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Chapter 1171 New season's tyrant

This is the first few incidents on the scene, and the reporters are not sure.

Within five rounds, one pick three!

It sounds like this is deliberately martyrdom, but the look of Tang Rou seems to be so satisfying. Is there anything that will win in this?

The reporters quickly checked the information and inquired about the next five rounds of Xingxin’s schedule. After the results were checked, I was dumbfounded again.

Xingxin’s next schedule is called a death trip. It’s not too much.

In the fourth round, Xingxin fought at home to meet the challenged team.

In the sixth round, the home will wait for the blue rain.

The eighth round, at home, the grass is taught by the door.

The top three teams in the league are all in the next five rounds. Even if these three rounds are just Xingxin’s home games, but I want to take the results of the three teams from the three teams, it still makes people feel like crazy dreams.

Ye Xiu, you really have a hatred with Tang Rou! Is it right?

Several reporters looked up at this time to observe the expression of Ye Xiu. The rest, but began to pay attention to the two other teams.

In the fifth round, Xingxin battled away, challenged the Hewu team, and a middle and lower reaches of the team similar to Zhaohua.

In the seventh round, the opponents in the away game are the righteous team.

Righteous team? !

With a heart-warming mind, a rich association began in an instant.

From the information feedback from the field of online games, and the information of Ye Xiu’s unexpected news at a press conference, it can be seen that the Yiwu team and Xingxin have a personal relationship.

If you are determined to say that you want to play one pick in the five rounds. Is this opponent of Yiwu the killer of Xingxin?

Do you have the same water?

Since the development of the Glory Alliance, there has never been a qualitative fake match. At most, there are some attitudes that are slightly negative because the goal is hopeless. This kind of situation usually only occurs when the overall situation at the end of the season has been fixed. At the beginning of the season, no team will lose their fighting spirit.

Although there is no previous record, this does not prevent people from making sinister speculations. Such an unreasonable oath makes it almost impossible for almost all journalists to feel that there is no trickiness in this. Even often. Although I don’t doubt Xingxin’s vacation, I think there are some reasons for this.

The reporters failed to find out, and the press conference has ended. As a result, all the problems are finally centered on Tang Rouen’s ability to pick one, and no one cares about other places in this game. Even when the winner Zhao Hua team came to power, the reporters were still whispering about Xing Xin. After announcing that I could start asking questions, someone came up and asked a routine “Congratulations to Zhaohua to win, what do you think of this game”. There is no follow-up question.

The reporters were absent-minded, and the Zhaohua players who came to participate in the press conference were all dumbfounded.

Before the game. Xing Xin’s voice is so high. Obviously, they have not regarded them as a new team that has entered the league. They are treated as a team with strength above Zhaohua.

In this regard, Zhaohua did not feel uncomfortable, three all-stars, equipped with this player, Xingxin is indeed more gorgeous than Zhaohua. But what about that? Has three all stars. Even more of the All-Star team, Zhao Hua has not seen it. It’s not that they haven’t handed over them. Why have they been stumped before such a strong opponent?

Xingxin is stronger than those. Still have to go far behind?

Zhao Hua bravely greeted the challenge from Xingxin. Three All-Star players, Zhaohua did not intend to get too much cheap from them, but Xingxin’s other people, newcomers, became the ultimate breakthrough for Zhaohua.

They chose Tang Rou, a character who has already played a very important role in the Xing Xin lineup. He can be a big guard in the competition, showing the trust and dependence of the team.

For Tang Rou, Zhao Hua made a full deployment. So from the ring game, to the team game, this round, Tang Rou was completely played in the palm of his hand, ruining Xing Xin may be able to get 7 points.

Compared with many teams, Zhaohua is not really strong, but it has not yet reached the point where it can be bullied at will. This time, using the home court advantage and using the full pre-match preparation, they won a game that was not optimistic for many people. They are very excited and excited. They are excited to talk about it at the reception. As a result, are they ignored?

Why is this happening?

The three Zhaohua players who attended the reception were puzzled. Their fame was not big. The team was not gorgeous, but it was not so cold.

At the same time, another press conference held a little later was full of excitement.

The most attention of this round, the reincarnation of the road to challenge the tyrants has just ended.

Countless players who are touched by the toughness of the veteran are all blessing the tyrants. I hope they can achieve good results this season. I hope they can dream in the final stage of their career, hoping that they can crush the cycle of their dreams in the last season. The team gave a powerful counterattack.

The result is regrettable.

The reincarnation team that challenged the tyrants in the away game finally won the game with a big advantage of 8-2. They only lost two points in the individual game, but they continued to play in the backstage and team competitions, and then they took the top.

This is still a road game, and the reincarnation is really terrible this season. At the end of the three rounds, the first two rounds won, and the third round of the scene against the top of the map, such as the strong team, can also win the victory with a big advantage of 8 to 2. With 28 points of three rounds, the reincarnation continues to lead the standings.

The tyrants, three rounds of the battle, points 19, all of a sudden slipped to the eighth in the standings, the last seat in the playoffs.

So the start, there is no more heroic momentum to the best record of the season regular season. People’s fears about the tyrants seem to be becoming a reality. In the past season, how much has the status of the veteran squad fallen? After the fall of the last season, the hearts of the veterans have really not lost. Looking at the disadvantages of the home game against reincarnation, what these unwillingness to see seems to be happening…

Pa, is it really no longer the courage of the year? After the end of the game against the reincarnation, many fans have already shed tears in the stands.

At the press conference after the game, the atmosphere was quite dignified. Most of the veterans of the tyrants, the reporters under the stage, many of them have been dealing with them for many years, no friendship, this week after the appearance of the other side, swaying, asking questions, have also honed some friendship.

The decline of the tyrants symbolizes the demise of an era that they follow, and every old man feels sad when he feels the same. At this time, in the face of the tyrants, they can resolutely put forward sensitive issues, mostly reporters of the new generation.

“In the new season, in the face of the strong lead of the reincarnation, the three rounds of the tyrants have fallen behind by 9 points. The direct dialogue is that the home game has won 8 points in the reincarnation. What will happen to the next tyrant? Will it be made? Some changes?” asked a reporter.

Make some changes.

What changed?

A generation of newcomers for the old, is this era completely a past tense?

“The tyrant does make some adjustments.” On stage, the vice captain Zhang Xinjie answered the reporter’s question.

“Oh? Can you disclose a little?” asked the reporter.

“There should be some rotation to make the team more efficient.” Zhang Xinjie said.

Rotation! This means that the tyrant will start the conversion of old and new? Is it true that the players who symbolize an era really want to give up this stage?

The reporters looked at the stage, Han Wenqing, Lin Jingyan, and when Zhang Xinjie said this topic, their expressions remained calm.

“So, what is the goal of the tyrants this season?” Someone asked, if this is the transition period, it is clear that the team will not have too high a goal.

“The target of the tyrant is always only one, the champion.” Han Wenqing replied.

Is the veteran not convinced? The reporters sighed.

“In the next round of competition, Ba Tu will play against Xing Xin. Is there anything I want to say?” Someone suddenly asked such a question. Xing Xin, Ye Xiu, this is another character who is in the same era as the veteran. Although Xingxin also has a veteran Wei Wei, but his career is short-lived, and now he is returning to Xingxin. Everyone can see that it should belong to rotation or substitute, not the main force.

“I hope to give a wonderful game.” A very standard answer.

“Xing Xin’s battle mage player Tang Rou, will say that he will play a pick in the five rounds, otherwise he will withdraw from the professional circle. How do you see this? As the next opponent she will face.” At the end of the game, the reception was naturally late. The message of Xing Xin’s interview had already flowed through, and this kind of microphone-like interview method was also a good show for journalists.

“It’s a very good determination. If you want to win something in the tyrant, you can come over!” said Han Wenqing.

“Do you want to make targeted deployments for this?” asked a reporter.

“No.” Zhang Xinjie simply answered two words. The reporters are deeply convinced. The strategic and tactical planner of Ba Tu is Zhang Xinjie. This priest who is known for his rigorous defensiveness will adjust the rhythm of the team because of a gambling contract.

“Improve the plan to achieve good results in the next round.” After the reporter said the sentence, he ended his question. Later, other reporters followed, and made some questions about the rotation of the tyrant.

In the third round of competition, after the end of the reincarnation of the tyrants, it will be completely over.

In this round, except for Kaixing Xin, who did not talk about Zhaohua and Baji’s reincarnation, there were also some unexpected results in the two games.

The He Wu team, who won 7 to 3 away, looked like they were stronger than the Royal Winds.

The Hundred Flowers team was defeated by 3 to 7 in the match against the 301 team at home.

In addition, the strong team won all the scores, the score is 7 to 3 or more. After three rounds, the situation in the new league is finally much clearer than in the two rounds.


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