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Chapter 1035 Manufacturing

~ Date: ~November 08~

The team competitions of Xingxin and Jiashi have finally opened up. The first time is that Jiashi bite the Xingxin and finally catch up and start the attack. However, the audience of the overall overview knows that the Xingxin team Ye Xiuyi picks two and the other four The tactical position is ready to copy the body behind Jiashi

The Jiashi team knew nothing about this. Xiao Shiqin had just reviewed his own and was not aggressive enough to adopt a more positive attitude. Xingxin has changed the tactical rhythm.

Explaining that Pan Lin and Jia Shi Li Yibo have seen these changes in their eyes, but they tried to hold back the conclusions until they saw the four characters of Xingxin’s team’s cold smoke, Xiaogun, one inch, and small water and cold. The more clearly I finally dare to make a review

Surprisingly… It’s unexpectedly that Li Yibo’s feelings are that we’ve just said that the JS team is playing too much and it’s not in line with the strong team’s style. The blink of an eye is that Xingxin has come up with a strong ace to tie the enemy’s main force and other tactics. This is a standard way of playing with the top ace players.

Li Yibo feels so many people wake up like a dream

It’s true that Xingxin’s current style of play is that the standard giant-level play uses the top players and characters to contain as much of the opponent’s power as possible to create more attack space. The principle of this style of play is in many arenas. For example, a strong player on the basketball court can attract two or three defenders from one opponent and create a lot of open space for other teammates.

But the problem is that the current giants are the Jiashi team. In the face of Jiashi, it is Xingxin who took the lead in using this style of play. Is this too exaggerated?

This kind of playing ace player is very important and Ye Xiu is not unfamiliar with such a role. But the problem is that now he is not the peak of the past, Ye Qiu, now he has to face Sun Xiang and Qiu Fei. The role of the two people in the fall of a person’s role is not to mention that Qiu Fei’s combat format is also a very powerful battle mage character. Ye Xiu can stand up? Pan Lin quickly explained the scene.

The top is not allowed to live

This answer is simply too late to reveal that the Jiashi team has been behind the fire. The non-reward of the team’s rhythm has not let the Ye Xiu here take too much pressure. His existence is more involved in the attention of Jiashi. They actively pull the distance

Now Tang Rou’s four characters have already been in place without any hesitation.

Haolong broke the army

Shen Jian noticed that the opponent’s sneak attack was already a cold smoke and a spear. The guns rushed straight into the gun, and an inch of gray. These Jiashi players thought that the characters that were running in front of them had quietly wrapped around their flank. Entered the attack range

Shen Jian’s duty is to protect the treatment. At this time, it is natural to stand up and stand up. When the meat shield operates his boxer, he even hides Zhang Jiaxing’s priest’s woven shadow behind him.

The cold and sturdy Haolong broke into the chest and broke into the chest, but failed to build the company into the rush. When the meat shield was opened, the skill of the reinforced iron bones would not be like this. The shock to the retreat will follow the cold smoke and softly counterattack the result of a satellite ray from the sky and he will completely wrap the Wuchen’s Xiaogun out of the big move with Tang Rou’s attack.

Tang Rou did not go to the Shen Jian entanglement operation with the Jian Jian entanglement to attack Zhang Jiaxing’s priest weaving

Zhang Jiaxing is the treatment of the main team of Jiashi. It has not caused him to panic. The treatment on the team is often the main target of the opponent. In this case, keeping calm has become the basic quality of every treatment player. Zhang Jiaxing A player who can be qualified for the first-line treatment position of the giants will certainly not have this quality.

Shen Jian’s company went to the front and became a meat shield. Zhang Jiaxing’s own priest, who was operating on his own machine, was going to fight for this situation. It’s time to fight for time because no team would ignore the treatment of treatment and attack the team. Immediately organizing rescue treatment is to reduce the loss as much as possible during this time and to form an echo with the teammates who come to the rescue.

After Zhang Jiaxing’s operation of weaving, the martial arts have already recognized the situation. Their formation is still quite complete. Xingxin has just turned around and sneaked into the middle of the living. It has already turned around and rescued. This is enough to make Zhang Jiaxing feel solid. Up

Three dozen four with the strength of Jiashi, Zhang Jiaxing felt enough to cope

In the heart, there is a bottom Zhang Jiaxing, and he is more and more calm. He sees the cold smoke and rushes toward him. He accelerates backwards. It’s really necessary to rely on the operation and Tang Rou’s reunion. In fact, Zhang Jiaxing can do it, but it’s not so dead. Not smart enough, Zhang Jiaxing has already seen the role of Xingxin at this time. Tang Rou’s cold smoke is the highest in the front. From what they know, the player is a beautiful girl but shows no more offensiveness than any male. The player Zhang Jiaxing was unable to retreat at this time, but he wanted to bring the cold smoke to a deeper level, which made her and the team out of touch. When Jiashi began to counterattack, she would become the burden of Xingxin.

In a short moment, Zhang Jiaxing could make such a plan and he would not be regarded as an experienced player. However, Zhang Jiaxing suddenly realized that he was a little wrong when he saw the cold smoke of the combo.

Behind the news, Zhang Jiaxing had not come and sent out the cold smoke that had been circumvented from the side of the side. It had already turned a 180-degree turn and spoke a spear of magical turbulence. It turned out to be a direct Fu Longxiang. In such a close distance, the sky is arbitrarily moving toward the back.

all hit

Shen Jian’s combo was struggling by the satellite ray of the Xiaogun. At the same time, he also had to pay attention to other people in Xingxin’s move to attack the cold smoke. Instead of attacking him, he thought that he was going to attack the pastor and went to the roots. The smoke is actually going around him and hitting the back and still hitting it so hard.

The combo was pushed and flew out and opened the reinforced iron bone to resist many attack effects. However, Fulong Xiangtian’s big move is to take a bit of judgment. This is the nemesis of the skill of reinforcing steel and iron.

The combo was pushed out so that it was not cold and soft, but it was not even cold, but it was connected. After watching the landing, the foot of the post was pushed by Joe Yifan and put on a few ghosts. Knowing that this is basically a wave of offensives


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