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Chapter 1148 Qigong and Assassin (middle)

“Old Zhou, your distrustful attitude is really cold my heart!” Fang Rui’s sea is very casual to follow, and the air is still in the channel.

This is coming out, let alone Zhou Guangyi, the players who know a little about the glory professional circle have to scream in their hearts: the glory of the wandering stream master, even if you can trust, what else is there in this world?

Zhou Guangyi is certainly not moving. He didn’t see anything famous, but he had a hunch that Fang Rui’s stupidity was coming soon. If it was before, Zhou Guangyi could doubt that this guy had already laid a trap over there to lure himself into the past, but now, the qigong master will not trap, what kind of trap is waiting for himself to drill? I don’t dare to be scornful. Zhou Guangyi still has the mind to type, and the grass around it is very careful.

After a while, Ji Lianzhen retreated to the middle of the map, and the sea was chased all the way.

“As a former partner, I am going to win a victory!” Fang Rui shouted in the channel.

Zhou Guangyi is speechless, what is “the former partner”? The two have never been teammates. If you want to talk about private relationships, you haven’t had a conflict for so many years. You have to say that your opponents haven’t influenced their opponents for so many years. How is this “old”? What is it?

Can Zhou Guangyi also have no mood and Fang Rui to go down. The players of the Battalion team can chat with you on the channel, but it is not their style to end the spam.

“Look at the trick, the bombardment!”

A message suddenly popped up in the channel. Then the sea is one-handed and one-handed, but it is a very fast air-bomb.

So mean!

The audience are reading in their hearts, but will Zhou Guangyi be fooled? Of course not, he and Fang Rui have been in friendship for so many years, and there is experience in the game. When Fang Rui said in the channel, he would not believe it, but he did not see it.

The gas bomb can of course not hit. However, the sea immediately opened the “gas-turning cloud”, a skill that allows the character to keep running and speed up all aspects of the character. Followed by the cold season.

The qigong masters who are out of the fighting family, of course, also have considerable close combat ability, and many outbreak moves. It is also much better to use melee than to have a distance. But the problem is that the qigong master is a cloth armor occupation, the physical defense is very low, and the melee is melee. Most of them are physical occupations. Therefore, the qigong master must have a close-knit outbreak, and always have to find a certain opportunity. It’s really rare to rush up.

In particular, he is still facing an assassin, with high physical attacks and more professional means of crit. And this assassin is in the hands of a player who is a fighter. The player who is born in the map. The most good at this kind of positive attack, Fang Rui’s move, a little analysing glory fans will feel quite irrational.

It’s so irrational that it shouldn’t happen to an All-Star player.

However, this person is Fang Rui.

Then the irrationality was suddenly smelled by the conspiracy.

There must be some tricks. Everyone who looks at this showdown is thinking. They are also giving full play to the advantages of their God’s perspective, trying to discover the truth that has not yet been revealed, hidden under the wretched.

Everyone thought of it. Zhou Guangyi is certainly no exception. He does not believe that Fang Rui is going to confront himself.

The sea opened the “gas-turning cloud” infinitely, and he immediately opened a cold season. The assassin sprinted in a state of sprint. When the number 24 career is the fastest. The sea that the gas turns to the cloud is suddenly unable to catch up. So the scene suddenly became a close-up assassination of the professional assassin in the distance with the qigong master with a medium-distance attack, especially unscientific and unreasonable.

But no one thinks so at the moment. Everyone thinks Zhou Guangyi is doing a special job. It is an experienced player. At this time, how can you fall into the rhythm of Fang Rui at will? I have to talk to him first.

The sea is not a cold opponent, but the attack skills are always there. All the way to chase, the air wave bombs constantly, interspersed with other skills. Many of the qigong master’s skills are also read-type, like the mage of the mage, he is called luck here. But the biggest difference with the Master is that most of the Master’s singers need to stay focused, not moving or having other moves. The qigong master is not, his reading can be carried out in any movement, which is similar to the ninja’s seal.

I chased it for a while, but I didn’t make any name. However, the Assassin is an explosive career, including state-level skills, which are extremely effective, but usually last a short time. The skill time of the disease is far less than that of the gas-flowing cloud. After the skill has arrived, the cold season is gradually approaching by the sea.

Of course, this is also because Fang Rui does not intend to escape, or to rotate with Fang Rui to see what his name is. After such a dying run out, I really didn’t see any mystery hidden here.

Then… try it?

Zhou Guangyi had already moved his mind. They are the players who dominate the character. They don’t like to go back and forth with people. Today, they have met Fang Rui. They know that this product can’t be taken carelessly, and then carefully watched for a long time. At this point, Zhou Guangyi’s patience finally reached its limit. The cold season is in the front, and the sea is infinite after the various qigong moves. However, at the time of the cold, there was an emergency stop, and the character turned and took a cold light to fly back.

Arc flash!

An attacking skill with movement, the faster the speed, the instant has been wiped to the side of the sea, the audience burst into a burst of shouting, this counterattack, come really sudden. As a result, the shot is the posture, and the assassin’s professional momentum is really at a glance.

The arc flashed quickly, but Fang Rui was not a leisurely generation. He took him back with a carbine. Is there a face mixed in this league?

The sea jumped to the side, and both hands slammed. A gas cluster was suddenly condensed with electric light, and both hands pushed to the cold.

Qigong master skills: flashing, after hitting the target, you can continue to infuse the breath to create continuous damage. This skill, really want to cooperate with the group when the team is in a state of coordination. It is quite painful to have a flash.

At this time, although there is not so much reinforcement, Zhou Guangyi dares to scorn, the arc flashing momentum is instantaneously retracted, and the quarter cold crosses one step, even straight to the side of the sea.

As a result, the sea was followed by a turn, but in his hand, he still had a flash of light, and he insisted on pushing it.

Your local game is a shield!

Zhou Guangyi’s heart sighed in the lower abdomen. The cold season broke off and the air dribbled in the air. The moment he had already reached the second half of the sea, he was squatting in the air, and it was a blast.

The sea is infinite, so I still hold his flash and not let go, this skill is also true, as long as the news continues, it can be maintained. While jumping sideways to avoid this vacant step, the sea’s infinite flash is still going to be sent here.

However, this skill has a leaping effect. If you step on one foot, you can borrow if you don’t step on the target. Of course, Zhou Guangyi will not let the cold weather hit the flash, and immediately pull back.

At this time, Fang Rui was willing to give up this flash, and a wave of airballs was launched. This low-level skill did not hurt much, and there was no special attack effect. Zhou Guangyi was not ready to evade. As a result, the air-bomb was actually biased by himself. According to this flying trajectory, it was actually going to pass the cold season.

Gold right hand!

Mastering the skill attack is accurate, but it is called the right hand of gold. Actually will not hit?

This guy is too much heart!

The judgment of Zhou Guangyi’s moment is like this. Such a skill, he is not ready to hide, but Fang Rui thinks he will hide, so he made a pre-judgment, so, this skill is biased?

Do not! It’s not like this!

Zhou Guangyi realized that the gas wave bomb was really passing by. Even if the attack is prejudged, it is impossible to be the trajectory. The right hand of gold, there is no possibility of a wrong position. this is……

The power is not big, but it is also a sparkling wave of white air. The moment that the face flies over, Zhou Guangyi’s front screen is full of white flowers.

This guy is going to make this moment!

Zhou Guangyi reacted at this time, but it was late…

He couldn’t see the infinite movement of the sea, and only by guessing the operation, after all, he did not escape the claws of this wretched stream master. This time, the attack made by the right hand of gold was particularly precise. The sea was infinitely pointed out by two fingers. It was cold in the middle of the season, and a breath between the fingers also entered the cold body.

Qigong master 75-level big move, cut pulse.

There are a variety of techniques. The main damage is not the life of the target, but the circumference of the target.

Reduce physical strength, reduce strength, reduce intelligence, or reduce mentality. The interception succeeds, the state is generated, and the corresponding attribute of the target character is deducted, and the related attribute is naturally affected. At this time, the sea is infinitely broken, using the wisdom of the mind, and reducing the intelligence of the cold season.

The decline in intellectual attributes, which correspondingly affects, is naturally the damage and defense of legal attacks, and the upper limit of mana.

The assassin’s occupation does not rely on the legal system to hurt the meal. The legal defense is not prominent. After being weakened by this finger, the legal defense is weak. The qigong master is the legal injury, Fang Rui wants, of course, effect.

After one finger is poked, the attack is upright, and one palm is buckled on the quarter cold body, which is directly a qigong blast. The breath is strong and injected into the cold body. There is no light and shadow effect. Seeing that the equipment on the season is suddenly filled with gas, the blood line is mad. The harm of the qigong master is so amazing.

The combination of the 75 big and the 70 big moves, instantly went to the quarter of a quarter of life. The cold of the season was finally blasted by the qigong blasting. After getting up, I saw that Fang Rui did not let the sea chase after him.

“Get up, the outcome is still not divided!” Fang Rui continued to speak very positively in the channel.


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