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Chapter 1038 Emergency exchange

Everyone is dumbfounded.

In the end, it was only a winner’s point, and it was already inconsistent with many people’s expectations. And now the team competition? Actually, the Xingxin team has always taken the initiative to dominate, and Jiashi is passively exhausted. Just look at the scene, who is the giant? Who is the grassroots?

Although there are many viewers who are looking forward to Xingxin’s victory to surprise everyone, but they really feel like this, they feel incredible. However, this is in line with their expectations, of course, can ignite their excitement. The scene is not just the world of Jiashi fans, this is not the home of the Jiashi team. .

It’s just that these hopes of winning are not fans of Xingxin. What they really love is just this unexpected upset, so they won’t be as desperate to cheer for Xingxin like Tian Qi’s people who really support Xingxin. Because Xingxin is really not optimistic, it is too easy to encounter a face-lifting. Puppet fans are certainly not willing.

However, at this time, Xingxin actually took such an advantage in the team competition, and the hearts of the players who looked forward to the upset were finally beginning to shake. Some of the **** people have begun to scream, and other people, driven by these people, gradually no longer bury their inner expectations, and began to cheer for the prosperity. On the contrary, it is a fan of Jiashi. Because of the passiveness of the Jiashi team, it has been awkward for a while.

Their refueling, this is to prepare for the icing on the cake, so that the passive situation is in the snow, there is no such psychological preparation! So in an instant, the sound of Xingxin’s refueling suddenly sounded in the venue, and suddenly it overwhelmed the voice of the fans. The fans of Jiashi glared at God, and they reacted for a long time, and they quickly began to cheer for Jiashi.

The fans’ cheers are often the catalyst for the players in the stadium, but the glory is an exception, because the contestants in the closed game, they can not hear the cheers on the scene. This truth is actually very simple, but the audience is still wishful thinking that they can cheer for the players, and the professional players. It has never been denied this. Even if they can’t hear the voices of these supporters, they will not be able to live up to the other’s wishes.

At this moment, the cheering of the two teams of supporters in the venue. However, the situation on the court did not change much.

“Plus live!!”

Xiao Shiqin’s instructions are actually superfluous. At this time, Zhang Jiaxing can still sit idly by. He has been operating the priest’s weaving and wants to brush in. It was delayed, because it was not on the side of Xingxin. In addition to Wu Chen’s Xiao Gun, Ye Xiu’s Jun Moxiao is also constantly harassing him. A few instant skills Zhang Jiaxing was thrown out to cool down, and the treatment of singing was not cooled. But the problem he couldn’t find the opportunity to read and sing, and kept walking, it was like watching the lively dance.

“screening cover!!”

Zhang Jiaxing also picked up in the channel.

But this reminder is like Xiao Shiqin reminding him that it is superfluous, will Xiao Shiqin not know how to cover the pastor treatment? Of course, he knows that if you don’t do it, it’s really because there are factors that they can’t resist, that is… there are many people in Xingxin.

Yes, there are many people. This advantage has been played to the point of being devastated after Ye Xiu personally came into command. Zhang Jiaxing’s blood brush is not in place, and Xiao Shiqin’s cover is not in place. These two are not ordinary people! Zhang Jiaxing is the main treatment of Haomen Jiashi, and Xiao Shiqin is an all-star. The one who just finished the glory in the ring game, but also faced the Xingxin, both of them looked embarrassed.

However, despite the efforts of the two, after all, they are not all-in-one, the treatment of weaving, in the end can still find a gap to occasionally brush a little bit, plus Shen Jian is also struggling desperately, although people are afraid, but still not yet Desperate. And Xiao Shiqin and Zhang Jiaxing are extremely amateur reminders in the team channel, and the real use is also manifested.

They all shouted like this. It is conceivable that Jiashi’s situation here is too tight. Sun Xiang and Qiu Fei began to recklessly speed up. For example, Hao Long broke the military skills and took it out as a mobile technology. The broadcast specifically gave a close-up of a big map, letting the audience watch the speed of the two characters toward the battlefield, and the time to reach the battlefield. It can be calculated in seconds.

What is the loss?

Everyone at this time comes up with the word. The words of the two battle mage came into being. It is sure to wash away the situation. The role of the Xingxin team is not strong at all, and the output at this time can’t keep up. If it is a giant role that can be compared with Jiashi, this time Shen Jian is probably already blown up?

Perfect tactics, perfect play, but in the end, the loss is in a bad role?

The figure of a leaf fall and the format of the battle has now appeared in the field of vision. Looking at the life of the continuation, Xiao Shiqin gave a slight relief after a slight measurement, and his heart screamed. Once upon a time, when he was still in the Thunder team, he often lost in the gap between the strength of this role. At that time, he often imagined that if he had a strong giant in his hand. Now, he finally has it, so with the arrogance of this role, Xingxin’s perfect play seems to be defeated, but at this time Xiao Shiqin’s heart is not a taste. The arrogance of this role was once envied by him, but when he really won the turn in this way, he was not happy.

These roles of Xingxin…

Xiao Shiqin looked at Xing Xin’s role and suddenly saw it.

what happened? Why are there only four characters in Xingxin?

What about the pastor? The priest of Xingxin’s little hand is cold?

The busy cover of the shadows rescued the construction of Shen Jian, so that Xiao Shiqin actually ignored such a big change at a time, suddenly found that his heart suddenly flashed, the brain quickly wiped out the location of this area.

not good! !

Xiao Shiqin’s biological destruction suddenly rushed up like a melee professional. This move scared Zhang Jiaxing a big jump.

Is this going to launch a counterattack?

But Sun Xiang and Qiu Fei have not yet fully arrived! And even if it is, as a mechanic, don’t you be the leader?

The result is in the next second, Zhang Jiaxing is also stunned.

A figure quickly joined the battle group, and this role should not have appeared here.

Buns invade!

Actually it was a buns invasion.

“When did he come out?” Not to mention Xiao Shiqin and Zhang Jiaxing, who were too busy to notice. As the broadcaster of God’s perspective, they did not pay attention to the fact that the Xingxin team had changed their personalities at this time.

There is no time to play the playback. The sudden addition of the buns invasion is a lock throat. Shen Jian, who was besieged and dizzy, had no preparation for this guy who was supposed to be on this battlefield. He was immediately caught in his throat. When he saw this role, Shen Jian was directly screaming. He knows better than anyone, he is finished!

With the power of the character, his connection can indeed be supported, but when this is absolutely critical, Xing Xin actually completed a role replacement?

The treatment of the small hand was cooled and the rogue buns invaded.

Xingxin is no longer four outputs, but five!

Xiao Shiqin realized this and he rushed over desperately. Because he knows that in the face of five characters, the connection can not be supported until the fall of a leaf and the battle format, he must be killed at this time to disturb the situation.

At this moment, Xingxin did not have any treatment. He took the opportunity to concentrate damage on a certain character. Together with Sun Xiang and Qiu Fei, they immediately came to the battlefield and came to a wave of fire attack, perhaps completing an exchange.

Xiao Shiqin’s mind was planning this way, and as a result, he saw the thousand-machine umbrella in the hands of Jun Moxiao…

Xiao Shiqin burst into tears… In a hurry, he forgot the scattered person again. Although this scattered treatment is not strong at all, but … the mosquito is small and that is also meat. On the professional field, one minute and one is enough to decide the outcome. There is a treatment for him. Xingxin is afraid to support the treatment. I was replaced again. After all, this location is quite close to the substitution zone. It was only when Xiao Shiqin realized the location of this area that he fully understood the intention of Xingxin. However, what he noticed is a bit far away.

The buns invaded into the battle, and the output of the Xingxin team increased one level at a time. When Xiao Shiqin’s life was destroyed and killed, he was finally stopped by Jun Mo, and his hope of finally struggling to disturb the situation was also lost.

It’s impossible for Ye Xiu to kill him in an instant, but it’s no problem to obstruct his troubles.


In the explosion of fire, Shen Jian’s boxing master finally fell.

After the most unsatisfactory performance in the competition, Shen Jian became the first player to be out in the team competition. But to be fair, this cannot be said to be his mistake. In this trapped situation, any player will be difficult to cope with. But unfortunately, the game is sometimes so cruel, so the difficult situation happened to him, so that his performance in this game is here, he has not played any eye-catching play, the first one was killed, for For those who don’t ask the process, this seems to be the worst match with the performance of this game.

But really have to say that so far, someone in the team game found it bad? No, everyone has tried to play to their own level. However, under the collision, there is always a victory and defeat, and Shen Jian has unfortunately become the ultimate player. He can definitely be said to be the most unfortunate one tonight. As the most important game of this season, his watch is realistic in some soy sauce. Shen Jian, who sat in the chair, seemed to see himself returning to the era of soy sauce.


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