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Chapter 1164 The strongest new team in history

I am looking forward to the introduction of Jun Moxiao’s map. The result is that I have lost a lot of myself. Zou Yuan and Zhou Guangyi have all kinds of bitterness in their hearts. Who wants to fight is still a combo. Sen Luo’s head is just graying down, and Zhu Xiaoping’s summoner’s style is also closely followed.

One person alone against Su Mu Orange and Qiao Yifan, persisted for so long, Zhu Xiaoping has been very worthy of the summoner profession. I really want to say that one for two wins, Zhu Xiaoping does not have that ability, and there has never been such a powerful summoning **** in the history of glory.

In the team match, Xingxin has a good lineup and four characters have been killed.

Zou Yuan and Zhou Guangyi stopped operation at this moment. In this situation, is there a need to continue to fight? They lost in this game and lost completely. The big score of 1 to 9 is not a sweep, and it is not much different.

Zou Yuan and Zhou Guangyi did not communicate, and the two stopped the operation at the same time. It can be seen that they are in a consistent state of mind at this time.



After one person “gg”, the flowers were full of brocade and Ji Leng successively withdrew from the game, and Xingxin won the victory. The applause thunder, all kinds of screams, this is 9 big wins!

Xingxin’s team contestants walked out of the game and went out to pay tribute to the audience. The excitement reached a climax.

At this time, the players of the Baihua team also walked out of the players. They are losers, and it is good for them to leave this stage one step earlier. But there are always some procedural things to do. The players of the Baihua team greeted the audience with courtesy. In the spirit of the second game of friendship, and the opponent also had a little communication.

“Congratulations, playing well.” Yu Feng took the initiative to congratulate you on the Xing Xin, showing the demeanor of the Baihua team.

“Oh, keep working hard.” Ye Xiu and Yu Feng shook hands and said very smoothly. Yu Feng listened for a while and continued to work hard. What happened? It is as if they are aiming to surpass Xingxin.

“Oh, you are too.” Yu Feng smiled unnaturally. After leading the Hundred Flowers players, they immediately left the player channel with the teammates on the players’ seats. The winner’s stage is left to the winner to enjoy!

The press conference after the game is a must for the players in the league. This is another torment for the losing side. The reporters are all not very sympathetic, where the wounds are where they go. The Baihua team knew that this time it would be a little difficult, so in addition to the vice-captain, the veteran Zhang Wei was sent to suppress.

“I am sorry that Baihua lost the game. Can you talk about your views on this game?” The opening question is quite a rule.

“The players are working hard. But the opponents played better, it is a pity.” Baihua captain Yu Feng also gave a jewel-like answer.

“Excuse me, did you think that you would be defeated by such a big score before the game? Please forgive me for using the word to defeat. Because it is really one-sided from the point of view.” The question of ill-intention came. Deliberately smashed the painful feet of the hundred flower players.

“The result is really surprising. I admit that we didn’t think of it beforehand. But I don’t think that the flowers have been defeated. We scored 1 point in the individual game, and once we took advantage of the competition, as for the team game, the flow was cut off. This type of map with spikes often leads to a disappointing result. The score is only the result. If you look at the process, I can’t really see where the flowers are being defeated.” Yu Feng did not show his anger. But answered this question in a tit-for-tat manner.

“For Tang Rou of the Xingxin team, what do you think of the team?” Some reporters responded in a targeted manner. Tang Rou. It will definitely not be the name that Yu Feng likes to hear. Another knife that is aimed at the wound is coming.

“She is very good and will become a good professional player.” Yu Feng said.

“Can you tell me something specific? For example. How good?” someone asked.

“I can win the final victory in a team of two teams in the competition. Isn’t that enough to show her excellence?” Yu Feng, he is very clear about the reporter’s intention to ask about Tang Rou. He lost to a new person, and he really felt that he had no face, but he would not escape. He had the courage to face any situation. Because he is the captain of Baihua, the core of Baihua. He needs to be able to hold any problems with the flowers.

“There was a hundred flowers of Zeng Xinran? This is his first appearance this season. No matter the result or the process, it seems to be unsatisfactory.” A reporter mentioned in a comparative way that the newcomers here have been satisfied. After the whole game, except for Mo Fan, who was directly penalized for Xingxin’s technical foul, Zeng Xinran’s performance was absolutely the worst. This is an indisputable fact.

“The first debut, it is inevitable that there is some tension. Adapting to the professional circle requires a process, he will show his ability.” Yu Feng said.

After that, for the many details in the game, there are naturally questions from the bottom of the game. Fortunately, Baihua has been psychologically prepared, and all the people who have attended the reception have seen the world, and finally they have collapsed.

“Can you ask the three players of the Baihua team to talk about their views on the team of Xingxin after this matchup?” At the end of the reception, the reporters of the e-sports h city reporter station often got the last A chance to ask questions.

“I don’t think I need to talk about this issue. Our views on Xingxin are exactly the same.” Baihua answered this question by Zhang Wei. “In terms of the lineup of players, the configuration of three All-Star players is me.” I don’t need to do much more to explain. In terms of characters, in addition to the two All-Star roles, the silver-loading of other characters in Xingxin is also surprising. The 75-level orange suit is in a large transition period after the system update. Closed the gap between the small and medium-sized teams and the giants. We stayed for too long in the 70th stage, we need to re-evaluate and examine the so-called gap between the teams. In this context, as well as Xingxin’s situation, I I think Xingxin is the strongest new team in the history of the league!”

Zhang Wei’s answer gave the reporter a lot of new questions to ask, but the three flowers were after answering the last question. For the rest of the reporters who hurriedly shouted out, they ignored the reception and decisively left the reception. Later, it was Xing Xin, Ye Xiu, Fang Rui, and even less radiant Tang Rou in this game.

The opening is still a customary congratulations to the end of the old-fashioned view of the game.

“Hundreds of flowers are also very hard, but we have played better.” Ye Xiu’s answer and Yu Feng are simply a sentence, just swapping the two subjects. The reporters did not care much, and no one expected to get anything on this issue. The role of this issue at the reception after the game has been equated with “Hello.”

When you are finished, the reporter can’t wait to find Tangrou. The duel of the team match. In the end, I still couldn’t cover up Tang Rou’s performance in winning a two-reverse victory in the match.

“Wonderful victory, great reversal!” The reporter praised without reservation, “How do you think about such a wonderful performance? What is your evaluation of your performance?”

“I hope I can do better.” Tangrou smiled.

“More… better? Does it mean… one pick three?” The reporters were surprised.

“Of course.” Tang Rou continued to smile.

The reporters in the audience felt different. Some appreciate the courage and self-confidence of Tang Rou, but some of them are immediately resentful. A newcomer, after playing one pick and two, didn’t know modest at all, but he began to think about picking one. Is this too arrogant and too arrogant? With such an idea, look at Tang Rou on the stage. Suddenly I feel that this is simply a pretty woman who is often seen in film and television.

Here is the glory of the competitive circle. It’s worth noting that it’s beautiful here. Many people have seen Tang Rou’s gaze with contempt, and together with those who chased Tang Rou to continue all kinds of praises, they also succumbed.

“Fang Rui Da Shen’s performance today is also very good, can you say a few words to us?” A reporter said.

“In fact, in general, it is still worse than I expected.” Fang Rui said.

“What do you expect?” someone asked.

“Sweeping the stage competition?” Fang Rui said, but he did not wait for the reporters to despise and immediately changed his mind: “Haha, joking, but the second round really wants to take some of his blood when he is on the front. Unfortunately, he did not do it. “”

“Oh, that’s the second player in the competition, Mo Fan. What do you think of his performance, is he too nervous to debut?” the reporter asked.

“That’s all Ye Xiu’s fault!” Fang Rui suddenly said with a look of sadness.

“Ah? What did you say?” Everyone came to the spirit. Qi Qi looked to Ye Xiu.

“It’s my fault.” Ye Xiu also looked sad. “I didn’t tell him the rules of the game.”

“Is it clear? You didn’t tell me at all?” Fang Rui said.

“I saw that he has seen himself!” said Ye Xiu.

“What use is it for yourself? The rules are so easy to understand. You should really teach him how to drill the rules.” Fang Rui said.

“You shut up, do the rules and rules, what is a qualified professional player to do?” Ye Xiu said.

“But there are always some despicable players who will do this. To overcome their despicable tricks, you must first understand how they will be mean!” Fang Rui said.

The reporter was excited when he heard it, and quickly rushed to Fang Rui.

“Who do you mean by the mean players you said?” The reporters asked.

“This is just an example, it is a general term.” Fang Rui said.

The reporter feels boring, but still feels that Fang Rui is not aimless. Many people have begun to search for the professional players who are not able to deal with Fang Rui. Still others are continuing to hurry and ask questions.

“In today’s team competition, we saw that Xingxin’s treatment players didn’t seem to play much of a role. Is this because his level is still unable to cope with professional standards, so Xingxin will not adopt these. Dependence on the tactics of treatment?” Someone asked.

“Non-speaking. He didn’t play any role? How was it taken away by a wave? No one at that time could be.” Ye Xiu said.

“Zhang Wei of Baihua said that you are the strongest new team in history. What do you think?”

“Over the award, Zhang Weizhen is a real person.” Ye Xiu said.


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