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Chapter 10 shameless

Chapter 10 Shameless ()

“Look at what broke?” In the envy, Chen Guo took a look at the things that the night cat demon burst out. “Cat nails five, garbage; cat skin breastplate, make up and wear it, low-level equipment does not matter; dark night Two cat nails, one night cat claw, one night cat’s eye stone, um, these are good, hide the boss material, keep sure to sell the money; a skill book… I rely on, what character do you have? ”

Chen Guo has already shouted out, and Ye Xiu is also very surprised at this time. Actually, in this lowest level hidden boss, the skill book is bursting. How much character is this?

What is the skill book? It is not used to learn skills, but to increase the skill point. If you look at the orange word, you will know its value. If you want to continue to upgrade your skill points after 4000 skill points, this is one of the ways. But this thing can’t be traded, so taking money is not acceptable, you can only rely on your own luck. Jun Mo Xiaogang’s book is not much, it is the minimum of five points, but from the lowest level boss, it is still a red character.

The skill book has been used in the moment of loading the parcel. In addition to the material that the night cat demon bursts, the dark night opal and the dark cat nail are the materials that will continue to be used to complete the thousand umbrellas. Ye Xiu’s mood is also very good, followed by a selection, it is actually let Jun Mo laugh directly out of the copy.

“You don’t finish it?” Chen Guo is surprised, although the team only has a smile, but a copy of the novice, there are many people who can be single-pass at this low level. Although I saw Ye Xiu’s hand-level operation, Chen Guo did not position him as a low hand. It takes 40 seconds for a person to defeat an opponent she can’t beat in 52 games. This record can happen not long after!

“I want to change the machine!” Ye Xiu said that he was ready to go back to the game. Chen Guo was sweeping the screen and suddenly reached out and said: “Wait, what is the situation?”

The current chat window on the screen is filled with the same text screen, and the content is very clear.

“Jun Mo laughs and shameless, in order to privately hide the boss, deliberately not killing the whole team. Everyone is careful.”

“Jun Mo laughs and shameless, in order to privately hide the boss, deliberately not killing the whole team. Everyone is careful.”

This unified format is mixed with some other contempt and resentment. Although the system will automatically shield the swear words, the wisdom of the people is endless. The homonym and the words have a good mission in this respect.

Ye Xiu carefully looked at a few eyes, found the moon in the name of the screen, and even saw the former team’s Yangguan and a mage, this guy came out one step at a time, even here black and white reversed confusion.

“What is going on?” Chen Guo asked Ye Xiu.

Ye Xiu has no choice but to say so.

“Rely, shameless, but also shameless!” Chen Guo was furious.

“Yeah, it’s too shameless.” Ye Xiu said.

“How come you are not angry?” Chen Guo is very strange.

“I am very angry.” Ye Xiu said.

“Are you angry? I can’t see it at all?” Chen Guo wondered, this leaf repair stared at the big screen on the screen, and his face did not change.

“I don’t have to be angry on the face.” Ye Xiu was not angry, still laughing, and immediately retired the game to shut down the computer. Changing to the smoking area is still his greatest ideal at this time.

“I said what kind of character you are? The first copy of the next copy is so many things, in the case of hidden bosses, explosive skills books, and by the way, they have a hatred. I will see you die tomorrow morning.” Chen Guo said .

“The boss is walking slowly.”

Chen Guo went to rest, and Ye Xiu went to the smoking area. This is really a smog, and the high-powered ventilation fan can’t work to purify the air. It just stops the smoke from attacking the smoke-free area.

The ashes of the ashes also have no feelings about second-hand smoke. Ye Xiu quickly made a point of himself, integrating into the ocean of smokers, sweeping four times, this side is obviously more crowded than the smoke-free area. The overnight party rarely needs cigarettes to refresh.

Fortunately, the Internet cafe is big enough, Ye Xiu turned the circle or found the machine, and did not pay attention to it. Xingxin is a relatively high-end Internet cafe. Every computer has a partition between it, which is to protect privacy. Even if not, everyone is wearing headphones to immerse themselves in the world of glory, and no one cares about foreign objects.

Ye Xiu reconnected to the game and put on the headphones.

Jun Mo laughs is still outside the Green Forest, don’t look at the crowd here, but wearing headphones will not be too loud to hear anything. This is no different from going to the lively market. It won’t be so busy that you can’t hear the people around you. As for the kind of information that continues to be repeated, such as team formation, it still relies on text.

Ye Xiu swept the information area, and the information that brushed Jun Moxiao was gone. With the search function, you can know that the character is not online, and that the old bird is sleeping in that month. These methods are quite familiar. Just after searching for Jun Moxiao, he stopped working first. Players can pass the 20th level to leave the novice area. At that time, the functions of the world channel and pk will be opened, and the level below 20 will only be able to beat the mouth.

However, this method of mid-summer sleep is also considered poisonous at present. Jun Moxiao is the person who has just been the first to kill the system announcement. The world knows that the name of the moon in this month is very easy to attract attention. The result is that the Jun Moxiao group is not in the team, and the applications sent out are rejected. Players may not be convinced of the comments of the moon, but they have already begun to resist Jun Mo laugh.

Ye Xiu smiled helplessly. He wanted to form a team. It was just to hide the boss. He needed those materials. But now the group is not on the team, it just forced him to speed up.

The copy in glory is the less experience people have, but considering the efficiency problem, it is more cost-effective. But Jun Mo laughs differently, the thousand-machine umbrella in the hands of the five-level Yinwu. Ordinary players, at this time the weapons in their hands are mainly blue and green, blue and green than the thousand aircraft umbrella can be a full three to four grades. In the glory, five grades, that is to say, the thousand aircraft umbrella is equivalent to the blue Wu of the 20th level, the green Wu of the 25th level.

This advantage is quite against the sky in the low-level stage, because Jun Mo laughs the output of a weapon equivalent to four to five weapons of the same level, removes the influence of the character’s own attributes, and Jun Mo laughs at the top three people, plus Ye Xiu The technology, single-brush copy does not lose to the five-person team at all, may be faster than the novice team.

Jun Mo smiles and is ready to go to the single-brush copy. There are a few steps in front of him. One of them suddenly appears in front of him. Ye Xiu saw that he was sleeping in the middle of the month. This guy’s eyes are poisonous. This place can be found out.

“Hey.” Ye Xiu helped the ear wheat, and tried to connect the voice.

“Hey, your sister!” It’s very rude to sleep in the middle of the month.

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