The King’s Avatar

Chapter 112 Perfect tacit understanding

Chapter 112—The perfect tacit understanding

“Be careful!” Tian Qi and Yue Zhongmian are both melee classes. At this time, I feel that I can’t save them. I can only remind you that I hope that Tang Rou also has a little reaction. But at the side of the two people, a gunshot sounded a gunshot, but it was the wind and the smoke and Mumo laughed together.

The gun was fast and the gun was slow, but in the end it was all played very accurately. The vampire knight smashed the sword’s wrist.

Two quick impacts made this sword quickly stabbed. Tang Rou’s reaction and operation are also extremely fast. This cockroach has helped her win enough time. The turn of the 180-degree turn in the middle of the jump has been completed, and a dragon tooth stabbed immediately after sweeping away.

“When” sounded, the vampire knight’s skill was also very fast, and the shield lifted the dragon tooth. Followed by the cold smoke and chased up.

Tang Rou is also unambiguous, cold smoke and soft has not landed is a squat of ordinary attack, vampire knight is also a shield to block, cold smoke soft this jump finally counts the ground. Just in time to catch up with the vampire knight rushed to the front, Tang soft hand fast, cold smoke soft early and a falling palm flower came out. The vampire knight shield is still lifted in the sky, and this palm is slammed and flies out.

Here, Ye Xiu has already come over to help, Jun Mo laughed and rushed, and a sniper provoked, and the vampire knight who directly smothered the cold smoke was picked up in the air. Su Mu Orange’s wind combed the smoke and the handgun was lifted, and it was an anti-tank shell.

Three rounds of shells in the middle of the vampire knight, the vampire knight in the gunfire will be rushed to fly, Jun Moxiao has already jumped in the air, the spear handed out a round dance stick just put the vampire knight again.

Under the spear, the vampire knight almost made a pit on the ground. Here, the handgun cannons of the wind and the smoke have already gathered an energy ball. The vampire knight just fell, the energy ball flew out, and the vampire knight was blown up and he was full of flowers.

This is a gunner’s 25-level skill cannon, firing an energy ball to attack the target. After the power is stored, the energy ball has a longer range, stronger killing, and a greater range of fluctuations during the explosion.

These smooth output and coordination have been completed in an instant, and Tian Qi and Yue Zhongmian are both stunned. After the cannon was blown up, Jun Mo laughed and the wind combed the smoke and immediately jumped backwards. The vampire knight’s cloak was now bladed toward the next volume, but the result was an empty one.

While the cloak was withdrawn, the Vampire Knight had already stood up, but turned around and rushed in the direction of cold smoke.

Tangrou is a glimpse.

Although she is a newcomer, the rules of hatred have been somewhat understood. I had just pierced a dragon tooth on the shield, and finished a falling palm. The hatred should not be stronger than Jun Moxiao and the wind combing the smoke. Is it because I just got bitten by those little bats?

Tang Ruo’s conjecture is really true. At this point the vampire knight will come to attack her actively, precisely because she was bitten by a small bat.

“First to get off, he will return blood when he hits you.” Ye Xiu quickly reminded Tang Rou. This is a special skill of the vampire knight, and his target of being bitten by the bat group will become his blood supply. When the feed is hit by him, it will be transformed into his life. This life is not based on the amount of damage, so the transfer to the boss is just a drop in the bucket, the player’s life and the blood of the boss is not at one level. This life conversion is converted by percentage. That is to say, if he hits 5% of life with a cold smoke, he will recover 5% of his blood, which is definitely a big loss for the player.

Tangrou is quite confident about his own technology. He is not familiar with this boss. I don’t know if there are any strange and weird tricks. It was a waste of cold and not wasted the team’s efforts, Tang Rou had to reluctantly manipulate the cold smoke and sprint to avoid the vampire knight, waiting for Jun Moxiao and the wind comb to meet.

Tian Qi and Yue Zhongmian are both dying. They simply don’t know how to intervene in this battle. The master brother was busy with the battle, and he never gave them any instructions. At this time, he saw the vampire dying and smoking, and the two finally waited for the opportunity to perform, and quickly rushed to intercept.

The vampire knight is not stupid enough to only chase the target and ignore any attacks on other players. In the middle of the month, a sword came to sleep, and the vampire knight lifted the shield to block it. Tian Qiyi punched it, but the vampire had no shield cover. It was simply a sword and cut it toward Tianqi.

“Hey!!” Tian Qi and dare to exchange blood with the boss, and sneaked away from the blow.

In addition to the sword and shield, the vampire knight has a third weapon, his cloak. At this time, they were surrounded by two people, and the cloak was on display. The sharp blade generally flew from the bottom to the top. Since the next sweep of Tianqi; cut up in the middle of the month to sleep, brought out a string of blood flowers, sleep in the moon directly went down a quarter.

In the middle of the month, the noodles were running away like earthy, and Tian Qi was still rolling on the ground. The Vampire Knight’s cloak is a 360-degree wide-ranging attack. The cloak has a circle and falls to the point. It is just to fall to the ground. As a result, I saw a shot of a spear and handed it over. I smashed the vampire knight and sneaked it, but Tang Rou’s cold smoke sneaked into a round dance stick and threw the vampire knight out.

In the middle of the month, Hetian and Tianqi also wanted to save the hero, and the result was that the hero was saved by the United States. Tian Qilian rolled up and climbed from the ground, but he didn’t have time to thank him. He continued to keep the cold smoke behind him: “You must flash first!”

“It’s all flashing!!!” But Ye Xiu shouted. The trio stunned, and the result did not come. The vampire knight once again rolled up to cover the body. When it fell, it was a small bat flying out of the sky. Only this time, the three were attacking. The bats attacked three people. It’s not as good as the previous bite to the cold smoke, but this time I will be able to tell who is the feed for a while.

When the wind combed the smoke and the handgun, the sound of the machine gun was heard again and again, using the skills of the gunner “Green Machine Gun”. While using the gun to operate on one side, it is supposed that a straight bullet is also flying out. The small bat is small in size and fast in speed, but the number of dense bats is quite large. This shaking gun still hits a lot, and these injuries are finally counted on the vampire knight.

As for the three people, there is no way to deal with such a full-scale attack. However, after the avatar group was re-selected as a blood feed, the attack on the cold smoke would not cause blood return.

The offensive of Bat Jun came quickly and quickly, and it has already flown back to reunite, synthesizing a cloak.

Ye Xiu died staring at the vampire knight who formed in an instant. Just when it made its first subtle move, he immediately judged who he was going to.

“Small moon!!” Ye Xiu hurriedly called.

Sure enough, this time it was the moon’s feed that became a vampire knight, and the vampire knight would step toward him.

In the middle of the month, he was so scared that he fled, but his level of walking was not enough to show off in front of the vampire knight, and he would have to be caught up in a few times.

Just in this millennium, a spear rushed out of the spurs to pick up the vampire knight, followed by a falling palm to blast the vampire knight.

The shot is cold and smokey, she is closer to the moon than the monarch, and comes faster. Just because it became a feed and did not dare to confront the vampire knight, Tang Rou is repressing it! This feed became a mid-sleep, that is, the vampire knight did not come to her, she also took the initiative to run for revenge.

“Run away from the distance.” Tang Rou said in the middle of the moon, which makes the moon sleep feel very faceless. But what is the solution? Generally speaking, male players are always better than female players, so they are very powerful in front of female players. But in their team, the two female players are all monsters. The level is not higher than they are. In the end, they are taken care of, and the mid-term sleep is depressed. It is really depressed!

On this, when the mouth of the repair, Jun Moxiao was finally killed, and the wind and the smoke followed closely. After a mess of confusion, the three masters can finally get together. Ye Xiufei quickly commanded the coordination, and the execution ability of the three people did not say at all. The vampire was trapped in it, no matter whether it was a shield, a sword or a cloak. In the middle of the month, Tianmian and Tianqi are two spectators, but it is clear that they are not the masters who don’t give them the opportunity. It’s really that people can’t get along with them. Fast, it is too fast.

The siege was just the result of a sudden effort. Jun Mo laughed at a very inappropriate time and slammed the vampire knight. The vampire knight flew out and surrounded by three people.

“Oh!!” Tian Qi was very sorry to call, he was the first time he saw the mistake of his master. But at the same time as the falling of the palm of the hand, the wind combed the smoke and immediately became an anti-tank gun. Three anti-tank shells flew one by one to the vampire knight. The blasted air waves, along with the strength of the palms, pushed the vampire knight to fly out like a flying arrow. Before the landing, the vampire knight who was pushed in the air suddenly became a bat group.

Only this time, the bat group’s attack range is not even one person. After flying for a while, it can only re-fit.

Tian Qi and Yue Zhongmian once again looked away. It turned out that the Lost Palms was not a mistake at all. It was a quick operation after seeing the vampire knight licking the cloak, and then supplemented with the anti-tank gun of the wind and the smoke. These two people turned out to be the cloak of the vampire knight. In an instant, he blasted the distance that the bat group could attack.

Tian Qi and Yue Zhongmian are not Tang Rou. They are the name of this vampire knight and the annoying attack of this bat group. I want to defend against this blow. At the level of 25, only the qigong master’s hood can do it. In addition, the only means is to escape the attack range when the bat group is launched.

However, because this move is quick and the scope is not small, it is very problematic to run off. But today, Tian Qi and Yue Zhongmian saw the legendary solution, giving the vampire knight the attack distance of the bat group.

To be able to do this, except for accurate judgment and fast operation, it is more important to be a perfect tacit understanding.

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