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Chapter 1061 I am back

Everyone is welcome to come to —. “The income situation? I don’t know very well.” Tang Rou did not show the slightest sorrow, but said very calmly.

The reporters suddenly looked at it, and this answer was somewhat unexpected. Although their question is such a question, it is to pave the way for opening the words. The income of professional players, casually catching a player in the Internet cafe can also drool and chat with you for a long time. As a result, Tang Rou actually replied that “not very clear”, this answer, the direction of the paving seems to be somewhat wrong!

There are also some old-fashioned ones. When I heard this answer from Tang Rou, I was somewhat impressed with Chen Guo. They obviously think that this is the conspiracy of Xingxin’s boss, so that the players live in silly and innocent, so it is bound to be easier to control. But unfortunately, when they carefully observed Chen Guo, they did not find any tension and uneasiness in her answer to Tang Rou. Instead, she smiled happily, and then there was nothing unusual.

what happened?

This reporter is even more confused. Not to mention professional players, no matter which industry, how can you not understand the income at all? This beautiful girl is deliberately teasing them?

The reporters looked at this suspiciously and looked at it until the press officer asked again: “Is there a new problem?”

Today, this press conference has been stuck, and the press officers are somewhat impatient.

“Can you slightly reveal what treatments are currently being used by the players of the Xingxin team?” Some reporters persevered, but they no longer set fire to Tang, but returned the problem to Chen Guo.

The judges’ judgments are still very accurate. This question is indeed a bit of a heart. Chen Guo replied unnaturally: “Before the challenge, we all gathered together by hobbies. Then we became a professional team. We need to formally discuss the details of the contract. This has not yet started, so there is no What can be disclosed.”

The reporters were a little embarrassed when they heard it.

You have to say that this is a lively sightseeing team that the three or five players have come together. That is all the necessary. However, Xingxin defeated the challenge champion of Jiashi, and the team had Ye Xiu Da Shen sitting in the town, they have such a configuration. Listening to Chen Guo’s words, it seems that there is no treatment, all by love?

“What do you mean by saying that the players of the Xingxin team have not earned so far?” Someone finally asked carefully.

Chen Guo is very embarrassed, but she is not a cover-up person, and she will not open her mouth on such occasions. Only a little bit: “Yes.”

Suddenly a sudden loss. Someone immediately chased and asked: “Is Ye Xiu God also?”

“Oh… yes.” Chen Guo hesitated a bit, Internet cafes to manage the salary income of this identity, still do not mention it…

Don’t mention this noisy next. It’s really a shocking situation for Xingxin. Nothing is not mentioned for the time being, but it is just the meaning of Chen Guo’s words, until now. They still haven’t come up with a formal contract, so you need to mention it.

You know, now that they have the qualifications for next season’s professional competition, everyone must become a real professional player, and don’t hurry to open a contract to retain people. This is waiting for the team to join the league and become a supermarket market. selling? With the performance of these players in the Xingxin team, the reporters believe that it will attract a lot of professional team attention. As early as the Challenge is still going on, hasn’t there been a lot of gossips?

However, at that time, there were already teams who were interested in Xingxin’s players. However, it seems that Xingxin’s lineup is neat, and no one has been told by the team at that time. But now, listening to this Xingxin boss, Xingxin has not used any measures to keep people. These Xingxin players are all consciously condensed into teams.

This is really unscientific…

Other teams must have not guessed that the Xingxin team is so unscientific, so there is no big trick to dig people? The news is released. Xingxin this team… will not be scattered in an instant?

This time, the reporters still worry about this kind of thing for Xingxin. However, they are also aware that this matter will definitely be exposed. So many journalists cannot guarantee that everyone has a compassionate heart. Compassionate Xingxin actually has such a naive and unscientific state to cover it. This news, maybe someone has been sorting out at this time?

After all. Xing Xin’s experience with the media is quite different! Such an important matter was actually revealed at the press conference. The reporters’ feelings gradually got the suspicion of being cheap and selling.

The scene was a little messy. The news officer of the alliance looked at the time this time, and it was almost the same. It was slightly discussed with the people of Xingxin and simply announced that the next question was the next one.

Today’s press conference has got a lot of information. The last question can’t be chased and beaten. The experienced reporters won’t mention too complicated things at this time. At the last moment, there is no need to make it happen.

“Leaving the league for so long, at this moment, what do you want to say?” The last question was finally thrown to Ye Xiu.

“Oh.” Ye Xiu smiled and said, “I am back.”

I am back!

A simple single sentence reveals a strong belief. Although today’s press conference has plucked countless rumors, although everyone can’t wait to start conceiving these savage at the press conference, in the end, the final news selected by various media is almost the final sentence. .

Ye Xiu: I am back.

In addition, the various media have also fully utilized their skills in compiling and sorting out the connotations, reporting other content.

Prepare for one year and achieve the champion of Xingxin. The opportunity is only for those who are more prepared!

Captain Jia Shi’s former captain fired a gun and angered Jiashi boss Tao Xuan to abandon Jiashi!

Xingxin for the love!


These news, there are substantial content, basically how to scare how to write. And this is just to disclose the information obtained at the press conference. The real value of public opinion is to use information to generate guidance.

Those journalists who like Jiashi, through the words of Ye Xiu, made great contributions to their work, and they separated the Jiashi and Tao Xuan beautifully. The negative news that Jiashi is currently receiving is all drawn to Tao Xuan. Other reporters who are not sensible, in the face of such a clear fact, the pen is not pointing to the wrong direction.

Dirty is not a team, but some people!

The content is so told, everyone sees it, this is reasonable! The so-called things are man-made, and the evil things of Jiashi are not made under the instructions of the boss. It was his control that made the team fall to such a point.

So for a moment, the wind has changed.

Many Jiashi fans have already been scattered. They felt embarrassed about the various situations exposed by Jiashi and felt disheartened with Jiashi. But after the latest round of reports, their sadness and their disappointment turned into anger. They reunited together. They wanted to guard their Kasbah team and they would drive away the true cancer of Jiashi.

Tao Xuan is getting out!

Within a day, such a slogan can be seen everywhere on the wall, on the ground, in the hands of the players outside the club. I beg you not to sell Jiashi? No such player appears. They have realized that the sale will not be destroyed, but after being tossed by Tao Xuan, Jiashi will be completely shameful.

Jiashi belongs to each of them, and Tao Xuan’s hands are nothing but fixed assets. It is just the shape of Jiashi, not the soul of Jiashi.

Where is the soul? The soul is in the hearts of every fan.

The loyal fans of Jiashi, on the other hand, pointed out to Tao Xuan, but on the other hand, they began to make loud appeals. Those who are sincerely fond of glory and love Jiashi can take over the Jiashi team.

At this moment, Jiashi lived.

Fans are the biggest asset of a team.

No one wants to take over the full house of Jiashi. It is because Jiashi, who has exposed a lot of bad things, has lost the support of fans. Such a mess, naturally no one will be willing to clean up. But now, the fans have completed their self-help. They realized where the problem lies and they found a solution. They stood up and supported Jiashi. This is what everyone sees.

Such a Jiashi can completely stand up again. But there is a premise that Tao Xuan must leave. He can leave with everything he has, but he won’t be able to take any fans, and there will be nothing in the end, but fans will be waiting here. With their guardianship, Jiashi can be rebuilt from scratch.

How did this change happen? It was the words from Ye Xiu’s face to the reporter’s question, and I woke up countless fans.

Ye Xiu is their captain, forever!

No Jiashi fans will question this. Even if Jiashi sent him the door of the professional league again, it is only a game, it is not about other. Isn’t this the consistent attitude of their captain on the court?

After more than a year, their former captain is now officially announced: he is back.

It is a pity that he did not return to Jiashi. Although some people have begun to appeal to Ye Xiu to come back to lead Jiashi, more fans have been unable to make such a request.

This is too selfish.

Ye Xiu has given enough for Jiashi, and they have no reason to ask him to contribute to Jiashi.

Ye Xiu did not owe anything to Jiashi, but Jiashi owed him a lot.

Don’t say anything else, just the player’s contract. Han Wenqing, who has been killed by Ye Xiu from the beginning of the league, is the best contract in the league. But what about their captain? For so many years, I have been holding a long-term contract signed from the beginning of the alliance, and now I have a meager and ridiculous contract.

Talking about money is a bit straightforward, but Jiashi is so blunt to owe their captain, and he has never said this with complaints, because he never cares about it.

What he pursues is always the same, victory. This point is that he will not change wherever he is. At this time, the fans of Jiashi can only send blessings.


Before dawn! success!

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