The Age of Rebirth: The Cannon Fodder Elder Sister Brings a Sister To Counterattack

Chapter 9 Tian Lingling

Chapter 9 Tian Lingling

Chapter 9 Tian Lingling

After Tian Shao helped Si Ya comb her hair, he pulled her to go out.

Erya saw something was wrong, stepped forward to stop the two of them, and said with a dark face, “What are you doing? That shrew is not easy to mess with. If you come to the door alone, you will be beaten out of the shit.”

The wound on her hair and face was scratched by that shrew. Of course, the other party didn’t take advantage of it, and was beaten to the point of crying by her. If she hadn’t been pulled away, she would have beaten the shrew until she couldn’t get up.

Siya didn’t want to be beaten, so she stopped when she heard this.

Tian Shao shook his head and said, “We won’t go to Peng Nianqiu’s house, let’s go to Tian Lingling’s house.”

The toffee at Xiaopang’s house is all given by Lingling. If you go to her house, you may not be able to eat toffee. Thinking of this, Si Ya instantly became excited, pulled Tian Shao and shouted eagerly: “Sister, let’s go!”

Tian Erya said angrily: “Tian Daya, what are you going to do? Tian Lingling’s family is not something we can afford.”

Tian Daya’s nickname is Tian Lingling, which has the same pronunciation as Tian Lingling, but not only that, they were born on the same day, but their circumstances are very different. Tian Daya is the eldest in the family, and the next five younger sisters (including Liuya who was sent away), the family is impoverished; Tian Lingling is the youngest daughter, and has five older brothers. The eldest brother works at home but drives a tractor. The third brother Tian Jianle is a driver of the transportation company, earning a salary as well as extra money; the fourth brother enlisted in the army last year; the fifth brother Tian Jianye and she are twins, and they entered university two months after getting the recommendation.

Tian Lingling’s family is the wealthiest in Tianjia Village, even her uncle Captain Bo Tian can’t compare.

Tian Shao said calmly: “I’m not looking for trouble. I went to Tian Lingling’s house to clarify some things. If you are worried, you can follow.”

Tian Erya’s face changed drastically, and she said, “You suddenly threw yourself into the river, could it be because of Tian Jianye?”

Don’t say it, Da Ya really likes Tian Jianye secretly. It’s just that she knew that she was not worthy of Tian Jianye, so she never announced her love. Now it’s Tian Shao, let alone recognize him: “Tian Erya, what good will it do you to ruin my reputation? You always call Siya an idiot, I think you are the most stupid in our family.”

The reputation of her big sister has been ruined, which younger sister will be better. She even suspected that Tian Erya’s brain was not filled with brains, but tofu dregs.

Erya’s face was livid with scolding, but she couldn’t refute.

Tian Shao didn’t care about her any more, and pulled Si Ya around her and went out. Their home is located on the farthest edge of the west, and Tian Lingling’s family lives in the middle of the village. Wearing cloth shoes and walking on the dirt path with potholes is very painful. It’s still sunny, if it rains, we can’t go on the road.

A middle-aged woman in gray clothes with a blue cloth wrapped around her head walked towards her. Seeing Tian Daya, she deliberately said: “Da Ya, it is said that death is worse than life. You are still young, so don’t be stupid again, this man! In fact, it’s the same with a quilt.”

These words seem to be caring, but they are actually heart-wrenching.

Siya’s instinct is not a good one, but she doesn’t know how to refute it.

Tian Shao knew that the woman was having trouble with Li Guihua, so she wasn’t angry, but said lightly, “Since you think it’s the same even if you put on a quilt, and the village kidnapper hasn’t married a wife yet, you can marry Sister Meizi to him. “

The woman was so shocked that she forgot to fight back, and when she came to her senses, Tian Shao had already dragged Si Ya away.

Si Ya brought Tian Shao to a big tile-roofed house with blue bricks, and said softly: “Sister, why don’t we go back. Tian Lingling’s brothers are not easy to mess with, and her mother is also very fierce. I haven’t tried to please her.”

Tian Shao sighed secretly, no one suspected that Peng Nianqiu was lying. It’s also fortunate that the core was replaced by her, otherwise Da Ya’s death would be too unjust.

The door to the countryside was open, Tian Shao stood at the door and saw Tian Chun and his family eating in the main room. She didn’t go in, so she called out at the door: “Uncle Chun, Auntie…”

Although both families have the surname Tian, ​​Tian Dalin is a native of the area. Tian Chun’s father fled here during the Great Famine before liberation. The old man was a clever and resourceful man, and soon gained a firm foothold here.

Si Ya pulled Tian Shao and said softly: “Sister, there is a smell of meat, their family is eating meat.”

Tian Shao hadn’t heard anything, so she couldn’t help but sigh that this girl has a really good nose.

Tian Chun’s family was very surprised to see that it was Da Ya and Si Ya. Their family had nothing to do with Tian Dalin’s family. The housewife Ma Dongxiang put down the bowls and chopsticks and came out and asked, “Big girl, what do you want?”

Tian Shao looked expressionless, and said: “Auntie, I have something to ask Tian Lingling.”

Ma Dongxiang was a little puzzled, her daughter had nothing to do with Tian Daya, but she couldn’t drive people out if she said that: “Come in and talk about it!”

After finishing speaking, he said politely: “Have you eaten yet? If not, you can eat at my house.”

Siya couldn’t help drooling again when she heard this: “I didn’t eat, I didn’t eat.”

Tian Shao tugged her hard, and said: “No need for auntie, I have already prepared food at home, and I will go home to eat after I finish talking with Tian Lingling.”

Tian Chun’s house is very large, with three main rooms, two wing rooms on the left and right rows, and a firewood stove. And what they use is blue bricks, not like the ugly adobe in their own house.

Tian Lingling had heard the conversation between the two, stood up and asked with a smile: “Big girl, what do you want from me?”

Tian Shao saw Tian Lingling and understood why Da Ya and all the girls in the village envied her. I saw her wearing a light blue floral and ankle dress, and a pair of white bowknot sandals on her feet. Her skin was fair and supple, her complexion was rosy, and her big watery eyes were very lively. Regardless of her dress or appearance, this girl seemed to be from a different world from the girls in the village.

Seeing her staring at him without speaking, Tian Lingling couldn’t help reminding: “Big girl, what do you want from me?”

Tian Shao pushed Si Ya to the front, pointed to the five finger marks on her face and said: “The slap marks on my sister’s face were slapped by Peng Nianqiu’s mother.”

Tian Jianye thought Tian Shao was ridiculous, so he sneered and said, “Who did you go to when she was beaten, and why did you come to our house?”

Ma Dongxiang also felt that Tian Shao was baffled. It was wrong for Peng Nianqiu’s mother to beat the child, but it had nothing to do with her family: “Big girl, if you feel wronged, you can ask your parents to go to Nianqiu’s house to seek justice.”

Tian Shao said: “Auntie, my sister was beaten because of a piece of white rabbit toffee. It is said that the big white rabbit toffee was given by you to thank Peng Nianqiu for saving Tian Lingling’s family.”

Tian Jianye put his chopsticks on the table and cursed: “Tian Daya, you go to the hospital to see a doctor if you are mentally ill. Why do you run wild at our house? Let me tell you, my house is not a place for you to play wild.”

Tian Shao didn’t even give her a look, he just looked at Tian Lingling and asked, “What about you, do you think so too?”

Tian Lingling thought she was weird, but she still said: “Da Ya, it’s wrong for Aunt Xiao’e to beat Si Ya, but it has nothing to do with us. A murderer can’t kill with a knife. Instead of looking for the murderer, he went to find the murderer. Someone who sells knives?”

It is said that this girl is smart, and now it seems that she is really true.

(end of this chapter)

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