The Age of Rebirth: The Cannon Fodder Elder Sister Brings a Sister To Counterattack

Chapter 59 attitude change

Chapter 59 Attitude Change

Tian Shao took Li Sankui to the supply and marketing cooperative, and bought daily necessities such as paper, pens, salt and soy sauce, and straw paper worth 50 cents.

After leaving the supply and marketing cooperative, Tian Shao found a shady place to sit down and said to Li Sankui: “The peaches delivered here can no longer be put in baskets like before. They must be placed layer by layer, and each layer must be covered Dry grass or dead leaves, and peaches are wrapped in straw paper so they won’t get punctured easily.”

It’s also time-consuming, otherwise people will make baskets for fruit. It’s also because she didn’t think carefully before, so she can only wait for the next time.

“Sister, don’t be so troublesome, right?”

Tian Shao glanced at him, and said: “The peaches in our house are big, half a catty, and small, and it costs two or three cents to crush one. You say it’s better to bother, or to crush the peaches.” ?”

An idiot knows how to choose. Li Sankui grinned and showed his white teeth: “Sister, I was wrong. I will listen to you from now on.”

Tian Shao shook his head and said: “Don’t listen to me, you should make up your own mind when you see more in the future and encounter problems. Well, if it’s getting late, you should go back to Tianjia Village and go to the mountain early tomorrow.”

Li Sankui responded and said: “Sister, this brother Fei is generous. You can sell our mushroom fungus to him.”

Tian Shao shook his head and said: “There is no rush on this matter. I have to understand the market first before negotiating the price with him. You should also explain this clearly to your uncle and aunt.”

Li Sankui scratched his head in embarrassment. That night he stayed at Tian’s house, because he was so excited that he didn’t fall asleep until the middle of the night. He rushed home at dawn, and when he saw Uncle Li at home, he couldn’t wait to tell him about it.

Uncle Li’s first reaction was that Tian Shao was cheated. In his heart, there are too many scammers in the city and Tian Shao has never been out of the house, so it is easy to be targeted by scammers.

Li Sankui shook his head and said: “No, no, my cousin said that Brother Fei was introduced by a friend she trusted. Dad, Brother Fei gave me eight cents a catty, which is more than four times higher than that offered by the supply and marketing cooperative.”

After finishing speaking, he took out the deposit and said, “Father, they also gave a deposit of 15 yuan, so it can’t be a liar.”

Uncle Li called his wife and the others back after scolding a bastard: “Go pick peaches, and pick all the ripe ones.”

In the past, 400 catties of peaches could only be sold for 6 yuan, but now the other party gave 15 yuan as a deposit. Even if they are liars, they will not lose money, so there is no hesitation in this transaction.

Although Li Sankui felt that it would be troublesome to wrap the peaches in toilet paper and spread hay, he still told his family about the peaches after picking them home.

Uncle Li slapped him and slapped Li Sankui almost kneeling on the ground: “You bastard, you don’t talk about such an important matter. From now on, you have to tell us everything your cousin says, and don’t miss a single word. It’s a mistake.” I beat you to death.”

My niece studies well and has a good brain, so it is absolutely right to listen to her.

Uncle Li hunts in the mountains, and sometimes he has to spend the night outside to catch his prey, so he is not afraid of driving at night. After dinner, the father and son went to rest, and when they slept until about ten o’clock, the father and son set off with peaches.

Uncle Li walked in the front, holding a torch and lighting a torch, and the three brothers Li Dakui carried peaches behind.

After all the men in the family went out, Second Aunt Li happily said to Aunt Li, “Mother, there are quite a lot of peach trees bearing fruit this year, and we can pick another two thousand catties. It costs six cents a catty, and our family can sell a whole lot of peaches this year.” It’s more than a hundred dollars.”

These peach trees were bought by Grandpa Li from the provincial capital more than ten years ago. I don’t know what variety they are. Later it bears fruit, because it tastes good and can be sold for money. The family has been carefully cultivating it, and now it has become one of the important sources of income for the family.

The eldest aunt looked at her, and pointedly said: “Da Ya remembers our family’s kindness to her, so she helped us find a way. If it is like your second uncle’s family, do you think she will help? “

Uncle Li’s daughter-in-law, Chen Honglian, is very powerful. Da Ya used to take her younger sister to live in the mountains occasionally for a few days. Not to mention snacks, I didn’t even give the big sisters a bite of the meal. Later, Chen Honglian’s two younger brothers died in accidents one after another, and their family moved to Chen’s house. When Li Guihua gave birth to twins, he bled heavily and asked for money to save his life. Tian Dalin went to Li Erjiu’s house to borrow money and not only got a penny, but was also severely ridiculed by Chen Honglian.

Li Guihua was so angry that she didn’t want to associate with this brother anymore. However, after these years, Li Erjiu came to the door several times. After all, they are brothers and sisters. After the number of times, Li Guihua softened and resumed contact.

The first aunt said this on purpose because the second sister-in-law Li had seen Uncle Li always send things to Tian’s house before, and she was so meaty and wild that she muttered to herself many times.

Sister-in-law Li blushed and said, “Mother, I’m young and ignorant, so I need my mother to teach me more.”

This remark made my aunt very useful, saying: “If there is spare capacity between relatives, please help them, so that they will help us when they get up in the future.”

Actually, helping the Tian family back then was entirely out of concern for blood and family ties, not for any return. Although Da Ya said at the beginning that he would repay them in the future, the couple were only happy that the child knew gratitude and didn’t remember it. Unexpectedly, one day, this child really helped them. The head of the family is still right, Da Ya is a smart kid, as long as he gets the hang of it, he will definitely be the most promising kid in the family. I didn’t expect that saving someone would be really enlightening, so I have to do good deeds, and good people are rewarded with good rewards.

Sister-in-law Li nodded again and again: “Mother, I understand.”

“Your father and I don’t want to help everyone. If you have a bad character, it’s fine for us to get along with people like your second uncle and aunt.”

Back then, my sister-in-law almost died, and I borrowed money from my second child to support my body, but I didn’t take out any money, and I ignored everything that was life-threatening, so what else could I expect. If she hadn’t cared that her mother-in-law was still alive, she would not have been willing to associate with her.

Because each basket was covered with several layers of hay, the weight was reduced a lot, and Uncle Li and the others walked much faster. It took them only five hours to arrive in what was expected to be a six-hour journey.

Uncle Li was more cautious. He first found a hidden place for his three sons to hide, and he waited alone at the agreed place. After more than half an hour, someone came, and Uncle Li called out the three brothers after matching slogans with that person.

The man walked with his father and son for about ten minutes and then turned into a small road. Li Erkui became more and more worried as he walked further: “Father, shall we really follow?”

Uncle Li was not afraid, and said, “What are you afraid of? You can still kill me, and your life is worthless, so hurry up.”

The main reason is that the other party has already given the money and is not afraid that they will **** the things away. As for saying that the other party will be unfavorable to them, that is even more impossible. Why do they harm them without any injustice or hatred? If they are caught by the police, they will be shot.

After walking on the trail for more than ten minutes, I walked up the mountain again, and after making several turns, I came to a ruined temple entrance. The person who connected them asked them to put the baskets into the ruined temple, and then took them to another trail and said, “Go straight along this road and you will reach the main road.”

Seeing that he turned around and left, Er Kui hurriedly asked: “The peaches we sent this time weighed 260 catties. According to the agreement, the price was 28 yuan. You gave me a deposit of 15 yuan, and you have to give it to me.” Five dollars and eighty cents.”

The other party was startled, and then said expressionlessly: “I only care about receiving the goods, not about the money.”

After saying this, the other party walked away quickly, and disappeared in a blink of an eye.

Er Kui still wanted to catch up, but Uncle Li grabbed his arm: “Go back.”

“Dad, he hasn’t paid the balance yet!”

Uncle Li said very helplessly: “Everyone said that they don’t care about money, and it’s useless for you to catch up. Well, I have my own opinion on this matter, so don’t worry about it.”

How can we ignore it? That’s five yuan and eighty cents. The husband and wife have only saved ten yuan for their private house after saving for two years.

Li Sankui explained: “Second brother, he is a big business, so he won’t rely on our little money.”

Yesterday they gave peaches to Brother Fei, who turned around and gave them a bagful of things. After I came out, I opened it and found that there were good things such as candy, canned meat, and rich flour. Those things were worth a lot of money.

Brother Fei is so generous, how could he rely on their few dollars. But the pastries and canned meat that Tian Shao gave him were eaten up on the way, so he didn’t mention it when he got home.

Li Dakui said naively: “Even if we renege on the debt, we will not lose money.”

When they got to the main road, Uncle Li asked Li Dakui to go back with Li Erkui, while he was going to take his youngest son into the county town. Li Erkui was unwilling, saying that he would go to the city with Uncle Li. It’s a pity that this proposal was rejected by Uncle Li. Li Erkui was too cautious, but he didn’t dare to let him meet this brother Gu, otherwise who knows what would happen.

Li Erkui was not reconciled but did not dare to disobey his father’s words, so he reluctantly followed Li Dakui back.

Uncle Li went to Gu Fei first, and agreed that the second batch of goods would be handed over at 4:00 a.m. like this time: “Then this money…”

Gu Fei understood it as soon as he heard it, and said with a smile: “As long as we confirm that the goods are ok, we will pay you the balance.”

If it’s for Le Ge’s sake, it doesn’t matter if they cheat, but they won’t deal with each other in the future. To be on the safe side, that place has to be abandoned.

Uncle Li said with a smile: “Of course I can trust my little brother. The family is very busy now, and I won’t come after I deliver the things tomorrow. Please give the money to my family.”

Gu Fei nodded and said: “Uncle Li, I forgot to tell my younger sister earlier that the price of crushed peaches will be calculated separately.”

Uncle Li’s heart skipped a beat, but he said boldly on his face, “Forget it, I’ll give it to your brothers.”

Gu Fei felt that he acted arrogantly, and said with a smile: “This is not good. It is not easy for you to pick peaches from the mountains, so how can you eat them for nothing! The crushed peaches cost two cents a catty, what do you think?”

Crushed peaches cannot be sold, and will be distributed to brothers to eat when the time comes.

This price is better than the good peaches sold before, so Uncle Li agreed without hesitation.

Gu Fei said again: “Uncle Li, I still accept wild goods here, as long as the things are good, the price is not a problem.”

Uncle Li responded immediately, and said with a smile: “Little brother is so generous, if there is something good, I must send it to you.”

He does have a few good things in his hand, including several pieces of leather, but he doesn’t know the market and decides to listen to Da Ya’s advice first. What happened this time made Tian Shao’s status in Uncle Li’s heart rise sharply, even surpassing the three brothers Li Dakui.

(end of this chapter)

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