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Chapter 1074 Tyrant rhythm

~ Date: ~ December 04~

From the perspective of the viewer’s God, everything is much clearer than what the players see.

The ten characters that were originally scattered on the map suddenly gathered in the common direction after the sound of the gunshot. In the eyes, the map was full of flowers, and contact wars took place everywhere. Until then, the audience was shocked to discover that the tactical intentions of the tyrannical team did not seem to be attacking the grazing priest Cordyceps sinensis. Their purpose was to cut off the connection between Cordyceps sinensis and other people. At this time, the battle was fully blossoming. Yuan Baiqing discovered that he had nothing to do, because he did not guide the war to him in this direction.

Where should I go?

For a moment, Yuan Baiqing faced such a choice. There are fighting voices everywhere, which side should he support?

Fortunately, the team channel quickly gave instructions, not only him, the micro-grass team is trying to meet in a unified direction. The wave of attacks is the first to provoke the tyrants, who will take the initiative to undoubtedly. WeChat obviously does not want to fight against the tyrants in such a situation, so that it will only fall into the rhythm of the tyrant.

Integrate the team first, then counterattack!

Wang Jishi’s judgment is clear and accurate. However, it is not surprising.

This kind of response is completely within the scope of the deployment targeted by the tyrant. In this ups and downs, the line of sight obscures the often-popular map, no one can see the whole picture at a glance, and only those who have the perspective of God can do this.

Outside the audience, you can see how the micro-grass will be blocked if they try to meet. The tyrants team planned to cut off the roles of the grasses. They did not choose the main target at the beginning. They were adjusting according to the specific situation.

The action of the tyrants team is very fast, and the communication in the team channel is also very quick and concise. Only the most tacit teammates can instantly understand the meaning, and the audience watched this frequency most of the time only letters and numbers. Information. I don’t even know what this is saying.

But they can finally see the results of the competition after the exchange.

The micro-grass team was eventually split. Gao Yingjie’s Muen and Liu Xiao’s flying swords were cut out and rushed to the position where the tyrants disappeared.


Another order is made. This time, it is the tyrant who really launched the fire attack.

The firepower of the flowers was overlaid on this side, Zhang Jiale’s attack. It has never been aimed at attacking targets. Many times, he is covering. All the luxury firepower coverage is all on the open space, but who knows what will suddenly be under the light and shadow, is Han Wenqing’s desert smoke? Lin Jingyan’s cold and dark thunder? Or is there nothing?

No matter which kind of player needs to be wary, Zhang Jiale’s hundred-flower style play is such a confusing and confusing opponent. This time, in the coverage of the Hundred Flowers attack, Han Wenqing’s desert smoke was suddenly smashed out.

Liu Xiaobei reacted very quickly, and the flying knife ship swung the sword. Without hesitation, the first second has already started to explode.

Dealing with these veterans who are already at the end of their careers, the speed of the hand is undoubtedly a short-term clever way of attacking the enemy. Do not know the current situation. So when you come up, you are not polite.

The audience screamed with the explosion of Liu Xiao. The technical statistics given by the electronic screen took a moment, and Liu Xiao’s ap suddenly exceeded three hundred.

Glory is just a single operation game. Everyone controls only one role in the hands, not like real-time strategy, there is a lot of operating space to create a lot of operations.

Three hundred ap, in the eyes of glory players is already unimaginable. For many people, it’s not that their hand speed can’t reach such a level, but they don’t know how many operations they should do. At this time, Liu Xiao’s ap, three hundred is just one, and it is still rising.

Sword shadow step!

When the flying sword rushed to meet the lonely smoke of the desert, it was already scattered seven figures. The increase in the upper limit of the level, coupled with Liu Xiao’s hand speed, has been shown in the hands of ordinary players. And each one is controlled to be vivid, which one is true? Which one is fake? I am afraid that even the experienced **** of Han Wenqing cannot judge for a time.

So he simply did not judge.

It’s not Han Wenqing’s style at all. He has always been simple and straightforward. Seven figures? The lonely smoke of the desert directly rushed over and went straight to Gao Yingjie’s Muen.

Liu Xiaobu quickly manipulated the flying knife **** body, and a sword light caught up. As a result, at the moment of turning, a brick broke out from the shadow of the flowers, and the next moment, the hundred-flower attack was no longer a cover, and the flying sword was swallowed up in an instant. The audience can see at this moment, that is, the blood of the flying sword is straight down. Liu Xiaobe, who is exploding with the speed, is simply stunned by two predecessors.

When he was covered by a hundred-flower style, the injury was still second. The key moment was dazzling, and the figure of the cold and dark thunder began to adapt to the realization. When the small spot was ready to rush, suddenly a group White light burned all over his body, and it turned out to be a sacred fire that did not know when it floated to his feet.

This kind of attack must be cut off!

Liu Xiaobie is still very awake. They have already played two strong opponents in the playoffs. Most of the means of both sides have already been seen. The flower-style play must be cut off from the source, otherwise it can only suffer from this endless interference. Don’t imagine that light and shadow are also a cover for yourself. Such a fancy style is just a half-hanger. The hundred-flower style play by Zhang Jiale is absolutely targeted. It’s not based on the output loop and the release skill to create this piece of smash, every position hit, what is occluded, this is all about. Therefore, it is only Liu Xiao who is locked up by the hundred-flower style. The players of the tyrants, or the audience, can clearly see the situation when the hundred-flower style play is truly displayed.

Liu Xiaobei judged the location of the flowers, and couldn’t take care of himself. At this time, the skills were sealed and they had already rushed up. V Jiale certainly wouldn’t let him get so easily, and he would retreat and keep the distance between the two sides. Soon a few seconds passed, the flying sword skill seal was automatically released, and Liu Xiao did not fly fast. Flying swords and swords three strokes. Jianguang flashed into a line, and then he saw a throwing sand and rushed over.

Liu Xiao’s hand speed is really fast, and it is a moment of urgency. Actually, it still biased the perspective of the flying sword. The result was a brick in the back.

Liu Xiaodong is crying out. Yulin Jingyan said that when he was whistling, he was not so cumbersome. After the tyrant, the style changed a lot.

The stunned flying sword can have any good results. It is a new wave of fire attack. No side Gao Yingjie saw that the situation is wrong. He always wanted to save, but he wanted to get rid of Han Wenqing’s personal shorts. A broom can do it.

The other three sides of the micro-grass had already met smoothly at this time. As a result, they immediately received news of Liu Xiaobe and Gao Yingjie being trapped. At this time, the guns of the three of them were still ringing. The sharpshooter of the fifth person Qin Muyun of the tyrant, very deceptively misled the judgment of the grass, and responded at this time. The team has been cut into two parts.

The three people quickly went to save, Qin Muyun, of course, could not stop, but only slightly restrained. When the three men arrived at the rescue, the small flying swords were already on the eve. Yuan Baiqing quickly operated the Cordyceps sinensis and rushed to save. Unexpectedly, the violent attack immediately shrouded toward them. At a time when the line of sight was blocked, Yuan Baiqing could not find the position of the flying sword.

However, Liu Xiaobei’s squall line suddenly became cheerful, and suddenly his spirit was alive. Although his life was not much, he still actively found that Zhang Xinjie’s pastor stone did not turn, and he did not return to it.


A gunshot.

The three people of the micro-grass arrived, and Qin Muyun, who is here on the map, has naturally withdrawn. Once he returns, he will find the attack entry point. A Barrett sniper will accurately hit the head of the flying sword. The hidden effect of Barrett’s sniper: hits the head with twice the damage. In an instant, the flying knife and pepper department became a **** fog. This shot looked like a real explosion. The flying sword fell so that the v team game, the fighter figure first took a point.

Killing the flying sword and helping the tyrants won a short period of time to fight more and less, they did not waste, and immediately began a wave of fire attack.

The advantages have been established, the veterans will never allow such advantages to be wasted from their hands for a moment, they have forgotten their age, like Liu Xiaobei, desperately broke their own hand speed. In the technical statistics of the electronic screen, I saw that the ap waves of the two teams were higher than one wave, and the battle was fierce. It is imaginable to look at this data alone. The micro-grass captain Wang Jiexi, in this wave ap even broke through the 350 toward 400, his magician playing, this is also very expensive operation.

Micro Grass finally managed to fully support their sixth person, but the completeness is only the number of people. This wave of offensives, after all, caused them a lot of damage. The veteran of the tyrant is too aware of the advantages of the number of people. Although he has not been able to pull away the grass, the advantage is further magnified.

Five dozen five, the tyrants instantly reduced the rhythm. After all, the fight is not their strength. It’s okay to seize the opportunity. It’s been so exciting. It’s the life of the veterans.

Seeing that the advantage has been established, the tyrants have not spurred the temper, but slowed down the rhythm and the grass to consume. You came to me, many of the audience found that the fighters of the battle team Qin Muyun, the treatment seems to be pitiful, it is like deliberately released.

This kind of flaws, of course, cannot happen to Zhang Xinjie. It is a tactical choice. Anyone with certain glory knowledge can judge that the fighters are seeking to take the initiative to change. Although the fighters have slowed down the pace, they have spared no effort to control the initiative on the court.

Under steady and steady efforts, Qin Muyun successfully exchanged with the sixth man Bai Yanfei. The medical care saved by Qin Muyun was effectively distributed to the characters of several other people, and the state was very good. At this time, the sixth person who was full of blood and blue replaced the **** gunman by nine degrees, and the advantage on the field was further enlarged.

In the end, Ba Tu did not let such advantage flow away from their hands v team, hegemony 6 to 3 victory over the grass, and finally won the semi-finals with a total score of 10 to 8, and wished to advance into the finals.


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