The Age of Rebirth: The Cannon Fodder Elder Sister Brings a Sister To Counterattack

Chapter 90 background

Chapter 90 Background

When going back, accountant Chen insisted on sending her off. Tian Shao is a big girl who walks outside alone, if she meets a local hooligan, her life will be ruined.

Accountant Chen talked about the situation of the textile factory while walking and filling out: “Your factory director will retire in three years, so now many things are handed over to the two deputy factory directors. The previous deputy factory director Gao Jianya and the deputy factory director Bo Yes, so many people privately believed that he would take over the post of factory director in the future. Unexpectedly, two months ago, deputy factory director Gao was arrested in an accident, and a new deputy factory director named Liang Aiguo was appointed In the future, these two deputy directors will definitely have a fight.”

Wherever there are people, there are fights, and power struggles always involve some people. Tian Shao deliberately said: “I’m just a small accountant, and the battle between big leaders has nothing to do with me.”

She actually knew in her heart that the leadership struggle would definitely affect the people below. But she is not afraid, anyway, as long as it is not a principled mistake after becoming a regular, even the factory manager cannot fire her.

Accountant Chen shook his head and said, “Lingling, I heard that Deputy Factory Director Bo did not approve of open recruitment that day, but suggested recruiting accountants from universities, but Section Chief He did not agree. The new Deputy Factory Director Liang strongly supported Section Chief He, You have the opportunity to enter the textile factory.”

The reason why He Guoqing strongly opposed it was naturally that he was worried that the recruited college students would be the same as Jiang Wencheng, and he would be the one who would suffer.

Tian Shao understood, and said, “In other words, in the eyes of Deputy Factory Director Bai, I belong to the camp of Deputy Factory Director Liang?”

Accountant Chen nodded and said: “Deputy Director Bai is a bit domineering. Chief He is straightforward and can’t understand his way of doing things, so he doesn’t have a good relationship with him. The new Deputy Factory Director Liang is approachable, and Chief He and He came very close. And you were recruited by Section Chief He, so in the eyes of the leaders of the textile factory, you belong to Section Chief He’s faction.”

Tian Shao knew it well, but she wasn’t afraid either. She doesn’t want to stay in the textile factory all her life, this place is just a transition for her. And the current workers will not be fired as long as they don’t commit principled problems: “Aunt Chen, do you know the background of Zhao Xiaorou and Meng Du?”

Accountant Chen has worked in the garment factory for so many years and has accumulated some contacts. It is no problem to inquire about some news: “Zhao Xiaorou is the daughter of the leader of the county land bureau. She used to work in the district and returned to the county for some reason. As for Meng Yang, his grandfather was an accountant in Shuanggou Commune, and his father worked in the Agricultural Bank. It may be because of the influence of the family atmosphere, so after graduating from high school, he joined a match factory as an accountant.”

Tian Shao was quite surprised, and said: “Zhao Xiaorou was born in a cadre’s family, I can’t tell it at all.”

This girl has a cold temper, but she is not overbearing. On the contrary, he helped her beat Jiang Wencheng twice before.

Accountant Chen was silent for a while, and said in a low voice: “Lingling, there are rumors that this girl is not her own, but was brought back from outside, so Director Zhao’s lover doesn’t like her. Also, people go to high places and water goes down. There must be some reason for her working well in the district, but she suddenly came back to work in the county. Lingling, don’t have any contact with her in private except for work. “

Many people wanted to work in the district, Zhao Xiaorou returned to the county instead, which is unusual in itself. It is not easy for Lingling to step out of the countryside, Accountant Chen does not want to be involved.

Tian Shaooh nodded and said, “I see.”

Turning a corner, you can see the gate of the textile factory, Tian Shao said: “Aunt Chen, you go back, you will be fine with this short road. If there are really bad guys, I will shout loudly, and the security department can hear them.”

Accountant Chen really thought she was too naive, and said: “What do you know, kid? The most indispensable thing in this factory is gossip. If I don’t send you to the door, maybe in two days I will pass on your party partner.”

“The mouths grow on them, even if I want to say that I can’t cover their mouths, let them go!”

Accountant Chen said: “Your mouth makes money, and you burn your bones. And you haven’t become a full-time employee yet. If you make a big mistake, you will be fired. Lingling, you are from the countryside and have no roots. You must be more cautious in your actions.” “

Tian Shao knew she meant well, and nodded in agreement.

Ma Dong didn’t know Accountant Chen, so he asked Tian Shao with a smile: “Lingling, is this your relative?”

“Uncle Ma, this is Aunt Chen. She taught me how to do accounts before.”

With Li Aihua as a trumpeter, Ma Dong had heard about Accountant Chen a long time ago: “Accountant Chen is you, you are so good, you taught a student with a perfect score in just one month.”

As Tian Shao’s grades spread, someone has already come to accountant Chen, hoping that she can teach their children. Accountant Chen didn’t refuse, but said that she would only teach if she passed her assessment.

When accountant Chen left, he told Tian Shao: “Just come over tomorrow, and no more shopping is allowed. Your family is in trouble and you haven’t received your salary yet. Don’t be so loose.”

“I will.”

Ma Dong also agreed with Accountant Chen’s words, and said: “Lingling, you child is really too loose. It is not easy for you to earn some money, and you have to support a few younger sisters, so you have to save some money in the future.”

If he didn’t know the details of Tian Shao, he really wouldn’t believe that he was a child from a poor family.

Tian Shao chuckled lightly and said, “Don’t worry, Uncle Ma, I know it well.”

Working to make money is to improve the quality of life, so she doesn’t want to break a penny into two flowers. But she knew that people in this era are used to being frugal, so she followed their wishes.

Back to the dormitory, Huang Xin said in a strange way: “Accountant Tian, ​​why did you come back so late? If you don’t come back, Yuanyuan will go out to find you.”

“I’m going to my master’s house.”

Tian Shao looked at several drawers that were still locked, and she said, “I want a drawer to put things in, and whoever takes up more of you can free it now.”

Huang Xin wanted to mock Tian Shao at first, but she swallowed the words when she met her fierce expression: “It’s so late now, I have to sleep, and I’ll clear it up tomorrow.”

Seeing her backing down, Tian Shao didn’t chase after her anymore, and took her clothes to take a shower. When I came back, I didn’t chat with them, and I read a book with my hands on the bed.

Seeing her absorbed in reading, Tang Yuanyuan asked curiously, “Lingling, what book are you reading?”

Tian Shao showed her the cover, seeing that it was an accounting book, Tang Yuanyuan was not interested. She thought it was a recreational book, but she didn’t expect it to be a professional book, it was too boring.

The dormitory is equipped with electric lights, but the routine here is the same as that of the school, and the power is cut off very early every day. Although Tian Shao felt it was too early, it was not up to her to decide, so she put the book next to the pillow and went to sleep as soon as the lights were turned off.

Huang Xin still dragged Gao Xiaofu to chat, and at first Tian Shao endured it. But the two chatted for more than half an hour, and she was unhappy: “It’s almost enough. If you don’t talk enough, go outside, I’m going to sleep.”

Gao Xiaofu muttered, “We’ll sleep now.”

(end of this chapter)

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