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Chapter 1017 Not so careless

~ Date: ~ October 22~

Prayer, priest skill, 30% of the target mana regeneration in 10 seconds, with the skill level upgrade, the maximum recovery can reach 60%, the cooling time is 10 minutes. (_–)

At present, Jun Mo laughs and sings. It is this prayer, the character mana quickly recovers, and everyone is stunned.

Not to mention in the individual competition, that is, in the team competition, this skill is rarely used. Although it is amazing, the 10-second long sing is too easy to be interrupted by the opponent. So even if you use it in the team game, it is just a chance to sing a few or three seconds to recover. But in fact, team games are rarely so bad that no blue is so fierce. Single-player games are less common, and they will be in a state of lack of blue, which is generally in the ring game.

The priest and the guardian angel are not going to the stage. For the two fellow professional knights and exorcists who can acquire this skill by playing on the weapon, no one has ever made this choice.

Didn’t the blue in the battle go back to the blue? Still so a big reply? All this sounds beautiful, but if you talk to the actual situation, you will find that the value is limited. It’s rare to say that it’s not blue. It’s rare to see it. In the ring game, one-on-one heads-up, 10 seconds to stand still, this is a bit of an air. . Especially if the opponent knows that you have such a means, it will not give you such an opportunity.

Then, like Ye Xiu, use the opening time to recover? This is enough time, but the timing of the skill can be limited to such a demanding level. To be effective under so many pre-conditions, the practical value is negligible. For professional players, such luxury is simply a crime.

At this time, everyone looks at Jun Moxiao just like watching crime. This is simply a case discovery.

Explaining that Pan Lin and guest Li Yibo are already speechless, Sun Xiang? Sun Xiang didn’t know that Ye Xiu had even used the prayers. Before Ye Xiu said that he had returned to a blood, he stunned and then reacted to the fact that the scattered people did have this ability. As a result, this guy is not anxious at all. He is thinking that the half-blooded Ye Xiusheng is not martial! It’s not bad now, just give this guy a chance to gasp. Doesn’t his own victory seem more valuable?

Therefore, in the case of a wise opponent’s recovery, Sun Xiang only operated a leaf of autumn, and strolled forward without hesitation. That way, it is clear that he is not at all.

“Oh… Sun Xiang’s move to Ye Xiu does not seem to mind at all…” After explaining that Pan Lin saw it, he immediately said it. {/Bookmate upload update}

“Yes, he is quite confident.” Li Yibo said.

“But this is a bit too much?” Pan Lin said.

“Well, are you saying that Ye Xiu still said Sun Xiang?” Li Yibo asked.

Pan Lin looked at the side of the singer who sang back to the blue, and looked at the autumn of the road that was not slow to go down the street: “Well, there are…”

This is really impossible to say down. Is this like a decisive match that determines the success of two teams? Both of them are too serious to be the final of the challenge. Not two players learn in online games!

“Wait, let me go back to the blood blue.”

“Yes, you recover first.”

Pan Linman’s mind is a dialogue that players often encounter when they learn from each other, but this is a regular game, and there are almost the same situation, how surprised? Surprising?

“Hehehehe…” Pan Lin didn’t know what to say except smirking.

Jiashi’s player seat, the boss Tao Xuan personally supervised the war, arms around his chest, looked at himself. But when you look closely, you will find that the boss of Tao holds his hands on his chest. It was all tightly held on one’s arm and it was very hard.

Do not distract this spirit, Tao Xuan really afraid that he was so angry that he pumped. Sun Xiang, the player, is generally very appreciative. But this is too self-confident, sometimes it makes Tao Xuan have some headaches.

Ok… actually in the face of other opponents. Sun Xiang’s face is disdainful, and then goes up and turns the other ones one by one. Tao Xuan is also very cool to see. At that time, he never had any dissatisfaction with Sun Xiang’s self-confidence. Even if he made such a move, Tao Xuan might have laughed and felt that this was really the prestige of the long-term team.魄力.

But now, the opponent is Ye Xiu, Tao Xuan’s mentality is immediately different.

This is a very contradictory mentality.

For example, when Xiao Shiqin left the game at gg, Tao Xuan was sincerely satisfied with his practice, but at the same time, he also had some regrets. He felt that if he could consume Ye Xiu, it might be quite good. Just like that, it seems that Jiashi is a small family, no genius!

Fish and bear’s paw can’t have both. At that moment, this contradiction is Tao Xuan’s true state of mind.

At this moment, Sun Xiang’s sect can be understood as a grandiose temperament, but seeing Ye Xiu’s Jun Mo smile constantly brushing the blood, and finally even the Holy Prayer is coming out, 10 seconds of singing, a little I sang enough without being disturbed, and Tao Xuan was unable to calm down.

However, Sun Xiang’s performance was so calm, so the consciousness was not synchronized, and Tao Xuan was very angry with him.

Fortunately, Ye Xiu did not continue to challenge his heart’s limit. After ten seconds of sacred prayer, Jun Moxiao finally got out of that corner.

“Have you come over?” Ye Xiu asked in the channel.

“How, is it better?” Sun Xiang replied.

“Almost.” Ye Xiu said.

“Almost? I advise you to reply a little more, I am not in a hurry.” Sun Xiang said.

“Hey, what sound?” Jiashi prepared for the seats, and some players suddenly heard a strange sound.

The player next to him quickly smashed him and made a look. The player would look forward to seeing that the boss was biting his teeth…

“If I don’t remember, this should be the first time a player talks in today’s game?” Pan Lin said.

“Well, it seems to be.” Li Yibo said.

“Hehehehe.” Pan Lin was smirking again. Finally, some players talked. But is the content of your conversation a bit professional? The conversation between Ye Xiu and Sun Xiang was all close to Pan Lin’s brain-filled player screen.

“It’s almost done, I don’t want you to lose too ugly.” The chat in the channel continues, Ye Xiu said.

“This sentence should be given to you, right.” Sun Xiang said.

“Or keep it yourself!”

“Give you!”

“Leave it!”

“give you.”

“Keep it.”

The scene was awkward, not because the two were not nutritious nonsense, but in the process of dialogue, Ye Xiu’s Jun Moxiao had quietly detoured and walked behind a leaf of autumn.

“With your strange mix and match, do you really think that you have a chance to beat me? Do you still remember the attributes of the autumn leaves? Do you need me to tell you?” Sun Xiang seems to have entered the whole body. Chat, the role does not move.

“Ye Xiu is talking with Sun Xiang at the same time, the role of Jun Mo laughs tactics to move. He returned to the back of a leaf of autumn. Sun Xiang does not seem to know, he is just chatting and typing, is Sun Xiang not blindly playing, so chat Can you only look at the keyboard?” Pan Lin shouted.

“Hehehe…” Li Yibo smiled and looked at Pan Lin. But seeing this look is so serious, isn’t he just laughing, is it really that? Professional players will not be blindly beaten? Losing him wants to come out, do you have to look down at the keyboard when you are operating?

“Approach, approach, Jun Mo laughs in the approach.” Pan Lin shouted. The audience was louder and louder. It seemed that I wanted to remind Sun Xiang, the player of Jiashi, Tao Xuan was completely unable to stop at this time, this Sun Xiang. It’s too fun!

“Ye Xiu’s tactical position is very successful, but it is the key to shifting the opponent’s attention with dialogue. Now it is almost the scope of his attack. What kind of offensive will he choose? His opponent, who is the grandson. Xiang seems to be unaware!” Pan Lin cried.

At this time, Sun Xiang, who is still chatting, posted the latest chat content on the public channel.

“Through so long, how are you, have you already been behind me?”

“Wow!” Pan Lin screamed, and then saw a leafy autumn turned a chic turn, facing the back of the Jun Mo smile, but the spear was evil, pointing straight ahead.

“The original Sun Xiang is not as we imagined… imagined… so careless.” Pan Lin stunned for a long time and almost said the word “idiot”.

“Oh, this kind of too low-level mistakes, I think it is still very difficult to happen to this level of players.” Li Yibo is now a “I already know” tone.

Sun Xiang has already launched the offensive immediately after turning around.

Haolong broke the army!

The beginning of a leaf autumn is a trick that Tang Rou likes most. But only from the visual impact of this blow, it can be seen that the autumn of a leaf and the soft smoke of the smoke are not in the same grade.

Has the equipment of a leaf fall changed?

For Ye Xiu, this is almost something that can be distinguished at a glance. Changed, the equipment of a leaf has changed a lot, some parts have been replaced directly, and some have changed. The technical development department of the club does not waste materials in order to change the shape of the equipment. Nie change, usually the property of the equipment has been adjusted. In the eyes of the audience, the autumn of a leaf is still the autumn of a leaf, but in the face of Ye Xiu, who is very familiar with this role, the autumn of a leaf has been beyond recognition.

Flashing away from the dragon and breaking the army, Jun Mo laughed and shot the gun back, trying to open a certain distance with the autumn of a leaf.

“Oh, is this the state of your recovery? Is it a little less?” Sun Xiang looked at the state of Jun Moxiao, and knocked a string of words in the channel.

After all, Jun Moxiao did not transfer the bonus, and it is even more impossible to wear a treatment equipment to fight, so the treatment effect is still weak, this time brushed back 70%. Because of the poor treatment effect, the mana loss will be relatively large, and Ye Xiu can’t really brush the blood. In that case, the restoration of the mana and the addition of a prayer may not be enough.

For a 75-level character, low-level, and no treatment skills under the transfer bonus and treatment equipment, the effect is still very weak.


Good morning everyone… (to be continued.

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