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Chapter 1068 Sponsor of 茗干绿

.. “Dry green?” ╱

..5 He is not a city man, but he has been working at the reporter station for a while, and he is no stranger to this name. This is a name that can be seen in the streets of H City. .

Dry green is a private tea beverage company in H City. The various types of tea beverages produced are sold well all over the country, and occupy a large market share in the city.

The drink is a super-wide application, and sponsoring any event is justified. However, as an e-sports, they are the best in promoting the best results, of course, are all kinds of hardware and software products on the computer. Therefore, the sponsorship of each team is not a product of this type of computer.

Cao Guangcheng said that he had a good introduction. He thought that this would be the case. The result is a tea drink. In comparison, it seems that it is not too good to introduce it?

Cao Guangcheng saw the hesitation of the first, of course, knowing what he was puzzled, smiled and said: “Look at the information to see it!”

“Oh!” I often responded to the news first. The dry green that was specifically mentioned by Cao Guangcheng will naturally be noticed frequently.

“How?” After a long while, Cao Guangcheng asked.

“This dry green is really the most loyal sponsor of Jiashi!” According to their information, the company has been sponsoring Jiashi for seven years. Starting from the third season of the professional league, they are the most loyal sponsors of Jiashi.

“You pay attention to this season.” Cao Guangcheng said.

“Oh?” I often look at the information of the ninth season. This season, the sponsorship of the green is still there, but the number is much less. This season, Jiashi is out, all sponsors have a considerable reduction, which seems not to be strange?

“In the ninth season, the sponsorship of Gangan Green is still right?” Cao Guangcheng said.

“Yeah! Many sponsors of Jiashi are still there. After all, the status of the Jiashi team, I am afraid that these sponsors and their signing of the sponsorship contract are not activated by the automatic cancellation of the contract.” Chang Xian said.

Yes, the contract is cancelled. This automatic activation clause. Both sponsorship and player contracts will appear. However, this belongs only to those middle and lower reaches. For the Jiashi level, such a clause appears, which is really an insult. How can Jiashi go out? Not long ago, everyone would question this 100%. So whether it is a sponsor. Still a player. In the contract with Jiashi, it is generally not too much entangled in this article, which is simply a worry!

“Oh. Actually, most of them are not, but there are exceptions.” Cao Guangcheng said.

“Don’t dry green…” I have already realized the meaning of Cao Guangcheng. Quickly flipped the information.

“The details of this kind of contract are not available here, but I know that the contract between Gangan Green and Jiashi has always had an automatic clause for the cancellation of the contract. But in the ninth season, they have met the activation conditions, but still have not Temporarily suspending the contract, only slightly reducing the share, which at least illustrates the determination and strength of the company to sponsor the glory!”

Always nod first, Cao Guangcheng said that it is indeed reasonable. However, after turning over the information again, I asked again: “But this is dry green… The sponsorship fee itself is not too high!”

“Dry Green has the determination to sponsor, but the sponsorship fee is not high. What does this mean? It means room for improvement! Since the three consecutive championships, Jiashi has been going downhill, and the results are not satisfactory. But Xingxin is now Fame became famous, and the reputation rose. The contact with the green is really a good opportunity.” Cao Guangcheng said.

“You are right!” I was always excited. Of course, he was sincerely looking forward to Xingxin. So after sorting out the materials, he immediately called Chen Guo. While giving her a message, she emphasized the dry green.

Dry green…

Chen Guo is a native of the city of H. That is quite familiar with the name. It is a little exaggeration to say that it is a drink, but at least it has this condition, but Chen Guo is not very fond of drinking.

The early dry green focused on tea drinks, but the industry that is now involved is already in every aspect, but tea drinks are definitely their most popular products, especially the people of H City. The strength of this company is unquestionable. If you can pull their sponsorship, it is a very solid step!

On the phone, Chen Guo asked all the information that he could ask. After hanging up the phone, he was already ready to take the initiative.

According to the analysis of the team in the building of Guan Ning, the situation of Xingxin is now waiting for the sponsor to come to the door. But Chen Guo still wants to be more proactive.

Dry green, just as the first goal! Who to look for, often tell her there, Chen Guo immediately contacted people. At the end of the phone, it was obviously only an assistant and secretary who was responsible for answering the phone. After hearing Chen’s intention, he suddenly looked at it and then asked for a brief explanation. Then he answered Chen Guo: 9 am tomorrow.

Not bad!

The other party arranged time to interview so soon, it seems that the sponsorship is really very interested. The first recommendation is a good one. The influence of this dry green on the glory league is still very important!

Chen Guo was very happy to return to Shanglinyuan and told the news to Ye Xiu.

“Dry green?” After Ye Xiu heard it, he frowned slightly.

“How?” Chen Guo’s reaction to Ye Xiu was a bit puzzled.

“Tomorrow with you to see.” Ye Xiu said.


“How do you want to find this one?” Ye Xiu then asked again.

“Small often recommended.” Chen Guo said.

“Xiao Chang?” Ye Xiu groaned again. “Why did he recommend this?”

Chen Guo gave a general introduction to the situation, and Ye Xiu nodded. “It makes sense!”

“Yes! That’s going to get up early tomorrow, don’t be late.” Chen Guo said.

“Understand.” Ye Xiu nodded.

Chen Guoxing was eager to log in to glory and go to work. Ye Xiu’s side, qq is flashing up, and it’s a message from Su Mu Orange.

“Dry green?”

“Well… I will go see it tomorrow and say it.” Ye Xiu replied.

“Oh.” Su Mu Orange did not say anything more.

Early the next morning, Chen Guo dragged Ye Xiu out of the door, and she did not want to leave the other party with a bad impression of not being punctual. As a result, when the two arrived at the company, it was only 8:30 in the morning. After getting the guidance from the front desk, the two came to the external publicity department of the company. Then they received them first, the voice that Chen Guo heard on the phone yesterday. Because the appointment time has not arrived, the two are arranged in the reception room.

Everything seemed very smooth, and Chen Guo’s face was excited.

“External Propaganda Department… Well, do we have such a department in the future?” Chen Guo said to Ye Xiu.

“Of course.” Ye Xiu nodded.

Time passed by, and in a blink of an eye, the agreed nine o’clock arrived. Chen Guo looked forward, and the assistant who answered the phone also arrived on time, but it was a look of apology: “I am sorry two… I still have some things to do at the end of the summer. I have to ask the two more. Wait a minute.”

“Oh… it doesn’t matter. Then let’s wait a little longer, thank you!” Chen Guo’s face flashed a little disappointment, but soon disappeared. Just waiting a little longer, nothing is wrong.

“The two sit a little!” After the assistant quit, Chen Guo showed his look of hope. Sitting helplessly.

“This meeting… You better not expect too much.” Ye Xiu suddenly opened his mouth.

“How?” Chen Guo did not understand.

“She just mentioned the summer general, do you know who it is?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Know it!” Chen Guo nodded. “Xia Zhongtian, the head of the dry-green department, the dry green is the industry of their summer family. He is the youngest son of Xiadong in the south of the dry green, and more importantly, he It is an avid glory powder.”

“Yes.” Ye Xiu nodded. “He is a glory powder. And it is the big loyalty powder of the Jiashi team.”

“Oh?” Chen Guowei glimpsed, although she did not realize anything, but she still felt that Ye Xiu’s words contained information. .

“Do you know what it is like to do the sponsorship of Jiashi Green?” Ye Xiuwen.

“Know, from seven years ago, the third season of the Glory League, the dry sponsorship of Kass has never been interrupted, even if this season, Jiashi out, under the automatic terms of the suspension of sponsorship contracts They still insist on sponsorship. They only slightly reduced the amount of sponsorship.” Chen Guo said.

“Well…” Ye Xiu nodded. “If I tell you. The green sponsorship of Jiashi is actually only Xia Zhongtian’s personal behavior. What do you think?”

“Personal behavior?” Chen Guo is amazed.

“Yes… In fact, Gangan Green itself has no interest in sponsoring the glory team, but Xia Zhongtian himself is a glory, but also a loyal fan of Jiashi, so he is in charge of the public, insisting on sponsoring Jiashi. After all, this dry green is the industry of their summer family. Finally, one eye closed and approved his application. So, this seven-year sponsorship is actually not a commercial cooperation. It’s almost a fan’s support for his team.” Ye Xiu said.

“How come you know so clearly?” Chen Guo is very surprised.

“Hey, I’m good to say that I was also the captain of Jiashi?” said Ye Xiu.

“So what you mean, apart from Jiashi, 茗 绿 green will not actually be interested in sponsoring other teams?” Chen Guo said.

“Yes.” Ye Xiu nodded.

“How come that little often recommend me to dry green?”

“Hey, probably too young, not too clear about the key inside!” Ye Xiu said, “From the point of view, the sponsorship of Gangan Green really has great potential.”

“Then why are we still being called?”

“This is what I am wondering about,” Ye Xiu said.

The original mood of Chen Guo’s excitement is now replaced by a smashing, and it’s ten o’clock in the blink of an eye. The two have waited for an hour, according to the agreed time.

“Summer, the two of them have been waiting for an hour. Are you seeing it?” In the office of Xia Zhongtian, the assistant asked him.

“There is no time, busy, let them wait.” Xia Zhongtian did not look at his assistant, just staring at his screen, the mouse and keyboard slamming.


Another one is coming! To be continued..

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