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Chapter 1047 Disregard

The buccal invaders are playing this wave. If it happens at any other time on the field, I am afraid that it will not be praised by professionals. But it happened at this moment. At this moment when the Jiashi team desperately wanted to win Jun Moxiao, his wave of destruction to the Jiashi rhythm was really quite strong.

This kind of chaos, Jiashi players are not without a way, but they do not want to spend time on the buns invasion, they just began to unswervingly take Jun Moxiao as an absolute goal, which suddenly turned to fire, before the firm Not all become jokes? .

Several of Jiashi just did not expect that the buns’ play would actually make them so uncomfortable. This completely unpredictable attack actually imposed restrictions on several of them.

Can’t sit back and ignore, but this may be the first thousand and forty-seventh chapter

Disregarding a trap of Xingxin?

When Xiao Shiqin’s decision was not going down, Sun Xiang had already taken the lead.

It is not difficult to deal with buns, but the difficulty is that at this time, Jun Mo laughed and died! Under such a chaotic rhythm, Sun Xiang suddenly turned to the fire, and was seized by Ye Xiu when he was in the air. Jun Mo laughed and took the first step, but he grabbed the autumn of a leaf.

The autumn of the fighting **** became the weapon in the hands of Ye Xiu…

Although this has been the case for the past ten years, this time, it is totally different from that of the decade.

In the autumn of a leaf, Jun Mo smiled and squatted down to the match.

Wang Ze was unprepared, and the match and the fall of a leaf fell on the ground. Jun Mo smile turned and was a hit, picking the battle format that came to him. The battle format was shaken. Even a sudden attack on the parry, two broken stabs.

Suddenly interrupted Lien Chan!

One year ago, Qiu Fei missed the use of the tactics. One year later, in the ring game, Ye Xiu caused him a killing tactic.

In fact. Qiufei, the tactic of this kind of warfare, has already mastered it. At this time, he suddenly made a fuss, and he smashed the slap in the face of Jun Moxiao. The second thorn did not hesitate to stab.

After this attack, he followed a set of combos, and Jun Mo laughed enough to be killed. There is not much left in the life of Jun Moxiao. This set of combos is not too complicated, Qiu Fei has the absolute first thousand and forty-seven chapters.

Ignore the grasp.

It was just a technique that made him impressed, and Qiu Fei’s heart was inevitably touched.

“Thank you!”

After knocking out two words in the public channel, Qiu Fei has already started the next attack.

As a result, the body shape of Jun Moxiao suddenly sinks at this time. Even the second section of the thorns stabbed, and then the hands that Jun Mo smiled out had already taken out the waist of the battle format.

“You are still far away!”

Jun Mo smiled and bent back, and the battle format was turned over to the ground.

Back to fall!

Only a moment, a leaf of autumn, battle format. The double battle combination of the Jiashi team has been repeatedly smashed by Jun Moxiao. It is the buns that disrupt the rhythm of Jiashi, but the real situation is broken, or Ye Xiu!

I really should get rid of him early! Xiao Shiqin was annoyed, with helplessness, rushed up resolutely.

“Ghost feast.” Ye Xiu said in the Xingxin channel.

“Received.” Qiao Yifan responded, and an inch of gray knife was on display. The ghosts on the ground suddenly burst into the air like waves.

Ghost **** feast!

All the powers of the ghosts and gods are released, bursting out, and now a vast light and shadow. Xiao Shiqin rushed, but the light and shadow effect that erupted in an instant made him unable to find the target. He can only make inferences from his own position. As a result, the waist of the dead, suddenly caught by people.

When Xiao Shiqin looked down from the perspective, the buns invaded and squatted in front of him.

Back throwing…

The creature was also knocked over to the ground by a back. The smoke and smoke that broke out in the feast of the ghosts and gods were also basically exhausted at this time. The heads of the members of the Jiashi team went down one after another, and Wang Ze and his sharpshooters matched and went out.

When the creatures get out of the air and get up quickly, they see the power of the ghosts and gods who dissipated. Jun Mo laughs, one inch, and the buns invade. The three characters are besieging themselves.

Xiao Shiqin did not retreat, his fingers repeatedly bounced, and the creatures destroyed three mechanical props in an instant, and the three men attacked. At this time, the ghost array was completely violent, and his mechanical props finally had a stage to gallop.


Jun Mo laughed at an incredible speed to aim and pull the trigger. After three consecutive shots, there were three explosions.

The mechanical props that have just been recruited by the living spirits are instantly shot by the leaf repair with a precise shot.

An inch of gray moonlight rushed to the moment, Xiao Shiqin quickly operated the life to turn around and flash, followed, the brick behind the brain, the bun invaded the brick.

Xiao Shiqin is really going crazy.

This buns, sometimes messy, don’t know how to cooperate with teammates, but sometimes they will get into the dead end and complete a fatal blow.

Every player in Xingxin has been studied by Xiao Shiqin. Regarding this buns, he really didn’t know how to describe it because he had never seen such a player. You don’t even know what he will be. Looking at a game, this tactical cooperation, he seems very skilled, but in the next game, this tactical cooperation, but he did not know where to go.

In Xiao Shiqin’s tactical manual, the contents of the buns are written and erased, erased and written, and finished and changed. It is really that every game has new discoveries, and the content that is seen in each game is not repeated.

In the end, Xiao Shiqin’s tactical manual about the contents of the buns, only one sentence has not changed: a very unstable player.

Yes, this is Xiao Shiqin’s final positioning of the buns. The performance of this buns is also very worthy of the positioning of Xiao Shiqin. However, the problem positioning is positioning. After positioning, how to deal with it, Xiao Shiqin has no tactical means, because this guy can’t predict, so he can only see the move.

At the most critical moment of the result, they were disrupted by the buns and then removed by Ye Xiu.

Now, Xiao Shiqin himself is controlled by a brick of the buns.

Jun Moxiao and an inch of gray attack did not lose the opportunity to come, killing the souls and destroying the East, if Sun Xiang and Qiu Fei came to support in time, Xiao Shiqin really suspected that he would be taken away by a wave.

One leaf autumn and the battle format arrived, Xingxin three immediately retired.

“Bite!” Xiao Shiqin called.

After the feast of ghosts and ghosts, the field was particularly clean and it was a good time to launch the impact. Xiao Shiqin’s life was extinguished while he was paying attention to the attack on an inch of gray. Summon ghosts are all singing skills, and taking the first step to pay attention to control will make the ghosts very uncomfortable.

In addition, there is that buns invasion, Xiao Shiqin now almost half of the energy is placed on this guy, and can never let this guy mess up the situation.

Xiao Shiqin stared at the two people, the purpose is naturally to create opportunities for Sun Xiang and Qiu Fei. Under the cover of Xiao Shiqin, the combination of a leaf fall and the battle format once again rushed toward Jun Mo. Jun Mo laughed and took a moment to give himself a little life when the time of the feast of the ghosts and gods broke out. The blood line was pulled to 8%. But in the face of the two people of Jiashi, this is still within the scope of a wave.

In this situation, Ye Xiu will go up and fight hard with these two people? Of course not, Jun Moxiao began to take a variety of positions with the two.

When Xiao Shiqin saw it, he suddenly became a big man.

Wretched stream…

In the most need to race against time, Ye Xiu began a wretched stream. One leaf autumn and the battle format are, after all, melee occupations, and Jun Moxiao has long-range firepower. Playing the wretchedness, the two men want to catch up with that is definitely not a minute.

Xiao Shiqin looked at the time, a little calculation… should it be almost?

In the team channel of Jiashi, a message popped up immediately.

The autumn of a leaf and the format of the battle suddenly changed direction on the way of chasing Jun Moxiao.

The audience of God’s perspective is all sorts of stunned. These two people are the treatment of Xiao Xingxin’s cold hands.

The distribution area on the map is clearly where Xiao Shiqin is naturally clear. The previous judgment was wrong and it has naturally been deleted. Well, this time, it’s probably not far from ten. Otherwise, there are other points that are too far away.

This time Xiao Shiqin did not guess wrong. The change of the autumn of the leaves and the format of the battle format really greeted the small hands of the Xingxin team. The two men rushed out of the way and found the cold figure of the little hand.

But behind them, the three characters of the Xingxin team rushed to Xiao Shiqin’s life.

Actually not to save?

Xiao Shiqin was surprised.

In fact, he did not think that it would be easier to kill the other priests. This is the biggest guarantee for Xingxin to win. They will be desperate to guard.

However, in this case, Jiashi succeeded in restraining Xingxin. With the goal to be guarded, there are more restrictions on the action. In this rescue process, intercepting Ye Xiu and killing Jun Moxiao is the main goal that Xiao Shiqin hopes to achieve. However, he did not expect that Xingxin did not care about the pastor, but at this time he set fire to his life.


Xiao Shiqin felt incredible. This exchange is completed, although it is a three-on-two situation, but Jun Moxiao has only had such a life, this is not a situation in which his scattered treatment can be reversed. Three dozen two, the risk is still very big for them? What do they rely on? Is the control of the ghosts? The control of the ghosts is strong, but the problem is that the ghosts have considerable limitations. After killing Xingxin’s treatment, Jiashi will be much looser in time. In this situation, the powerful role of the two combat mages is still a way to force the ghosts.

Xiao Shiqin couldn’t think of it, but he couldn’t stop and die in vain. The dying rushed to the road, and immediately found that the wretchedness before Ye Xiu had already made the character wretched to a proper position. The route he could escape at this time was just clamped by Jun Moxiao.

It is ready!

After discovering this, Xiao Shiqin was even less practical. The other party is prepared, which means that the situation at hand is in the calculation, they are sure.

At this moment, Xiao Shiqin saw the Sun Xiang in the channel and said: “I am going, this pastor is running fast!!”


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