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Chapter 1033 Biased to Hushan

Xiao Shiqin issued an attack signal and the team immediately launched. Originally in the back of the team, the autumn of the leaves, at this time jumped to the front of the team, and Qiu Fei’s battle format together rushed toward the direction pointed by Xiao Shiqin.

It is known that behind the body is just a Xiaogun hanging from the far end, and Jiashi will naturally not be careful to defend himself. The two combat mages went hand in hand, and in a flash they had already killed the position that Xiao Shiqin had indicated.

Fight empty!

It was another time.

The so-called Xingxin’s best raid position that Xiao Shiqin judged was simply empty.

“Does Ye Xiu guess that he will see this, so he did not choose this position deliberately?” Xiao Shiqin inevitably started a psychological multiple choice question.

So the Jiashi team hesitated again, and Wu Chen’s Xiaogun boldly approached a few steps and bombarded it. Although it is not a strong threat, but the Jiashi players have to operate to avoid, always annoying?

Although Xiao Shiqin was thinking about strategic issues, he also responded in the first place. At this time, the Jiashi team, the only one who can strike the Xiaogun at the earliest time is the death of Xiao Shiqin.

Who wants him to start just now, Wu Chen’s Xiao Gun is decisive and he will not leave the mud.

Xiao Shiqin was helpless.

For this opponent, he just took a precaution to understand. Although Wu Chen had almost no performance in the challenge, but he also played professional games before, Xiao Shiqin also found some information. Xiaogun is a player with a solid foundation, but there are not many bright spots other than that. For him, Xiao Shiqin did not make any targeted precautions.

And now, it is this player who is bothered by them.

Not asking for merit, but seeking nothing, Wu Chen very carefully operated his Xiaogun. He knows his level, and in the face of Jiashi, he has no ability to be the kind of person who can make a strong kill, but this level of harassment, he can do it.

Because this is not a very difficult mission, it is a lot of professional players. May not bother to undertake such a simple mission. But Wu Chen will not. He is a small player who is ordinary again. He knows that his ability is not enough to shoulder a lot of heavy responsibilities. This uncommitted mission is, in his view, his chance to contribute his strength to the greatest extent. He is very serious.

Seriously perform a simple task, and the final result can be imagined.

Jia Shizhen was somewhat tempered by Wu Chen’s harassment.

The whole team must not be able to catch up with his speed.

Xiao Shiqin has completely smelled Ye Xiu’s intentions. But… he has to make this passive choice.

Because of what he commanded. It is no longer a Thunder team, you can lower your body. He directed Jiashi, the greatest in the history of the league. The only team that has established a dynasty. Even if it was out, it did not obliterate the pride of this team. They think they are still dynasty teams, and their fans also think they are the league’s leading giants. Out. It’s just an accident.

Such a team will never allow a low profile in the game, and even in the situation of being out, they become more sensitive and can’t allow this to happen. Let the Xiaogun be like a fly around and not drive away, according to Xiao Shiqin’s original intention, this does not affect the overall situation, and everyone can flash a little.

But because it is the Jiashi team, if even such a simple harassment can not be expelled, it is impossible to let the audience. Convince fans. Jiashi needs more than just victory. It also needs to win strength and win the persuasiveness.

Must be…

The Jiashi team adjusted their direction and chased in the direction of Xiaomao. Only this time, they are no longer the overall movement, Xiao Shiqin’s life-killing and Qiu Fei’s combat format took their maximum speed. They quickly approached the distance from the gun. Behind Sun Xiang’s one-leaf autumn and Shen Jian’s boxer, he was more closely guarded by Zhang Jiaxing’s priest.

Xiao Shiqin’s heart is actually very unreliable. He knows that the situation that Ye Xiu expects has emerged, and Xingxin definitely has a corresponding deployment for such a situation. But he has no way, the giants’ team knows this situation that they can’t do it. He finally felt it for the first time. In the course of the challenge, do so. They will also crush the opponents with ease, but this time, they finally meet an opponent who will make them jealous.

Seeing the destruction of the creatures and the battle format suddenly chased, Xiao gun can not run on the harassment.

“Slow down.” Xiao Shiqin indicated in the channel, mainly for Qiu Fei.

The speed is fully open, and you can catch up with the Xiaogun more quickly, but it will also be bigger than the distance between the other three. Xiao Shiqin knows that Xingxin will make a big fuss about this, and of course he will do his best to weaken the impact of this separation. He didn’t try to chase it all, just use a speed that can catch the pistol, so that the distance between the three characters in the autumn of a leaf will be slightly slower.

Xiao Shiqin is looking forward to Xingxin to make some moves. However, Xingxin did not.

The audience can see clearly. Xing Xin’s four characters, Jun Moxiao, are not far behind the Xiaogun. They are prepared to respond. When the Xiaogun pulled away, the four characters quickly dispersed the battle position and made an ambush deployment. But very quickly, the four characters resumed their positions and they withdrew from their original positions.

The deployment of the two sides is finally clear. Explaining Pan Lin and Li Yibo, I finally dared to start explaining.

“Xing Xin wants to use the harassment of Wu Chenxiao gun to force Jiashi to split up.” Pan Lin said.

“Well… In fact, the harassment of Xiaomao is not strong enough to exert a strong effect. However, Jiashi seems to be very confident to solve it.” Li Yibo said.

“Oh… the speed of the killing of the creatures and the pursuit of the combat format seems to be not doing their best?” Pan Lin said.

“Well… they are as close as possible to the integrity of the team formation, do not want to get rid of too much, it seems that Xiao Shiqin is very clear about Xingxin’s tactical intentions.” Li Yibo said.

“So Xingxin did not launch an attack in this situation, and their deployed attack formation was once again transferred.” Pan Lin said.

“Why isn’t Jiashi more determined? With the fall of a leaf and the battle format, the life of Xiao Shiqin has the advantage of long-range attack, and can be centered, so that the team can be pulled into three levels, it is not better. Respond to it?” Li Yibo raised a doubt at this time, and it seems that it is actually more appropriate than Xiao Shiqin’s response at this time.

Of course, Pan Lin couldn’t answer this question. The audience listened, and it was more of a doubt. I felt that Li Yibo made a lot of sense, and Xiao Shiqin was a tactical master. Why didn’t you adopt a better response?

On the contrary, Chen Guo, who is on the stage of Xingxin, has always had a very smug smile after hearing the explanation because he could not understand the various kinds of eager Chen Guo.

“With Jiashi’s team competition, breakthrough, here!”

When Xingxin’s tactical meeting, Ye Xiu said here, and then put his finger on the tactical board Xiao Shiqin’s name. Chen Guo is very strange. Although she is not enough. But also constantly wondering how they can beat Jiashi. To weaken and weaken, it is important to find out the weaknesses of the other side. This truth is clearly clear. She thought of various possibilities. But I never thought that Xiao Shiqin would actually be the weakness of Jiashi.

“Why?” Although Chen Guo did not participate in the game, she was very curious when the first question came out.

Because Xiao Shiqin and Jia Shi’s running-in is not enough.

This is the answer that Chen Guo finally got.

The birth of Xiao Shiqin created his tactical style and style of play. For a giant team like Jiashi. Xiao Shiqin’s tactical style, the pattern seems a bit cramped. The style of carefully calculating the details of the dead button is too small for the Jiashi team.

This point, Xiao Shiqin who joined the Jiashi, fully felt.

He has made adjustments and the two sides are very happy. But unfortunately, they did not encounter the real test, because the challenge is too low for Jiashi, any adjustment. Looking at the level of the Challenge, it will be extremely successful and enjoyable.

Only a strong enough opponent is the real touchstone.

Xing Xin may not be a strong enough opponent, but it is the first touchstone of the first real thing that Jiashi has encountered so far.

The combination of Xiao Shiqin and Jiashi will be verified in this field and there will be problems. Need to be solved on the field, if the solution is not good, it will expose more problems.

Xingxin’s tactics are so simple that people feel naive, however. However, it accurately hit the conflict between Xiao Shiqin and the Jiashi team.

This naive harassment, in the original style of Xiao Shiqin. He will ignore it. However, after picking up Jiashi, he had to find a way to solve it.

Knowing that there are tigers in the mountains and leaning toward Hushan, this is not the style of Xiao Shiqin, but he has to deal with the problem in this way. He can only be more cautious to face, so that the final deployment is not as bold as Li Yibo’s vision.

Because in this tangled situation, Xiao Shiqin did not consciously show his most familiar style.

He didn’t want the performance of the JS team to be as cautious as a small and medium-sized team.

As a result, he avoided the previous caution in another careful way…

The Jiashi team, divided into two teams, pursued the Xiaogun. However, Xiaogun is desperate to run, and other characters of Xingxin are also playing for life. Xiao Shiqin lowered the speed, and as a result, Xingxin’s direction lengthened the time. In the end, the two teams gradually pulled a distance that he was very reluctant.

Even Pan Lin made a sigh for Jiashi at this time: “I knew that the life-killing and combat format is not as fast as I can, at least I can hit the Xiaogun earlier.”

“Is Jiashi a little too cautious? They are obviously much stronger than Xingxin, and they can be more powerful.” Li Yibo said. This time, he really did not say anything wrong. Xiao Shiqin, the deployment made during the difficult time, unconsciously restored his true color.

The Jiashi team, in this style, seems to be in a hurry.


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