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Chapter 1002 a flash in the pan

The battle is still going on. After giving a slowdown, the picture has already been cut back to the battle scene. (

.) After the analysis of the two moments of Pan Lin and Li Yibo, they quickly began to pay attention to the game. .

With the cold smoke and softness of the thunder trapping, chasing the back of the creatures and disappearing in the re-export. It is unknown to Tang Rouge’s re-export, but the audience has already seen it clearly from the perspective of God. When Xiao Shiqin’s life was turned over, he immediately dropped a magnetic field coil on the ground.

The magnetic field coil is not a trap. It only works when it is stepped on. The expression of this skill is actually more like a ghost swordsman’s ghost array, which is covered. However, the power of the magnetic field coil is more subtle than the light and shadow effect of the power of the ghosts when the ghost array is released.

Unconsciously, Tang Rou only looked at the cold smoke and fierce chasing, and he saw two major arguments, Pan Lin and Li Yibo.

“Tangrou seems to be a bit sloppy, such a chase is not in the middle of Xiao Zhongqin’s heart?” Pan Lin said.

“Well, any experienced player who faces the mechanics will not fight with them in such a complex terrain. The mechanics will be weird mechanical props. Under such terrain conditions, With a strong concealment, Xiao Shiqin successfully brought Tang Rou into the environment that suits him.” Li Yi Bo Dao.

“Now Tang’s cold smoke has already caught up with the corner.” Pan Lin looked at the development of the game and the speed of the game also accelerated. “Shaw’s life is actually hiding behind the corner, and will definitely step on the magnetic field in the cold smoke. Attacks are launched after the scope. But now his perspective is not likely to grasp the trend of cold and smoke, how will Xiao Shiqin judge the timing of the attack?”

“Entered!” Pan Lin shouted. At this time, the data of the broadcasted data immediately jumped out of a data that doubled up and up, which is the weight of the cold smoke.

“Ah! Xiao Shiqin’s biological destruction is almost at the same time, how did he do it?” Pan Lin called.

“From the footsteps…” This time, there is no difficulty in living Li Yibo. This kind of judgment of listening to the distance is a skill that many professional players have.

“Rocket Rocket! A rocket kicked out, and Tang Rou’s cold smoke was slow in the case of increasing the weight, and it was difficult to escape.”

“Ah! She is going to…”

“Hao Long broke the army!”

“Tang Rou resolutely played a dragon in the case of the cold smoke and softly stepping into the control of the magnetic field coil. She did not have to evade the rocket punch that the creatures killed!”

The cold smoke of the spears of a spear is a tyrannical dragon who breaks the army and kills the past. (

.) Due to the influence of the magnetic field coil, the dragon will not have the speed of the broken bamboo, but at this time the distance between the two sides is very close, just a corner can have a few steps? Although the dragon breaks the army, it is slow, but it is also a moment in the blink of an eye. Rocket boxing is hit by the cold smoke, but the judgment of the dragon’s broken army even exceeds the judgment of some grab skills. The power of the rocket punch can’t stop its momentum.

Xiao Shiqin can no longer continue to attack, and quickly operate the flash of life to flash. I have avoided this record of breaking the dragon.

The cold smoke is also the result of this rush. Hardly ground from the original magnetic field of the magnetic field coil. Following the words, the battle is a spur of the dragon tooth.

The creatures were extinguished on the ground, and when they got up, they opened the mechanical rotor directly. A landing flew past the wall beside him, and when he landed, he twisted his hand. Throw a grenade towards this side. When I thought about this half-turn of the angle of view, Xiao Shiqin was stunned, and the cold smoked the right elbow and the back of the elbow, dragging the spear, and the magical fluctuations immediately flowed through the whole spear, followed by the flying spear. The tip is pouring.

The grenade fell, the spear spurted out, and the magic wave morphed and tumbling dragon, there was only one wall in front of it. Then it broke through the wall!

A loud bang, the Fulong Xiangtian of the claws and teeth, broke through the wall. The skill ends here, but the cold smoke is followed by the wall hole, and the spear in the hand continues to point to the destruction of life.

Waste a big move, just to penetrate this wall? Before, it was better to use a dragon to break through the magnetic field. Don’t want to take a step back there?

Xiao Shiqin’s life was extinguished this time, but he opened a propeller to speed up the road, because the situation was a little beyond his expectations. Tang Rou’s super-tough coping style completely disrupted the rhythm he made.

And Pan Lin and Li Yibo, the way to deal with Tang Rou. I couldn’t say a word for a long time. Until the two sides once again entered the situation where you chased me and there were not too many scenes to see, the two realized that they had to get something.

“This Tang Rou… oh…” Pan Lin is looking for this wording.

“It’s a bit rough.” Li Yibo came out decisively. “But she succeeded.”

“Xiao Shiqin needs to re-adjust the rhythm now. I believe that just now, I will let him re-examine the opponent in front of him. How can Tang Rou’s response be? This is not a technical matter. Xiao Shiqin needs to The opponent deepens to understand.” Pan Lin.

“Yeah.” Li Yibo nodded again and again. “This kind of situation requires such extraordinary courage. Xiao Shiqin obviously has some shortcomings for this. But now the game has just begun, we will see that it will happen next. What are you!”

“The time of the skill of the propellant that is now dying is over, but using the speed advantage in the skill time, the creature is now in an absolutely safe distance. Because of the cold smoke, there is no chance to play the smudges, so there is no glare in the body. I believe that Xiao Shiqin will not give this opportunity to the other party.” Pan Lindao.

“Well, after seeing the kind of impulse that Tang Rou has just shown, I think Xiao Shiqin will avoid confronting Tang Rou and continue to play tactical style.” Li Yibo.

“Yes, he is now re-starting the tactical position. Let’s see what kind of arrangement Xiao Xiqin will do this time?” Pan Lin.

Outside the game, Xing Xin’s preparations were on the side. Chen Guo almost thought that the game would be won by Tang Rou. That kind of chasing and slamming, in exchange for the opponents of the previous game, I am afraid that I have already been shocked by the cold smoke and chasing it. However, this time, Tang Rou’s opponent is worthy of being the top professional player in the league. After Tang Rou disrupted his tactical rhythm, he did not panic, and decisively avoided the limelight, and easily returned the game to the original situation. He is still running, Tang Rou is still chasing, but between this chase and run. The initiative of both parties has occurred twice. From the beginning, Xiao Shiqin induced the initiative, and Tang soft toughly beat the rhythm to take the initiative, and now, unconsciously, the initiative has once again grasped the hands of Xiao Shiqin.

The two characters shuttled and ran on the dock of the town. Xiao Shiqin’s offensive of various mechanical props along the way made Tang Roi invincible. In contrast, Tang Rou’s approach did not appear much. She never got the chance to get close contact with her opponents. The pros and cons of the scene are clear at this time. It is not an exaggeration for Tang Rou to be played on the palm of his hand.

“This… what should I do?” Chen Guo, who was on the sidelines, was eager to get angry, but after she entered the place, she felt that there was no way. Xiao Shiqin’s style of play seems to be invincible. He can’t think of how to solve the situation at hand.

Everyone around Xingxin. The look is also extremely heavy, and it is clear that the situation is not optimistic. However, Tang Rou has always been a master who likes to create miracles. It is her greatest interest to complete what seems impossible. Therefore, all the people have a look of hope, I hope she can create a surprise for everyone.

However, there is no…

The rhythm of the whole game has not changed any more. In this way, little by little, the cold and smoky life is exhausted and falls.

Chen Guo can’t believe her eyes.

She did not expect Tang Rou to lose. But I did not think that the game played by Tang Rou would be such a scene. If you use a single word to summarize, then I am afraid that there is no more suitable to describe this game than the word dull. The burst of surprises at the opening stage was not enough to change the final tone of the game.

Chen Guo watched Tang Rou walk out of the competition, walked down the stage and walked toward Xingxin’s preparation side. The snoring accompanied her all the way, and many Jiashi powders on the scene were completely absent because it was a girl or a beautiful woman. In the days when Xingxin took the lead, the cold smoke and softness was the main force that challenged the players. For these people. Tang Rou’s hatred value is second only to Ye Xiu’s. At this time, I saw the defeat of Tang Rou, and the scene was filled with all kinds of cheerful atmosphere. The fans of Jiashi were full of gloating.

“This is just the beginning!”

“who is the next?”

“Now know what is the gap?”

Jia Shifen shouted arrogantly, especially the part of the audience who was closer to Xingxin’s preparations, and tried his best to create noise. It’s mad and happy. The victory of the first game of Jiashi completely ignited these fans who had been suppressed for a long time. All along, they are looking forward to seeing Xingxin’s ugliness. The result is that they have been repeatedly beaten. Now, their teams have personally shot and taught Xingxin, how can they not be excited?

An Wenyi and Luo Ji are looking at each other in a strange way. Obviously, there is not enough preparation for such a scene. Don’t bother with them, even Wei Wei has a little change at this time. When he participated in the professional competition, there was no such situation. There is no home or away game in the challenge, but with the influence of its wealthy, Jiashi has made the Liulisong venue seem like their home.

“It’s really noisy. How do you feel like you are at the center of the Jiawang Hall?” In the audience, one person seems to be quite flustered by the noise of these Jiashi fans. The center of the Jia Dynasty Hall in his mouth is the venue used by the Jiashi team’s home game. This person seems to be familiar with such a snoring.

“No way, Xingxin really lost enough in this game!” Another person, at the end, put his head to the side, “High, what about you?”

“Ah… Probably…” The man, who is called a tall man, is as low as his companion, and is looking at Xingxin’s seat, the familiar figure.

Come on! A sail.


For the time being!

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