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Chapter 1120 Change number

Using the thousand-machine umbrella, Ye Xiu escaped this seemingly unsolvable blinding cooperation, but the situation he was surrounded could not change. Although Lin Jingyan’s cold and dark thunder was hit by Jun Moxiao’s assault, Han Wenqing’s desert smoke has already fallen to the ground, and it’s banging directly to the tiger’s dance.

It is also a direct big move.

One-on-one, this will be rough, but the problem is that Han Wenqing is not alone in the fight. Although he did not make any preparations for the big move, he has teammates. Although Lin Jingyan and Zhang Jiale’s blinding cooperation did not succeed, but the thousand aircraft umbrella blocked the flash bomb, covering their own sight, when the umbrella was re-stocked, the fist of the desert smoke has been waved to the side.

The tiger dances, the 70-level big move is a controllable skill after release. This type of skill can present different powers depending on the level of the operator. Han Wenqing’s boxing masters don’t have to say that the power of the Tigers is exactly what he likes.

The ultra-high-speed boxing in this technique is not the same as the action under normal operation, and it is impossible to evade its attack continuously, unless it is flashed out of the scope of its attack. However, this is not easy, because the tiger dance is too fast. Jun Mo smiled and put away the umbrella, the fist has come to the front, it seems that even Ye Xiu can not respond, Jun Mo laugh, Zhong Quan!

Jun Mo laughed and was slammed and flew out, but Han Wenqing immediately knew that this was wrong. The tiger dances, it is a continuous attack technique. When you get a punch, you will fly the target. What is the strength? Jun Mo laughed this upside down, and there was Ye Xiu’s operation in it. He was borrowing the power of this punch to speed up the distance.

The idea that Ye Xiu has been unable to respond to this big move is too naive!

However, I thought that this completely escaped the tiger dance, this idea is also naive!

The lonely smoke of the desert stepped forward, and the distance that Jun Moxiao had just pulled out had disappeared. Still rushing to him.


With only one punch, Jun Moxiao was suddenly smashed. Is Jun Moxiao so fragile? Of course not, shadow split! Ye Xiu has already completed the flight in a short distance. The fake body left, the body of Jun Moxiao has already flashed.

Being alone and fighting with the whole team? Ye Xiu was not so confused. In any case, his goal was to run and he tried every means to run. There is no chance of winning the battle, unless the tyrants are now out of power, everyone is collectively dropped…

Unfortunately. Running is not that easy. This copy of the dungeon will have the characters in a limited space. Unlike the big map, the sky is far away from all directions. At this time, there are underground walls around the top of the head. For the attempt to escape, the repair is like a cage. Soon, he It was taken over by the cooperation of the tyrants to limit the melee to chase the enemy.

“It seems that this copy does not explode equipment?” Ye Xiu has been worried about the aftermath. As far as all the previous battles are concerned, apart from the debris, there are no characters with extra things to burst out. It is very rare to use the death rate of the field of God. It is almost possible to infer that this copy is not explosive.

“You know when you die!” The tyrants here will not be soft to him because of Ye Xiu’s troubles. This time, their encirclement formation is more complete, and the priest stone that does not have much combat power does not turn. It is the existence of a card position, which blocks the possible change of Jun Moxiao. The displacement distance that this skill can produce can be completely within the control of the tyrant.

“Okay, surrender and surrender.” Ye Xiu said.

“What about that?” Zhang Jiale shouted, and the offensive did not stop. This kind of scourge can only be reassuring if it is dead. Only when he says that he surrenders, he will stop attacking. Then wait for him to go out!

The veteran of the tyrant is no longer fooled by the words of Ye Xiu. “Go to hell!” accompanied by Zhang Jiale’s loud noise. The flowers will be thrown at the foot of Jun Moxiao, who has been forced into the dead corner. Suddenly the picture flashes, and a qq window suddenly pops up and switches his interface. The above shows: Jun Moxiao sent you a message. A window is shaking.

“Despicable!!!” Zhang Jiale spurted out of the old blood, and when he quickly cut back to the game, Jun Moxiao was no longer there. This window jitter is not a magical skill to change the situation. It just disturbed the final blow that belonged to Zhang Jiale. Jun Moxiao was finally killed by Lin Jingyan’s cold and dark thunder.

“what happened?”

Killing Ye Xiu, it should have been a very exciting thing, but a few of the maps found Zhang Jiale’s face was very ugly. I asked them to look at this side, and then I saw the qq chat window on Zhang Jiale’s computer desktop. Zhang Jiale was madly knocking on the keyboard and blaming Ye Xiu for this non-game interference.

“You are not invisible.” Several people in the map have expressed their feelings, and at the same time, their hearts are fortunate, but fortunately they are all invisible.

Jun Mo laughed and died. Nothing broke out. The debris was not accidental and was not on him. There is no time for the chatter to chat in this place. There are still four people in Xingxin who have not found it. They are probably already doing something with debris.

“Looking for it!” Zhang Xinjie proposed that after killing Ye Xiu, everyone has a sense of relief, and the deployment of splitting is dare to display at this time. The previous words are really afraid of falling into a trap.

“Well, divide it!”

The tyrants were then divided into two ways, each going aside. All the way to continue along this road, the other side turned back to track the road that the buns had before the invasion.

However, the passage of this hundred ghost nests is not so simple. After the soldiers are divided into two roads, it is inevitable that they will encounter rampages. However, they still have no clues about the whereabouts of Xingxin. They can only continue to divide, and they are divided into five. Individuals are acting alone, and the search route is much bigger.

“Find! They are already killing the ghost king, the speed is coming!” Finally, Lin Jingyan took the lead to find four people in Xingxin, and at this time they are fighting the ghost king. If this ghost king is killed, then everything is over. However, Lin Jingyan was alone, but he did not dare to obstruct him. He could only rush to urge his teammates.

“I am very close, just come!” Zhang Jiale replied. I have been turning around for so long. Everyone in the terrain of this hundred ghost nests is also a bit counted. Zhang Jiale judges that he will be able to arrive soon. Sure enough, in less than two minutes, Zhang Jiale heard the voice of the fierce battle over there.

“Where are you?” Zhang Jiale news Lin Jingyan.

“you arrived?”


“We both go first!” Lin Jingyan said.

“You stick to Su Mu Orange, I am going to interfere with the other three.” Zhang Jiale plans.

“Yeah.” Lin Jingyan agreed.


The two characters immediately rushed out. According to the established steps, Lin Jingyan’s cold and dark thunder rushed toward the rain and orange wind, while Zhang Jiale seemed to attack the advantage of distance and started harassing the other three.

In the face of three newcomers, Zhang Jiale is still quite confident. The flowers bloomed quite close, and a wide range of flowers and lanterns were laid down, and the three people were directly covered. This is the high-end style that the professional circle has. Zhang Jiale believes that these novices will not have much experience in dealing with it, and they will certainly be distracted.

“Is it coming very fast?”

At this moment, Zhang Jiale suddenly heard someone saying something in the light and shadow.

This sound? It is Ye Xiu, how come? Zhang Jiale was like a lightning strike, but the next second, immediately burst into tears.

Why not?

This is not a regular game, just an activity in the game, Jun Mo laughed, Ye Xiu calmly replaced a person to continue to manipulate the role, this kind of thing is as simple as one plus one.

However, such a simple matter has been neglected by the tyrants. Even the rigorous people like Zhang Xinjie have forgotten this possibility because of the professional inertia that has been cultivated all the time. These quality professional players, there is no such concept in mind.

Ye Xiu is still there. Then the two of them came up to interfere, this seems to be a bit too big!


Zhang Jiale is expected to be unable to cope with his colorful style of play, which is so violent, but now… there is a leaf repair!

Just realized that it is not good, a figure has been killed from the light and shadow. The novice was fainted by the light and shadow, but Ye Xiu accurately inferred the scattered position from the light and shadow distribution and immediately launched the attack. The station at this time is really too close. Zhang Jiale realized that he did not want to hide, and the cold smoke had already rushed out.

Sure enough, it is a battle mage…

Zhang Jiale wants to cry without tears, avoiding inevitable, by the cold smoke, this dragon is flying in the top, directly on the wall, followed by several magical lines. Then, the ghost king chased the cold smoke and softly hit it, and the cold smoke was soft and slanted to hide. The thrown out did not know what magical attack would not turn, and the result also accurately hit the flowers.

Lin Jingyan found that Ye Xiu was also there, and suddenly knew that it was bad. The two of them dared to go up, that is, considering that Su Mu Orange is a novice here, they may not be able to attack, but the problem is not big. As a result, Ye Xiu directly changed the number to run here, and stunned to this one, which is not the same as kicking the iron plate.

Have to run!

Lin Jingyan took the initiative and immediately stopped sticking to Mu Yu and the orange wind. He turned around and ran. Su Mu Orange immediately counterattacked, and the heavy fire chased the cold **** of the thunder, and smashed him all kinds of wolverines.

Zhang Jiale, when leaving the wall, did not dare to land directly, Ye Xiu is still looking down! This guy not only attacked himself, but also used his own hatred to guide the attack of the ghost king. This IQ of the system npc is really not enough to see in front of the Great God. It should be regarded as a group with Zhang Jiale and Lin Jingyan, and three pairs of Xingxin IV. As a result, under such guidance, it made the same as Ye Xiu’s summoning beast, and the number of attacks it made against Zhang Jiale was the most fierce.

“Can’t stand, first withdraw!” Lin Jingyan cried.

“Do you think I don’t want to?” Zhang Jiale was depressed. Of course he wanted to run, but at this time he was stuck in the corner and was surrounded by enemies.

“How much blood is there?” Ye Xiu asked him.


One more time, still more daytime! The spirit is not very good today.

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