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Chapter 1058 New team conference

Overall, the alliance pattern has not changed much. Although there is a strong rise of the whistling team, but other tyrants have not left behind. It was the Thunder and the three-time team. After losing Xiao Shiqin and Xu Bin, they failed to make the playoffs this time. The start of the Hundred Flowers team was quite unsuccessful. The first half of the season has been faltering, but after the big update, suddenly began to catch up, from the team to the fans, all of them have a very high morale, and the more they fight, the more they finally catch up with the playoffs. The last bus.

The final ranking is determined, and the playoff table will be jumped out. The strongest collision in the first round is naturally the fourth and fifth, the confrontation between blue rain and micro grass. For the two teams that are both champions, such a collision will be accidentally and will be labeled by the media as “advanced finals”, and the two teams have never dealt with each other. There are younger generations who are particularly shining. This match is quite weighty and there is no shortage of topics. .

However, if you want to talk about topicality, there is no doubt that the first round of the top map and the eighth round of the Baihua team will be more attractive.

Zhang Jiale came back to join the tyrants, and since this decision was exposed, there are still people arguing. Now, Zhang Jiale, who joined Pato, will have a direct dialogue with the Baihua team he led, and what kind of collision will happen after the doubles, so the lively people will not miss it.

The other two games were reincarnation against the void and whistling against the rain. Compared with the previous two games, the level of excitement is slightly reduced, but this is only relative. The team that can enter the playoffs, no one is a weak.

On the other side of laughter, there are always people crying.

Eight teams headed for the playoffs, but two teams had to leave the professional league. And this kind of weak travel, in addition to their fans, it is difficult to attract what kind of attention. On the contrary, it is the team that will replace them into the league next season, which has caused great concern.

Mythical team!

Through the approval of the alliance, another brand new professional team was born. They made their debut at a press conference organized by the Alliance on Monday. I am full of ambition to express their determination and will. According to previous years, this newly born team will still cause a lot of curiosity and concern. But this time, the reporters in the audience are looking forward to the rush of the goods that are known as myths. Everyone waits for the next one. With Ye Xiu Da Shen, miraculously defeated the JS team to break into the alliance.

So in such a big background, the time when the mythical team sent out the reporter’s questioning time was particularly tacitly cold. In the end, some old-fashioned journalists asked a few questions about the routines. Then, in the inquiry of the Union News Officer “No problem?”, “There are still no questions below”, and no feedback has been received, the members of the Magic Team have resigned.

As a result, the magical retreat, the reporters who were still dead and dead immediately became alive and kicking. A few people just slept in the water, but it seemed to be full of electricity and radiant.

“What is the Xingxin? Where is it?”

This magical team has not gone clean, see the reactions of these reporters below, crying without tears.

“Cough… There are Xingxin teams underneath…” The Union Press Officer reluctantly hosted.

“Come here!!” Don’t mention the excitement of the reporters. The people of Xingxin just debuted, and the flash of the brush was immediately on the scene. Everyone in Xingxin was seated one by one, and they kept on watching. . Especially for the first seat of Ye Xiu, my mother has not seen it for so many years, today I have to take a photo.

Ye Xiu was so stunned that he couldn’t open his eyes. On the one hand, the news officers of the alliance were somewhat unsatisfied, and they coughed twice and announced the start of the conference.

This conference is the appearance of the new team, all members will participate, but also in line with the regulations. For example, Su Mu Orange, it is not realistic to sit on the stage at this time. Sun Zheping, this time has already bid farewell to the people of Xingxin, went to Yiwu and they prepared for the next season, and did not attend. And Wu Chen. Ye Xiu and Chen Guo both consulted him, but Wu Chen clearly stated that he could play in such a brilliant decisive battle. He already felt very satisfied. He no longer had any expectations for his career. I hope to completely focus on the guild business.

Really no longer look forward to it?

Ye Xiu and Chen Guo did not ask this question because they actually knew the answer.

Wu Chen, of course, he still has expectations. But he even recognized the reality. He is not too young, and his level is not high. Occasionally, there is a bright spot that does not explain too many problems. More importantly, he is very clear that Su Mu Orange will join Xing Xin next season. The chief gunner of the league, let Wu Chen and her go to the position? Thinking of this, Wu Chen is relieved. He is a limited-qualified player. He can perform in such an important and high-level competition. Helping the team to enter the professional league is already his peak. It is unrealistic for him to pursue higher goals.

Wu Chen withdrew from the team, but still appeared at the press conference as the head of the Xingxin Association. The guild department has always been one of the most important departments of the club, and the technical development department can be called the right arm of a team’s logistics support. Guild President? It’s not too big to be a president of a guild’s guild, but if it’s a guild president of a club, it’s very high-powered.

The Xingxin team debuted, and the press conference began. The first was the introduction of the main members. Then, as a boss, Chen Guo has to say that he is the real first person. Of course, he wants to say a few words first. Because the league has long informed, so the nature of the speech is also prepared. However, Chen Guo does not look at the usual embarrassment, it is really awkward to go to such occasions. However, Chen Guo was still brave enough to think of himself as the boss of Xingxin who defeated Jiashi.

Then, of course, the captain has to say a few words.

Ye Xiu, how many years have passed, I can finally see it on this occasion. The flash suddenly brushed up again.

The boss, Chen Guo, represents the entire club. Although their club does not have much detailed department, it is nominally. And the captain, that represents the team.

Ye Xiu’s speech is really looking forward to it! But listening to it, some reporters with good memory have begun to scratch their heads.

“Is this wrong? How does this speech sound familiar?”

“is it?”

“Yeah, I have heard it before, I have an impression.”

“Do you pick a few keywords to search for?”

“Well, just this sentence, I am too familiar, I searched.”

Soon, the answer came out, the reporter comrades burst into tears, and the mother forced it. Isn’t this the captain’s speech when the new team entered the league last year? You are so easy to attend a press conference, can you die if you are perfunctory?


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