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Chapter 1021 Overturning the clouds

Dragon tooth hit, this seems to be just a very ordinary attack hit. This small skill of dragon tooth, if only a few damages, is embarrassed by the strength of a leaf fall, too much to exchange on this small skill that is not hurting much. However, the important thing of the dragon tooth attack is never the damage, but the stiff effect after the hit. Dragon tooth can be said to be the most used and most extensive skill of the War Mage. It can be the starting point of any attack, and it can be theoretically established with any skill.

In theory…

In the face of a fall of the leaves, the theory turns to reality, and there are not many that can be established. .

Because the autumn of a leaf is too strong, including all aspects of attribute resistance, the stiff effect of the dragon tooth is greatly weakened in him, which leads to many strokes after the dragon tooth, which becomes unavailable in the early autumn. . This is the real scary thing of the **** character, not just the basic data of attack and defense. Strong resistance greatly limits the play of the other side. And this restriction is not a blindfold of the attributes of the character. The technical team of each team will adjust the character’s attributes to the most consistent state according to the characteristics of the user of the character. In terms of players’ incompetence, the character attributes are used to strengthen as much as possible; the players like the way, the role gives the most effective support in this regard.

The problem between Sun Xiang and Yi Yeqiu, as seen by Ye Xiu, is here.

The equipment after the replacement of a leaf is still very strong, but the fit with the players is not perfect. This is not perfect. Strictly speaking, it is not a loophole. However, in the face of Ye Xiu, who is incomparably familiar with the characteristics of the War Mage, and who is familiar with the original characteristics of Qi Yeqiu, it was excavated little by little and eventually enlarged into a loophole.

Did you eat a dragon tooth during the jump?

This seems to be nothing to others.

With the powerful attributes of a leafy autumn, the stiff effect is fleeting, and the autumn of a leaf is just jumping backwards. It does not give the opponent a chance to fight this stiffness. This jump is still very beautiful and very successful. Dodge.

Everyone thinks this way. No one knows that the stiff effect of this blow is not important, and the strike itself is the most important. Because before this, Sun Xiang itself was hit into a state of rigidity. This led to the hit of this dragon tooth.

The attack of a two-way change in the sky is the closest match between Sun Xiang and Yiyeqiuqiu. If it is the autumn of the original style, this attack, Sun Xiang can be parried.

Now, he can’t dodge, and the parry is too late. This is the most terrible place for this attack.

Sun Xiang’s heart is in vain. (1_1) The fall of a leaf has already jumped to the ground. Jun Mo laughed and did not arrive, but the spear in his hand has already caught up. The magic wave entangled it, and the thousand-machine umbrella seemed to be transformed into a dragon.

Fu Long Xiangtian!

On the spear form of the thousand-machine umbrella, it is an attack-type big move.

Although the skill is only the lowest order, in the list of skills that Jun Mo laughs, this is already a bad output damage.

A leaf of autumn quickly rushed to the side, under the operation of Sun Xiang, the figure looks a bit of a rush.

Ye Xiuben did not expect this hit to hit. After Fu Long Xiangtian, he was recruited after the move. But at this time, the latter move is actually not used.

This guy… the extent of dodge is too big?

The exaggeration of Sun Xiang’s operation. It was a bit out of Ye Xiu’s expectation, and did not make a clear counterattack in the first place. It seems that he still thought about the hit of the dragon tooth.

Is the concentration being disrupted?

This is really an unexpected joy.

Ye Xiu did not think about a strike before, Sun Xiang’s mental state will have some problems. Inattention is not concentrated, which brings about slow response and operational deformation. These are fatal in high-level confrontation.

Jun Mo laughed thousands of umbrellas to form a gun shape, bombarded three shells, and anti-tank guns chased toward a leafy autumn.

It is necessary to follow Sun Xiang’s consistent temperament and style. This kind of attack, he followed the direct operation of hard eating, walking directly through the attack. But at this time, Sun Xiang’s reaction was obviously slower than half a beat. When he wanted to start the operation, the shells had already arrived in front of them, but it was only a roll. Very rough to avoid this bombardment.

Jun Moxiao has already been killed in front of him, Tianshou!

Sun Xiang’s heart suddenly became a tight one. Before that, he hadn’t figured it out yet, but what he can be sure of is that it was no coincidence that it was definitely made by Ye Xiu. The double direction of that day is to achieve the hit of the dragon tooth. Although there is no follow-up attack after the dragon tooth. But that was only the last time. Again, will it be like this?

Sun Xiang did not dare to neglect, the day hit, he chose to dodge.

Ye Xiu laughed. In the two-way player, giving up the attack and scolding, the player doesdge, which is equivalent to Sun Xiang’s way of giving up.

Attack and parry, this kind of response is the most suitable for his personality, and he is the most convenient way to operate. Dodge, of course, he is also very strong, but this is not the way he likes. In the case of players, Sun Xiang rarely chooses to dodge. Now, he is forced to fight in a way that he does not like.

It’s easier than imagined!

Ye Xiu Xin thought, operating Jun Moxiao to continue to chase. It’s just a small detail of a day’s attack, not enough to occupy the upper hand of the scene. Ye Xiu has more things to show to Sun Xiang, but this is the life of Jun Mo’s life being pressed to 10%. Everything that comes.

Sun Xiang was completely beaten.

Ye Xiu’s offensive is not so sharp, but it is very precise, and the hit is the key. The so-called snake hits seven inches.

Sun Xiang feels very uncomfortable. He has never been uncomfortable for three years in his career.

He did not have to deal with Ye Xiu. When he was still in the Yunnan team, they had three meetings with Jiashi, and Sun Xiang and Ye Xiu had two direct conversations in individual competitions.

Although he lost both times, the role of Ye Xiu at that time was the autumn of the fight, and Sun Xiang used only a non-glamorous professional role in the small and medium-sized team.

Although lost, but the game scene is quite staggered, Sun Xiang also has a great chance to win the game.

If he has a character like the one-leaf autumn, maybe the result of the game will be different!

After the game, many media commented on this. In the season, Sun Xiangben was the most eye-catching newcomer. He used a very common professional character to challenge the great **** Ye Qiu and the fighting gods. It was only twice defeated by opponents. Sun Xiang Although defeated and glory.

If I have a fall of leaves, I will definitely win.

Not only the media said this, Sun Xiang himself really thinks like this.

Later, he really had a fall of leaves. Ye Xiu left the team because of his existence and announced his retirement. This made Sun Xiang feel that he was a full-fledged winner. He looked forward to his own time coming soon.

Then, under his leadership, Jiashi was like a dislocated wild horse, and he was out…

What kind of embarrassment is this, Sun Xiang feels that it is not easy to get through.

He really needs to prove himself too much, but the challenge? Leading Jiashi back to the league from the challenge, what is this proof? This is simply the same thing for Jiashi to eat, not to mention the fact that Jiashi has ushered in an all-star player Xiao Shiqin after he left the game.

It seems that I can only endure this year.

Sun Xiang originally thought so. Then there will be a rumor that Ye Xiu’s self-organized team will participate in the challenge.

This news is really a shot in the arm for Sun Xiang.

After replacing the ace player in Jiashi, the record was only slightly improved, and he played directly out of such a big scene. Sun Xiang’s controversy was also quite a lot. The former captain Ye Xiu who took and left directly Contrast is a normal thing.

The club has always stood firmly on his side, but in fact? Sun Xiang needs a strong fact to explain this.

The level of the challenge, can not constitute this fact, Sun Xiang can only bear to return to the professional league in the coming year and then show the power to let those who say that they are not as good as Ye Xiu shut up. However, I did not expect that there was a chance to meet in the challenge, which made the meaning of the challenge sublimate for Sun Xiang. For him, this is the stage for the two players to compete. In this game, how will Ye Xiu’s team perform? And what about the Jiashi he led? Until the final collision between the two sides, it will be the biggest **, he likes the ** like the media.

He lost in the past because his role was not as good as a fall. Now, he has a fall of the leaves, so it is time for Ye Xiu to see how powerful his fighting spirit will be.

At this point, the two sides are on the court, Sun Xiang is not in a hurry to beat the opponent, he is like a cat play, it shows that he has enough strength. Just win the game, he will not be satisfied, he will let everyone see, defeating Ye Xiu, it is a breeze for him.

But now… how could this be?

“A second hit, this is a knives, chasing a leafy fall dodge, and made a very accurate pre-judgment attack. What happened? We certainly know that 10% of life’s outbreaks are just jokes. Why did Sun Xiang really fall from the bottom of the life when he lost his life to 10%? Although Jun Moxiao did not complete any successive attacks, the dominant position in the scene is quite obvious. Sun Xiang’s autumn looks like It’s like struggling, what is this all about?” Explaining that Pan Lin whispered the situation at hand, but the result did not get the response he expected. He turned his head and looked at it. The commentary next to him, Jiashi Li Yibo’s face was stunned, and apparently there was no psychological preparation for such a scene. Before that, he has been ridiculing the songs of Sun Xiang, saying how well Sun Xiang played, and how to effectively control and suppress Ye Xiu.

Why is it that in a blink of an eye, Ye Xiu has already overturned the clouds, and the overwhelming dominance is so clear and terrible?

How is this going? You ask me, I want to find someone to ask! Li Yibo feels that today’s game, his own commentary is quickly depressed.


good morning everyone! Is the sun shining? (To be continued.)

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