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Chapter 1129 More porridge

The glory equipment level is based on 5, but the player character is not, so the attribute of lowering the equipment level requirement is of course not necessarily 5. As far as equipment with this property is available, 1 to 5 are possible.

However, Guan Yufei wants to get the 1000-machine umbrella to level 80, so it is meaningless except for the reduction of 5, which means failure.

“Where is it wrong?” Guan Yufei muttered to himself. All forms of the Thousands of Umbrellas have been gone, and each form has this attribute, but all are minus 4.

At this time, Chen Guo and others have already come in, and they are all hearing what happened at the end.

Ye Xiu said so in this way, everyone can’t take care of the failure of the experiment, and first greatly amazed. In the 75-level cap game, I really want to get the 80-level equipment. What kind of imagination is this?

“Look at my hand of death!” This is the first sentence Wei Wei said after he was amazed.

“No. Except for the thousand umbrellas, it will not work.” Guan Yufei did not return to his head. Then there was no reaction to everyone’s arguments, and he had already entered the research with a smug focus.

Ye Xiu and everyone quietly exited the room, everyone was amazed enough, and this began to regret the failure of this experiment.

“Is the thousand-machine umbrella not bad?” Chen Guo asked.

“No.” Ye Xiu said. This can be said to be fortunate in the unfortunate, although the experiment failed, but the inherent function of the thousand umbrella is not damaged, just an extra useless attribute.

“It’s too dangerous, why do you experiment with a thousand umbrellas directly? First use other equipment to study how to make the grade demand minus 5 attributes!” Chen Guo said.

“That step has already been completed. The main point now is to make all the forms of the Thousands of Umbrellas have this attribute, and in fact he has already completed, but there is a problem in the attribute data.” Rehabilitation.

“That level 80, can he definitely do this?” Chen Guo said.

“This… It is not convenient to try before making sure to make this property. Otherwise, get level 80, but the level requirement is only reduced by 4, how can I use it?” Ye Xiu said.

The experiment failed.

When seeing the final data is a level requirement minus 4, Ye Xiu and Guan Yufei are also very angry. However, the mentality of the two people soon settled down. After all, there are many positive things in the failure.

Everyone can’t help with this research. So I quickly asked about the qigong master.

“Wu Xuefeng? After retiring, I haven’t contacted anymore. It’s not clear!” Ye Xiu completely dispelled Chen Guo’s conjecture. It really wasn’t looking for the veteran to go out.

“Where is the sea ready to find someone to use?” Chen Guo asked.

“This needs to be carefully looked at. Do you have any referrals?” Ye Xiu asked.

Chen Guo vomits blood: “You haven’t had an idea yet!”

“Have I said that?” Ye Xiu wondered.


“You don’t want to mess up!” Ye Xiu said to Chen Guo.


“These qigong masters in the circle, let’s analyze it.” Ye Xiu said.

Chen Guo understands that this time, it is really a transfer operation from scratch, from role to player. It will be like this.

“But I have to take the sea and let me say it.” Ye Xiu said.

“If you get the sea, but you can’t find someone?” Chen Guo couldn’t help but ask.

“No, right?” Ye Xiu said. “All-star characters should be very attractive to players. Looking at the current professional circle situation, we want to win a good qigong master. It should not be too difficult.”

“What is the situation in the professional circle?” Chen Guo is puzzled.

“There is less meat,” Ye Xiu said.

Chen Guo stunned and did not endlessly ask questions. She is now consciously cultivating her own strength. She wants to be a more capable boss.

What is the situation of the professional circle with less meat?

Chen Guo thought about it herself. Gradually, she understood the meaning of Ye Xiu.

Last season’s top eight teams, only two qigong division players, and Guo Yang of the whistling team is still not reused, counted and counted, in the high-end arena such as the playoffs, the active qigong masters only have blue rain. Song Xiaoyi.

Play the playoffs and compete for the championship. This is the pursuit of every professional player. But for the qigong masters, the current situation is not wonderful. Including the All-Star Zhao Yang, they are all relatively weak in the playoffs, but the strong team, there is no qigong division.

Zhao Yang has been fighting in Linhai for seven years. Of course, he has his insistence on it, but it cannot be ignored that he does not have a good choice.

This. It is the status quo of all qigong master players. Even if they are excellent, they are dragged down by the team’s weakness. They want to invest in a strong team, but they lack space because the team has no qigong division.

Ordinary players may not be able to see Xingxin, a new team that is new to the league and lacks resources. but. Qigong masters, they have no better choices. Xing Xin may indeed form a temptation for them.

I figured out this and let Chen Guo feel that she has grown. At least she understands that the transfer operation is not a vegetable market to buy food, there is a lot of knowledge in it.

Three days later, when everyone was still concerned about Fang Rui’s stay, the news that the Linhai All-Star role was transferred to Xingxin with 5.5 million yuan was announced, and the circle was shocked.

Xingxin can come up with such a sum of money, everyone is not surprised, the challenge champion can still get a lot of benefits after all. The 5.5 million All-Star character feels quite cheap, but considering the marginal status of the Qigong master and the current status of the Linhai team, it is not difficult to understand.

After Zhao Yang retired, the situation concerning Linhai was quickly poked.

Fans will be proud of the fact that there is an All-Star and All-Star in the team, but what they don’t think is that sometimes, all-star players and characters will become the team’s burden.

This is the case with the sea. They are a small team, whether it is to undertake an All-Star contract or to create an All-Star role, they need a considerable investment. And since the third season of the league, they have been desperately trying to maintain such an investment.

They also prided themselves on having such players and characters, but gradually they found that in order to maintain this pride, the team’s development became increasingly unbalanced. The strength of one person and one character does not help them win more. When they want to strengthen other players and roles, they find that after Zhao Yang and the sea are infinite, they have no more resources to invest in other aspects.

In short, Linhai is a small team, but they are the business ideas of the giants. This unsuitable way of doing business, they persisted for seven years, they hesitated, passed, until this summer, the new manager of Linhai took office and completely helped the sea to make up his mind. They are determined to get rid of this burden and honestly take the path of a small team.

Zhao Yang will be abandoned, so he simply chose to retire.

The sea is infinitely sold. In order to maintain the power of this role, Linhai has already paid too much, and now they are not ready to continue. And there is not much meaning for a team that can’t maintain a strong sea. It’s better to convert it into more resources to strengthen the team.

Zhao Yang’s retirement, the sea’s infinite sale, is a change in the management of the Linhai team. Ye Xiu did not fully see this, but at least, he noticed the possible situation of Linhai from Zhao Yang’s retirement. So at this time, I took the hand and took the sea infinitely.

Of course, Linhai also wants to sell the sea in a high price as much as possible. There is no strong team in the league who is interested in the qigong masters, and other small and medium-sized teams are hesitant. Unswervingly, Xing Xin suddenly stood out from the crowd. After several counter-offers, the deal was quickly reached.

The sea is infinite, turn into Xingxin!

Xing Xin’s shot is directly an all-star role. For fans, of course, it’s extremely exciting. But soon, there were comments on the issue of Xingxin’s business approach with the theme of “Xingxin, the next sea.”

Two All-Star players, a large number of roles need to be promoted. As a grassroots root, Xingxin has already had a big burden. In this case, it has also introduced an all-star role. Do they have the resources to maintain such a cutting-edge role? Xingxin team, will it be like the sea, the grass roots do not go up the upper line, the result of their own business bleak?

As a result, on the second day of the sea’s infinite participation in Xingxin, Xingxin announced that the sea’s infinite silver Mirror Moon was raised to 75.

Surprise again in the circle!

This is what the Linhai team has not completed in most of the season, but Xingxin only used one day.

Those who have doubts about Xingxin are obviously not thoroughly investigated. For example, the presidents of the major club guilds will never publish such naive comments. Because no one knows better than them, Xingxin’s resources are definitely lacking in the whole, but they are quite wealthy in cutting-edge resources. They are the biggest winners in the wild-boss boss battle since the 75th-level update.

The situation of Xingxin is not the same as Linhai. In their current situation, it can even be said that taking the cutting-edge route is the most appropriate. The role of the sea is such that they avoid the up-front investment, which is where they are scarce. Then, directly to the cutting edge, this is the aspect of their resource richness.

However, one day it will raise the level 70 silver to 75. It seems that it is not just a question of sufficient resources. In the Xingxin team, it seems that there are talents in silver production!

Is Ye Xiu?

At the time of everyone’s conjecture, there were reports that the great **** of the technical department of Jiashi was excavated by Xingxin after the dissolution of Jiashi.

Then everything is clear.

Jiashi’s technical department, of course, is also very professional in the qigong master profession. This is their main occupation. The sea is infinitely prosperous, and it has all kinds of unique conditions. What it lacks now seems to be only an advantaged operator. Suddenly, the entire glory circle began to help Xingxin find qigong master players.


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