constant attacks. Jun Mo laughed all the way to attack, even when he was injured by the flowers, he also directly sold blood.

Wouldn’t it be like this?

Everyone has already thought of this kind of thought, so the flowers are really being killed.

The body traversed the corner of the platform, and Jun Mo laughed and slashed into the sheath. The umbrella opened and propped up in the air, blocking the blood from the sky.

“I have been very fierce in my recent practice.” Ye Xiu left the last sentence in the public channel, and he quit and cleanly took the points.

The audience was staying for a long time, and it was only after the return.

This game is over, it is just a one-sided crush. This opponent is not an ordinary person, but also a member of the first line of the great Zhang Jiale. Dispersed occupations, in this game reveals unprecedented hegemony, ultra-fast skill rhythm and complex changes are thoroughly applied. This is Zhang Jiale hitting it, what about other people? What will happen? Is it the same result of being blown up?

When Zhang Jiale came out of the competition, his expression was full of horror.

If it was said that it was irritating for the dissatisfaction of the scattered people, this time, Zhang Jiale felt the fear. The low-level skills of a large group of 24 occupations, the feeling of continuous bombing to the body, can not find any space to destroy.

but. Can not find empty space, does not mean that there is no space, just because of strange, because there is no experience, so the reaction can not keep up.

This game will probably be a good information material? Zhang Jiale smiled bitterly. This is the only thing that can be used to comfort myself. It was actually blown up. Zhang Jiale shook his head. Sighed and walked off the field and returned to the player’s seat. Over there, Ye Xiu has just returned. Seeing him looking over here, he smiled and said: “Are you afraid?”

I am afraid, I am afraid, let’s be afraid! Your sister is afraid!

But this time, Zhang Jiale is really a little scared…

This profession. In a short time, I can’t make it, but fortunately, after this round, I will meet again in a few months. At that time, what is the situation, but it is not necessarily awkward!

Now is the present, the future is the future.

Haven’t played yet, who knows?

Zhang Jiale continued to hold such a state of mind, and said that Ye Xiu was “afraid of it” and shrugged his shoulders. Just sit back in the position.

The second game of the singles ended, Xingxin 2 points, the tyrant is still 0 points.

Fans also need morale, and their morale often comes from the performance of the team. When the team is in a downturn. What are the fans’ enthusiasm to go back and oil for you?

Zhang Jiale was directly blasted, hurting the morale of the fans, and the scores were backward, which also made them feel depressed.

Fortunately, there is still a third game, take a point!

Fans try to raise their spirits to cheer for the tyrants. They are going on the road, and the number of fans is at a disadvantage. Before relying on tacit understanding. The momentum overwhelmed Xingxin’s loose powder. But now, their morale has been continuously killed. After such a heroic victory over Xingxin, everyone is excited. The home momentum was suddenly retaken, and the tyrants had just shouted a few words for the third game, and they were pressed back by the snoring of Xingxin’s loose powder.

In the third game, the player who played the game, Song Qiying, the role, the boxing method of the parent river.

A new tyrant who made his debut, and the same boxing career as the core Han Wenqing in the past ten years, has a poem name corresponding to the singularity of the King of Fighters: the sunset of the Yangtze River.

Will this be the successor of the future King of Fighters?

People can’t help but start some speculation. There are two types of succession in the core profession. There is one type of training in the team. Another is to re-establish the core from the selection of other players in the same profession.

The Ba Tu team has also worked as a heir to the training. As a result, Han Wenqing is so old and strong, he has not retired, but it is too late to wait for the players who are waiting for his class.

The career scene is so many years, no one wants to spend time waiting. In the sixth season of the professional league, the tyrants were trained, and Jia Shiming, who is preparing to take the position of Han Wenqing, left the map.

This decision is quite wise from the back. Han Wenqing, from the sixth season to the tenth season, is still the main force. Jia Shiming really has to wait, this may have melted on the bench.

However, Jia Shiming, who left the map, did not make a big name.

He first arrived at the Imperial Wind. After playing for two seasons, he moved to the void. It is still in the Void team, but it is always outside the main election.

It is now the tenth season, Jia Shiming’s career has been four years, no one is still optimistic about what breakthroughs he can make.

Many people are wondering, how can a player who is selected to be the absolute core of the combat team mix into the main position? What is this eye-catching look?

Even when Zhang Jiale and Lin Jingyan successively joined the tyrants, some people took out this ridicule. It is said that after the Jia Shiming, he did not have confidence in his own eyes, so he had to collect the powerful gods that have been tested.

Of course, this is just a joke. The training camp of Ba Tu is always actively and seriously training young teenagers who are interested in this.

Song Qiying, this player who is 17 years old in the data shows whether he will become Han Wenqing’s successor. There is no accurate statement at present.

However, as long as he is good enough, this kind of thing does not need to go to the map to verify.

What will be the first show of this boy? Looking forward to it, Xingxin’s players have also come on stage.

Fang Rui, the master of the wretched stream…

Many people are already silent. For newcomers, there is nothing more annoying than this type of player.


Well, come again, will it be more annoying? (To be continued.)

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